The phone rang and it was My cousin Mark, He said, 'Hey man, isn't today your birthday?'

'Yeah man, I'm the big eighteen.' Mark started laughing, and said, 'Young, Dumb, and full of Cum , but never been kisses yet, right?'

'Well if your asking me if I've ever gotten layed, the answer is no, not yet, but I'm working on it.'

'Hey man, why don't we have an all guys sleepover tonight and we will Celebrate your Birthday, what do you say Keith, would you like to have a couple guys to share in your birthday?'

'Yeah man, that sounds awesome, we can have some fun,' how little did I know just what kind of fun Mark had in mind.

Mark and another friend,Dylan Davis, got to my house about six that evening, they had brought a little night bag with them, but as in all cases when we slept over with each other, we always ended up sleeping in just our briefs or boxer shorts.

Mark was an instigator at different things, there was that one time somehow he got us into a five guy circle jerk during a sleepover, it was fun, we all donated a dollar to the kitty and the first guy to shoot his load would win the kitty. I really think it was because Mark knew he had the biggest cock in high school, and liked showing it off, actually it was the guys in school that it impressed the most, because girls really didn't like one that sized when it came right down to it.

His cock was almost nine and a half inches long, gorgeous, veiny,circumcised, and almost as thick as his wrist, it was enormous, compared to most of us so called normal guys. Mine was just a hair over seven inches, but it brought me lots of pleasure ever since I learned about jerking off.

Mark grabbed me that evening gave me a big hug, and said, 'Hey there sport, you ready for your big night?'

'Sure am, what ever that means.' Mark just smiled and said,'you'll see.'

We went to the Mall and visited the Arcade met up with a couple buddies, played some games and just had a great time.

Then at about ten thirty we decided to go home, thats when My birthday party really began.

Now let me say something here, I had known for some time that I liked guys, and had these sexual desires, but I had never acted on them, that is untill this evening. I had wanted to just get ahold of Mark's cock so bad at different times and now there it was OMG! was he ever one gorgeous hunk of a man, I know he was my cousin, but? and he was going to be spending the night, probably sleeping in my bed with me, fucking awesome, the possibilities were unlimited.

Just the thought of these two guys, and I know Mark was my cousin, but I didn't give a shit, I would have let him fuck me in the middle of that mall, I was that horny, but I wasn't sure of Dylan, if he had ever given thought to having a romp with another guy or not. Oh well I guess time will tell.

I felt sorta funny like I knew deep down that Mark had something up his sleeve planned for the night, perhaps like what he did to me when I slept over at his house, I was fourteen then, He got me naked and then pushed me out the back door and left me locked out of the house, buck assed naked, while he stood in the kitchen and made fun of my naked ass, and laughed like a crazy man at me trying to cover up my bare ass and my privates.

I had no idea what he had up his sleeve.

We got home and got into my bed, just in our briefs of course, I was ogling Mark and Dylans package, and of course they were both built well, very into sports and such at school.

I noticed that Mark just kept smiling at me and looking down at my crotch and then he started looking at Dylan and reached down and slid his hand into his briefs and started massaging his cock, I almost swallowed my tongue, I felt my cock start to rise, and noticed Dylans briefs start to swell out too as he watched Mark.

Here I was laying between two very sexy, hot, handsome well hung dudes both sporting boners, and me about to explode with desire and lustful thoughts.

I felt Dylan lean over and say 'Happy Birthday Keith,' and he stared chewing on my cock thru the material, I almost went straight up off that bed, his hot breath was awesome feeling and I was about to explode, Mark reached over and began to lick my nipples and rub my lightly hairy chest with his hand and just started to make out with me, he was licking my earlobes and sucking on my neck, mumbling things, sweet things, sexy things into my ears and I was beginning to float away with each second, damn I was one hot cookie at that time.

Dylan then pulled my elastic from my body and slipped it down under my tightened nuts and then he took my whole cock into his mouth. I was ecstatic with pleasure, I had never experienced such feeling before in my young life.

then things changed.

Mark said, baby, this is going to be a night to remember, he rolled me over onto my stomach and began to chew on my briefs, right on the ass area and then I felt him take his hands and tear a small hole in the ass of my briefs, I was enjoying it so much as he licked and sucked on the bareness of my asscheeks that I was breathing like a wild man, my heart was pounding with lust and I was almost euphoric, thats when Dylan got on his knees and pulled his briefs down to his knees and stuck his seven and a half inch cock into my mouth, god did it taste awesome, it was my first experience at tasting a guys cock, and what made it even better was the fact that I was cut, but Dylan wasn't, his uncut cock was awesome, its looks, it's feel, that skin so soft and smoothe, and I fell in love with that awesome pre-cum of his, at the tip of his cock, I was working on Dylan's cock totally oblivious to what Mark was doing with my ass.

I felt him almost tear the material off my ass and I was exposed, that was the most erotic and awesome feeling of my life, I felt his tongue slip into my asshole, and I almost bit down on Dylan's cock, I began to grab Dylans legs and pull his cock into my mouth with great feeling and gusto. God I wanted every ounce, every drip of his nectar. Then I felt his huge pain in my asshole, I guess I was lost in what I was doing with Dylan, and hadn't noticed that Mark had put some lube in my asshole, the pleasure was so phenomional, that I just wasn't thinking but when he sunk that nine and a half inche, very thick cock into my anal opening, my eyes flew open, almost came out of their sockets, and the Olympics had begun, Marks to it to the max, he had sunk it to the pubic hair in one long, straight shove, I almost fainted.

He grabbed my body and held me against his, and Just held me there untill I adjusted to his size, god I couldn't take a deep breath, Mark, just leaned over and kissed my on my shoulder and said,'Happy Eighteenth Birday Cuz.' and then he began to fuck the life out of me, It took me about five minutes to finally get into the groove, I was trying to be as accomodating as I could, but I could feel each little movement of Marks enormous cock inside my body, each time it flexed, each time it went out and then back in, 'God Damn your hot inside Keith, and so tight.'

I turned around and looked up at Mark, who was just fucking away and smiling at me and said,'Fuck Mark, a Cow would be tight with that cock inside her, Awe Fuck man.'

Well before that night was over, I felt Dylan's body began to shudder, as his cock started shooting its load into my mouth, I was almost wild with desire and lust as he unloaded into me.

Dylan had grabbed the back of my head and slid his awesome uncut cock to the deeper part of my throat and I was holding onto his legs as I felt his leg muscles began to jerk under my hands and felt that awesome feeling of a cock unloading its contents.

It was almost that time when I heard Mark began to get wilder and I reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him deep inside my body as his body began to jerk and he fired off his load, I felt that warm sensation deep inside my bowels as his load shot out. I could feelt those little after jerks the penis makes just after shooting its load. It was at this time that Mark reached around and began to stroke my cock, god it felt so awesome, it didn'take me very long to unload a huge wad of cum onto the bed.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I just had man on man sex with the two hottest guys in town, and I loved it, I knew this wouldn't be the only time this would happen, actually I was hooked, we repeated this little rendevous on many occassions, but I got to fuck Dylans aweswome ass and suck Marks cock, but the most awesome time I had was one time when I watched as Dylan sank that awesome cock into Marks asshole and I got to get sucked off by Mark as Dylan pounded his asshole like he had done mine. But I guess I would say that my birthday initiation was the most memorable night of my life.




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