Bo and I became friends shortly after his family moved in two houses down from mine. We went every where and did everything together. However, there was one exception. He was made to play football but I was to slim. Besides, I preferred to watch football instead of play football.

We had met the last year of junior high. During the summer we spent every day together. Everyone thought we were brothers.

Upon entering high school, Bo immediately signed up to play football. He was an excellent player and had the coach wrapped around his little finger. He knew I wanted to be with the team and got coach to let me be the locker room attendant.

Before, during and after the game I picked up used towels and uniforms to be cleaned. If a player got injured, I would assist the trainer with treatments. I borrowed books from the trainer and studied and was made his assistant. For three years, I got to see the team naked before and after our games. During the years, I had seen Bo nude numerous times when we would skinny dip in the local stream and when we would hide out and talk about sex and jerk off together.

Then during our senior year, things began to change. More and more often, we would sneak off together just to watch each other jerk off. Soon we started jerking each other. Being seventeen, we were always horny and wanting to jerk off a load.

One afternoon after school, we drove down top the swimming hole and began jerking off in his car. When I was close to my climax, Bo looked at me and said, "When you're ready, I want you to shoot in my hand."

"Okay," I replied.

Before long I told him that I was ready and he quickly put his hand in place, catching almost every drop.

He stopped jerking and with his free hand, he took a finger and scooped up some of my cum and put it in his mouth.

"Damn," I said. "Are you really going to eat it?"

"Yea. I've eaten my own several times and wondered if someone else's tasted the same or different."


"It's slightly different but still taste good as far as I'm concerned."

"Let me taste it," I said.

He brought his hand up to my mouth and I hesitated just a moment before extending my tongue and licking the remainder of my load off his hand. To my surprise, it tasted different yet good. Looking up at him I said, "Get yours off and let me taste it."

He immediately returned to stroking his nice size cock and when he was ready, I put my hand in place. Moments later he filled my palm with his thick white creamy load. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked most of his load up and savored the flavor. He licked the remainder off and ate it.

We sat there for a moment when he turned to me and suddenly asked, "Mark, have you ever thought about sucking another guys cock?"

"What? Have you?"

"Yea, I have, just top see what it's like."

"Well, to be honest so have I. I have strange urges when I see all the guys in the gym nude."

"So do I," he replied. "Some have some nice sizes on them."

We sat in silence for a few minutes when he asked, "You got any plans for this weekend?"

"Nope, why?"

"Want to go camping with me. Just the two of us."

"Fuck yea. Should be fun."

We made plans and he picked me up immediately after school on Friday and away we went. When I asked where we were going, he said that his uncle said we could use his hunting lease. He said it would just be the two of us.

We arrived just before sundown and set up our tent and stove. After setting up a folding table and chairs near the lake, he looked at me and smiled and asked, "You want to go naked while we're here?"

"If you got the balls to do it so do I. It's not like we haven't seen each other naked before."

"True," he replied. We both quickly stripped down and tossed our clothes into the tent. Almost immediately, both out cocks began to stiffen. He stepped up to me and gently grasped my cock. As I grasped his, he leaned toward me and pressed his lips to mine. Curiosity took over and I returned the kiss and moments later our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

After a long hot kiss, Bo pulled back and said, "Let's suck each other at the same time."

"Sure," I replied.

We spread a blanket and lay down in a sixty-nine position. Hesitantly, we each took the others cock in our mouth, and began sucking. I found that it was very erotic and exciting and enjoyable. I knew that I wanted to feel his cock shoot his load in my mouth. It wasn't long before I got my wish and I fed him mine just seconds later. We each took every drop of the other's load before sitting up and looking at each other. With a slight smile, he swirled my load around his mouth then swallowed. I then did the same.

Looking at him, I asked, "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?"

"I was wanting to ask you the same thing. "Yes I did. So instead of jerking off in the future, shall we suck each other?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

That weekend we sucked each other numerous times as well as doing a lot of hot tongue kissing.

Over the next few weeks we talked and both realized that we preferred cock more than cunt. We totally enjoyed seeing the cocks on the other guys. We admitted that we were gay.

Bo and I talked and he became serious saying, "Mark, we have to keep this totally secret. As you know the college scouts are looking me over and if they find out that I'm gay, I'm done for."

"Bo, I'd never out you. I care for you like a brother."

Bo and I were cautious about having sex. At least we thought we were.

A few weeks later, Bo got permission from coach to stay late and work out. Coach agreed and told us to make sure the gym was locked up tight. We said we would.

Bo worked out as I stayed near and we talked. Seeing his big muscular body turned me on like crazy. Bo stood about six-three and weighed right at one hundred ninety pounds. He had huge biceps and broad shoulders and his thighs were large and muscular. No one would ever dream that he was gay.

He finished his workout and we both headed for the showers. As we stood under the hot water, we stepped up to each other and began kissing and stroking each other. Soon, we were on the shower floor having a sixty-nine under the shower spray.

As we hungrily devoured each others cocks, we suddenly heard, "May I join the fun?"

We quickly separated and looked toward the opening to the showers. We hadn't heard coach return. There he stood, looking at us with a smile, totally nude and his big hard cock pointing straight out.

he walked over and got on the floor with us and said, "I forgot some papers and came back for them and heard the showers. When I saw you two in action, I decided to join you if you don't mind."

with that, he moved closer and reached out and grasped both our cocks before leaning over and kissing me then Bo. Seconds later coach was alternating sucking on our cocks. As he sucked us we, took turns sucking his huge cock.

Coach soon reached his climax and Bo took it in his mouth then kissed me and we shared our coach's cum. Afterward, coach got on his hands and knees and said, "Mark, you fuck my mouth and Bo you fuck my ass."

We did and it was awesome. It was the first time Bo had fucked a guy and I wanted to see whet it was like. After Bo and I had both filled coach in our respective holes, Coach swallowed and said, "Can you two stay late again tomorrow?"

Sure," we agreed.

We all dried off and left and as we drove home I asked Bo, "What was it like fucking his ass?"

"Awesome. Hotter and tighter than pussy. I never fucked a pussy that good before."

"Damn, I hope I get his ass tomorrow," I replied, "but what I'm wondering is how his wife takes that huge cock in her. It must be at least eight inches or more."

"I agree. Maybe I'll ask him tomorrow."

The next afternoon we stayed late and after everyone was gone and all the doors locked up tight, coach walked toward us already stripping off his clothes.

"Let's go to the exam room today. It will be more comfortable."

We did and once we were all naked, we had a three way kissing session. As I stroked coach's cock, I asked, "How big is that thing?"

"Laughing he said, "Eight and a half inches. You like it?"

"Sure, but how does your wife take all that?"

"She had to work up to it. Took a few months before she could take me balls deep. After she could take it all in her pussy, I started working on her ass. Now, she likes it in all there holes."

"Does she know you like males?" Bo asked.

"Oh yea. We're both bi. She loves eating pussy also. We meet couples and all go to bed together with her and the other woman having sex on one side of the bed while the other guy and I suck and fuck right next to them."

"Damn," we said.

Bo and I began taking turns sucking coach's cock and Bo made sure I got the load this time. After my mouth was completely full and coach was drained, Bo and I kissed and each ate half the huge load. Then coach looked at us and said, "Today, Mark, you fuck my ass while Bo fucks my mouth."

We did and soon we were both filling his holes. We all showered and as we did, Bo looked at coach and asked, "Does your wife know about yesterday and today?"

"Oh yea. We tell each other about all our sexual experiences. She just said to have fun and be careful. She has to work late today and eat her boss's cunt."

"Mother fuck!" Bo said.

"Guys, if you want to we can start meeting at my place if you don't mind her watching."

We told him that we would have to think about that.

The following weekend, Bo and I went camping and the thought of fucking him and him fucking me kept running through my brain. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing also?

TO BE CONTINUED..........................



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