(Sex guys! are you as excited as i am?)

His body was all ready forced up against me, and his soft lips were locked with mine. "Wait..."

Seth caressed my entire body with his tongue and lips, starting with my neck. He playfully sucked on it and moaned while he did it. He pulled his mouth away from me and a little ping of dissapointment rung in the back of my mind. He looked at me with loving eyes, and then drowned himself in my neck again. I felt his hand snake down my pants, and I let out a loud moan when I felt him rubbing my hard cock. He chuckled deeply, obviously entertained by my lust and need. He held me close with one hand, and stroked me with the other, and to add on top of everything, he was sucking on me. He pulled his mouth away again, but this time it wasn't for as long, because he slid his tongue down my chest, and latched onto my nipple. I tossed my head back and moaned, "F-fuck, this is not right."

I couldn't help but think about where this would take our friendship. Did this mean something to him, like it did to me? I didn't want to lose him, after all these years. Maybe I should've never given in, but it was near impossible, especially because of the way he looked half naked, and because of the water bottle in his pants.

"H-hey, maybe we should just, s-stop" I tried. Dammit, I could barely speak right. He laughed and looked at me with eyes that were direct opposites of the ones earlier. His eyes were taken over by lust and need for physical pleasure.

"No, no. This is where it gets interesting." Then he moved down on the couch and pulled my pants off with him, exposing my throbbing dick. He held it in both of his hands and groaned. "Holy shit, I forgot how big you were. 9 1/2? And the thickness, it's a fucking beer bottle!" I couldn't help but give a slight laugh at his remark.

He breathed down on me, then, slid his warm wet mouth onto my cock, and tried to take the whole thing in one go. I grabbed the edge of the couches and growled deeply, the overwhelming sensation of his body taking me over. I felt his throat pulse, as he gagged shortly. I wanted to say "careful" as if he was running in the street. I just shook my head and let him be. He was determined to get his mouth around my entire cock, and when he finally did, I was already close. Instinctively, I grabbed his head, and face fucked him with no control. My mind went blank as I felt the cum gush out of me. Every time it hit the back of his throat he would moan, and the vibrations just made me shoot harder. He held himself forcefully against my stomach, making sure to suck me clean, and when he was sure I was done, he slowly pulled his mouth off of my cock, then stared, cum seeping through his lips.

He closed his eyes and forced my warm cum down his throat, then gasped for air afterwards. He took a few breaths, then placed his hands on my chest, struggling to hold himself up. He picked his head up and looked at me with the same loving eyes as before, then whispered "That was too amazing." Then he passed out on top of me. I looked at his body and his face, and sighed. He was so cute.


The sun was piercing through my eyelids when I finally woke up. I turned my head and pulled the covers over my body. "Hey," I heard from across the room "I see your up. I'm making breaks fast, you want some?"

I paused for a moment, then said "Sure" and that's when I remembered everything from last night. I quickly sat up, and looked at Seth, still half naked. "Seth! What the hell! Did you completely forget what happened last night?" I yelled at him, so confused over nothing. He turned around and smiled.

"Forget? Far from it, Alex. That was one of the best nights of my life. It was amazing. And, it's pretty obvious to me that I'm not bi-curious anymore. I'm so into guys." He gave me a thumbs up, then returned to his pancakes. How could he be so calm about this? I had to ask him. The question that burned through the back if my mind the most was "Did you feel anything last night? Like, emotionally?" I realized I actually blurted it out, and he turned to me again and giggled.

"Nah, not really. It was fun as hell though." My mouth dropped open and I stared at him. Nothing. He felt nothing. I didn't seem to be in control over my body for the next few actions, just a heads up. I got off of the couch and walked over to Seth. I looked at him for a few seconds, then punched him in the side. He groaned, then swung around. "Hey! What the hell?" I looked back at him, realizing my vision was starting to get blurry, and my eyes were glazing over. Did I love him?

He walked over and put one hand on my chest, and the other around my shoulder. "Are you okay, Alex? You know I love you. You're my best friend. I would do anything for you." I looked up at him weakly, then shook him off of me, and walked out the door.


I skipped school today, mainly because I was not in the mood for anyone today. I made my way to the local park, to rest myself on the bench, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around, hoping to see Seth or Kelsey, but I was horribly mistaken. "Hey there. I haven't seen you in any classes so far today, where ya' been bud?" I walked up close to Caleb and told him to back off.

"I'm in no type if mood for your shit, Caleb. Just leave me alone." He shrugged and sighed.

"You're always so mean." He said, while shaking his head. "I just wanted to come visit." He paused. "And... I wanted to finish what we started." I looked at him with wide eyes.

" I don't want to fight you Caleb. I'm tired, and I just have no reason to start with you." Then with no warning, Caleb dashed after me and I stood there, still as a statue. With a lot of force, Caleb knocked me into the corner of the bench, and it jabbed into my side. The excruciating pain from my cuts and bruises filled my nerves. I fell to the floor, and tried to ease the pain, but nothing was working. My face felt hot, but my body felt cold, and I started to gasp.

"Weak much?" Caleb laughed, and began to walk away, until he saw the blood that was on my hand when I pulled it away from my side. He ran over to me and pulled my shirt carefully off of my wound. He stared, his eyes wide. I tried to tell him not to look, but it was too late. His hands trembled from the sight of all of the old abuse marks, but he managed to tear some of his shirt off, and tie it around me. He looked into my eyes and apologized. I just smiled. He sat next to me for an hour, and progressively helped me make a recovery. After a while, it wasn't that bad. No worse than any of the other things that have happened.

Caleb sat down on the bench next to me and asked me what happened. I explained mostly everything to him, not even understanding why I trusted him so much. He just nodded his head and listened carefully, asking questions from time to time, when finally he looked at his watch. "Listen, I have to go make dinner for the fam. Do you need a ride home?" I looked at him in awe, not knowing him to be so nice, but considering the circumstances. I nodded, accepting his offer.

On the way home, we talked even more, and I began to think of this as the beggining of a rather interesting relationship. I wondered if he felt the same. When we finally arrived at my house, I thanked him, and he waved back and drove off. I opened the door after fumbling to my keys, to find my drunken father sitting on the couch, staring at me with slim eyes. "Where have you been, huh? Out fucking some boyfriend whores? I could imagine." We heard a car engine outside, and he got up and grabbed me by my arm. "I don't have time to beat your ass like usual. You'll have to do it by yourself. That's what you fags like to do, right?" I looked at him. "RIGHT?" I nodded, then he let go, walking outside to get in his friends car.

Relieved to be home alone for once, I hopped in my shower and turned the hot water on, groaning in pain as it hit my skin. I sighed and thought about the past few days. I would have a lot to deal with tomorrow. Especially with Seth. Would he be mad if I told him I was starting to talk to Caleb? I don't know. Then, I heard a faint ring from just beyond the curtains. I reached out of the shower, and looked at my phone. It was... Caleb?

I picked up the phone and tried to hold it out of water distance. "Hello?"



"Listen, Alex, I'm really sorry. I know I'm an asshole, and usually I would say, if you knew what I went through, you would be an asshole too. But it looks like I have the better life in this situation. Anyway, I called to see if we could hang out tomorrow. I have some stuff to explain to you too. And I would only feel right if I could." I listened, and wondered about what he could possibly have to tell me?

"Yeah, sure Caleb, that would be great." It was like I could feel his smile through the phone. We hung up, and I got back fully under the hot water. I breathed in a bunch of warm steam, and relaxed my body, when I realized, I was as hard as a brick. I looked down at my cock, then sighed. I'll let this one go, I'm too tired.

It was a good 15 minutes later when I got out of the shower and layed in bed. My cold sheets helped counter the hot shower, and it felt incredible. I wrapped the sheets around me, then slid my window open, creating a slight breeze in the room. I sighed loudly with a feeling of relief, then searched for my phone, checking for any messages before I would fall asleep for the night.

16 messages: marked unread.

Seth :listen man, I know you're...

Seth :Could you please just text...

Seth :Don't do this, I love you...

Seth :Is it about last night??...

Seth :Please, I'm begging you...

I looked at the list of messages, then read the last one.

"Listen, Alex. I don't mean to bother you, but I need you to know I love you. I love you so much, and I would do anything for you. I'm sorry about last night, and I never should've pushed you that far. Talk to me tomorrow, and we can figure this out.


I sighed. I loved him too, but in a cometely different way than he did me. And Caleb, I wonder how he feels about us suddenly talking. If we would end up friends, that would be good enough for me. Then maybe my longing for someone as perfect as him wouldn't be as strong. Would Caleb love me back if I told him I have some type of feelings for him? I thought of all of the possible outcomes, and finally drifted off to sleep, with the thought of Caleb lying next to me, holding me tight.


It was early in the morning when I made my way to school, hoping to see Caleb, but instead I saw Kelsey, who I would like to think, was just as good. "Hey Alex! My God I've missed you so much! We're you okay yesterday? I guess your thumbs must e been broken cause you didn't answer my texts..." I have her a hug, and explained everything that happened, even with Seth. "What? You did that with Seth?" She seemed so surprised. I shook my head fast.

"He forced me! Which is why I tried fighting, but his body, his touch, his soft lips. I couldn't Kels. I just couldn't." She stared at me with wide eyes, because I left out the "he forced me!" Part earlier. But it wasn't all his fault. She looked at me, then hugged me as hard as she could. I laughed, out of air. "Your strong as hell." She giggled at my statement, and we continued towards the school. From the distance, I could see the gigantic school, and the crowds of students swarming around it. One particular student, was someone I've been waiting to see since yesterday. I walked up to Caleb and pushed him. His one friend confronted me and Caleb looked at me and smiled. Giving an obvious indication that he would go down easy. I looked down on his friend then apologized. "I should've been nicer, you're right, I'm sorry. I just don't want a problem, Kay?" He looks at me with slimmed eyes, falling for the illusion that he was in charge of the situation. When he walked away, the rest of Caleb's friends walked with him, leaving us alone. I looked at my new friend. "Hey."he laughed at me.

"You're incredibly awkward. But hi anyway. So listen, we're still going to chill today right? I mean if you can't, that's fine and everything, I just really have some stuff I need to get off my back." I nodded in response, and he smiled, then walked away. From my angle, you could see his bulge so perfectly. I've seen him hard before too, and oh God was that a sight. His cock was at least 9 1/2 inches, and about as thick as my wrist. We were in the locker room, and someone had brought the subject up of going to fuck some chicks later on that night, and Caleb's cock stood to attention so fast you would've blinked and missed it. I swear every part of him was so perfect.

When I snapped back into reality, I realized Kelsey standing besides me, kind of just gawking at my pants. I looked at her confused, until I realized I had a huge boner, right down my pant leg. "Fuck, distressed jeans were not the correct choice of clothing for today." I tried to make sure my cock wasn't visible through the holes in my pants, and thats when Kelsey just burst out in laughter. She had to grab on to the railing next to us to keep herself well balanced and up on two feet, she was laughing so hard. Inarrowed my eyes at her, but I couldn't help laughing either. On the way in to the school, we hugged eachother, then walked separate ways. I remembered that Caleb was in my first period class, and I wondered how that would go.

In my mind, I had already chosen who was supposed to be my partner for today, and hopefully he felt the same way. When the teacher announced "Begin to choose!" We both walked over to the same desk without. Word and sat down. (Just as planned.) we sat there swatting girls away from both of us,istening to girls that sounded like broken records. "We want to be with you, we want to be with you." It was quite annoying actually.

By the time we started our partner work, we had alread finished, just so we could talk more.

"How do you think Seth is going to react to us being friends now?" Caleb asked to my surprise.

"Friends?" My heart started to thud, and my stomach threatened to throw up past meals. He had no idea how glad I was to hear that we were friends. Especially because it came from his mouth. "Oh, friends yeah. I'm not sure actually. If Seth is really my friend, I'm sure he'd inderstand right?" He just nodded in agreement. "Yeah" I said. Suddenly, I heard my name being called through the intercom. "Alexander Wiess, please report to the main office, Alexander Wiess, please report to the main office." I walked to the front of the room, listening to the countless "ooohs and ahhhs" coming from everywhere. I sighed, this better not be something stupid.

I strolled through the long quiet hallways, and finally arrived at the main office, only to see my best friend waiting for me. "Seth?!" I whispered loudly. He looked at me with glassy eyes. "What's wrong?"

He came over to me and gripped me in an incredibly strong hug. "My mom... She just got in a car accident. There's gonna be- there's gonna be..." And then he broke down into my arms. I carried him over to sit down. I looked at him with a soft expression, and asked,

"Theres gonna be what, Seth?" He looked at me through pain filled eyes.

"S-s-surgery." He stuttered, trying to catch his breath. I looked at his distressed figure, then pulled him to me and whispered in his ear, "I'm here for you. I know I haven't been lately, but I'm here now."

He shook his head, "I have to- have to go to California. She's in California. I'm going to be a-away for a while." He sniffled.

"What?! No, Seth you can't leave me! Seth you can't..." This time, I was crying. Fuck my annoying emotions.

He looked at me and gave me one last hug, then after looking around him, he pulled me close and crushed his lips against mine... "I love you" he whispered.

Oh god.


Guys! I tried to make this one a little longer. Keep being honest and keep posting! Let me know if anyone would like it lingerie shorter, I have time to fulfil your wants! Oh, and you guys should be excited, next time, lots of stuff goes on!


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