We had two adjoining rooms at the Mayflower Hotel, across town from the airport. I was booked in Steve's room under a name I barely had a chance to see on the register sheet in passing. The governor, of course, was alone in his room.

But, not really alone for long. Once we were settled and I'd taken a shower in Steve's bathroom, the governor made clear I was going to be in his bed - and that he was going to get as much of his money's worth out of me that he could. When I entered the room, I couldn't see him. He came in behind me and twisted my arms behind my back and propelled me toward the bed. He bent me over forward when we got there and pushed my chest down on the bedspread. He immediately started probing my canal with the fingers of his other hand, which thankfully were lubricated. They were digging deep inside me, and I was moving my hips for him and moaning and groaning, just as I knew rough dominators liked. I was groaning for real, though, as he started working his cock in between the fingers without extracting them. And then he was plowing and riding me hard. That loose foreskin of his cock moving back and from between the rock hardness of his tool and my sensitive ass walls.

An amazing man. Who could have thought that he could jack off four times that night while he rode me hard and into the wee hours of the morning? But I was used to this; clients usually did do everything they could to stretch out every dollar they were paying for my services.

At dawn he threw me out of his room, and I took another shower in Steve's bathroom and curled up on a loveseat by the television set. Steve was sleeping blissfully on one of the double beds in the room, snoring slightly. He was sleeping in the nude and had thrown the sheets off. The cut of him in his suit didn't lie. He was in very nice shape and had a very presentable cock and two nice, pouty balls. If my ass hadn't been worn out by the governor, I would have put a move on Steve. But maybe I'd get a chance later.

Later came sooner. I felt a cramp from all the work underneath the governor and uncoiled myself from an uncomfortable position on the love seat and walked over to the open door between the two rooms. I had been thinking of what the governor had said the last time he was fucking me from behind on the bed, me on my knees and presenting to him with raised butt, his slight bulge of a paunch rubbing up and down the small of my back and his hairy chest slapping against my shoulder blades, and me hanging onto the headboard for dear life while he dug fingernails into my nipples and took me in long thrusts. He'd said he liked me so much we'd do some special fucking tomorrow night. I wondered what that meant, and I didn't like surprises. So, I'd been drawn to the door with half a notion of going through his luggage to see what kind of toys he might have. He'd do what he wanted, of course, but I liked to be prepared for the most taxing to come. I stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, and taking in the room. Where to start looking first?

'He won't be back until after noon.'

I turned. The Harvard grad was away. He was sitting up, knees drawn to chin, watching me. He hadn't covered himself, and he was looking mighty fine. All reddish sheen and sculpted muscle. A half smile, promising more if I worked it right. A lock of curly hair tumbling down toward one hazel-green eye.

'He had some meeting this morning. He wouldn't tell me what it was. Rather strange. He doesn't keep much secret from me . . . naturally.' The smile was broader now, a little wry. A very nice smile. 'That's why we had to come to Washington unexpectedly today. But he did tell me that the meeting would take all morning. Said he wouldn't need me until after lunch.'

Ah, a great opening then. 'Than what could we possibly do while we wait?' I asked, giving him my best sheepish smile.

A slight pause.

'We could order room service for starters.'

'Why, isn't there enough service available in the room already?' I moved into my best 'I'm available' lounging pose against the frame of the door and opened my smile up more for him.

His tone turned to regret. 'Nice idea, but way out of my league. I make the governor's arrangements. I know what you cost. There's no way I could afford you.'

'You haven't asked what I'd charge,' I responded quietly. Giving him my 'I'm serious' look.


'Two condoms. Two used condoms. For you, that's all I'd charge.'

He moved gracefully to me, although I could see he was trembling with surprise and anticipation. And he moaned deeply as I knelt before him in the doorway and made love to his very nice cock.

He was on his back on the bed, me astride his hips and rising and falling on his throbbing tool, him gurgling softly, undulating languidly, and holding my hips in his hands, for the first half of the payment. We took our time in the second half, making love properly, using all of our bodies and all of our tactile sensations. He lay full length behind me, both of us on our sides, and he explored my body with one hand, as I turned my head to him in a long, lingering, exploring kiss and raised my leg to give his cock deeper access to my channel. I gave him the full treatment, wanting it as much as he did after a night of mostly being just a hole for the governor to work to his private, singular power trip.

The irony. The governor paying big bucks so that his harried assistant could get the better-quality fuck.

I was so pleased that I demanded a third used condom as my tip. I'd sent him to the showers and then surprised him by joining him there, turning him toward and facing me, my back against the slick tiled wall. Then I hiked my legs up on his hips and took his lips in mine, and groaned and moaned from him as he moved my back up and down on the tiles under the flowing water from the showerhead with the thrusts of his cock inside me.

He was dressing and I was drying off with a towel when we both heard the heavy knock at the door to the governor's room. The 'do not disturb' signs were out, so it shouldn't be maid service.

Steve turned to me, put a finger to his lips, and motioned for me to get out of view of the connecting doors. I gathered up parts of my suit and my socks and shoes and moved over to the door of this room to the corridor and hurriedly dressed as Steve turned and went to the other door.

I didn't hear it all, but I did hear the part about 'IRS agents' and 'Checking irregularities' and 'The governor down at our office' and 'We understand you keep his accounts, Mr. Horton' and 'Please finish getting dressed and come with us.'

I didn't want to hear any more, though, and knew I was just the spanner in the works that neither Steve nor the governor needed around here at the moment. I quietly opened the door to the corridor; checked to see if the coast was clear, which it was; and closed the door again as silently as I could before moving as quickly and quietly as I could away from the door to the governor's room and toward the bank of the Mayflower elevators.

I wasn't worried about myself; I always came prepared for the eventuality of needing a quick getaway and had plenty of resources to get back to L.A. And I certainly didn't give too figs for whatever trouble the governor had landed in. I was worried a bit about Steve, though. Steve had been very nice.

And I worried about the ire of Leon, my pimp. I sure hoped the services to the governor had been prepaid - and in untraceable money.



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