I hovered over Bill, one hand holding me up and the other holding my cock, already stroked up hard, ready to fuck and I pressed it to Bill's hole. It was his first contact tonight, the first time his hole has been touched and it was tight, dry, not prepared for what was about to happen. Bill lay there, naked, his wrists bound and tied to the head of his bed and I was between his legs ready to bore down on him, ready to stretch his hole open and penetrate him.

I looked down Bill's body, the way he laid there, submissive, waiting, and I pushed downward, swung my hips hard and forced my cock through the tight ring of his opening. His head jerked up, his mouth open and nothing came out as I pushed my cock into him feeling the tightness, the way his hole milked my cock, squeezed it tightly as it slide into him. Bill's body quivered, his arms shook, pulled against the rope and I could hear him suck in his breath. I pushed all the way in, ground my hips against his ass, feeling the snug fit around my cock.

"You ready to get this ass fucked" I taunted him.

Bill turned his face down into the bed, his breathing coming fast and hard but I heard him reply, his voice almost commanding in tone.

"Fuck me...fuck me hard."

I pulled up, let my cock slide through Bill's tight opening and when the head was stretching his hole, trying to slip free I slammed back down burying my cock into his hole. Bill cried out, his body shivered beneath me and I did it again, and again and again, slowly at first, long full strokes, letting those in the room watching, standing in the shadows stroking their own cocks, or the cock of the guy next to them, see my cock pull through the tight ring of Bill's hole, watch my cock slide out and then slam back in. They watched each move, the way I drove my cock into Bill's hole and they watched how Bill responded, his cries, grunts, the way he began to push upward with his ass, taking each deep penetrating thrust. I fucked as hard and fast as I could, slamming my cock into that tight hole, feeling it loosen as I drove my cock through it over and over. It was too much friction, this dry tight hole and my need to cum surged through me, made my cock harden even more, swell up larger, the head even more sensitive and I bore down on Bill's ass, thrust my cock into it till I came, pumping my load into this dry hole, lubricating it, cooling my cock and I kept pumping my hips, thrusting my ejaculating cock through its own load and it felt good, too good.

I pulled out and looked at my slick wet cock, it flexing up and down still hard and I moved it to Bill's hole, nudged the head of my cock to it and slammed it through the still tight opening. I slid in smoothly, lubricated with my first load and Bill cried out, begging me to fuck him. I fucked in a smooth rhythm, pulling up and plunging back inward, driving my cock through the slick remains of my first load till it leaked out and trickled down to Bill's sac, it squeezed out from underneath him confined between his legs. I fucked till I sweated, felt the heat of my own body and below me, the quivering body of Bill was also glistening with its own wet heat. I knew the others wanted a show, wanted to see more than me just pumping Bill's hole and I drove my cock into him till that urge, the need to cum rose up, my cock again ready to spew its load and I pulled out, my wet slick cock bobbing in the open and I took it in hand while I hovered over Bill and with a few tight fisted strokes I came. Thick wads of cum flew out and spattered across Bill's back and ass and I stroked my cock till I was drained, spent, my cock no longer rock solid and I wiped it off across Bill's ass.

"Okay Paul" I said as I looked over at him, where he had watched from the corner, waiting for his cue ready to give Bill his next fuck. Paul was a short thick muscular bastard, and his cock was the same. Your fingers wouldn't reach around the shaft and the head would flare even larger. He moved up between Bill's legs, pushed them roughly apart even further as he pushed his cock down aligning it with Bill's hole. He touched Bill with it, rubbed it over his hole, teased him, made him want it.

"Fuck me...goddamn it...fuck me" Bill uttered as he shifted his hips, turned his ass upward like a bitch in heat and Paul drove his cock into him, pushed that thick hard shaft all the way making Bill cry out as he pulled against his bounds, his whole body shaking at the penetration. Paul was strong, muscles bulged everywhere and he used them, all of them, as he drove his cock into Bill, hammered it through his hole stretching him open till Paul's cum and ass slick cock moved easily through it. The bed rocked and squeaked, the noise exceeded only by Bill's grunts and cries and Paul lay down on top of Bill, bear hugged their bodies tight together as he pumped his hips faster and faster.

"Goddamn he's tearing him up" someone whispered from the shadows. I watched intently as Paul fucked Bill, drove that thick cock into him, my own cock rising up again.

"Fuck him...fuck him hard" I urged Paul and I moved to another position, one where I could look up between their legs and see that thick shaft piston in and out of Bill's hole, it wet, leaking and stretched out now, easily taking Paul's fuck. I heard others curse, suck in air and grunt as they pumped out their own loads across the floor or into someone's mouth.

Paul rose up, got on his knees and roughly pulled Bill into position, up on his knees, his upper body still down on the mattress and Paul hammered his cock into him. This new position, a slightly different angle was all it took and Paul began to thrust in short hard jabs, his hips slapping against Bill's ass.

"Fuck...take it...take it" Paul uttered through clinched teeth as he pumped his cum into Bill, pumped his cock till he was spent and cum pumped back out trickling down Bill's thigh. Paul pulled his cock out, the thick shaft and flared head so red, so angry looking coated in cum and ass and Paul knee walked off the bed and looked over to Jake.

"Jake, time for you to finish the bastard off" Paul said as he laughed in a mocking tone. Jake moved out of the shadows, all six foot four of him, his huge muscular build with its dark skin, like coffee, shined in the dim light of the room. His cock was hard, sticking out from his body and everyone waited to see it sink into Bill, all of it, for it was the largest most of them had ever seen. The head was still partially concealed with the long foreskin and Jake skinned it back revealing the arrow shaped head which was wet and slick, ready to penetrate.

Jake eased on the bed and it squeaked with the weight of him and his presence, so large, such a contrast with its dark skin against Bill's fair white skin it made Bill look small, too small to take the cock protruding out from it but Bill spread his legs submissively as he held his head down, waiting, anticipating Jake's fuck.

"Jesus" someone uttered as everyone watched Jake move into place, push his cock against Bill, the thick long shaft bowing slightly as he pressed it against the wet hole and Jake slapped Bill on the ass, hard, the smack echoed in the room and when Bill cried out Jake punched through, sank the first four or five inches into his hole, stretching him open further.

"Shit..." Bill uttered just before he buried his face into the mattress, his body shivering and shaking, his arms pulling against the rope. Jake gave Bill mercy, let him adjust to the penetration as he held still a moment, hovering over him, his body nearly a foot longer than Bill's, with its muscles tensed up and clearly defined beneath the dark skin. Then he moved his hips, pushed forward in a slow steady pace as he impaled Bill on his cock. He pushed several inches into Bill, pulled back, and pushed inward again, sinking more in each time till Bill took it all, every inch buried deep into his hole, the ring of the opening stretched tight around the dark skinned shaft.

Bill rose up with his face strained with the pain...the pleasure, of the penetration. Jake began to fuck, long powerful thrusts, using his long torso and legs to move his huge cock in and out of Bill. My own cock ached it was so hard again as I watched Jake fuck Bill, his cock rip through Bill's hole and I moved to the bed, climbed up on the mattress at the head and sat over Bill's tied arms, grabbing him by the hair to raise his head up off mattress.

"Suck my cock" I demanded and as Jake speared his ass over and over with his cock I felt Bill's mouth take mine, sink all the way down on it, his mouth rocking and jerking back and forth as he took Jake's fuck. I held Bill by the hair and used his mouth to stroke my cock, to feel the slick wet lips slid up and down the shaft as I watched Jake's cock slid into view, the dark ebony shaft slick with cum and ass and then I watch it disappear again, drive into Bill literally pushing the air out of his lungs and around my cock. Jake and I used Bill for our pleasure, took him at both ends and after several minutes I couldn't believe I was ready again, my third load ready to come spewing out and I slammed Bill's mouth down my shaft, felt my cock flex up hard and then shoot my load. I knew Bill had already taken my largest load but I gave him all I could this third time, pumping out cum into his mouth till I was spent. I let Bill nurse my cock, let him suckle it like a babe to tit as Jake moved into the stretch, driving his hips so hard he rocked the whole bed, slamming it against the wall noisily.

I watched Jake rise up, saw the strain of his body, the way every muscle was defined through the tight dark skin. I watched the sweat trickled from around his head, down his chest and drip on Bill's back and I watched his cock piston in and out of Bill's hole; fast, hard, till Jake cried out.

"Oh...oh fuck" Jake's voice echoed around the room drowning out the cries and grunts of the others standing in the shadows, watching.

Jake collapsed on top of Bill and he looked up at me where I was sitting with Bill's mouth still on my cock, and Jake smiled, knowingly, mischievously. He pulled his cock from Bill's hole and as he moved to get off the bed he slapped Bill on the ass.

"Happy Birthday, Mother Fucker."



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