'What's that for?' I asked my Dad.

'For tonight, its Saturday night an its time for our monthly Guy's Night Out.'

'When did that start? I don't remember you have a party for guys here.'

My Dad walked over to me and said, 'Son, We have been having Guys Night Out for years.'

'Its just that the guys in the bike club take turns haveing it at their homes and it falls to me to host it this month.'

'Really? Sorry Dad, I didn't even know about such parties with your buddies.'

'Is there anything I can do to help?'

'Yes, let me give you a list of goodies and would you please run to the grocery store and pick up this stuff for me?'

I got myself ready and went to the store and picked up some paper napkins, some plastic forks and plates for the party, I was getting rather excited as I shopped for a party, even tho I knew it would probably end up being a drinking party, being bikers from the Harley Club Dad was a member of.

I got home and Dad was setting a pretty wicked looking table, I was watching his actions and he was acting like a high school kid with all the excitement of putting on a prom party.

I am nineteen, still living at home so I knew I would be welcome to have a few drinks, but I wouldn't be alowed to go driving after drinking, Dads orders.

I Have a wonderful father, hard working, very trustworthy, and he has been an awesome provider and parent ever since my mother passed away when I was nine.

Dad was a good looking man, very handsome, well groomed and kept his body in shape at a local YMCA.

I always loved going there and swimming, but the real reason was that I got to look at the men in the swimming area, naked, walking in the back area, naked, seeing their privates swinging back and forth, naked even some with boners standing out hard and thick, and oh yeah did I mention Naked. I would always get si sexually excited myself.

As I grew older I never grew out of that excitement that I felt when seeing a naked guy, I guess some guys never do, it was just part of who I am.

I never told Dad about my attraction to men, I even fantasised about Dad a few times but would not have ever tried anything with my dad, although I thought some of his biker buddies were real turnons, especially Rodger, my Dads best friend.

Rodger was one of the best built guys I had ever seen. He was rugged looking, gorgeous muscular body, I know I had seen him in the garage working on the cycles with Dad one Saturday afternoon. He was working with just his cutoff blue jeans and a pair of boots and shirtless. His gorgeous chest was muscular, bulging, sort greasy looking hairy, and I wanted to grab Rodger and start licking his body, but that was a dream. I always thought he was a real lady killer, just eye candy for me.

The you can look but don't touch kinda guy, Oh Yeah, theres something else that Rodger had that made me weak in the knees, he had the most outstanding bulge between his legs I had ever seen, every time I saw his huge bulge layeing to the left side of his zipper and down Rodgers leg, I would visualize his cock in those cutoffs and end up running to my bedroom dropping my trousers and stroking my hardon untill I shot a load of cum all over the floor, or whatever was in front of me.

'Hey Tommy!'

'Yeah Dad,'

'Bring me those two coolers from the garage, and theres bags of ice in the freezer too.'

I did as I was told and carried in the two coolers. I put the beer and wine coolers in the coolers, and Iced them down.

'Every thing was set for tonight,' Dad was really pleased.

The phone rang and my best friend Vince called and ask me if I wanted to go see a movie, and then spend the night, 'Sure man, I was going to feel like a second left foot at Dads party anyway.

Well we went to the Movies and I enjoyed the movie with Vince, and then something happened and he got a call from his mom and had to hurry home.

I guess it was almost midnight, Vince ask me if we could take a rain check on the sleepover, I had no problem with it, the party at home was probably winding down anyway.

I got to the house and there was only one Cycle setting in the driveway anyway. I just supposed that all the guys had left except Rodger, because it was his bike, I recognized it. I had seen it loads of times, and had even rode on it a few times, It was one hell of a Harley.

I noticed the patio door was locked from the inside and the kitchen light was off, I thought Dad and Rodger was in the family room.

I took my shoes and went to the garage and went thru the garage door, since I have a key for it.

I heard the T.V. on in the family room and thought they were in there, it was empty, The living room was empty, they were not outside on the patio. I thought maybe they had left. I decided to get a coke from the fridge and go on to my bedroom and maybe just stroke off and go to sleep, I needed a good nut emptying anyway.

I went up the little carpet covered stairway and heard some sounds coming from Dads bedroom, which was at the end of he hall.

I could hear some funny grunting and groaning sounds but not really voices saying anything, I got up almost to the crack in the door of his bedroom, there was a little light coming out of the crack and I Heard a mans voice 'Oh Fuck man, Oh Jesus,' I recognized the voice as Rodgers. I crept up to the door and just gently pushed it opened a little and I almost fainted, I gasped, but not loud enough they heard me. and I saw my Dad, on his bed on his hands and knees and Rodger had one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen up my Dad's ass. I almost passed out, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and they were both really into it, Dad was grabbing around behind him and pulling Rodgers ass tight into his, and Rodger was fucking his ass like a Downtown Whore.

I had never thought I would ever see anything like that, especially with my Dad, I just stood there watching the two of them fucking and groaning and just totally into this sex act.

The more that I watched an watched and heard, the more I got excited, I realized that I had sprung a bid hardon, pushing out my pants like a tree limb.

I was so turned on by what I was witnessing, I slipped off my shorts and took out my cock, now standing at a good seven and a half inches, leaking pre-cum from the excitement, and I was licking my lips almost biting my tongue as I stroked my cock like a wild man, god I was turned on, the feeling in my cock was building up the more I listened to Dad and Rodger fuck. And then I Heard Rodger just start sounding like a bear growling, as he shoved his big cock into my Dads Ass hole and held it there as his body jerked and pumped cum into Dads asshole.

I heard my Dad say, 'God Damn man, that was awesome Rodger, a lot better than last time,'

'Last Time, how fucking long has this been going on,' I wondered.

I quickly got done shooting my load and wiped it up with my tee shirt, which I had taken off, and jumped back to my own bedroom door.

I went in and got my clothes changed, I thought they had done and was finished and dressed.

I decided to go down to the kitchen and when I got to the kitchen I was only wearing my briefs, I got to the kitchen and there was Dad and Rodger locked in an embrace kissing and rubbing all over each others still naked bodies. My first thought was how awsome Rodgers body was.

My Dad saw me and froze, there they stood both naked, with their arms around each other and Dad said,'Tommy, I had no Idea you were home, This isn't what it looks like,' His face was red and he looked like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

I just smiled and said, 'Yea Dad and neither was what I saw going on in your bedroom either was it?' I just smiled, 'Hey Dad it all right, I'm gay too and if I hadn;t had to come home tonight me and Vince had planned to suck and fuck each other silly tonight too.'

Dad just smiled and said,'Tommy, your Gay?'

'Yeah sure am, have been all my life, and now I know where I got it.' I love you Dad. And Rodger, OOOHH LA LA, your sure one hot looking dude.

Rodger smiled and tightened up his muscles and said,'Hey man, thanks I have always thought you were hot looking,' Dad said,'Carefull Rodger, that my son.' and started laughing. I just walked over and grabbed Rodger by his cock and said, 'I have always wanted to see this thing,'

Dad looked over and said, 'Now Son, you can touch it tonight, but it belongs to me.'

Well I guess you can tell where this is leading but that is in the future.

To be continued.



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