From Part 2.....

The season began and we both began discussing which players we thought might play. We each suspicioned certain players but the one neither of us suspected was the quarterback, Jake Montgomery.


Part 3......

It was during the second game of the season. The ball was snapped and before Jake could get rid of it, he was sacked. Instead of jumping back up like he usually did, he just lay there holding his upper left leg. The trainer and I ran to his side.

We helped him off the field and into the locker room. Jim, the trainer, determined that it was a pulled hamstring and turned the treatment over to me while he returned to the sideline.

First off, I helped Jay out of his uniform and onto a table so that I could apply ice. Once the ice was in place, I scanned his hot muscular body. Afterward, as I looked into his face he smiled slightly and winked. I could feel my face turn red. I had been caught, yet nothing was said.

After the ice treatment, I suggested a deep muscle massage.

"What ever you say," he told me, then added, "but I want to get comfortable first."

Suddenly, he removed his t-shirt and jock. Now he lay before me totally naked, his long soft cock hanging down over his large balls.

"Flip over," I told him. He smiled again as he glanced at my crotch and the bulge that was just beginning.

As he lay on his stomach, with his arms down his sides, I began working on the back of his thigh. After a few moments, I felt his fingers gently rub across my crotch, then move away. Instantly, my cock began to stiffen.

After a few more minutes, his hand returned and brushed against my hard cock. However, this time he left it there. His hand turned and slowly gripped my boner through my slacks. I heard him give out a soft moan. I continued with my rub down.

He continued massaging my hard cock and after a few more minutes, he suddenly turned onto his back and exposed his rock hard beautiful cock.

"I just have to see what you got inside those pants," he said as he began unfastening my belt and slacks. As they fell to the floor, he smiled and said, "Nice. Very nice."

Then the unexpected happened.

Jake suddenly slid down the table until his head was even with my crotch and quickly swallowed my cock and started sucking.

"OH, FUCK!" I exclaimed. It was very obvious that it wasn't Jake's first time sucking cock.

I waited a moment to enjoy the pleasure before leaning over and swallowing his hard cock. Hungrily, we devoured each others cocks quickly bringing each other to a roaring climax.

After we each swallowed the others load, we had a hot passionate kiss before Jake looked at me and said, "I'm sure I don't have to tell you how important it is that this be kept just between us."

"I already know that," I told him.

"I figured that you did, because of you and Bo sharing a house. If you and he are having sex, you can tell him."

I just looked at him and smiled.

I had Jake in the Jacuzzi and myself put back together when half-time arrived and the team returned to the locker room. Bo looked at Jake then at me and I smiled slightly and winked. He knew exactly what I meant.

After the team returned to the field, Jake looked at me and said softly, "Next time I want you deep in my ass."

"It will be my pleasure," I said.

As far as everyone in the organization knew, I simple rented a room from Bo and nothing else. Often, Bo and I would be seen out on the town each with a hot woman in our company.

After getting in the car and starting our drive home, Bo looked at me and said, "Okay bud, start talking. I know from the look you gave me that something happened."

I laughed and began telling him every detail. When I was finished, he looked at me and said, "Mother fuck! Old Jake is cock hungry."

"I was thinking we might invite him over for dinner one night after practice."

"Sounds good to me," Bo replied.

A week later we invited Jake over and after dinner, I started thins off by deep throat tongue kissing Bo right in front of Jake as Bo groped Jake's crotch. Moments later the three of us were in one hot three way.

Before the season was over, I had discovered that three other players were gay also. That totaled five players and myself that were gay. That summer, the six of us went on vacation together, camping out on some private property and staying nude for three solid weeks. Sucking and fucking were common all day. No one asked any one else if they wanted sex. We just started it and went for the cream.

For four years, the six of us had sex, then a couple of the others were traded. When ever we played the teams they were on, they would manage to meet us secretly for sex.

After two years of Bo and I being on the team and living together, we became lovers. Our life has been awesome.

THE END..................................



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