I wasnt like the others....I knew I was better. My world is one of blackness, I am an angel. We are defenders of the secret, a weapon so powerful it could destroy the planet....this is my story....

'General a new batch of Angels is on its way!' The twitchy soilder sat next to the general on the transport to Silva Station. The general looked around at the rusty old model transport, it didnt even have video relay screens. The transports ran on a system of light and magnets, but this being an older model screeched as it lurched along.

'This is tricky....' whispered the general to himself.

It was then the general glanced himself in a mirror across from his seat. He was already 42 years old. He had light short brown hair, buzz cut. He had a realistic body, some gut but he pulled it off. His black uniform sucked all light around him in, as if to shroud him in it.

'General Maric! what if the Angel they send isnt powerful?'

'We both know that if The secret falls into the wrong hands it could throw off the balance of power!'

'Angels are made out of parts of the secret right?'

'Thats what they say....but who knows'

'Then there is nothing to worry about?'

'I wouldnt go that far soilder'

Silence fell for a few seconds.

'Silva station!!' yelled the piolt who had been silently listening.

'Well soilder good luck!'

The general stepped off looking into the face of the soilder starring back at him through the transports closing silver doors.

'Boy wont last an hour......'

'Ahhhhhhhh General Maric!, so good to see you!' came a shout from behind him. He turned to see a boy of 20, he was the Grand Generals delivery boy. He was small slender, black hair like night, brown eyes.

'The Grand General sends regards but wont be seeing you tonight!'

The boy handed over a small paper, it read:

Dear Maric

I cant make it, to busy (the ladies all want me!). Go to the Lextra district of Silva Station, I have set up housing for you.

-Grand General

Maric rolled his eyes.....'same as always'

Maric had no luggage so he traveled fast. He was in Silva to pick up a new Angel to protect The Secret. The last one was killed....somehow. His country had possesion of the secret currently. It is constantly changing hands in the war ridden world of Zoda.

He found the Lextra district and the delivery boy led him to the home, it was nice. It was large five stories, and it was clean. Maric went inside, it was just as opulent and ornate. He found his way to a bedroom and sat on the bed.

'Is this really all there is to this assignment? Just collect an Angel and return to the secrets location?'

He was so sleepy he looked around the room. It was filled with gold trim. He leaned back and layed on the bed.

He slowly began to reach down, he hadnt had sex in months. He undid his uniforms pants button with one finger. As the gentle woosh of fabric came out he let out a slight moan. Now the zipper, he slowly slid it down pausing at each notch. He pulled his pants wide and began to ever so slowly slide them off. They slid off. He moved to the underwear. He was wearing tight briefs, they were stopping his hardining dick. He shoved them down to free his cock. It sprang free and he let out a long moan. He had about seven inches hard. It was feeling so good. He felt the blood flowing in his dick. Then he wrapped his hand around it. He had a moment where he felt a pang of arousel, it soon dulled. He began to slowly move his hand over his dick, faster and faster. He began to picture the soilder from earlyer. He yelled. He shot white thick cum hard out of his dick. it covered the neatly made bed. He was gasping....it had been a while. He heard claping

'Bravo! what a show!'

There stood the Grand General, and he had jacked in front of him!



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