As Dan and I sat in the kitchen nude and sipped our coffee, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Startled, I turned to see who it was. Dan turned also and we all froze.

Standing in the doorway of the kitchen was my dad and Clay Phillips, the 28 year old construction supervisor that took over the local job when dad was promoted. Both were also nude.

'Uh, Dad, I wasn't expecting you back until Friday,' I managed to say.

'That's fucking obvious,' he exclaimed. 'What the fuck is going on?'

Looking at him and Clay nude I responded with, 'I could ask the same question.'

'Rock, come with me,' Dad said. 'You two stay right here. We'll be back shortly.'

Dad led me to his bedroom and shut the door.

Dad leaned against the door as I waited for him to say something. Finally he spoke.

'Son, I'm not upset with you, I'm just shocked as hell. It's fairly obvius we both like the same thing. How long have you been into guys?'

I told dad everthing and asked about him the same question.

'I started when I was about sixteen or so. A buddy and I stole some beer from his dad and got half drunk and decided to 'experiment'. We performed oral and anal on each other. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it but also still enjoyed pussy. I met your mother in high school as you know and she got pregnant. We married and I was faithful to her but the desire for man sex remained with me. After she was killed, I returned to it and found that it is what I really wanted and preferred. I've been wth men only since then.'

'I've dated and fucked girls but it's just not as satisfying as sex with a guy,' I said.

'I agree,' he replied, then asked, 'How he hell did you get started with Dan?'

'It was the day you bought me my car,' I said then told him the whole story.

He just nodded and said very softly, 'That explains a lot.'

I ask how he started with Clay.

'Well, about year before my promotion, I gave the crew a half day off one Saturday since we were ahead of schedule. I was about to leave when I saw Clay slip behind a stack of lumber. I went to investigate and found him with his pants down and jerking off hile he used a dildo on his ass. At the time he was stil married. When he saw me he was totally shicked, to say the least. When i asked what the hell he was doing he confessed that he was bi but much preferred men. He said he'd turn in his resignation and I told him that I wouldn't accept it. When he asked why, I told him I was into guys also. We had sex right there behind the stack of lumber. We had sex regularly after work and about six months later he divorced his wife. Then when you were at school, he'd spend many weekends with me.'

'I see, but I must confess, I'd love to have sex with him myself.'

'I'm sure he'd enjpy it,' Dad said.

'I hope so, but first I'd love to have sex with you.'

'With me?' dad asked.


'I'll have to think about that, son.'

We returned to the kitchen where Clay and Dan sipped coffee talking softly. When we entered, they both looked at us, not sure what to expect.

Dad spoke up saying, 'Rock and I have talked everything out and everything is cool, but I have one question for you Dan. Rock told me how you and he got started shortly before I got the promotion. Did you give it to me to get me out of town so you could have sex with him more often?'

'I knew you were going to ask that and the answer is definitely not. I was considering it several weeks before we started. I'll show you my reviews if you want me to. The job was going to be yours regardless.'

We all sat and talked things out with dad and Clay telling Dan how they started.

'While you two were gone, Clay offered his resignation but I refused it. How could I, in good faith, accept his resignation for enjying the same things that I enjoy. Both of you have nothing to worry about as far as your jobs are concerned as long as you both continue to do your jobs as you have been doing.'

Suddenly dd began aughing as Dan asked what was so fucking funny.

'I cant believe that we are all four sitting here totally bare ass naked as if it's a normal thing.'

We all laughed about it before Clay said, 'Dan, I think we should leave and give these two more time to talk things out.'

'I agree,' Dan said.

They both dressed and dad said that he'd be in touch, then told Dan that he was taking the following week off. Dan said it was okay and that he understood and that dad would still be paid and it wouldn't count as vacation time.

As they reached the door things were awkward. I broke the ice by going up to Dan and kissing him goodbye, then turned to Clay and kissed him offering my tongue to both. They both acceted and offered theirs.

Dad smiled as he watched then did the same to both men.

After dad closed the door, he leaned against it saying, 'This has been one hell of a revealing and interesting morning.'

'To say the least,' I replied.

I looked at dad and smiled saying, 'I always thought you were hot but I didn't realize just how hot you were until I saw you nude.'

'Son, you have a body to be proud of in more ways than one,' he replied.

'Thanks,' I said.

Dad looked at me and said, 'Rock, since we have een nude most of the morning, would you like to stay this way when ever we're here at home?'

'Hell yea. I'd love it. I love being nude.'

'So do I.'

We went to the kitchen and poured more coffee then went to the den. As we drank our coffee we talked about our likes and dislikes and even discussed some of the guys we had been with.

We later dressed and went out for a late lunch. As we ate, I surprised dad by commenting on some of the customers I'd like to get in bed and about our waiter, a hot guy about twenty-three or so.

'You have good taste,' Dad said. 'You picked most of the ones I was eyeing.'

After lunch we went to the lake and parked and as we sat at a picnic table we checked out the swimmers and talked more about our early sex life.

Mid afternoon, we headed home, stopping at the store to pick up steaks for dinner. Once home, we stripped and began getting things ready to cook later.

Dad excused himself for a while and when he returned he seemed more relaxed.

I prepared the rest of the dinner while dad grilled the steaks. We ate dinner on the patio, both still nude.

After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and watched some TV, our conversation mainly about my schooling and roommate, Bob Tanner.

'Is he hot?' Dad asked.

'Is he ever, but straight as a board. He's on the track team.'

'Too bad he's straight,' Dad said. 'Things could be interesting in that room.'

'Don't I know it.'

Later we watched the news and dad seemed to tighten up again. I asked if anything was wrong.

'No son, things couldn't be better. I'm glad everything is now out in the open. Now when I have a date, I don't have tomake xcuses as to where I'm going or who I'm with, and neither do you.'

'I know. We can both be more relaxed now.'

'Son, I have a question I want to as.'

'Sure, what is it?'

'Well, I was wondering if you'd like to share my bed tonight?'

'Dad, I'd love to.'

He turned off the TV and we headed for his bedroom.

As we turned back the covers and climbed into bed, I said, 'Dad, we don't have t have sex. I just want to be close to you.'

'Son, I want to hold you like I used to and have your head on my shoulder and my arm around you. I've wanted it for a long time but was sure you felt you were too old for that.'

'Never,' I said.

We lay down and he held out his arm and as I lay my head on his shoulder, my body against his and facing him, he closed his arm arounf my shoulders.

I lay my free hand on his muscuar hairy chest and when I did he moaned slightly. We lay in silence for a while then he turned his head to face me. As I looked into his eyes, he eaned toward me and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back and simultaneously our lips parted and our tongues expored each other mouth.

My cock quickly stiffened and pressed against his leg. As it did, i noticed the sheet rising up as his cock stiffened under it. I slid my hand down and gently grasped his cock causing him to moan softly as we continued to kiss. when his hand grasped mine, I moaned also.

Breaking the kiss, he rolled me onto my back and began kissing and licking firs my neck then my chest. reaching my nipples he first licked and sucked one then the other. I continued to moan.

Changing positions he got between my legs and continued working his way lower. Soon he reached my cock, licking a drop of pecum from the tip.

He moved to my balls gently licking and sucking them. Lifting my legs, he buried his tongue in my hole and I moaned even louder. After licking and tongue fucking my ass for a few moments he returned to my cock, swallowing the entire shaft. I looked down and watched as my own father sucked my hard aching cock. It didn't take me long to climax and as my cock belched out shot after shot of my creram, dad eagerly swallowed every drop.

After making sure he had every drop, he lay back next to me and we kissed. After the kiss he said, 'I've never enjoyed sucking a cock as much as I enjoyed sucking yours.'

'And I've never enjoyed getting sucked as much as I did this time.'

I then began the same routine on him and soon was eating his ass. But the best part was having his long thick cock buried in my throat. Dad was quick on the trigger and was soon feeding me the seed that had created me and it was delicious. eagerly I swallowed every drop.

Afterward we kissed again and afterward dad said, 'I never ever dreamed that this would ever happen. But I must admit, I'm glad it did. It was fantastic.'

'I think so too,' I said.

We kissed and cuddled for over an hour when dad went back down n my cock bringing me to another erection. Looking at me he said, 'I want that up my ass. I want to get fucked my my son.'

He ay on his back and after reaching into the night stand he handed me a tube of lube. I ubed my cock and as i did he pulled his legs up to his chest. I lubed his ass then made my entry. As I slid in bals deep dad smile and said, 'Oh fuck yes, Rock. Fuck your dad's ass. Give me your seed.'

And fuck dad I did, slowly at first then as my climax neared I fucked hard and fast.

'That's it son. Fuck your dad hard and deep. Let me feel you fill my ass.'

Seconds later, my cock exploded and fill dad I did. As I emptied my load up him, I leaned forward and we kissed passionately. Slowly, I pulled out and he looked into my eyes sayinf, 'Fuck, son, you can plow my ass anytime you want. You're fantastic.'

'I love your ass, dad. Now I want your cock up mine.'

Dad smiled as we traded positions. Soon we were both lubed and he made his entry. 'Oh, yea. I love it. Go all the way in,' I said.

Dad fucked my ass like I'd never been fucked before and it was fantastic. Soon I could tell he was close saying, 'That's it dad, empty that load up me. I want to eel your load shoot up my hole.'

Seconds later, dad climaxed and the feel of his cock throbbing up in me combined with his loud moaning, brought me to another climax myself, firing my load out onto my stomah and chest.

Dad sowly pulled out and what was almost as hot as feeling him shoot up my ass was watching my own dad lick my cum off my stomach and eat it.

We kissed then cuddled and were soon both asleep. When I awoke the next morning, dad was sitting next to me, smiling.

'Morning, hot stuff.'

'Morning yourself,' I replied.

After a morning kiss we had our first sixty-nine and it was super.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday we didn't leave the house much. We made up for lost time, sucking, fucking and rimming.

Monday afternoon dad suggested that we invite Dan and Clay to dinner and make sure that everyone was cool with what had happened. I agreed saying, 'Dad, I'll be honest. If I can get Clay into my bed tomorrow night, I'm going to do it.'

'I don't have a problem with that. I might even try to go a round with Dan.'

Dad caled and invied them to dinner, each accepting.

Clay arrived first and dad and I greeted him at the door both nude. After a hello hug and kiss from boh of us dad told him to feel free to get comfortable. In the den Clay sripped, piling his clothes on an extra chair. Dan arrived shortly after and dad told him the same thing.

As dad served everyone a beer, he said, 'Guys, we want to make sure that we're all cool with everything. Rock and I have gotten to know each other much better and want us all to be close and open. Just so you know, whenever your here, anything goes. Rock and I have agreed to no secrets and to be open with each other. We hope you two will be the same.'

We visited and I stayed close to Clay. After dinner, we returned to the den and I took a spot on the sofa next to Clay.

Casually, he placed his arm on the back of the sofa behind me, letting his fingersrest on my shoulder, slowly moving them around. I soon rested my hand on his upper thigh. Dad and Dan both noticed.

Dad went to the kitchen and called Dan in to help him with the drinks. When they returned, this time they sat side by side on the sofa. Soon, dad was fondling Dan's cock, bringing him to an erecion and then kissing him.

As Clay and I watched, I grasped Clay's cock and soon we were kissing. clay befan fondling me and seconds later I pulled him to the floor and we began making out. Soon, Dad and Dan followed and withing minutes Clay and I, as well as Dad and Dan, were in a hot sixty-nine, with each couple stealing looks at the other.

Needless to say the night advanced and dad and I got to watch each other fuck another guy and get fucked by them.

The tension was broken and everything was great between us all.

Clay and Dan visited almost every night before I had to return to college. Most of the time it was Clay and I and dad with Dan. a couple of times dad would have sex with Clay and I with Dan.

I returned to campus and received another surprise. I had returned a day earier than I had told Bob I would so that I could study. When I entered our dorm room, I found bob laying on his bed jerking to a gay pron magazine and a vibrating dido up his ass. He froze when I steped in, not knowing what to say. I said it for him.

Closing the door, I smiled and said, 'If you want to take that toy out of your ass, you can have the real thing if you want it.'

'Rock, you mean that? You'd fuck me?'

'Hell yea but you got to fuck me in return.'

'Fuck yea!' he exclaimed.

I dropped my bags, stripped and relocked the door. Soon, I was fucking Bob's ass as we kissed. Afterward he fucked me. Afterward we talked and went to the cafeteria for dinner. when we returned, we had a hot sixty-nine,

Bob and I didn't have sex daily, but we kept each other completely satisfied. Once and someimes twice a month Clay would drive up and get a motel room for the weekend.

During the summer, I worked for the construcion company and about half the time slept at Clay's place. Dan frequently stayed at Dad's.

Bob and I remained roommates for all four years. He was seeing an instructor fairly regularly and I was happy for him.

After graduation, I became a junior engineer for the construction company. Dad was still senior supervisor and had moved in with Dan as his lover.

Clay had bought a place in the country, the house surrounded by thick woods. I soon moved in with him and it was awesome being able to go nude inside and out and not worry about anyone seeing us. After six months of living at his place he asked me to make it permanant. I quickly agreed and dad and Dan took us out for dinner to celebate. I now had the man of my dreams as my over.

We all kept our personal life out of the work place. No one knew of our love for each other.

I'm happy and so is Dad. And it all because of that encounter of us all being at dad's at the same time.




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