Blood racing through my body, my breath quickening I follow Him towards the exit of the station. As I pass through the barriers, I glance around quickly at all the regular commuters, totally unaware of what I’m about to do. I feel a surge of excitement and feel my cock begin to get hard in my pants.

He reaches the exit door, steps out into the street, and pauses. I stop. He doesn’t turn around, instead sets his bag down on the ground and slowly removes his suit jacket. As I guessed, his rippling body pops in all the right places as he does this. I see biceps, triceps and abs flex tight under his crisp shirt. He picks up his bag again and takes a left, away from the throng of people heading for the nearby supermarket.

My heart still racing, I follow closely behind. He takes another left, this time down a small alleyway. The entrance is mostly overgrown with weeds with litter scattered on the ground. He leads the way confidently, so I think nothing of the slightly dingy location. As I step through into the alley, I realise we’re heading around the back of the tube station, to a row of lock-ups and maintenance sheds that I presume serve the station. This part of the track is above ground, so from this vantage point I can see down onto the tracks below, I can even see people getting on and off the train that has just pulled in. He stops.

‘Get on your knees’. He commands. I comply.

I hastily fall to my knees in front of him. He steps forwards and pushes me back with one strong hand. I shuffle backwards towards a low wall behind me. From down on the platform I am completely obscured, and he must just look like he’s standing on his own. He pushes his crotch up against my face and for the first time I inhale the deep, amazing smell of his cock. Pushed up against my face, even through two layers of fabric I feel like I can taste it. I stick my tongue out, but as soon as I do he pulls away sharply and shakes his head.

‘No touching.’ He tells me.

Desperate to touch this incredible man, but being told I’m not allowed drives me nuts. I shift on my knees and lick my lips. My eyes stay transfixed on his bulge. I must look like the horniest slut he has ever seen!

He steps closer again (this time I do as I’m told and remain motionless) slowly unbuckles his belt, and pulls it off. Holding the belt in one hand, he unzips his trousers with the other. His trousers don’t fall down because his meaty dick is holding them up.

‘You can pull down the trousers,’ he says authoritatively, ‘but not the pants. They stay on, you hear me?’ I barely hear what he says as I greedily pull down his trouser to reveal a tight white pair of boxer shorts, bulging at the seams with what looks like the biggest bulge I have ever seen.

‘Please?’ I plead with him, reaching for his pants, desperate to taste his thick dark meat in my mouth. ‘Not yet, slut’. He tells me, batting my hand away.

‘Put your hands behind your back,’ he continues.’ I do as I’m told and clasp my hands together behind me back. He leans over me, pushing his crotch into my face as he reaches behind me and wraps his belt around my wrists, then pulls it tight. The leather stings as it catches my skin, but I’m so consumed by having face full of his bulge that I don’t care. He straightens back up, one end of the belt still in hand, and smiles at me.

‘No hands,’ he says, ‘fags like you always waste time with your hands when it’s your mouth and pussy that we want.’ My breathing gets heavier as I realise just how much I want to be his fag, his fuck toy, his bottom slut. ‘Now,’ he says slowly, ‘you’re going to worship my dick’.

With one hand he slowly pulls down his tight boxers. As he does so, the biggest, thickest dick I’ve ever seen springs out, already semi-hard, and points directly at me. I don’t have a tape measure to hand, but I know from experience that it’s at least 9.5 inches long and so thick I can barely get my head around how I’m going to suck it. His balls are big and heavy, hanging low between his legs like a bull. His foreskin, pulled back, reveals a large glistening helmet ready for licking.

Without another word he steps forward, I open my mouth, and he plunges all 9.5 inches of his thick black cock deep into my mouth. I gag as he continues to push into my mouth, his cock edging further and further down my throat. I splutter and my eyes begin to water, but he just tightens the belt and pushes more. With his free hand he grabs the back of my head and pulls my throat onto him. I struggle to breathe at first, but learn to take quick breaths through my nose as he refuses to do anything but push further and deeper with his cock. Once he has pushed as far as he can, and my throat can take no more, he stops. Holding his dick in place he looks down at me, tears streaming down my face, saliva dripping from my mouth, and I look up at him. We make eye contact again and I suddenly realise that I’ve spent my whole life waiting for a black God like this to make me his bitch. He smiles at me, showing his perfect white teeth, and says, ‘now we’re gonna see how good you are at sucking cock’.

A tiny spike of fear rises in me as I realise what’s coming. His eyes glisten as he slowly pulls his cock out of my mouth. I feel a sense of relief as he pulls out inch after inch of meat, but also a deep longing for it to return. I know what’s coming, I know he’s going to fuck my throat as hard as he can. I know I’m going to gag and choke and cough but I don’t care. As soon as he has pulled his dick out of my mouth completely I feel empty. I keep my mouth wide open as his lets his dick hover just millimeters from my lips. I see it twitch, I see the precum dripping from the head. He gently pushes it up against my lips, letting me kiss it, before pulling back. I’m desperate now, I need it back inside me. I edge closer, lick my lips and gesture for him to let me suck again. He lines up his dick with my mouth, guided this time by his hand, and once again forces his meat back into my mouth.

‘Open wide,’ he says, ‘this is going to get rough’.



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