Jacob scrubbed every square centimetre of my body in the shower and it was a "steamy" experience to say the least. When we got out I made sure to get into every nook and cranny of his beautiful, smooth body and dry him off and as I reached for his cock he batted my hand away "The only way I want you getting anything out of there is if you fuck it out"

I took a small step back in shock which apparently showed all over my face.

"Don't worry J.D it won't hurt. I'm kinda used to it"

"Okay. Should we go to the bedroom?"

"Good idea. You go ahead I'll grab the lube" Jacob said with a wink.

As I walked towards the bed and sat down a thousand thoughts were buzzing through my head like "What if we are doing is wrong?" "What if I hurt him?" and the most worrying one of all "What if I can't look the same way at a woman anymore?"

When Jacob walked in through the door I was just about to suggest that we stop and forget that what we had done ever happened but seeing his thick blonde hair and tight sexy arse I just shut my mind down and thought "So what about women, all I need is Jacob".

Jacob uncapped the lube and squirted a dollop of the liquid on his hand and then dived onto me knocking me down flat. He slowly leant down and kissed me passionately while at the same time began to lube up my cock and his arsehole.

"How big are you anyways?" Jacob queried.

"Last time I measure it was 7 ½ inches long and 5 around" I replied

Satisfied with my answer he moved his head and began to playfully nibble my ear and tweak my nipples so I grabbed the lube and started to gently push my finger in and out of his tight rosebud.

"Ohhhh...That feels so good" he moaned into my ear.

Jacob had stop biting my ear, playing with my nipples and had grabbed my cock at the base and guided it towards his arse.

Words simple cannot describe the feeling of when my cock popped inside his arse.

"Ohhhhh God" we moaned in unison as I pushed the rest of my cock inside him.

"Jeezussss you're so tight and warm" I said.

Jacob took this as his cue to start slowly bouncing up and down on my cock.

"Oh...my...god...that....feels....so....good" Jacob groaned in pleasure in between the slap of my crotch and the cheeks of his arse.

Until now I had just lay back and let Jacob control the situation but my "top" mentality took over and I started to push my hips up every time Jacob bounced down forcing my dick further into his bowels.

Without any protest from Jacob I rolled us over so he was underneath his legs spread wide and his lust-filled eyes staring up into mine all the while never removing my dick from his tight hole.

Now I knew I was in control so I started with hard deep strokes which made Jacob's eyes bulge.

"Ohh yesss. Fuck me harder J.D"

I didn't need to be told twice I grabbed Jacob's hips and started plowing his tight arse as hard and fast as I could manage.

"Do you want my cum?"

"Yesssss" Jacob hissed.

"Where do you want it?"

"In my arse"

"I'm sorry I didn't catch that" I teased.



My cock felt like it had been struck by lightning and I felt it spasm as I shot out rope after rope of creamy white cum in my brother's arse.

"OHHHhhhhhhh............" Jacob whimpered as I filled his intestines with my juice.

I couldn't believe I had that much cum left in me after Jacob had drained my balls earlier.

I slowly let go of Jacob's hips and bent over to kiss him at the same time scooping the precum from the tip of his penis and started to jack him off.

After the recent abusing of his prostate, by my cock, it didn't take long before he shot out a few ropes of hot, sticky cum onto both of our chests.

I lowered my body his and slowly let the cum dry.

"Pity I didn't actually get to fuck the cum out of you" I said.

" Who cares you can get me next time" Jacob whispered into my ear then quietly added "I love you J.D".

"I love you too little brother".

We both drifted off to sleep in one and others arms.

----------------------THE END---------------------



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