I opened my eyes and saw the early morning light starting to come thru the venitian blinds, venitian blinds I don't have venitian blinds, Where the fuck am I? Here I am laying in a strange bed in a strange place. What-Da-Fuc???

Whats going on?

I remember going to that part at Sharons and Larry's House last night and man that was a blast and I remember, Oh Shit it hurts to even think.

I had gone to a Party last night to celebrate Larry's and Sharon fourth anniversary and the excitment of learning that they were going to have a baby, We were standing around chatting and regailing about our younger years and of course there were quite a few newcomers, I remember that one young guy looked to be about twenty four maybe, handsome looking young man in his Marine dress uniform, god was he gorgeous, and I know I am gay but I didn't think I let on that much, other than I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I am a good looking male of Irish desent, I am quite blessed in the cock department and I love to have a blast in the sack with another guy, I remember that young Marine came over and started chatting with me and telling me how much I reminded him of an old friend, and he slowly led the conversation into the fact that he was a hidden gay in the military, and had had an affair with this guy, I was interested in this conversation very much, He told me he was stationed in Georgia, somewhere and I just let it slide by me, my thoughts were on his package which was rather full looking ,in his Uniform and I notice it sorta bulge out and pushed out a few times, He kept getting me drinks and Fuck man I was starting to feel them pretty good, the next thing I know I'm waking up in a motel room with a headache and Fuck me, I just noticed theres a dude asleep in the bed next to me and were both naked, What the Fuck took place last night, I opened the blinds to the window and even by the early light I can see his clothes on the Chair over by the window, Fuck me, its a Marine Uniform, I wonder If we did anything last night, I lifted up the covers to the bed and It was a fucking gorgeous young man, the most beautiful rounded ass lightly blushed with hair up to his waist and his legs had the same covering, his leg muscles were awesome, I could tell this dude had done some hard work to make these muscles like this.

He was laying face down onto the bed and had his arm up under his head on the pillow facing away from me, and I wondered, did I fuck him, or did he fuck me? or just what the hell happened, and I looked over on his side of the bed and I noticed a used condom in the waste basket, and I knew someone got fucked last night, My ass didn't feel like I had been raped, Damn man I was stumped I don't remember a thing that happened, I got up, Naked as hell and walked into the john, I grabbed my half hard cock and aimed it toward the commode, and started emptying a really full bladder I remembered drinking so frigging much beer and who knows what else, I shook it off when I finished and felt it flare out in my hand wanting some attention, and then I remembered that Marine, I might as well cash in on this I thought, I went back out to the bed and I noticed, It was, that young man I had met, and he had rolled over on his back I crawled, up on the bed next to him and slowly slid my hand under the covers, and I felt his lightly hairy chest and watched to see if he was going to stir, I then went down to his nipples and lightly brushed them with my hand and He wimpered in his sleep a little and then I went for the good stuff, I slid my hand down under the sheets and found his nut sack, and I started massaging them just lightly and he sorta spread his legs to give me more access, still sleeping and breathing like normal, and then after a few minutes of feeling his awesome feeling large balls, I wrapped my hand around his very large cock, I thought mine was really big, but fuck man he was a mans man if you know what I mean and he was stiff as a baseball bat. man Now believe me I would have known if he had fucked me the night before with that monster it had to be ten inches long,. and like a roll of summersausage, Fuck he was huge, I started sliding my hand up and down and twisting my hand as I went and after about four or maybe five minutes I felt the pre-cum leaking out the slit on the head and I started using it as lube on his cock and with some saliva I started my handiwork, and I felt Him start to breathing heavier and then he said Oh fuck man, I knew he had awakened and I just kept up the momentum, I then leaned over and started sucking his nipples and licking his stomach hairy and manly delicious, I was really getting into this now I was sober and had my witts about me doing it, I was gently and purposly bringing this young Marine to a sexual High and I was planning to take him to the top of the mountain of Pleasure, and then I heard him groaning and saying sweet nothings in my ear and saying, awe baby thats it, yea man, awe man, Its wonderful, I let go with my hand and slid my mouth down as far as I could take his cock and started fucking him with my mouth, He did a set up and almost yelled Oh Fuck Me. I just kept up the sucking and sliding my lips up and down his cock, and had him just about to climb the walls, He was grunting and groaning and saying I'm gonna cum man, I'm gonna cum, and he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock about three forths down my throat and started letting loose a load of cum, god the feeling was great, I had brought this Marine into my world of getting a blowjob, for I am known for giving an awesome blowjob, amoung my male friends.

I finished him off making sure I got every last drop of his love cream and he was doing that little after jerk each time I took his cock head into my mouth again, I loved it.

He finally layed back and just started breathing heavy, and getting back to normal, and I smiled and He said that was awesome, Your better sober that you are awake, but last night you made me wear a condom, why? I said I don't know, and as soon as you were finished I tried to suck you off and you fell asleep on me and started snoring, I said and I didn't fuck you? he said fuck no man, you were dead to the world, I mean dead. and he started laughing, He said you sucked me off but not like this morning.

I said at least I know someone got something good from that party last night, and we both laughed and he said, I would like it if you fucked me, if you'd like to do that.... I said Oh Yea! I love to do that, he said Here and reached over into his little shaveing bag and got a little bottle of lube and I said I gotta do something first, he said O.K. what? I said you have the most wonderful looking ass I have ever seen, man, I want to eat it out, he said I've never had that done before, I said man believe me you'll like it, and I said lay back and give me a pillow, and he did, I said raise up and he did, I slid a pillow under his ass and let him back down on it, Fuck me his asshole was as beautiful a little love button as I had ever seen, I gently spread his cheeks apart with my hands and started tongueing it with the tip of my tongue and he started moaning and saying aw fuck man, that feels awesome, I said I know I have had it done to me, and I just got into it more and he was really loving it, Man I started sticking my tongue into his manhole and he started writhing his ass around and I just followed it with my tongue, after about twenty minutes of this I had him climbing the walls again and I stuck a finger in then two and found his love nut, and he went just about balistic on me, I just held my ground and kept it up and he was saying man, god, man, I leaned and I had him ready, This ole army boy was about to fuck the shit out of a Marine, I raised up, slathered some lube on my eight incher, and just plunged the whole thing to the hilt in one stroke and he grunted and yelled OH fuck man, and I started pumping my cock in and out of him, He started feeling the good stuff and said Man you Fucking stud, and he started getting vocal, fuck the shit out of me, Make it hurt if you want I can take it, and He was wrapping his legs around me and squeezing me like he was trying to get it in deeper, and I was starting to feel the good stuff too, I Just said yea, man this what you want, I know the people in the next Motel room was wondering what the hell was going on between us but I didn't give a good rats ass, I was in a fucking mode, and I wouldn't be stopped untill I was done, I heard him make a high pitched squeel and Said In a rather loud voice, OH FUCK ME, and he started jerking upward with his body and moaning and groaning and shooting another load all over us both, it was like a hose putting out a fire, streams of man juice blasted out of his cock slit, and finally he went silent and almost dead and I felt the heat and I started shooting my load into his guts, and he just grunted as I did it, I could feel his asshole doing that twitching around my cock, and It felt wonderful, I just let it go soft in his ass, He reached up and grabbed me like a little boy, and said fuck man nobody has ever made love to me like that. I have had guy sex before but not like this. and he kissed me and just held me.

Well we layed back down together and kissed and made out, and later we showered and then crawled back into bed and sucked each other off again, and just had a great time there that day, I was really glad for what we shared and when we got ready to depart he looked at me and said Oh, by the way My name is Sgt. Tim Booker USMC, and yours is?

I said David Manson, He said I has been a real pleasure, and I do mean a pleasure to meet you and spend the night with you. Maybe we can do this again some time. I gave him my number and I have his, I guess time will tell.



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