by Daniel Berasaluce

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Chapter 1

The risk of having a nudist father

It was stronger than me and I thought I was well hidden and he could not see me as I was jacking off in the corridor spying my naked father sitting quietly on the couch.

-Hi there, Royce.

-Oh shit, shit -I said totally embarrassed cause I was cumming before him and he saw me.

-Royce, I think I will make a coffee now; we need to talk.

-Forgive me, dad.

My father, Robert Murphy was only 40 now. He had me when he was 21 so now I’m nineteen. Elsie, my mother, lived with us till I was 12 and then she left my father for another man, though now she’s engaged to a girl. Both my parents have always been nudists and as a child, I was used to seeing both my parents’ naked bodies all the time and they told me it was something totally natural and in fact in my childhood I also got used to being totally nude at home. But being a teenager and living alone with my father now, I started to wear clothes when I saw I was always hard.

My father’s a teacher of history in a high school and when he returns home, he strips and naked spends the rest of the day, knowing I’ve never reproached him anything or will ever do. He often talks to me of hedonism, the search of pleasure as a goal in life and his entire days are eudaimonia, i.e. happiness or well-being.

I’m nineteen then and am still finishing my secondary education and when I finish, I want to go to university and study history like my father. We talk of history many times. But now the conversation would have to be of a totally different kind, when my totally nude father asked me to go to the kitchen with him. He’d make coffee and of course we would talk, we should talk.

I had of course hidden my dick and with a completely red face, I was nervous as hell when I sat awaiting my father to finish making coffee.

As soon as he sat, he told me.

-I just wanna talk to you, Royce, but I love you and always will. Let me start by saying this.

-Thanks, dad.

-Well, today I have been greatly surprised for I could never expect to see you whacking off looking at me, so I have to ask you, but be calm: you’re gay, isn’t it?

-I’ve never had the guts to tell you, dad, but having surprised me doing what I was doing -I kept on talking but went redder-, I’d better have no secrets and tell you now. Yes, dad, I’m gay.

-First hug me, Royce. I love you just as much as I’ve always loved you. Be whatever you are and always be proud.

And my father and I tenderly embraced for a couple of minutes.

-So the next question is of course: do I turn you on?

-Oh dad, it is inevitable. You don’t know how sexy you look in your forties. And I’ve been watching you totally nude for life. Of course it was hard not to be erect always watching everything of that hot body you have, and that dick and that ass… -I stuttered increasingly red.

-Is that the reason why in your adolescence you became textile again and stopped being a nudist next to me?

-Of course dad, for I’ve seen you naked my whole life and once I discovered I like boys and saw how sexy my father is, of course I needed to hide my boners with clothes. That’s the risk of having a nudist father.

-And you’ve wanked over me before, isn’t it?

-Shit, dad, I’d better tell you everything.

-Be calm, tell me please.

-I’ve been wanking over you since I was 14 dad and every day. But… well, what I wanted to say is that I always wank thinking of you, but I wanted for once to wank looking at you and that was of course something stupid to do for you’ve caught me.

-Have you already had sex?

-Yes dad, I’m not a virgin. I’ve done everything.

-Good, here we are, a father and a son talking naturally about anything. That’s naturism, not just having no clothes on. I wanna become your best friend after now, Royce, and I think that the first step to achieve that is that after now you call me by my name as you’d call a friend. Please do it now.

-Robert -I cried-, I cannot tell you how much I love you dad. I’m proud to have you as my father.

-And I’m proud to have you, Royce. Don’t stop calling me Robert now. One other question: how did you like nudism when you practiced it?

-I was so used to being naked at home that later when I turned textile, clothes got in the way.

-After now, you cannot help being hard, Royce and I’ll see those erections that you don’t want me to see even if you have your clothes on. And sincerely, Royce, I’ve spent years totally nude and I wouldn’t like to suddenly be textile. So I think you could comfortably strip instead and be comfortably nude before me and never mind those boners. You’ll soon see that for me your hard-ons are just one other natural thing since you lust for me. You know my motto in life is hedonism, the search for pleasure as far as we harm nobody, so since you’ve admitted that being naked was something natural and comfortable, possibly pleasant, become a nudist again and we’ll both search for eudaimonia.

I sighed but I’d had a really calming conversation with my father or well, with Robert now, and I knew not only that he respected me but wanted me to be another hedonist, enjoying life with him, so I stood up and took everything off. Of course I was hard as a rock.

No sooner I sat, Robert grasped my cock and invited me to do the same with his. I couldn’t believe I was masturbating my father’s dick and he was doing it to me too.

-Hedonism is right if you reach pleasure wanting good things for other people. Your mother’s a woman who likes women now, you’re a boy who likes boys, so I can also be a man who likes both men and women, at least I’m enjoying this, Royce -and he came to my lips and kissed me strongly.

-Thanks for being the wonderful man you are, Robert.

-This is not only easy for me, my son, but also arousing. I wanna continue being a nudist at home and I recommend you to try and live nude again since you like it. And instead of fearing your boners, if you want, after now you can jerk yourself off before me, and sometimes during the day, we’ll have reciprocal masturbations. Yes, Royce, why not? We both like it and harm nobody. Never again fear the lust you can feel for Robert. On the contrary, I only want you happy and proud. Do you understand?

-Yeah Robert -I told him crying in ecstasy for I was cumming before him for the first time after having been his hand that had helped me.

-But you still haven’t cum, Robert -I said, and I’ll go on.

But only half a minute later he also came. Now I licked my father’s semen from my hand and he imitated me and also licked my semen.

-Good, Royce, are you calmer now? -he asked kissing me.

-Much calmer, Robert.

-Will you go on naked?

-I’ll be a nudist again, the natural tradition of my family.

-Now I’m gonna have a shower. You could accompany me to the bathroom and wank looking at me if you want or even jump into the bathtub with me and we can take a shower together.

-I’ll go with you, Robert.

by Daniel Berasaluce

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