Well this is from my own memoirs of sexual activities and enjoyments of my younger years.

I was raised in a very Christian ethnic background, you know, church every Sunday, Mom played the organ, Dad played a Guitar in the music dept, it was a country kind of church, and I would set there with the preachers son Dell, Short for Delbert, looking at pictures of things we weren't suppose to be looking at.

Funny now that I look back, those pictures were torn out of Hustler or Cheri magazines, and altho the Preachers son Dell, (his name), would sprout wood setting in church looking at the pics of naked women, and ogling their boobs and pussies, I would sprout my hardon's admiring the guys in those magazines,with their gorgeous cocks standing out like lamp posts, I was totally into the hard cock scene. I was totally aware of the pastors sons cock about to split the material of his dress slacks, I had seen it hard once on a sleep over when we both jerked off one night, he would even sit there rubbing it a little, as I watched him, but I don't think he ever realized I was admiring and desireing it.

My Parents owned a little farm out of town about a mile away, and I had several neighbor boys that I hung around with, we would go fishing, you know boy stuff, hiking in the woods behind the house, and on several occasions we would get down to old Millers Creek and there was this deep pool about the size of a swimming pool about ten feet deep and we would strip to our underwear and go swimming and splashing around in the water, just having a great time and enjoying ourselves.

Their was this one boy named Terrell, he was about two years older than me, now believe me when I say I knew full well how to shoot my cum and stroke off with the best of guys, altho I had never up to this time touched another guy or had one touch me, my mind was wanting to know that feeling I had read about, and unloaded my come onto my stomach at night thinking about.

Well I had met Terrell one afternoon when Dad had asked him if he would like to earn some cash helping put up bales of hay, to which he said yes.

We got started that morning about ten when the dew had dried off the grass and hay and it was ready to be baled up and put away into the barn for feed for the Cows and Horses.

We had worked our young asses off that morning and early afternoon, and when we finished I looked at Terrell and as we leaned against the Hay wagon beside the barn I noticed his very hot, sweaty body, Terrell was really good looking, I had not as of yet met anyone that had taken my eye like him.

I found myself just ogling his muscular arms, he was wearing a plaid flanned button down faded shirt with the sleeves taken off at the shoulders and his arms were tanned, thick muscles and had those veins going down, them, I noticed a light hairyness inside his shirt on his chest and he was standing there with his mouth chomped down on a blade of hay grass, his gorgeous face was dripping wet with sweat, he noticed me just staring at him and he winked at me, 'Damn, it's hot out this afternoon.' he said.

'Sure is, be nice to have a dip in Miller's creek about now, nice cool fresh water,' I responded.

'Miller's Creek, Where's that?' He said.

At time I didn't realize it but Terrell was showing interest in me too, he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing one awesome looking upper body, washboard abs, thick pecs, they were even showing the veins, God he was making me weak in the stomach, I felt that nervous, almost gnawing in the pit of my stomach.

I took my shirt off and I smiled at him, I knew he wanted to take a dip in the cook creek so I just yelled at Pa, since we were finished adn tole him we were going to Millers creek to wash the hay and dirt from our bodies.

Terrell had his own motor bike and we headed out thru the path that led about a mile away thru the woods to that private pool down deep in the woods.

'Holy Shit man, this is fantastic,' he said as he started stripping his shirt off and then his shoes, Then as I watched in total lust he took off his blue jeans, as I began to undress, then he took of his white briefs and said, 'Damn dude, this water is gonna feel so fucking good,' I stripped off not knowing whether I should remove my tidy whities, I was already sporting a seven inch boner as I ogles his gorgeous ass, I had never seen another guys ass up close and naked before and I was totally shocked and aching to touch it.

Terrell smiled and said, 'Hey man, don't be shy, were just guys, you dont have anything I don't know about.'

'Well yeah but I got a boner,' I responded, 'Hell man, before were done today here we might both have boners, its natural, and normal for guys to get boners when they get naked it happens to me all the time, and he turned around and his was like one of those guys in the pics I had seen, it was huge, I was really embarrassed now.

Terrell walked over and told me to come over and lets talke before taking our dip.

We spread out the two beach towels we had brougth and lay out both naked and sporting boners like breeding horses, I want to stroke it off and touch Terrell's cock so bad, he smiled and said, 'Can I teach you something that I learned last winter?' he asked, 'something I think you'll really enjoy?'

My response to Terrell was yeah sure, truthfully he could have raped me with his gorgeous cock and I would have loved it.

'Well last year My father hired this co-worker who was a transient and homeless, he brought him home with him to stay with us untill he could afford a place of his own. His name was David, and he was about twenty six or so, of course Dad had him stay in my bedroom with me, and I have one full sized bed so he had to sleep with me, and he came to bed this one night and I thought he was alseep, and I began to stroke off trying not to wake David as I did, but he was awake and I didn't know it.' 'You DO know what stroking off is don't you, all guys do it?'

'Yeah Im great at that.' I said with a giggle.

'Well I was really into to polishing my knob and it was feeling awesome when I felt his hand on my hand, 'I know something that will make it feel so much better,' David Said.

I released my hand and he took over, laying on his side as I looked into his eyes, he began to stroke me off, god it felt so fantastic, I had never felt anything so wonderful as this, someone elses hand stroking my foreskin back and forth, when he stopped and raised up and before I knew it he had leaned over and took my hard aching cock into his mouth and I felt the most fabulous,most phenomenal feeling of my life.

I felt his hot wet mouth beging to take me to heaven, his tongue was swirling and licking on my exposed sensitive cock head and I was a gonner, I thought I had died.

David was going up and down and mouth fucking my cock, I wasn't gonna last very long, I was almost there when he raised my legs up and let my mouth go and dove face first into my asshole with his tongue. I was feeling emotions and feeling I had never experienced before, I knew the enevitable was about to take place and I said, 'OH shit man, Im gonna cum, you better get off, but he only got more intense with his sucking and I felt his hot mouth again go over the head of my cock and It was all over, I felt my body get rigid, my stomach was jerking and my cock was filling DAvid's mouth with my cum, Man you have never felt anything like it before.'

I looked at Terrell and said, 'Wow, that must have been some experience?' 'Yeah it was and after I got my composure I asked him if I could try it, He said sure thing, so I leaned over and we took off his boxers adn out popped the thickest cock I had ever seen, he was cut but it was gorgeous, and I took him into my mouth, tasteing his pre-cum and I thougth I had died and gone to heave, I loved the taste of cock, and now I can't get enough.'

Then he said something I was hoping for, 'Would you like to have that done to you so you could experience it?' he said.

'Really! oh hell yeah, I would love it.' I answered quickly.

Terrell smiled at me and then leaned down and slid my forskin back exposing the sensitive head and I felt heaven for the first time, I gasped as Terrell took my cock into his mouth and took me on a Journey I haven't returned from, a Journey to another side of life, that only special men travel down, I didn't take long but I felt my cock begin to jerk and the most intense climax of my life took place and Terrell swallowed ever little bit of my cock, my cum, my emotions went with my ejaculation into his mouth and down his throat and I was in Love. I lay there my body still jerking as Terrell licked and suck every little driplet of my sauce out of my cock. I was exhausted from the experience.

I lay there like I was Dead as Terrell just smiled at me and lay back and started to stroking his awesome thick, long cock.

I didn't want him to do that, so I said, 'Stop Man, thats my job.' and I finally got the energy up and raised and for the first time in my life I engulfed this guys thick cock, enjoying the sweaty smell of his crotch and the taste of the salty sweet aroma under his foreskin. not a gross smell but manly and intoxicating, I love it

I felt his body start to making funny movements and I watched his nuts tighten up against his body next to his rock hard veiny cock, I loved the feel of cock in my mouth, and and that taste of his pre-cum as his cock leaked it out onto my tongue.

I had never taste cum, well maybe mine once or twice and I was anxious to do so.

I felt his hands on my head slowly working his cock in and out of my mouth, 'YOu sure you have never done this before, Damn your a natural, Oh yeah thats it, I hope you like the taste of my cum cause your almost there, then his body started jerking and I felt and tasted his massive load of cum, it felt like it must have been a quart jar full, it was almost coming faster than I could swallow, but swallow I did.

He flopped back and just lay there like he was dead. I layed back and basked in the feeling of having had sex with a guy for the first time.

I felt like I had grown up that afternoon, and I guess I many ways I had, Terrell finally got into the pool and by the time we had been in the water five minutes we were kissing like lovers, and fingering each others assholes,and stroking each others cocks. That was the beginning of an awesome realtionship with Terrell whom I had sex with on many many occassions, we are still close friends and yes His cock still is just as awesome as it was that first day, and Yes his mouth still catches my cum all the time.



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