I look in my cracked mirror and sighed. Today was the first day back to highschool, but it wasn't school i was worried about, it was stuck up, self centered jock, Caleb...

Shaking my still damp hair from my shower a few minutes ago, I wrapped a towel around my waist and brushed through my soft black hair. I looked at the few scars on my body and then felt the bruised skin on top of my six pack. A small gasp escaped my mouth as I pulled my hand away from my skin. Pulling on some boxers, I walked downstairs, holding the rest of my clothes in my hand. From the second to last step I threw my clothes on my white couch and drug my feet to the fridge. I began pouring my cereal when a strong hand knocked it off of the counter followed by a loud grunt.

"Faggot." My father slurred, drunk as always. I stared at the Cheerios on the floor and looked at my dad. Looking at the mess on the floor he yelled while throwing a spoon at me, "Clean that fuckin shit up! Damn, I swear. You are the most..." and he grumbled on. I bent down slowly, my bruises still sore from the fight with my dad yesterday. I swiped at the mess on the floor and then threw the wet paper towels in the trash, forgetting about the cereal. I quickly walked out of the kitchen, trying to avoid any type of contact with my dad, unsuccessfully.

His hand shot at my arm and another came across my face. "Fuck is wrong with you? Walking around this damn house, half naked. Put some fucking clothes on before I beat the shit out of you like yesterday." I cursed quietly and lifted my hand to my face, feeling the impact spot. "I'm, uh, sorry. I was just.." But I was stopped mid sentence when his hand flew at my side, forcing me to the couch where I had put my clothes earlier. "I didn't ask for no damn answer, Faggot. I told you to put some fuckin clothes on, didn't I?" I stared at him in silence. " NOW I'm asking for an answer you fucker! Didn't I say put some clothes on?!" I jumped from his loud words and replied "Yes sir. I'm sorry."

Walking over to the couch I threw the rest of my clothes on and walked out of the door. I slammed the door, hard, knowing I would pay for it later. I shook my head, I couldn't hurt him. He's my father. He was a damn good one too, before my mom left, that is. And before I came out to him, hoping he would understand. "Guess not" I said out loud. "Guess not what?" An unknown voice said behind me. I whipped around, bracing for impact from my father, but instead was embraced from a friend.

"Hey Seth." I said, happy to see my bestfriend.

"Hello good sir." He said back, poking my side. I winced and he quickly pulled his hand back.

"God, sorry, I forgot. Are those- are those new?" He asked raising an eyebrow, and showing a sorry face. "After we got back from the mall yesterday, so yeah they're new." I answered back, assuming he was referring to the bruises. He just shook his head and muttered a few more sorries. He was always a sensitive guy even with his big build. 6" 2 . Two inches taller than me, with dark blond hair, and a beautiful set of hazel eyes. A quite amazing face if I might add.

I smiled at his presence, I loved him to death. We'd been best friends since the second grade. Our relationship was so perfectly awkward, but you'll learn more about that later.

The end of his sentence caught my attention and drug me out of my daydream. " -If your okay, you know I care." He looked at me after he was finished, and I saw a frown on his face, which wasn't good.

"What wrong?" I asked, concerned. He just shook his head gripped my arm and then turned to me.

"I just want to know how you've been. I mean, you living with your dad for the past 3 years? And the fights, the scars and bruises. I just wanna know if your okay, man." Again, I only caught the end of his sentence.

"Yeah I'm fine. Why?" He looked at me, mouth agape, and then stormed off. "Hey!" I reached my hand out.

"Damn, damn!" I yelled to myself. I managed to anger my friend on the first day of school. When I needed him most. By the time I got to the school, I still hadn't found Seth. I rolled my sleeve up and looked at the dark scars left behind by my dad. Running my fingers over them, I sighed, then looked back up. The huge school stood over me, and reminded me of the past memories it had held, good and bad.

Just then loud voice bellowed from behind me. "Back to mother-FUCKIN school" followed up by countless laughs. The person went out of his way to knock into me then continue talking to his dumb ass friends. I looked at him more closely. Fuck.



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