I knew it was morning before I opened my eyes, some internal clock telling it was time. I stretched my legs out feeling the soft hairs of your legs rub against them. Stretching my arms out in front of me I feel the push of my body back against yours. The warmth of your bare skin against my own. At first, I take comfort in our coupling, the undulation of your chest against my back as you breathe, each exhale warm against the back of my neck. One arm encircles me, the hand soft against my chest. Each point of contact a comfort, something that gives me contentment.

You stir softly against my back and I twist in your embrace till I can look over my shoulder at your face. So familiar, always there each morning for so long it seems as if all my adult life. Your breathing changes, a smile forms and I know you are awake. I push back feeling your hardness against my ass. I wonder how it’ll be this time. Will it be slow, sensuous, or will it be physical, the need so great, we don’t hold back.

Your hand moves over my chest as I undulate against you, hips moving seductively, primitive, my need overpowering. I feel the fingers against my skin, raking over it so softly yet the sense of touch bores deeply into my being, reaches the core of me spurning me on. I reach back and rub my hand down your side, across your hip, over the flexing ass cheek and upper thigh. You moan in my ear and kiss the back of my neck. And your hand moves downward.

I slip my hand between us, feel the wet head then grasp the thick shaft. You flex in my hand, the push through my fingers pressing against me, probing down between my ass cheeks. I guide you to my opening, hold you against it as you test its tightness. You push against me till I can’t stand it, can’t hold back any longer, wanting to feel the penetration; feel you sink into my depths.

You push me over onto my stomach and move over me. I push my ass upward, waiting, ready to beg if necessary. You lean down and kiss my neck, the spot below my left ear that you know is ticklish. I squirm at your ministrations and you nip my ear as you press against my tightness. It is too much, my desire for you too great, the need of this fuck. I push against you, forcing your hand and you grasp each wrist and pin me down. You can hold me in place, but you can not stop my movements, the undulating of my body beneath you and the way I push my ass upward, against the cock you hold at my opening.

“Fuck me…fuck me” I plead as I feel the push against my tightness, the wide flared head of your cock slowly stretching me open. You bury your face in my hair at the back of my head and I feel your hot breath on my neck. I push against you, not to get free, but to urge you onward, to feel the breach of my opening.

I open up to you, the tightness of my opening stretching around your cock as it slides inward, slowly, inch after inch, filling this need within. I push upward, and you push down till our bodies come together and I feel you grind your hips against my ass knowing I have all of you, every inch. How long we lay locked together I don’t know. A few seconds? Minutes? It could have been hours or days. I don’t care.

I feel the weight of your body leave my back, and the thickness buried within pull outward, slowly, for an impossibly long time. Then you push back in, all the way, and I can’t help it. I cry out and push upward to meet your descending hips. Then you’re pulling outward again, and again and again, till I loosen to your penetration. I take you easily now and your pace increases, faster and faster, till your hips smack against my ass. The sound of our fuck echoes in the room and it spurns us on, pushes us to move with greater urgency. I feel every thrust inward, your thickness filling me, over and over, as I move with you.

The room grows hot, my whole body feels feverish. I feel the wetness of my skin. I feel your heat, hovering just above me. And the droplets of sweat that rain down on my back. Where your body slides against my own, our skin is wet, trying desperately to cool us down even as we exert ourselves harder, faster, trying to burn ourselves up.

The bed rocks roughly against the wall and the movement reflects our own. Rough, physical, pummeling into my depths. You fall on top of me, heaving for breath as you continue to thrust inward, sinking as deeply as you can into my body. I feel my own hardness as it is pressed tightly into the bed with the weight of you on top of me. I feel raw, opened-up completely to you. I’m yours.

“I’m going to…” you hoarsely whisper in my ear, as usual never able to finish as your release overtakes you. You thrust roughly into me, all the way and I feel the flex of your cock as you erupt in my depths.  You continue pumping your hips, working your spurting cock till you are spent and unable to take any more stimulation. Then you are still, except for the heaving of breath. I lay beneath you feeling the fullness still buried within me.

I know you, the stamina you have, the ability to keep going and I push upward getting you to flip over on your back. You know…I see it in your eyes and you smile as I ease up on my knees and straddle your waist.

I feel your first load leak out, trickling down my inner thigh. It amuses me, knowing it’ll lube your cock for our next fuck. I ease up and take you in hand. I feel the hardness within my fingers, wanting more, and I ease down till I feel the wet slick head touch my opening. I don’t stop, don’t slow my descent, as I take you again, quickly, all the way.

I move slowly at first, up and down…up and down. Over and over and over, feeling your thickness piston through my opening. It excites me, so much I feel my own arousal. My cock flops wetly against your stomach with my movements and it drives me onward, working myself up and down faster till the bed squeaks with our fuck. Leaning back, propping up on my outstretched hands I continue to work my hips, but this time your penetration makes me quiver, every move downward making me see stars. I try to make it more intense by slamming myself downward on your thickness. I want it to punch into my depths, to touch me within that draws out this animalistic need; desire, lust, want, all made physical. My cock bounces wetly off my own stomach as I continue to work my hips.

Your hands slide up each thigh and around my cock. You tug on my sac, painfully increasing my pleasure and I tug against your grasp as I continue to work my hips. Your left hand takes me, fingers loose around my shaft, just enough contact as you hold me up. As I work my hips, driving you into my depths I also move through your hand, stroking my arousal. I’m so hard I feel my cock flex in your hand. I don’t stop, don’t slow for an instant, instead I keep driving myself down on your thickness till I’m heaving for breath and my skin glistens hotly in the morning light.

It’s all too much.

I feel the surge of release and slam down on you roughly. Our fuck rocks the bed as it squeaks in protest. I feel every muscle tighten, my cock swells thicker in your grasp and uncontrollably I shove upward with my first release. It is thick, arcing through the air spattering me in the face and on the neck. I shudder and shove up again with my second eruption that spatters my chest.  I keep working my hips, pushing through the fatigue, the exertion making my skin boil as I erupt again and again, spattering my stomach then slicking your hand as the last dribbles out. I can barely keep moving as my entire body aches for me to stop, but I keep moving, keep working my hips for I can feel your other hand tighten on my thigh. I know you’re close again, can see it in your eyes this need for release. Sitting up straight feeling my load trickle down my face, chest and stomach, I ride your cock. I ride it roughly, slamming my ass down on your hips taking you all the way. I do it till you cry out and I feel you shove upward. You push up, trying to get even deeper, so many times I lose track. But I feel it, the way you fill me again.

You fall still, and I roll over beside you. Our skin shines in the morning light, stomachs pumping up and down as we try to catch our breaths and wait for our hearts to slow back to normal. I feel your stare and know the good nature in your eyes, the contentment that exist between us without having to look. But I do for I want to see your face, to know you’re really there. It pleases me.  You smile as you reach over and wipe my cheek. Then, when you move toward me I close the distance and we kiss, gently at first, then with more passion, open mouthed. We barely separate when I hear your whisper.

“Good morning.”

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