It was summer, actually July, it was hot, we had just graduated several weeks before, and now making our plans as to what to do with the rest of our lives.

I had planned to work a while, make some extra cash with my Dad as a helper in the construction company he was a Foreman for, before going to college.

I was at that crossroads, not knowing whether I was going to go down the straight path sexually to please others and look the part, or be what I really was down deep in my heart,gay.

I guess my introduction to gay sex had come when I was just fourteen and I was in the country at my grandparents farm, my cousin Lanny, was seventeen at that time and we were both staying the summer at the farm, we had to share a bedroom upstairs in Grandpa's and Grandma's farm house.

We were having a great time there, helping grandpa doing some of the farm chores, helping grandma do some things and enjoying some of that awesome home cooking Grandma's are so famous far.

And there was the fun things too.

It was on a Friday afternoon, Lanny and I decided to go to the large pond, actually a small lake on the backside of the Grandpa's farm, and do a little fishing.

Grandpa and Grandma had gone into town some twenty miles away to do some shopping and buy some groceries and supplies.

I had not yet at this time realized much about sex other than I had learned that I could rub my dick and shoot out baby making sperm, which always felt awesome.

Yeah, you might say I was young, dumb and full of cum.

My cousin Lanny was several years older and quite a bit more experienced, and we got to the fishing hole and Lanny had to piss.

Lanny whipped out his cock, and being a youngster it looked huge to me, mine was six inches, I know, I had measured it,and I guess for a fourteen year old that was pretty big, but Lanny was almost eighteen, and his cock looked like it came off a horse.

I was just staring at his cock as he pissed, Lanny noticed and said, 'Big ain't it? it's the biggest one in my gym class at High School.'

All I could do was stare and say 'WOW Lanny! it's bigger than my Dads,' and I had seen my Dads, and thought it was big, 'just how big is it anyway?' I asked

'Me and a buddy measured it hard one day after school, and it's almost 9 inches long, and almost 6 inches around, Nice HUH, Wanna touch it?' he said.

'Can I?' I said.

'Sure, It loves to be touched and rubbed, I bet you rub yours too, don't you?' he asked.

'Yeah I do, but don't all guys rub theirs?' I ask.

'Yeah, they do, but it really feels better if someone else rubs it for you' he said.

'Really, I never did that before,' I walked over and touched his now hard cock, it was awesome feeling, it had a foreskin, just like mine, it was hard as rock, yet so soft and velvety feeling, it was fantastic to feel. I took it in hand and slid his foreskin back exposing a very thick, bluish pink hard shiny head,with a bit of clear liquid forming at the slit.

Lanny bit his lower lip and moaned softly, 'that feels really good,' he said.

'Keep doing it, yeah that's it,..... faster,... go a little faster.'

I was standing beside Lanny with his hard-on in my hand, stroking his cock like crazy, my own dick was like concrete in my briefs, I couldn't believe I was enjoying doing this to my cousin.

'Oh shit man, don't stop, Oh shit, Oh shit AH,,,,,,,,UGHMMMMMMMM!!!!! Lanny groaned and I felt his body began to jerk and he was grunting and moaning as his cock started shooting a load of cum like a fire hose blasting water, it shot a good ten feet out in long streams of pearly white cum.

I kept pumping his cock, 'OH shit man stop, it's so sensitive, I Looked up into his eyes which were closed and he was getting his breath.

Lanny stood there and finally pulled his white briefs and his trousers.

I smiled at him and he said, 'Wow that was fantastic. After a couple seconds he ask,'You want me to do you now?' .

I was sorta excited about the prospect of seeing what that felt like, Lanny seemed to really enjoy it.

'Yes Please,' I responded.

I was a little embarrassed when I dropped my trousers and briefs and out stood my six inches, now it wasn't like Lanny's mind you but it was fairly thick, and a nice hand full for any guy.

Lanny reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock and began to bring sensations to bear on my dick, I felt almost faint with the pleasures he was making in my body, I closed my eyes and he stopped a second and I was anxious to feel it some more, I had my eyes closed in anticipation, and then I felt this hot wet sensation going though my cock and into my body, and I gasped from the awesome feeling I was feeling, it was phenomenal, I gasped and opened my eyes to see what was happening'

I looked down and saw Lanny on his knees in front of me, with my cock all the way to the balls in his mouth, and the feeling was totally out of this world.

I placed my hand on the back of his head and began a natural pumping with my hips sliding my harder than steel cock in and out of Lanny's mouth.

I was at the point of no return when I heard myself saying, Lanny you better get off, I'm gonna squirt the stuff, Lanny reached around behind my ass and pulled me deeper into his mouth, and with one hand he held me tight, the other he massaged my tight balls and then took my cock to the balls into his mouth and throat as I began to buck and thrash while the most powerful climax filled his throat, I didn't see it but it felt like I shot a cup full of cum into Lanny's mouth.

I was mesmerized as Lanny licked and swallowed every little drip of my cum shot, and kept licking it until it was all in his mouth and swallowed.

I was drained and exhausted, as Lanny stood up and said. 'Well Kid how did you like your first time getting a blow-job?' he ask.

Lanny leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, 'That's just the beginning, we're going to really enjoy the summer together this year on the farm and Fuck man, did we ever.

I learned to fuck, suck, get fucked, eat ass and get eaten, it was the most awesome summer of my young life.

It was summertime four years later, I was eighteen when my two best friend called me one Thursday night and asked me if I wanted to go on a three day week-end getaway, I thought it was going to be a wonderful idea.

My best friends were Wesley and Lesley Jenson, twins and they were both very handsome and hot sexually, tho I had never done anything sexual with either of them, It was't because I hadn't wanted too.

I got my gear packed and ready the they came by about 4 the next evening, we stopped and got some goodies and camping supplies, and a little extra fishing gear and headed out on a four hour drive to the lake where their Dad owned a cabin.

It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen, a lake front cabin back several miles in the woods nestled against some gorgeous landscapes scenery around, it was a perfect place.

Lesley even suggested that we go nude around the camp sight, I just smiled, thinking he was kidding.

I was standing outside the cabin looking at the gorgeous scene in front of me when Lesley walked up behind me and said, well are you going to join the party, I looked around and Lesley was naked as the day he was born, and I gasped at what I saw,

I thought that My cousin Lanny had a big cock, Lesley's cock was the biggest I had ever seen.

I just looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

'Holy Shit Lesley, just how big is that thing?' I ask to his smiling face.

'Well the last time I measured when it hard it measures almost ten inches. and its as thick as my wrist.' he said, 'But Wesley's is almost an inch longer than mine, but the same around.' he said.

'Pure love making machinery,' he said with a giggle as he jerked it a few time for my benefit.

I still had my walking shorts on but In a way I was glad, it hid the boner I was sporting as we stood there chatting.

Well about an hour Lesley got dressed and we decided to go to the town and get a few things that we had forgotten I was riding in the middle of these two, guy, I was sure that somewhere during this three day get-a-way I was going to have to put the moves on Lesley but fate took over for me.

We were on our way back from the town about seven miles away, and Wesley pulled the pickup over and stopped, put the pickup in park and quietly looked over at me, Wesley was in the drivers seat, I was in the middle and Lesley was on the other side of me.

I looked over at Wesley, 'Whats the matter, a problem with the truck or something.' I ask.

'No, Lesley and I just want to have a little chat with you.' Wesley said.

'You see there's something we want to find out.'

Lesley smiled and said, I was just wondering what you would do if I, reached down and began doing this,' Lesley's hand went down to the bulge in my shorts and began to massage my cock, Fuck did it ever feel fantastic.

' Well, I would probably get a boner and want to rape you, because I haven't gotten a nut in several days now, and It feels fucking fantastic.

Lesley Leaned over and began to kiss my lips as he continued rubbing my swelling bulge.

As Leslie kissed my lips, Wesley leaned down lifted up my tee-shirt and began to suck and lick my nipples, as he undid his shorts and pulled out his thick boner and began to stroke it.

Lesley was working my crotch with is right hand and kissing me when I felt his hand slide upward and slip in under the elastic of my shorts and I felt his hand go around my cock, wow was I ever in a state of bliss, two handsome guys working on my body at once, a fucking dream come true.

I said.'Hey guys, lets take this back to the cabin so we can get free and comfortable, and do this right.

We got back to the cabin and then got naked in the bed room of the cabin, and by the time I got onto the bed, I was kissing the lips of Lesley and Wesley had my legs up in the air, eating my asshole with one hell of a hot tongue.

I wanted to pinch myself to see if this was real or not but then if it wasn't I didn't want it to end.

I was so wet, Lesley was sucking my cock, working it over like mad as his twin brother worked it around so he was sliding his ten inch cock slowly up into my asshole, it felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I had told Lesley to get up and let me suck his cock as Wesley hammered my asshole mercilessly, I was feeling nothing but pure pleasure.

I have no idea that These two guys liked to have sex with other dudes but I wasn't sorry. I had thought it would be just a week-end of fishing and camping, straight guy style,.But who could have ask for anything better, I was about to bust a nut when I felt Wesley began to ram it home to the hilt, I wanted his seed in me and I began to pump my ass back up at him as he fucked me like mad.

I was feeling Lesley's cock slide down my throat as I deep throated him too, and then Wesley let out a loud yell and I felt his warm semen ejaculating from his hose deep into my intestines,

He had no sooner let out his yell shooting his load into my body than I heard Lesley whimpering as saying, 'Here it comes man, take it all, please take it,' and I did, I swallowed every bit of his cum, it was fantastic.

As Lesley finished up shooting his load into my throat, I felt Wesley's mouth sucking on my cock, it only took about three minutes of his hot, wet mouth sliding up and down on my hard meat, and I began flooding his mouth with my cum.

We all three lay back, naked on the bed and totally exhausted went to sleep, later after we had recouped from the fun we had had, we went for a skinny dip in the lake, and then fixed some supper, Later that night we discussed what we had done, they thought maybe I was gay but wasn't sure, and were gonna find out one way or another on this camp-out, they had wanted to get it on with me for several years but just didn't want to take the chance of maybe offending me.

Well, now the cat's out of the bag so to speak and you cant count the time we have had our threesomes together, and always its one hell of a wonderful time.

And to top that off, I have even had cousin Lanny come by and we have played in a foursome together.

Life is wonderful.



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