I had turned twenty in the summer of 2003, and I had really desired to get a job with the post office, but in the state of Missouri, you had to pass a civil service exam before the post office would even consider hiring you, even at an entry level position.

I went to the Federal Building downtown St. Louis and took my state civil service test, got the results back and I had passed with a really nice passing grade.

They then send your name to the hiring agent at the local post office to fill any open positions from the new applicants that had passed the test.

I got a call from the postmaster at the local post office and I went in for the interview, I was hired, went to the company Doctors office and took my physical, passed it and was set to start the following Monday.

I was hired with a nice beginning wage, with good chances of promotions, great benefits, and great hours too, I knew the hours would be long and tedious but I didn't want a job working night shift.

I was hired in as a letter carrier.

Now I had never had the opportunity to learn the job of carrying letters and delivering mail, but I was to be trained and shown the ropes by a young carrier that had been doing the job for several years.

I went into work early Monday morning, I was introduced to Les Martinez,and was set to get started in my training. I hadn't realized just what it entailed but I was in for a surprise.

Firstly you went in and you were handed a quite large bin of mail for a certain route, your route.

Then you seperated the mail by the streets into many different trays, depending upon how many streets on your route one tray for each street, then each tray had to be seperated by names and addresses, and placed in address order, and then you checked your bins for packages that would be going to any of those addresses, it was a really involved job.

The seperation part took at least the first four hours of the morning, we started at six and left on the route delivering at about nine thirty or ten. That gave us until five or five thiry that evening and we also worked sometimes til noon or 1:00 p.m on Saturday's.

Les came over and told me to mount up as the saying went, meaning to get in the mail truck.

And away we went for the days route. I was really enjoying working with Les on a daily basis, he was very good looking, very manly, nicely built, and on days we wore shorts I loved the looks of his legs. I had been admiring his body, actually desiring his body for several weeks, when this one day we got most of the morning deliveries done, and decided to take a lunch break, we drove to the side of this secluded lake and just pulled out our lunches and set in the shade of this tree and ate lunch, and chatted.

We talked about a lot of things as we just enjoyed each other's company, then we sorta got into the subject of sex.

Now my friend, I can really talk sex, It's just about my favorite thing to discuss as well and indulge in.

Les had no Idea I liked guys, but I was really sending signals to him, whether he was realizing it or not, was another matter.

He said something to me in a jesting manner and we both started laughing when I leaned over and placed my hand on the inside of his leg, and rubbed it gently, I saw a big smile form on his face, and he looked up at me and smiled, but never reacted to my touch in the slightest.

Actually I saw his legs seperate wider than they were as I just left my hand there.

I saw his eyes as they made contact, and I noticed his breathing started to pick up, and with a big smile, he just reached down and took my hand and pulled it up against his hardening cock inside his trousers and said,'Is this what you want Ken? Have yourself a good time, cause unless I'm mistaken this is going to be one hell of a good afternoon for both of us.'

I just began to squeeze and massage his quite large, and very hard cock, we got out of the mail truck and went into this area surrounded by bushes and with a nice secluded grassy area.

Les slipped out of his shirt and I saw his awesome looking chest and stomach. it was very nice, hairy, nicely built.

I pulled off my shirt and trousers and by the time we were both naked Les had his tongue in my mouth kissing me for all he was worth.

I was floating on cloud nine by this time, my cock was standing at attention and Les had his hand around it working on the shaft and head with his very warm, masculine hands as he kissed, I was feeling sensation flood my body as he made me stupid with what he was doing, and made out with me.

I finally felt Les drop to his knees and take my cock to the balls into his mouth, I thought I would fall over from the excitement. Damn could Les ever suck cock, I knew by the way he was sucking my cock It wasn't the first one he had sucked and I was sure It wouldn't be the last one either.

My muscles were as rigid as a peice of plankwood, damn he was working me over when I stopped him before I came too soon.

I had him stand up and I went down on Les, takeing his almost nine inche cock into my hot, wet, wanting mouth.

Les moaned as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back and started rubbing my head with his fingers and stroking my hair. He was definitely enjoying what I was doing.

I sucked on his hot cock and massaged his very nice balls until I knew it was close to blowing and I stood up and ask Les to fuck me, I love to take a hot, hard cock up my manhole.

Les was more than happy to endulge in this sexual artform with me, and before we had been there another three minutes I had his thick long cock all the way to the balls in my asshole.

I felt so full, and totally satisfied, it hurt a little at first but I was not going to be cheated out of this awesome pleasure by a little thing called pain.

The pain finally subsided, and I felt Les begin to fuck me like a breading horse would fuck a mare.

I was up on my hands and knees on the soft grass, and Les was kneeling behind me, ramming that immense cock to the hilt and pushing me forward with each thrust of his cock and pelvis.

I was feeling out of this world, his cock was touching my prostate and I knew if he kept this up I would shoot my load before he would shoot his

I felt his thrusting getting more intense and more powerful with each thrust and I knew what was comming. I felt that old feeling down deep inside my body signaling my own cum shot building up, and the more Les hammered his big cock inside my body, the more the build up untill I let out a loud moan, and my body started jerking, I felt my cock flexing under my body as It expelled a huge load of semen onto the grass below me, I felt totally drained as I felt Les reach around under my stomach and draw my body tight against his and he sunk that awesome cock to the balls as he groaned like a dying man, and I felt his body doing those same jerking motions, my insides felt awesome as he filled my intestines with his warm, thick, cum, I was totally a happy camper by the time we were done.

We just sat there staring into the fresh air for about twenty minutes totally silent, finally Les spoke, up. 'Holy Shit man, that was one awesome fuck Ken. You definitely are the best assistant and trainee I have had the pleasure or working with, I hope we can continue to work together, and fuck yeah, do this too, a lot, God man, that was awesome.'

I smiled at Les and ask him if this is what was meant by 'Going Postal' if it was then I'm all in for it.

Les and I kept working together for several months and then we started seeing each other at my apartment about three times a week, we definitely knew the meaning of 'Going Postal.'



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