My husband, let's call him Ryan, wait, rather X-husband Ryan, was a cop, a sargant with a large city police department. Strong, Italian, eyes that were so dark brown they looked black, and a body that could knock a girl dead. He stood six foot and had toned muscles and an extremely firm ass. Add his eight inch cock on top of it all, and he created the perfect man. Oh yeah, I noticed him the first time I laid my eyes on him. Sheer sex appeal poured off him. A year later, we were married. Now I had watched a porn in college about gay male sex, and I'll be honest, it was hot. But when I put my husband's face on the man that was bent over being licked, sucked, and fucked in my mind, my pussy became so wet I had to beg him to let me see it for real even just once.

First I should say this about Ryan, he was always the nicest out of all of my friends husbands. He never complained if I wanted to go for a girl's nite out, or anything like that. He never mistreated me once. He was devoted to our marriage so the mere mention of a three~some was taboo to him. It would lead to trust issues, he always said, although I think really he was just a straight man that was married to a lady that had a thirst for watching male/male sex. He refused me this indulgence over and over again throughout the course of our marriage. But my thirst grew and the need to see it became so intense after our divorce, I put together a plan with the help of a bi male friend.

'Oh, damn! He's a hottie.' Shawn exclaimed as he looked closer at the photograph of Ryan I had just offered him. 'He's really a cop?'

I crushed my cigarette out and dug through the rest of the pictures of him I had, pulling one from the bottom of the wicker basket, handing it to him. It was Ryan, dressed in full uniform, sitting half in and half out of his patrol car, drivers side door open, sunglasses on. No doubt about it, he looked as good as any cop ever had. The image even gave Shawn a vague peek at the bulge that innocently showed in his pants.

Shawn studied the photographs as I studied him. I had no sexual interest in Shawn, but I definatly had an interest in watching him rape my X~husband. He was just the man to do it to. Clean cut, short chesnut hair, strong arms just meant for holding someone down. He could have been mistaken for a cop himself. He had that serious yet intelligent look behind him. When Shawn licked his lips involuntarily, I knew I was closer than ever before to seeing my fantasy up close and so very personal.

'Oh yeah, I would fuck him til he couldn't see anymore. Betcha he's got a nice tight virgin ass.'

'That he does.' I said, wishing I could slip my finger into my pussy and give it a few good pumps. 'But he'd never go for it. He's straight and really boring when it comes to that kind of stuff. It's to bad there wasn't a way to get him to do it with out his say so.' Shawn looked at the pictures one more time, glancing back and forth between them.

'Do you mind if I keep these two? Just for something to jerk off to when I'm home later.'

I waved my hand at him, giving him the o.k. He quickly slipped them both into his jacket pocket and sat back against the recliner again, thinking. 'You know, if you want to see it that bad, why not just have someone take him?'

It was just the sort of thing I craved, but I played it kool. 'Take him?' I asked, pretending the thought had never crossed my mind. 'How would someone do that? He is trained in protecting himself. I've seen him get into fight's, he's not easy to beat.'

'Poppers.' Shawn said, a sly smile spreading across his face.

I knew what they were. I read about them a million times. I returned a smile of my own as we both set forth with a plan of attack against my unsuspecting X~husband.

Three weeks later, when the time had come, I invited Ryan over to my house for a drink and to fix the sink, which I had told him was broken. LIE!

Shawn had hid himself in my coat closet, which was just off the bedroom in the living room. I was amazed at how still and quiet he was for the three or four minutes Ryan putzed around with my sink, finally telling me there was nothing wrong with it. I shrugged my shoulders and invited him into my bedroom for sex with the X. We had managed to stay really close friends and sex was something that came up often between us, so he thought nothing of it. He followed me to my room, but little did he know he was being followed also by Shawn. Just inside my bedroom door, Shawn jumped him, wrapping one of his arms around Ryan's waist, the other he used to cover his mouth with chloroform. Ryan immediatly tried to wrestle the man off of his back with some police procedures but it was no use. He was staggering from the effects of the drug and becoming weak. I sat on the chair as Shawn pushed him down onto the bed on his back. Ryan didn't seem to know what was going on. He lazily reached up to his forehead and closed his eyes tight, obviously confused by what had just transpired.

Reaching into the back pocket of his jeans, Shawn removed a pair of handcuffs and before Ryan could attempt to resist, cuffed both his wrists to the headboard. This got a reaction from Ryan. Through his haze, he stumbled over the words, 'What the fuck are you doing?' Shawn ran his hands down Ryan's chest hushing him. By the time his hands were running down Ryan's jean covered cock, Shawn was assuring him he was in no danger.

'Relax, sargent, this won't hurt. This is going to happen whether you like it or not, so just relax, lay back, and enjoy it.'

As Ryan tugged at the restraints that now held his hands, I could feel my body flush hot. I watched as Shawn took out a pocket knife, tracing my X~husband's body with it lightly, careful not to cut him. Ryan struggled in vain. I watched my friend than cut the t~shirt off of Ryan, exposing the perfect 6~pack I promised him.

At this point, I'm not even sure if Shawn still knew I was in the room with them. He seemed so wrapped up in the man he held captive, I didn't make a move or a noise, afraid to distract him. He began his assault with pinching, rubbing, and teasing Ryan's nipples. The drug was starting to wear off him now, and he was gaining his strength back, until Shawn forced him to get high on the poppers he had brought with him. I watched Ryan's body once again relax under the drug and once again Shawn had complete control over him. He sucked on each nipple, giving each one equal time, as he used his hands to rub all over Ryan's chest and cock. When he unzipped Ryan's jeans, pulling them down, exposing the black boxer shorts, I couldn't help it. I slid my fingers inside my soaking wet pussy and fingered myself.

'Shh, that's it, just relax, Officer. You have to admit that feel's good now, doesn't it?' Shawn reached in Ryan's shorts and pulled out his thick cock, which, thank's to the poppers, had grown in size and was fully erect at this time. 'You want that sucked, don't you?' Shawn asked him in a low voice. I'm sure Ryan was screaming 'NO!' inside his head, but he was to doped up to answer, so he settled for a quiet moan. Shawn sucked the cop cock long and deep, resting one hand on Ryan's belly, occasionally reaching up to taunt his nipples, and one held and massaged Ryan's ball's. Every now and again Shawn would let out a 'mmm,' letting both Ryan and I know the taste of his cock was pleasing him. Shawn must have been very talented with his tongue, because Ryan's body locked and betrayed him as he came inside Shawn's mouth. I watched closely to see if Shawn spilled any, but not a drop was missed. He even licked up and down the shaft of my husband's cock to get every last taste, sucking the head hard, causing my husband to buck against it best he could. His cock always got so sensitive after he came. With Ryan's defenses down, Shawn forced more poppers into his system. 'He won't need these anymore, he's in la~la land.' Shawn said as he uncuffed Ryan's wrists.

Without missing a beat, Shawn flipped Ryan over on his stomach, throwing the two pillows under him so his back was arched and his firm ass was exposed, in the air. I watched Shawn carefuly spread Ryan's ass apart, than feast on his hole. He ate his ass like he was on a mission. I could tell he was really getting off on it. I looked at Ryan's face, which was turned to the side, facing me. Even though he was so high, and unable to stop anything that was happening to him, I knew he could feel it, and although he wasn't gay, or bi, I knew it must have felt great. Shawn licked his hole and surrounding area so much and for so long, when he came up for air, he was breathing hard. He gently nipped at his ass cheeks with his teeth a few times than again spread them apart, getting a good look at the now wettened hole. He lubed up his own finger and ran the tip of it up and down the crack, sometimes pressing against the hole, but not yet pushing a finger inside. I could hear Ryan beginning to beg him to stop with his slurred speech, but Shawn paid no attention. Instead, he inserted one finger inside his hole and began fingering his ass. He pumped his finger in and out for awhile, making Ryan moan in pleasure and confusion. The more Ryan moaned, the more he begged him to stop, the more Shawn fingered him, eventually pushing two fingers, than three up his tight virgin asshole. He was opening him up than, pulling apart the hole from both sides, stretching him, getting Ryan ready for him to shove his thick cock up his ass and fuck him.

Ryan pleaded with the man at times, at times he spoke outloud to himself. 'Oh God, Oh God, please, don't....' Once again Ryan shut his eyes tight, as if that would stop the assault. '...I don't want this. April, April, please, you can stop this. I don't want...ohhhhhmmmphhhhh.' I watched as a single tear fell down his face. A tear of humiliation, fear, and understanding dread for what was about to happen. I couldn't resist. I stood up, walked over to him and caught the tear from his cheek. Shawn, maybe afraid that I was having second thought, maybe just unable to hold off any longer, placed the head of his cock against Ryan's hole, grabbed him firmly by the shoulders, and thrust it in all the way. Ryan screamed through a clenched mouth, his body again tensing up. Shawn pulled out than slammed into him so hard and so fast, Ryan's head nearly hit the headboard. When Ryan began to fight against it, getting a second wind, Shawn pushed his head into the bed by the back of his neck, holding him down, fucking him hard the entire time. I watched Shawn's lube covered cock slam repeatedly into Ryan's tight ass, each time causing Ryan to tighten up and cry out for him to stop. Just when I thought the show was almost over, when Shawn looked like he was ready to cumm, he withdrew his cock and again hushed Ryan comfortingly, running his hands up and down his back gently. He than used only one finger to calmly finger Ryan's hole, the other hand he used to stroke my X~husband's cock. I saw Ryan's shoulder's fall as he broke down in sobs, his pride and ego shattered. 'Shhh.' Shawn continued his movements on Ryan's ass and cock. 'Now that wasn't so bad, was it? You want some more?'

Ryan was beyond words as Shawn once again flipped him over on his back, tossing Ryan's leg's over his broad shoulder's. 'This time I'm going to fuck you slow, that's it. You'll love this, now just relax while my cock slides up in your ass, just like this, yeah.' Shawn guided his cock up Ryan's hole again but this time he moved slower, causing less pain. He leaned forward, between Ryan's legs and forced Ryan to kiss him. He explored my husband's mouth with his tongue, every inch of it, than rose up and held Ryan steady as he fucked him at a slow but steady pace, telling Ryan over and over again how good he felt, how much he wanted him, how tight his hole still felt, even though it was no longer cherry. Shawn's face than contorted like he was in pain, shooting streams of cumm inside Ryan's ass. Dispite what I had read about ejaculation when being ass fucked, Ryan had not cumm. Shawn seemed to notice this to. He stood up from the bed and cuffed Ryan to the bed again.

He reached down, picking up Ryan's shirt, and stole a cigarette out of the pack he had in his shirt pocket. Using Ryan's lighter also, he took a long drag off of it, and looked at me. 'His ass was to fucking good to take only once. He's staying here at least through tonite and by the time he leave's, he will cumm. Give me a little time and I'll be fucking that cop's hole again.'

While Shawn finished his cigarette, he made me cumm by using a dildo on my pussy. Long even strokes before returning back to Ryan's body. 'In fact, I think he is mine now. I don't think he is going anywhere. His ass is to good of a fuck toy to waste. Let's keep him here so I can fuck him every day and every nite. Maybe eventally he will learn to love the feel of my cock buried inside him. Yeah,' Shawn said as he fingered my husband's hole more, 'he's mine.'



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