First, let me tell you about myself and my childhood.

I'm Robert Caldwell, and at the age of ten my mother was killed in an auto accident and my dad, Brad, was left to raise me alone.

In high school, I joined the football team and began working out heavily and soon got the nickname 'Rock' from my team mates, and before long everyone was calling me rock.

Dad was super in raising me. He was strict yet exceptionally fair and spent all his free time with me. He didn't start 'going out' until I was fifteen and he felt I could stay home alone.

At about the same time I realized I was gay and began 'experimenting' with my best fiend, Mike. When dad would go out on Friday or Saturday night, I'd invite Mike to stay over at the house. Dad was glad I wasn't alone. Little did he know that Mike and I spent our time making out, sucking and fucking. This continued all through high school.

After graduation, I enrolled in the state university about a five hour drive away, majoring in engineering,like dad had done. He was only eighteen yrs older than me and was a construction supervisor for Jacobs Construction, a large major construction firm.

I had just completed my freshman year at the university and had come home for the summer, and that's where my story begins.

I had been home about a week and was wanting to work for the summer at the construction firm but dad wanted me to take the summer off and relax and spend time with Mike.

That Saturday, when I got up I slipped on a pair of briefs and found dad in the kitchen, also in briefs, drinking coffee and reading the paper. Dad and I both knew that the other slept nude but only saw each other nude occasionally.

After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I joined him at the table. As we talked, he said he had a meeting later at work and would be gone until mid afternoon. I said no problem, because I was wanting to watch a porn movie that Mike had sneaked out of his dads collection and loaned to me. Mike had said the guys in it were hot and hung.

Dad left shortly after nine, and after cleaning up the house a little, I adjusted the blinds so that while I was watching the movie, I'd be able to see dad pull into the drive should he come home earlier that expected. The blinds facing the side of the house where the drive was as well as the ones on the porch where I could see the beginning of the drive were open allowing me to see the drive clearly.

It was about eleven when I put the video in and started watching. I was comfortable on the sofa totally nude and as the action started, I began to slowly stroke. Soon, after seeing the two hot hung studs fucking a young blond girl, my cock was rock hard and i was edging it nicely.

Suddenly, I saw movement at the front window and jumped up, grabbing my briefs and turning off the TV.

There at the window looking in was Dan Jacobs, dad's boss, smiling broadly. He motioned toward the door.

I walked over and opened the door and invited him in. As he stepped in he said smiling, 'I knocked but you didn't hear me. I assume your dad isn't home.'

'Uh, no sir. He's at a meeting at the office.'

'There's no meeting at the office today,' he said. 'Anyway, don't worry about me telling your dad. It's normal and I do the exact same thing when I watch some of the movies I have.'

Mr. Jacobs was only a couple of years older than dad and had inherited the company when his dad had passed away. He was divorced, just over six foot tall, muscular and good looking.

I glanced down and noticed a nice large bulge in his jeans. My heart began pounding even harder.

'Mr. Jacobs, please don't tell dad. I don't know how he would react.'

'First, you're older now. Call me Dan. And second, what I saw is normal and none of his business unless you tell him, which I doubt you'll do. I do it regularly and I'd bet he does also.'

'Thanks for not saying anything. Can I get you a cup of coffee?'

'Sure,' he replied. 'When you expect your dad back?'

I went to the kitchen and left him in the living room, calling back 'He said he wouldn't be back until mid afternoon.'

I poured his coffee and when I returned to the living room he was holding the TV remote, turning it back on.

'Damn! I can see why you were so engrossed and didn't hear me knock,' he said sitting on the sofa. I handed him his coffee and he patted the sofa next to him and said 'Go on. Have a seat and relax.'

I did, noticing the bulge in his jeans getting larger. MY own cock began to grow again, and he noticed.

From what I saw from the window, you are well endowed. You're going to make some girl very happy, if you haven' already.'

I just smiled as he sipped his coffee then leaned back and began slightly rubbing his bulge.

After a moment he said, 'Back in my early to mid teens one of my buds has swiped some porn magazines from his oldest brother and me and I and a couple others would go out into the woods and look at them and all jerk off together. We thought it was cool. Ill bet you and some of your buds have jerked together. Most young boys do it together. It's just part of growing up and finding yourself.'

Wondering where the conversation was going, I decided to be honest and said, 'Yes, I have many times.'

'I figured that,' he replied. Then after a moment he said, 'This has me so turned on it's unreal. Would you be offended if I took care of my problem?'

'Uh, no, I guess not. Go ahead,' I said, wanting to at east see his cock.

'Will you join me?'

'Sure,' I said.

I went to the kitchen to get some paper towels to clean up with and when I returned he had removed his pull over sort shirt and his pants were around his ankles. He was slowly stroking a huge eight inch cock. It was beautiful. I had only seen one other that big and it was at school and I had sucked it through a glory hole in the library restroom.

'Sorry. I started without you.'

'No problem,' I said,sliding my briefs to the floor and stepping out of them, then sitting about a foot away from him, placing the paper towels between us.

After a few minutes, he began using his left hand to stroke with and reached over with his right and took over stroking me. I didn't object.

Then, I got the shock of my life. Dan suddenly leaned over and swallowed my entire cock. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. I turned toward him and spread my legs. As he sucked me he forced off his shoes and kicked off his jeans. He was now totally naked also.

After a moment, I stopped him and quickly slipped to the floor motioning him to join me. I wanted his cock also and didn't care what he thought.

He slipped to the floor and e got into a sixty-nine. He quickly returned to sucking me as I started stroking him. A moment later I took him into my mouth and he moaned loudly. Eagerly and hungrily we sucked each others throbbing cocks, soon bringing each other to a climax. I climaxed first and wondered if he's swallow. He did and kept sucking as his cock climaxed into my mouth. after collecting his huge load, I also swallowed.

We sat up and he immediately kissed me offering his tongue. I gladly accepted it and offered mine.

After the kiss, he looked at me and said, 'That wasn't your first time was it?'

'No, it wasn't.'

'I could tell.No beginner can suck cock like you just did. How long you been gay?'

'Since I was fifteen.'

'Nice. I started when I was fourteen with my best friends sixteen year old brother. Does Brad know?'

'Dad has no idea, and please don't say anything.'

'Hell no. If I did, I'd be revealing that I'm gay also. No one at work knows about me.'

'Thanks. I'll keep your secret also.'

'Great,' he said as he began dressing. Once dressed and about to leave he turned and asked, 'Rock, would you mind if I stopped by during the day when your dad is at work?'

'Not at all. I'd love that.'

'Perfect. Shall we say Monday, right after lunch?'

'I'll be waiting.'

'Nude I hope,' he said.

'Of course,' I replied.

'Oh, maybe it's best if you don't say anything to Brad about me stopping by.'

'I won't.'

Dan left and as I removed the video from the player, I couldn't believe what has just happened. Then I began to wonder why dad said there was a meeting at the office when there wasn't. I had never known dad to lie to me before.

When dad returned home shortly after three, I as dressed and asked how his meeting went.

'Great,' he replied, then said, 'I'm glad you're dressed. In a little while I have an errand to run and I want you to go with me.'

'Sure,' I said.

About an hour later, he said he was ready to go. We drove across town and as dad pulled into a car dealership he said, 'I don't like you on the road in that old car of yours. I want to find you something better for the highway.'

'No shit?'

'No shit,' he replied laughing.

He led me to the used cars and we began looking. As we got back to the main drive, he said, 'Rock, look at that one.'

Right across the drive was a brand new red Mustang convertible with the top down.

'Just for laughs, lets go look at it,' he said.

We walked over to it and I began drooling. I immediately fell in love with it. About that time a salesman waked up saying how nice the car was. We agreed but he then said it was already sold. My heart fell to the ground and dad could see my disappointment.

I saw look at the salesman who reached into his pocket. Pulling out a set of keys he looked at me and held them out saying, 'I understand you're the new owner.'

'What?' I asked looking back and forth between them when dad finally said, 'Happy birthday, son.'

'You mean it's really mine?'

'Yes, son, it is.'

I hugged dad tightly and thanked him over and over. The salesman went over all the controls and dad followed me home. It had a full tank of gas and I planned to use a lot of it and soon.

Later, I called Mike and said I'd pick him up shortly, not telling him about the car. We spent the rest of the day and evening riding around town. That night, we drove tot he lake and parked in a deserted area and stepped to the woods and had sex. Returning to the car, we sat nude from the waist down there in the car. It was awesome.

Dan arrived on Monday as planned and after kissing and making out, we decided instead of a sixty-nine, we each wanted the other to fuck us.

Dan would stop by two to three days a week, and the sex was awesome.

About a month later, dad came home happier than ever saying, 'Guess what!'

'You sure seem happy. What's going on?'

'Dan gave me a promotion and a big raise. I'm now Senior Construction Supervisor. It means that I'm supervisor for all our jobs and will be travelling a lot to the different job sites.'

'Dad, that's great. With me at college you don't have to worry about me being alone here.'

'I know. It was totally unexpected.'

The next time Dan came over for sex I asked him if having sex with me had anything to do with dad's promotion.

'Only partly. He's earned it and by giving it to him it was my way of saying thanks to you for our time together. Even if we hadn't started having sex, he'd still have received the promotion.'

Dad would go out Friday or Saturday night and i did the same. Then about a month before I returned to school, his traveling started and I was home alone. Dad spent several nights a week with me in my bed, and it was awesome. Mike also spent several and even stayed over a few times when Dan stayed. He thought it was awesome that I was having sex with my dad's boss.

I returned to school and occasionally Dan would drive up and we'd spend the night at his motel room. I think he was seeing more in our relationship than I was. To me it was just sex only.

The Christmas holidays were drawing close and dad was on the road finishing up his inspections so we could have the holidays together.

Three days before the school holidays began, we had a sudden freak storm and high winds took down numerous electric poles and lines. They decided to start the holidays early so I packed up and drove home. It was a Monday evening when I arrived home and dad wasn't due back until Friday.

I called Mike and had him come over for the night. He did and we did it all that night.

Then on Wednesday, I called Dan and invited him over for the night. He also was thrilled and was soon there. After eating and cleaning up, we went to my room and began our night of play.

Thursday morning, we went downstairs and started coffee. We sat at the table in silence nude, I suddenly saw others enter the kitchen. We all froze.




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