His cock plunges into my throat with such force that I’m knocked backwards against the wall. He snaps the belt around my wrists back towards Him tightening the grip even further and pulling my body towards him. With my head pinned against the wall by His massive dick, and my body pulled forward, I feel like a rag doll.

I gag, gurgle and splutter again. Tears form in my eyes, but all I can think about is pleasing Him. I concentrate on breathing with Him inside my mouth and find those moments of breath once again. I can do this, I think. He’s balls deep in my face at this point and I know what’s coming. He said it was going to get rough, so I know I need to be prepared, to show Him I can be a good cocksucker. He slides his meat out of my mouth and plunges it straight back in again without a second thought. Again He thrusts deep, the head of His dick pushing against the back of my throat, disarming my gag reflex. Before I can remember my breathing He has pulled out again, this time further back with His shaft almost completely out. A moment of respite, I think. But I’m wrong. Almost immediately He plunges back in again - a long, deep and forceful push that reminds me just how big and powerful He is. 

‘Here it comes, bitch’ He says, as the pace quickens. His thrusts get deeper, faster, more targeted. My throat, now nothing more than a pussy for Him, is open and willing. Somehow, don’t ask me how, I am able to breathe and enjoy every last second of His throat fucking and, for a few minutes, I am nothing more than a vessel for His superior and enormous cock. In and out His dick slides, covered in precum and saliva. I feel the weight of His muscular body, His heavy cum-filled balls and His scent - that deep, intoxicating smell of man - bearing down on me and all I can do is give myself completely to Him. His rhythmic thrusts speed up even more and I feel His balls tighten. My heart skips a beat as I realise what’s coming: His load. His creamy, thick, beautiful load. 

‘You hungry, boy?’ He says, both hands now firmly on the back of my head, His dick pumping incessantly into my throat. ‘You ready for my load? You ready, faggot?’ He grunts, continuing his assault on my face. Another series of deep, fast thrusts and I feel it, that first tell-tale sign of explosion. Another few relentless thrusts of His meat in and out of my aching faggot mouth and He begins to groan, His fingers dig into my scalp, His balls tighten further and the head of His dick reaches further down my throat then ever before. Here it comes, I think: my reward. 

In one swift movement He slides His dick out of my mouth and as soon as the tip of it reaches my lips, He explodes. Wad after wad of hot, creamy, thick, juicy, wonderful cum shoots out of His cock all over my open, hungry mouth. Streams of His spunk hit my face, my nose, eyes and cheeks but more of it goes directly into my mouth and covers my tongue and throat. He groans like an animal as He squeezes His cock, pushing the last few drops of  spunk from His dick before proceeding to wipe his meat, his thick gorgeous rod, still wet with cum, all over my face. My tongue, hungry as ever chases it around, licking ever last drop from the shaft like it's my last meal. He looks down at me, cum sprayed all over my face, and proceeds to push the remaining dregs of His load into my mouth using his cock as a tool. With as much spunk in my mouth as possible He plunges his dick into my mouth one last time to make sure I don’t waste a drop. I hungrily swallow everything He gives me: His wonderful seed is all mine to taste and I’m not going to waste any of it. 

‘Good,’ He says after a long, satisfied breath, ‘you are a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?’ 

I nod. Still in awe of what just happened, the amount of cum I’ve just been delivered and the amazing man standing before me, I am speechless. I nod again.

‘Look at you, lost for words. Poor faggot.’ He laughs to himself as He pushes his cock back into his pants and begins to straighten himself up. Meanwhile, I’m still on my knees still, covered in his cum and sweat. He zips up his trousers and leans forward to untie my hands and get His belt back, as he does this I get one more face full of his glorious, wonderful crotch (although now, back in its fabric prison, I resist the urge to pull his meat out again). As He fastens his belt, I let me hands fall to my sides, spent. He straightens His tie and looks down at me. 

‘Next time we’ll open up that little pussy of yours,’ He says, smirking, ‘although we’ll need to do it somewhere a little more private, don’t you think?’ I nod, still helpless and in awe.

‘Now, all these people down at the station, they will have no idea what you’ve just done up here. But I want them to see what a little slut you are, ok?’ He says, moving towards me. I nod. He plucks a tissue from his pocket and dabs the remaining cum from my face, then feeds it to me. He leaves one streak, right across my cheek - I can feel it, warm and heavy. ‘I want you to go home with my cum on your face like this, ok?’ He says, as He steps back, produces His phone from His pocket and takes a photo of me, on my knees looking used with a streak of His cum still on my face. 

‘I want you to send me a photo of you when get off the train to prove you haven’t washed it off, got it?’ He commands, a little more sternly this time. I nod again. ‘Got it?’ He says again. ‘Yes’ I mumble, only just learning how to use my voice again. ‘Good boy’, He says, ‘when I’m satisfied you’re ready, your ass will be mine. Be prepared.’ He pulls out a business card from His jacket pocket and throws it down at my feet. 'You will contact me on this number' He says. Not wanting to take my eyes off of Him for too long I quickly glance down at the card and all I see is the name 'Marcus' and a phone number. I scramble to pick it up and stow it safely in my jeans pocket.

He waits a moment, still looking down at me, judging me for being such an easy whore,and then He walks away, leaving me still on my knees. I watch as He confidently strides away and the second He is out of sight, I miss him. I yearn for His dick once again and feel a huge sense of loss. I need to see Him again, I think. I need to prove I can be His. 

I brush myself off, tidy my clothes and head back the way I came into the station. Unashamed and confident, I walk through the barrier knowing full well I have His mark on me, His cum slowly dripping down my cheek. I smile to myself as I get onto the tube and take no notice of the weird looks and stares I get on my journey home. When I get off I pause on the platform and take a selfie, confidently showing off His shining spunk still on my cheek. As soon as my wifi is connected I message Him the picture and leave the station thinking of nothing else but when I can see him again.



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