Tyler had felt Aiden push into him hard, felt him hug him tight and knew he was pumping cum into him, knew by the way his body shivered and the way he held his cock deep in his own hole. Then there was only the two of them, clinging to each other and nothing else. They seem to be floating in a void, total darkness, without sound or scent. There was no floor, no walls, no ceiling, nothing that hinted to a place. They felt the openness around them, the silence absolute.

"What happened?" Tyler whispered in Aiden's ear, his voice full of fear.

"I don't know" Aiden replied and the anxious of his voice made Tyler cling to him harder for Aiden was the only thing he could feel. The space around them felt liquid, slowed their ability to move as they floated through it, all their senses deprived of stimulation.

"Our clothes are gone" Tyler whispered.

"I know...but I'm more freaked out about not being able to feel the floor...or anything else" Aiden replied.

Aiden tried to pull away from Tyler who clung to him even tighter.

"Tyler...Tyler, just hold my hand, okay? I want to reach out and see if I can feel anything."

"Don't let me go...don't let go, okay?" Tyler responded and Aiden could hear the panic, the pure fear in his voice.

"I won't let go. I promise" Aiden said and Tyler finally allowed Aiden to reach out from them. Aiden held Tyler with his left hand and reached out with his right as far as his reach would allow and he felt nothing.

October 31, 2014

The sun was burning brightly as it rose in the eastern sky and police cruisers lined the street and a fire truck sat on the opposite side. Jessica, Sarah and Mark were standing on the sidewalk talking to police officers, had been for over an hour. The house had been searched, Tyler and Aiden's clothes and belongings gathered up and gone through which revealed nothing as to what happened to them. Tyler's truck was towed to the police station where it was be searched more thoroughly looking for some clue as to why, or how, the two young men vanished during the night.

A few minutes later Tyler's parents, then Aiden's arrived to the site and after brief questioning were allowed to head to the station to wait the results of the initial investigation. The fathers called in friends and relatives to do a search of the area.

By noon the police were gone and police tape circled the front and sides of the house site. Jessica and Mark went back to Sarah's house to call friends to see if anyone heard from Tyler or Aiden while the search group began going lot by lot searching abandoned houses, detached garages, empty lots and the warehouses that had crept into the area only to be closed down a few years later. They searched everything. They found nothing.

The Void

Darkness maintained its hold on Tyler and Aiden, enveloped them completely while they floated in its realm. Aiden struggled to maintain a grip on his senses, tried to keep it together, for he knew Tyler was showing signs of shock the way he was talking nonstop, more to himself than to him, his babbling on and on. Aiden kept reaching outward, stretching his arm out as far as he could, even pointing his fingers straight out attempting to reach that last fraction of an inch in the hope of feeling something, anything, in the darkness.

"Tyler, please..." Aiden begged as he tried to get his attention, to make Tyler focus on his voice.

"Aiden...Aiden...we're dead....this is purgatory...this is it..." he rambled on and on.

"No its not" Aiden replied, his voice firm, commanding, trying to make Tyler snap out of it. "Come on, I'm here" and Aiden pulled Tyler to him, brought their bodies together till he could feel Tyler against his skin. It wasn't natural, this touch, not in this place, for Tyler was cold.

October 31, 2014

The sun was low in the sky, just above the tree tops and there was no news on Tyler or Aiden. Sarah hung up the phone after her sixth call to the police station and was told the same thing each time: no new development. The search parties had covered nearly a quarter of a mile around the old mansion and turned up nothing.

"I can't sit here anymore" Jessica said as she climbed off Sarah's bed and stepped past Mark sitting on the floor.

"Where are you going?" Mark asked.

"Come on let's go back to that house."

"But it has been searched" Sarah replied, her anxiousness revealed in her voice.

"They had to miss something...just had too" Jessica said as she slipped on her jacket. She looked down at Mark and Sarah with a questioningly look.

"Okay, let's go have one more look. It beats sitting here doing nothing" Mark replied as he stood up and then helped Sarah stand. They drove out to the site, passing police cars cruising the area, pickup trucks with volunteers piled in the back going to a new location, people they knew, family, friends, classmates, all trying to help, to make a desperate attempt at finding Tyler and Aiden.

"This is not real" Sarah whispered as they passed another pickup truck with volunteers in back.

The sun was sinking below the trees and dusk was settling over the land as they pulled up in front of the old Mansion, the police tape still stretched around the site. They sat for several minutes in silence just staring at the old house.

The Void

Aiden realized he had no sense of time, nothing to reveal its passing. His sense of place, the idea of up or down was lost to him and he thought of the space walks he had seen on television, the way they floated through space. But his was different. He felt nothing but Tyler. He clung to Tyler, felt their bodies press against each other and the warmth began to return, the sense of touch and Tyler hugged him tighter.

"Hold me" Tyler whispered as he hugged Aiden tighter. Aiden felt how Tyler clung to him and he thought about how it was during their sex, right at the moment when he had reached climax that everything changed, cruelly, without warning and he had thoughts of maybe it was some kind of punishment, some kind of retribution for what they had done. But he clung to Tyler, felt his body awaken to Tyler's touch.

"I can feel you...I mean like before" Tyler whispered in his ear and Aiden knew he was right.

"Me too" Aiden replied and he stroked his hands up and down Tyler's back, over the curve of it, his fingers running along the valley of his spine and down to the top of his ass. His cock was responding, the feeling returning to it, the warmth of Tyler against him awakening his desire for this contact, fearful he would lose it again. Tyler's breath hit his neck, a slight movement of air, warm against his skin, then he felt Tyler's lips touch his neck, caress over his skin, move to his ear.

"I can really feel you...hold me Aiden..." Tyler whispered into Aiden's ear and he shifted in Aiden's arms, moved upward, his legs wrapping around Aiden's waist. Aiden suddenly felt his erection, the way it brushed over Tyler's ass, probing along the cleft between his cheeks and his desire was mixed with his fear, his need for this contact and he turned his head to where he knew Tyler was, felt his breath just before he felt his lips as he pressed his own against them.

Tyler clung to him tighter, his erection rubbing up along Aiden's stomach, flexing hard within its confines between their bodies. Tyler moved his body, shifted in Aiden's arms till he felt Aiden rub over his hole, the soft spongy head of Aiden's cock touch him again, like before, rubbing over his hole and he wanted to feel Aiden penetrate him, feel him sink into his hole, locking their bodies together.

"We shouldn't..." Aiden whispered and Tyler cut him off with his kiss as he let his body slide downward letting Aiden penetrate his hole. They grunted and moaned into each other's mouths and Aiden's hands roamed over Tyler's back as he drove his cock deep into his hole.

"Fuck" Aiden grunted through clinched teeth as he pumped is hips and rocked Tyler's body in his arms, up and down, working Tyler's hole over his cock as he swung his hips.

Aiden sensed a shift, felt the movement of their bodies, and he became aware of being on top, his mind allowing him to know their position. Tyler worked his body beneath him as his own cock rubbed over Aiden's stomach leaving a trail of pre-cum on his skin, it slick and warm and he realized how his senses were alive, every touch magnified, every exhale by Tyler hot on his neck, every caress electric and he drove his cock into Tyler harder, thrust his hips faster.

"Oh fuck... I'm going to cum" Tyler cried out, his body hot in Aiden's arms, the skin slick and wet, and Aiden felt how Tyler undulated beneath him, worked his body with his own movements and Aiden drove into Tyler hard, slammed his hips downward till he felt Tyler shudder beneath him as hot thick cum spattered his chest and stomach. Tyler came, his cock shooting thick wads, more than before, till it covered the two of them, dripping down off Aiden's chest.

Aiden's body felt like it was going to burst into flames, his skin felt white hot and sweat and cum trickled down his chest and stomach as he drove his cock into Tyler, thrust after thrust, till his cock flared up large, the head thick and sensitive, and he drove downward again, penetrated Tyler as deeply as he could till he came.

The hard floor rose up to him, just below Tyler, the musty scent of the room came to him and he rose up and looked around the room.

"Oh shit...we're back" Aiden uttered in disbelief.

Tyler looked around the room, the dim light of sunlight filtering in through the opened up windows, the plywood sitting on the floor. Tyler looked around the room, wasn't sure it was the same one for the walls were not stained, nor the ceiling or the floor he was lying on. The walls and ceiling were just a faded white paint, the floor worn dusty wood. He looked up to Aiden scanning the room as he had done. Aiden looked down at Tyler, his face showing a nervousness.

"Tyler...our clothes are gone and the windows face west...which means the sun is setting."

"What, but that means..." Tyler started to reply till Aiden interrupted him.

"We've been here nearly a full day...at least" Aiden said aware he had no idea how much time had passed since they were gone. Aiden lay on Tyler a moment, each trying to calm down, get their breathing back to normal.

"What are we going to do?" Tyler asked. Aiden started to reply when they heard a noise downstairs, the sound of footprints as someone moved through the hall on the first floor. They both froze, holding their breath. Then there were steps on the stair, coming upward slowly. Aiden moved off Tyler and eased to the door realizing it was partially open. Tyler followed and they leaned up against the wall behind the door, waiting.

The steps came up the stairs, eased down the hall and Aiden and Tyler could hear one door then another open slowly. The steps kept coming toward them till they were outside their door and Aiden and Tyler held their breath and watched the door squeak open by them. The beam from a flashlight scanned the room, moving over the walls and floor. Aiden thought it was now or never and he reached out and grabbed the arm holding the flashlight and jerked them into the room. A scream pierced the air as Mark was pulled into the room and his flashlight momentarily turned up and lit his face.

"Mark...Jesus we're glad to see you" Aiden cried out.

"Goddamn it...what are you doing?" Mark yelled at Aiden then he composed himself and looked at his two friends, both naked with their hands over their crotches. "Where the hell have you been and why did you take off your clothes?"

Mark, and none of others would every get the complete story, nothing that would explain what happened, for Aiden and Tyler didn't really believe it either, just knew it couldn't have happened as they imagined it. That fall Tyler and Aiden left the small town for college, a departure that would be permanent, for they would only return for brief visits and they would never return to the old mansion.



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