Truth is I have always been a sort of a expert on the art of eating, I love food, I love to eat, and I love to go out to nice restaurants.

Well over the last couple years my food fixation was starting to show a little on my waistline.

I guess you might say that working in an office enviornment has not really helped that situation at all.

I work for a Petroleum company and I am a computer specialist, programming them and going to different offices around the country and overseas for the company setting up new computer programs for the new offices being set up for the company.

Unless I just sorta made time and got of my ass and jogged, or got to working out at a spa or gym, I just never got around to it, Exercising that is.

I woke up one Friday morning, I was at a radisson Hotel, I had coffee brought up and then got in the shower, washed off and then stood in front of the bedroom mirror just looking at my body, I could see the need for some work, and the truth is, It was for my own good, I didn't need to carry a spare tire when I didn't drive a car, ha ha.

When I got back to the main office where I worked, I asked my friend Curtis about a health spa, if he knew one or where I might start a program of working out.

Curt told me about this place about a mile from the office. I went after work and looked the place over, liked what I saw, and I joined.

I started with a beginner program of working out.

For my scheduled program I was to be there after work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I was given a diet plan to follow, I found out it was a high protein diet.

I began the following Monday. I worked out for the first time and I sure could tell that my body was out of shape. I was huffing and puffing and really totally exhausted after that gut wrenching workout, but I knew it was for the good.

I had been working out about three months, really getting into the program when a new guy started coming and working out.

When I first saw him, I felt this funny twinge in my stomach, god he was awesome looking, He had a beautiful head of almost black curly hair, sticking out from under the sweat band around his head. His eyes were that almost black looking Dark brown. Thick outstanding eye brows. His body looked like he had be working out for a long time, he was well defined, muscular, and he was just all around gorgeous.

I came over to me the second time I saw him and smiled and held out his hand to shake mine, and said,'Hello there, I'm Dwain,' I shook his hand, smiled back at him and said,'My name is Greg,'

'Glad to meet you Greg,' 'Same here Dwain.' I said.

'Would you like a partner, working out I mean?'

Just his voice and demeanor was awesome.

'I would love to have a workout partner.'

'Hey man, thats awesome,' I don't know very many people here, I just moved here from New Mexico.'

I said, 'Oh really, how do you like it here?

'Don't really know yet, just starting to get around and meeting other people.'

My mind was going into overdrive, I was jogging at a Nordic Track when he came up and got on the treadmill next to me. I was jogging in place there.

I looked down and I realized that Dwain didn't have a jock on, his quite long cock was flopping in his jogging shorts like a peice of rubber hose.

My cock was doing something too. I had gotten about half hard and in a pair of workout shorts, and It was a little hard to hide my boner. And since I have a good eight inches when it gets hard, I didn't even try to.

Well I got noticed and I saw Dwain looking down toward my crotch and the hardon in my shorts.

I felt totally embarrassed, He looked up into my eyes and just smiled and licked his lips.

I finally got it to go down, and after we had jogged untill we were out of breath.

Dwain just said, 'Hey Greg, Lets hit the Sauna, then the steam room, its awesome for the skin pores and gets the poisons out of your system.' Well I couldn't disagree with that reasoning.

We walked to the back of the spa and set on a bench in front of a bank of lockers.

Dwain said,'I asked up front and they told us that we were allowed to be in the sauna or steam room naked that it was acceptable.'

I just smiled and said, 'sounds good to me,' I really wanted to get a shot of Dwains package and ass anyway.

I leaned down and got my towel out of my locker, and then I stripped down to my jock, and bent over to take off the jock and I felt like I was being looked over by a government inspector, I was totally being analized, front and back.' I just smiled an took my time, as If I hadn't notice Dwain was glaring at my ass as I bent over, I was beginning to feel certain vibes, like maybe he was interested.

I turn around and he looked down at my nice balls and cock, He just looked a little embarrassed and looked into my eyes. All I could think to say, is 'Like what you see?' my first thought was 'how fucking stupid was that statement?' What if he wasn't gay, or at best Bi.' That could be the words that would end our friendship.

Dwain just smiled at me an said,'Greg, your body is really quite gorgeous, and yes I do like what I see, a lot.' Then I watched as he took off his tank top workout shirt, pulled off his head band, and then took off his shorts, he wasn't wearing a jock strap, just white briefs. which were very full I might add. He just looked up at me and sorta fluffed up his cock and balls in his briefs and then stuck both hands down inside the sides of his briefs and slid them to the floor and just sorta rubbed his package as he stared at me.

I smiled a big smile and swallowed really hard, and I said, 'Shit man, your body is amazing, and you have an awesome cock.

Dwain and I both wrapped a towel around us and walked to the sauna, got up on a bench in the very warm room and just started rubbing each others legs and sliding our hands up under the towels and feeling the cocks and rubbing each others nuts. This happened untill some old geezer came into the sauna room.

I looked at Dwain and told him to follow me. We went around to the other side of the Locker room and went into the steam room, Inside the steam room Dwain grabbed me and started kissing me like a fist time lover. I felt so fantastic, It had been a couple years since I had felt that awesome feeling of a man in my arms kissing me.

We stayed in the Steam room untill we were finshed and we got a shower room to ourselves and took one stall, we washed each others body's and rubbed each other. I loved the feel of his hot hard cock in my hand but I wanted more.

I just finally said, 'Dwain lets go to my apartment, its really close by.'

'Sounds awesome to me.'

We got dressed and took off to my apartment, once inside we allmost tore the clothes off each others back. It took all of five minutes untill we were standing naked as a newborn in the hallway kissing and rubbing all over each other.

God I was turned on so much, and from the leaking pre-cum, Dwain was too. I wanted him really bad.

We got to the bed, I said,'Dwain what do you like to do?' 'Anything, just sex of anykind, just sex.'

I got him up on the bed and I leaned over and started kissing and licking on his nipples, he went wild, I almost couldn't breath he had jammed my face against his muscular chest.

I worked my way down to his stomach and licked and played with his navel and then slid my hot mouth down the treasure trail of beautiful dark curly hair. It found its target, and I slid his cock into my mouth and I thought Dwain was going to fly out the window. He stuffed his cock all seven inches of his thick, very hard cock into my mouth to the hair.

I was sucking like a vacuum cleaner and he was purring like a kitten as I brought him to a climax so strong that he almost pulled the hair out of my head, and when he unloaded his cum into my mouth, I was in love, it tasted fantastic, I had almost forgotten how much I loved it.

I sucked him dry, he just layed back exhausted and let me suck.

I lifted up his legs and started licking and sucking on his asshole, fuck he was ready for more, I targeted the starfish looking little pucker hole, so awesomely pink and excited looking.

Dwain held his legs up by his toes. I leaned in and sucked and licked and probed his asshole with my tongue.

I had Dwain almost screaming when I knelt up between his legs and sunk my eight inch cock to the hilt into his love channel.

Dwain then wrapped his legs around me and squeezed with a great force, and started fucking me like a Saturday night Whore, I was totally in love with Dwain then, I was feeling things I had not felt before and he was slathering me with the wildest kisses as I fucked him like a Jackhammer.

About ten minutes and I was getting so close and the intensity of the cum was awesome, Mind blowing, Dwain just smiled and said,'Man, give me your load,I want to feel you shoot in my ass. Oh Yeah man, give it to me.' I started getting tense stiffening up and I hit it one more time to the balls and It started pumping like a fire hydrant. My cock was flooding his insides with a load of mancream like I had never shot before.

When the climax was over and I had stopped shooting I fell over ontop of Dwain and he was kissing me in the ears and sucking on my neck.

I was in limbo about that time.

Dwain just looked at me and said,'Look what I did, its never happened to me before,' I looked over and saw a load of his cum on his chest, he started laughing. I said, 'Whats so funny?'

He just smiled and said,'Hey man, I had promised myself after I lost my last lover that I was finished with guys forever, I guess I had really just lied to myself.

Dwain and I went out and got something to eat.

WE came back to the apartment and started it all over again, I guess we didn't need another workout that week, we worked out in the bedroom. and it sure was exhausting.

Oh yeah! I have lost a lot of weight since I met Dwain, he sure has been good for me, In more ways than one.



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