'Sir....I didnt see you there!' Maric said pulling his pants up, he was so thrown off by the Grand Generals showing up he couldnt think.

'Dont worry I know what its like not to fuck for a while!' a playful wink showed Maric he hadnt minded.

'Maric I came because our country of Dirg is in danger of losing the secret!'

'Thats why im here to recive and protect the next angel right?'

'Yes but whatever killed the last one was powerful'

'Well ill just have to make sure this one doesnt die!'

'Maric do you know why we chose you for this assignment?'

'Because I have a good record?'

'Well yes Maric that was part of it, also you and me have been friends since the war between our country of Dirg and the other country of Barg began. Another reason is that I know you wont let me down!'

Maric stared at him, his golden hair. He moved to his eyes, green with red edges. he had very cut features. Maric had always found his strong body attractive, alas Grand General Dores was for sure not into him.

'So what are the details Dores?'

'Well it seems a large garrison of soilders have left Barg and are heading towards Silva station'

'Oh well this city isnt that important is it?'

'Dont be dumb! They plan to intercept the angel!'

'I see! no angel, no protector of the secret'

'Yes and it just so happens the angel has arrived, you will escape the city with the angel and head towards this location'

Dores handed him a map, as he put it in Marics hand they looked into each others eyes.

'What about Silva? and you?'

'Me im the boss! ill hold them off long enough to get some tail!'

He showed his smile, he was leaning close.

'So.......Wanna go meet the angel?'

Maric nodded approval. He followed Dores outside.

'Hes on the other side of this district in a safehouse'

'Lets go then' Maric said

The walk was filled with flirting, but not between them. Dores kept hitting on every girl they passed.

They finally arrived and Maric was glad. It was a plain shack. Once inside he could see it only had one room.

'What the hell is with this place?' Maric said swatting at spider webs.

'He he! knew you would complain, We had to hide the angel from everyone'

Maric rolled his eyes, Dores was Dores after all.

'So lets see the angel' Maric was excited.

'Alright come on out Lendra!'

Maric let out a gasp when the soilder from the transport stepped out of the shadows. His blonde hair was lightly blowing, his blue eyes burning into Marics memory. His frail body was shivering.

'What is this?'

'Suprise you were protecting him all along!'

'Then why move me, why were we not fine at the place we were at!?'

'The enemy knows where he is, The more he moves and changes identity the better!'

'I have a feeling you were just trying to fuck with me!'

'Okay that to!' he smiled.


'What was that!?' yelled Maric.

'Hold on, quite!..........GET DOWN!!!'

They all hit the deck, the roof was blown off the shack!

'Skyship assult!' Yelled Dores pointing to the Barg skyships above.


Maric got up and pulled the angel,Lendra,up. He pulled them along, laser shots from the skyships were striking blindly around the city!

'They are gonna level the place to get to you!' said Maric looking into Lendras beautyful eyes.

'If it happens it happens, you can not change fate' Lendra said in a matter-o-fact tone.

Maric snapped to reality! They ran!

The city came apart around them! Dores was behind him, shouting something, he couldnt hear over the skyships blastings.


A laser tore into the building just left of Maric! Maric pushed Lendra out of the way along with himself of another laser blast, right where they had been!

'They are targeting you! Hurry a transport is ready at the station!' Dores was distracted talking to them and didnt notice the laser coming down right over HIM!

'NO!' Maric yelled

He leaped and tackled Dores to the ground! They tumbled down.

'You fool! what if the angels attacked while you are saving me?' yelled Dores as they tumbled.

'I dont care about him, I care about you!'

They stopped rolling and were now a good fifty feet from the angel.

'Dores....' said Maric leaning in, forgeting his duties and the battle ground around him.

'Maric.....' Dores said sqeezing him hard.

They were getting closer and.....Dores spit on him!

'Snap out of it!'

They looked over to the angel who was staring at the skyships, the laser light reflecting in his eyes.

He turned and looked at them...'Do you want me to get rid of them?'

'NO! just ru...mmmm' Maric covered Dores mouth before he could finish.

'YES! fight them!' Maric yelled.

The uniform the angel was wearing slipped away. He was naked. He had a really nice body. He had a nine inch uncut dick. Maric was staring, and oddly enough Dores was to. Maric was getting so hard it hurt, but it went away after the next thing. The angel grew wings, large feathery wings.

It spread them wide and shot like a jet into the air yelling at the top of his lungs!



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