I guess I should start by introducing myself, my name is J.D and I am 18 years old. I have dark brown hair and eyes I'm around 5'11 and weigh 180lbs. I live with my little brother Jacob in an apartment where we moved after our mother passed away six months ago. Jacob is 5'9 and about 155lbs with sandy blonde hair with dark roots and deep brown eyes I call him my little brother but really we are twins and I'm only a few minutes older than him so I just really call him this because I am bigger than him.

I work as an apprentice builder and this story starts one day after I came home from work...

I opened the front door and instantly heard sobbing coming from the room me and Jacob shared and as I walked in I saw Jacob curled up in a ball crying on his bed. I sat on the bed planting a hand on his shoulder and asked "What's the matter?" He didn't reply so I added "You have been making up reasons to not go to school for the past three days please tell me what's going on". He opened his eyes and stared directly into mine "You know Derek Miller?" My mind instantly sprung back to my school days and to a giant meathead bully that I had always avoided if I could. "Yeah I remember him. What did he do?" Jacob choked up for a second before saying "After gym on Monday it was me and a couple of his buddies alone in the gym and he started making a few gay jokes and when I told him to piss off he shoved me up against a wall and told me to suck his cock. I told him to get fucked so a couple of his mates came over and held my arms and nose until I had to open my mouth..." he trailed off and started to tear up.

"Shh just slow down and tell me what he did" I soothed rubbing his back. Suddenly he sat up and threw his arms around me burying his face in my shoulder and said with almost a whisper "They made me suck his cock until he came in my mouth and when I spat it out they threw me to the ground and pissed on me" after saying this he burst out into tears and I wrapped my arms around him and lowered his body fully to the bed and lay there with him into he drifted off to sleep. I knew that my brother was gay but what Derek did was disgusting so I tiptoed over to my bed and eventually fell asleep and dreamt of revenge.

I woke up the next morning early and checking that Jacob was still asleep crept out and went down to where I knew Derek would be catching the bus. I arrived there and he was sitting there with two of his buddies and even sitting down he looked enormous his two friend closer to around my size. I got out of my car and walked up to him and as he stood up I realised he was even bigger than I remembered towering at about 6'4 and he looked to be over 200lbs of muscle. "Hey look if it isn't the cocksucker's brother" he said accompanied by laughter from his cronies. "Listen you bastard..." "Oh I'm a bastard am I? It looked to me like Jacob enjoyed it" he cut in with an evil smirk.

Something inside me snapped I shoved Derek with all my might and he fell on his arse and I was just about to charge at him again when I realised that his friends would have no intention of this being a fair fight.

I got lucky with the first one getting in a well timed kidney shot and then second one I just swung a kick that connected with the side of his knee that sent him limping off groaning in pain.

I swung around to face Derek hoping that he had not joined the fight because he was scared.

No such luck as I saw a massive grin on his face I knew that he just let me tire myself out fighting the other pair. "Just you and me now J.D"

I held out for almost 5 minutes dodging his massive meaty fists until he finally connected with one sending me to the ground instantly. He stood over me and slowly unzipped his pants "Now you're gonna suck my dick just like your brother did"

Now I'm not proud of what I did next me but I just took my opportunity and swung my foot upwards into Derek's, now exposed, crotch. He doubled over in pain and then all in one movement I stood and hit him in the face with everything I could muster. As he lay flat out on his back I started walking to my car briefly turning back to say "Leave my brother alone".

I walked into the apartment trying to get to get to the bathroom before Jacob saw me but I wasn't quick enough. He rushed over to me "Oh my god what happened!?" he said running his fingers over my now swollen and bruised eye.

"You got into a fight with Derek didn't you?" he said before waiting for me to answer his original question. "He won't bother you anymore Jacob"

Jacob shoved me down to the couch and slid his arms around my neck and my arms went around his waist as he sat on my lap.

Before this day I had never had sexual thoughts about any man let alone my brother but as I felt his tight little bottom through his jeans I couldn't help my cock from growing hard. He must've felt this because he looked directly into my eyes and before I knew what was happening he pressed his lips to mine.

I weakly pushed back against him mumbling "No this is wrong you're my brother..." but all thoughts of protest were ejected from my mind as his tongue found mine again.

Jacob grinded his arse against my crotch until my cock was nearly tearing through my briefs. He stood up and grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom and threw me down on the bed my legs hanging over the edge. Jacob stood over me for a second before dropping to his knees and gently undoing my jeans and pulling them down my legs. He began to mouth my dick through my briefs paying special attention to a wet spot where I had leaked some precum.

"Please stop teasing me" I moaned.

I looked down to see Jacob's grinning face right above my cock as he slid off my underwear. My dick slapped against my stomach before standing straight up. Jacob gave the tip a kiss before lightly lowering his lips down my shaft.

"Oh god that's it. You have such a hot mouth, don't stop"

My words seemed to encourage him as his head began to bob faster and faster up and down my cock.

"Yes...FUCK! Yes keep doing that with your tongue"

He slowly lifted his head off my cock and began to tongue my balls and then wet a finger in his mouth before starting to play with my arse.

"Just relax and stop tensing it won't hurt" Jacob soothed as he returned his attention to my cock. It wasn't long before I could feel my cumshot building.

"Ohhh shit Jacob I'm gonna cum"

Jacob's response to this was to take my dick to the hilt and quickly slide his finger into my arse.

"OHHH SSHHITT I"MM CUMMINGGG!!" I screamed and choked Jacob when I raised my hips up off the bed.

I came so hard I blacked out for a second but when I came to I saw Jacob's gorgeous face and beautiful brown eyes and as I smile crept across my face I asked "What do we do now?"

"Well first things first we need to get cleaned up. How about you join me for a shower?"

"There's nothing I would rather do"



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