My name is Steven, I am nineteen years old, and I was in my second year of College at Texas A&M, in Austin, Texas. Well I had this friend at college who was, well lets just be real about this, he was more than just a friend, we were quite intimate, sexually, I found out about Scott in first year he was always checking me out and staring at me and I started feeling uneasy about it and I just came out and ask him if something was wrong, boy was I in for a shock, Scott just smiled and said Not at all, I just find you very attractive and I can't stop looking at you, I said are you gay or something, He just smiled and said yes, I like to fell over, I said really, He said yes, and I would love to go to bed with you, I was sorta taken back by his bluntness, but I can't say I wasn't interested, man, just like that, sex on campus, Scott said If I'm wrong tell me, but my 'gaydar' tells me you are interested, I just said, could be, He said would you like to get a soda or something with me, and I said sure man, Well we went and got a coke, and I said alright Scott what are you into? He said, well I love to suck cock, and I love to get fucked and well if the guys right just plain make love to him, I said, Do I seem like the right kind of guy? He said, Oh yea man, I think your gorgeous.

We went back to my dorm room and I invited him in, I said Scott want to have sex now? He said I was gonna ask you the same thing. I started taking my shirt off and then my shoes and he was undressed and down to his briefs like in a second, damn, He was like a high speed car from zero to seventy in three seconds. I just pulled my trousers and by the time I got undressed I noticed a formitable sized cock sticking out in his briefs and I reached up and slipped his briefs and my god man, his cock was at least seven and a half inches long and thick, damn man he was thick, I reached over and started stroking his cock, my hand wouldn't reach around its thickness and He said awe man that feels so frigging good, I stood up and slipped my briefs off and he said Holy moley man, Your Uncut, I said, is that a problem? he said fuck no man, I love a guy with a foreskin, I have well have yourself a ball, and damn man did he, He dropped to his knees and started engulfing my cock like a starving hound, I was so startled by the suddeness that I gasped for air, and then the feeling of a hot mouth, hot wet, moist and loving hit me, the first place I noticed it was the head of my cock which he had exposed by sliding my forskin back and then just licking like a lollipop, fuck man it was just awesome feeling and then he started swirling his tongue all around the rim of my cock head and I was slowly loosing all sense of reality, damn was this friggin great or what, I was in awe at this kids skills at sucking me off, He was moaning and slurping and well just working me over with his tongue, I said slow down man, it will be over before it begins, And I got him back up on the bed and layed him in a sixty nine position and I started trying to take his cock into my mouth and do to him what he was doing to me, His cock was neatly cut and had a beautiful circumsicion scar around the shaft and well it was beautiful, I started sucking on the head first and sliding my mouth down his shaft and all the while rubbing his nut sack which were quite nicely sized also, and he was moaning his approval and sucking me like a frigging vacuum cleaner, man he was good He had me climbing the walls so to speak, God I was out there in sensation land, I wanted him to swallow it whole I noticed as I sucked and slurped and just made love to his cock he was starting to play with my asshole which I love to have played with and fingered while getting a blowjob, fuck I like to lost it, he slipped a wet finger in my man hole and was fingering it as he sucked and that was about all I could take man, I tighteden up and my nuts started that churning feeling adn I started moaning, grunting and I felt the sensation of a fantastic, extremely intense blast of cum shooting up thru my cock and Into Scots mouth, fuck It was intense. I jerked and grunted and made very satisfactory noises and just finally layed back and just breathing heavy said Scott, fuck man that was intense, He said Yea man I loved it, I raised back up and just started sucking Scotts cock and I took just about a half a minute and he was Grunting and AWe Shit man, and he started almost violently jerking and making weird noises in his throat and blating his cum into my mouth and Said Awe Fuck, and when he had finished, he just layed back totally spent and layed like he had died or something, man It was totally wild.

After about ten minutes, Scott looked up and said, man that was totally awesome dude, Never had one that was that good, and I thing my 'Gaydar' is working perfect, and he just laughed. I said yea it is, and giggled we layed there most of the afteroon and I said I'm leaving tomorrow to go home for the holidays, and I will be back after the new year term starts, He said Yea I leaving tomorrow too. We'll get back together when we get back o.K. he said You better believe it man. He kissed me and left.

I packed my stuff and man I felt totally exhausted after that encounter. I loaded my Littel Nissan, and went to bed getting an early start the next morning, I was a little later than I expected getting started the next day, but I finally left Texas A&M at about Noon and took of down the road, I drove across TExas and into Oklahoma, and finally got to Missouri at about eight that night, I was heading up route 44 and I needed to stop to get something to eat, I saw a truck stop up ahead and pulled off the hiway and pulled up and stopped I went in got somehing to eat, and while I was setting there I started thinking about Scott and the sex we had had the night before and I started gettin excited in my groin area, man just thinking about it was getting me hard, I had a fucking hardon while eating dinner, I finished it still had a boner and went into the mens room and went to take a leak, and I whipped out my hard as a bone cock and tried to piss, which is rather hard to do with a cock that is stiff as a tree limb.

A Trucker, a rather burley muscular looking man In tight levis and a biker pullover shirt, Had an earing in his left ear and he had a wallet thingy with a big chain looped around his side, came up to the urinal next to mine and whipped out a half hard rather impressive peice of meat, and with a gruff voice looked at me and said Man I just barely made it, I said yea I know the feeling I was just standing there with a rather stiff cock and I noticed the Trucker looked down and noticed it hard and just kinda standing there and said as he stared, man that lookes like it could use some attention, I just smiled and I noticed he was getting a boner and just started stroking his nice sized cock, and I was starting to get a turned on feeling watching him stroke, I said yea man yours too, He smiled and said yea man Mine is always looking for lovin, He said you interested I said maybe, got a place to go? he said the cab of my truck has a sleeper in it, I said lead the way man, he said follow me.

We got out to his truck parked over to the side where truckers stop sometimes to spend the night, and we got in, It was really nice and I complimented him on his truck, he said thanks man, it home away from home. He turned around and grabbed me and started kissing me and said man your a little fucking darling, get out of those clothes, I said man I ain't into pain or such, he said I aint' like that man, I just haven't had it in about a month or so and I really need this bad. I started stripping and He did too. I got totally naked and he started taking off his clothes and I layed back on his bed there in the truck and he got naked and stated rubbing all over my body I was floating away with the heat of the moment, man I was gone with the feeling, He told me his name was big Jim and I said my name is Steven, he said very nice to meet you Steven and then he started making passionate love to me, His cock had to be nine inches long and thick as a beer can, fuck man, he wasn't just big, he was huge, and He was rubbing and grunting and started sucking and licking me like a wild man, I was loving the feeling and Then he said roll over, now I had been fucked by average guys, six, seven, even eight inche dudes, but not like this, and he slapped some lube on his cock and spread my ass cheaks and He started shoving it into my anal canal, Lets just say I was feeling like a log that had been split into for fire wood, god I felt pain like never before, but somehow knowing that Jim was loving and making love to me was so damn exciting that I was loveing the pain and then the feeling started taking over and I started moving with him, each thrust all the way to the hilt and I could feel that movement, that sensation Of being full of the man making love to me, Jim was licking up and down my back and whispering love sounds to me, God It was awsome, I was starting to get that feeling in my intestines and He huffed and puffed and pounded and grunted, getting more vocal ever minute and I started getting that feeling of a climax comming on and he started saying yea baby, oh yea baby, I fuckin love this and He started pumping faster and grunting and I started moaning and saying yea man Fuck me, give me that big cock man, fuck me, fuck me, and I started bolting and jerking and shooting a load of cum all over his bed covers, Big Jim just grunted and said AWE HOLY SHIT MAN, and he started blasting a load of cum into my intestines you could have floated a boat in. man cum was running down my leg and onto the bed and I just grunted and groaned my satisfaction. We slept in his truck all night and gave each other a blow job later that morning, and went our seperate ways feeling totally satisfied the next morning.

I got home that afternoon and Mom Looked at me and said Steven Your really looking good, Happy and well satisfied with life I take it? I said Mom if you only knew.



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