It was soon obviouse that we couldn't keep Ryan tyed up for ever in my house. We decided on a cabin in the wood's that belonged to him. After rummaging through his house for an hour, I found the set of key's to it and after drugging Ryan to the point he was aware of nothing and dressing him in his police officer's uniform, we were on our way.

Ryan stayed in his own little world for the entire 6 hour trip. As an extra pre caution, Shawn made shure he was well restrained. When we pulled up the drive way and parked the car, Shawn tossed me the key's and asked me to open the front door of the cabin for him. He then walked around the car and pulled Ryan out. I pointed to the door which led to the center bed room, and followed Shawn in to it. This room had no window's, and lessened Ryan's escape. The house was so deep in to the forrest, I was not worried about any one seeing or over hearing anything. Just as Shawn had said, Ryan now belonged to us, and there was no way he was getting out of here.

The bed frame Ryan was in made a poor anchor, so Shawn went to the tool shed and came back proudly showing off a six foot long towing chain witch he secured to the metal old fashioned furnace radiator, and then to Ryan's left wrist. 'He ain't going no where now.' Shawn stood up and studyed his handiwork. We left Ryan to sleep off the last bit of drug's in his system.

4 Hour's later, yet still groggy and weak from them, he was able to be come our toy again. 'Well, well, well, look who's awake.' Shawn offered to a just waking up Ryan as he neeled next to the bed facing Ryan. 'Sleeping beauty is awake April, how about that.' Ryan tryed to focus his eye's on Shawn, but it appear like he could all that good. Instead he kicked at nothing in anger. I could tell Ryan's futile struggle to stay in control turned Shawn on. He grabbed the badge that Ryan wore and tilted it back and fourth, letting the lite bulb catch it's shine. Shawn then began to un button his shirt 1 by 1 while Ryan tryed to collect his mind. After a few minits, Ryan tryed to sit up but Shawn was on top of him, holding him down. He crudely shoved his hand between Ryan's leg's and groped his dick, yelling at me to get the popper's out of his sute case. I ran for them, and when I came back, Shawn had his hand over Ryan's mouth and he was biting his nipples and all over his chest. All though Ryan was weak he put up a good fite. That was my man, strong and sturdy, and ever so sexy when he was pissed. I felt my body get hott all over. As soon as Ryan was given his first dose of the popper's, he slumped back to a laying position. He closed his eye's tightly and mumbled the word ''no'' over and over again. Shawn was already working on sucking his cock over his pants. He kissed, bite, almost chewed on the uniform un til it was saturated with his saliva. Ryan tryed a few time's to push Shawn's head away, but failed. Shawn didn't even seem to notice. I moved closer to the bed and saw that Shawn was taking his own cock out of his pants and was feverishly jerking it while his other hand removed Ryan's meat and began sucking on it. I watched Ryan's cock glisten with Shawn's spit and he worked his cock with his mouth and tonge. His mouth moved hard over Ryan's shaft and he sucked as if he couldn't do it hard enough. He than stood up, kicked off his own jean's, and left the room. I sat for a moment listening, wondering what Shawn was doing, where he had gone to. I moved to the bed where Ryan lay, not being able to hold off any longer, and strattled his body, lowering my self on his thick cock. I moved my body up and down his cock, loveing every minit of it when Shawn came in, looking at me, watching me fuck my x-husband. A smile than spread across his face as he opened a box, showing me all kind's of toy's he had brought with him. I continued to ride Ryan's georgeous cock back and fourth as I selected a thin blue anal vibrator for Shawn to use on Ryan's tight ass. I watched Shawn lube it up then I felt Shawn part Ryan's leg's and wiggle it back and fourth un til it slipped up in Ryan's ass. As if coming out of a coma, Ryan moaned when this happend. I felt a hand on my back pushing me forward on top of Ryan's chest. When I did this, I heard Shawn's voice say to me 'You want to know what Ryan feel's when I lick his ass, then relax and lay on his chest.' I did so, and I felt Shawn's tonuge on my ass hole as he continued to pump Ryan's ass. I sucked Ryan's chest, extasy took me over as my pussy was filled with cop cock, my mouth worked on my x-husband's chest, and I had the knowledge that Ryan was being ass fucked as Shawn jerked him self off. I felt the shutter as I came all over Ryan's cock. Shawn then motioned for me to get off of Ryan, witch I did. He then crawled up Ryan's body, never loosing the Rhythm he had while pumping the didlo out of his ass, so that he was chest to chest with him. Ryan turned his face to the side, getting as much distance between him self and Shawn as he could. This seemed to infiriorate Shawn, who began to pump Ryan's ass with all of his strenth. It must have hurt like hell, because Ryan's face controrted and Shawn had to cover his mouth with his hand to quiet his scream's. Shawn then took notice of Ryan's cock witch was pressing in to his belly. He kept the dildo in Ryan's ass, leaving it there, and told him it was his turn to take a ride. With that, he lubed up my x's cock and sat down on it. All 8 inche's of Ryan's cock was up in Shawn's ass. Shawn's eye's rolled back in his head and rode the cock hard and furiuous. Ryan began to cry a desperate cry that moved me as desperate. I stroked Ryan's four head and told him it would be O.K. In anger, he clenched his teeth and screamed ''FUCK!' His eye's closed as tight as he could get them. Then, to my amaziment, Ryan's body tensed as he came. Was he loveing this as much as I was?? I knew Shawn was. His cumm coursing up in to Shawn's ass. Shawn came soon after ward, squirting his juice all over Ryan's chest. Before he let Ryan's cock with draw out of his ass, Shawn smeared his own cumm all over Ryan's chest, rubbing it in, massaging it in to Ryan's skin. Suddinly, seeing Ryan being fucked by only Shawn was no longer good enough. I wanted to see him sucked and fucked at the same time. As Shawn pulled the dildo out of Ryan's ass, I told him of my new idea. Shawn was almost beside him self with excitement as he lead me towards the bath room and shower. He agreed as long as I approved 1 thing. He was the only 1 to fuck Ryan. He would allow another to suck his cock, but only Shawn could fuck him. I agreed, took my shower with Shawn, and went to make dinner for all of us as Shawn left for the nite to get a friend of his he assured me would get off on this and would keep his mouth shut.



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