Bored, Bored, Bored, Horney and bored, Here I am setting here at home,looking at two weeks vacation, Lonely, Horny, about to chew my lower lip off.

I needed a diversion, My wife is at her sisters house, taking care of her, and her children, since she had surgery.

I hadn't talked to my wife in a week. I was setting at the table in my underwear, briefs actually, I was sporting a half hard cock, working a crossword puzzle, drinking my coffee. Lets see, a four letter word for extreme pleasure, hum, lets see, 'BLOWJOBS', I just thought, 'Oh Fuck Jason, get your mind out of the gutter,' the word is 'EUPHORIA', GOD I need to get busy and try to get my mind off sex.

I had just gotten up and the phone rang, I grabbed it. 'HI Babe, whats goin on, everything alright?' She said Her sister is doing much better, but she would be there for at least a month, I said, 'Man, I really could use you here, but, I understand babe, 'hows Kevin?' she asked, I said, 'He misses his Mom but, hes staying busy with Joey across the street, they are best little buddies, I'm taking them camping this week since I'm off for a couple weeks,' O.K. babe, take care of yourelf, I love you, yea, hugs and kisses, so take care, and I'll talk to you soon.' I hung up the phone and just thought to myself, 'man, a month, my balls will be aching so bad by then, I didn't want to resort to jerking off, but I have to do something.'

I had almost forgotten that My oldest Brothers son was on his way here to meet and go on the campout with us.

I was finished loading up the SUV with all the camping geer, and the phone rang again, it was Cole, my nephew, 'Oh, you are at the airport?' I thought you were driving,' 'my car broke down,' he said, I just said, 'Get your bags and meet me at the loading area out front, I'll be there in about twenty minutes.'

I looked up and Kevin and his little friend Joey were running across the street where Joey lives with their bags and smilling, Kevin said,'Hey Dad, were ready to go,' Joey said, 'Hi Mr. Becker,' I said 'Hi, Joey ready to go?' ' Joey said, 'Oh yea, Mr. Becker, Im all set,' They were all smiles and just as happy as they could be.

Well we loaded up the SUV and took off, we pulled up to the front of the airport loading area, and there was this young man, It was Cole, I hardly recognized him, god man he had buffed up, and really matured and filled out considerably, muscular arms, and God man, the shorts he was wearing were stretched tight, man his legs were thick, and very muscular, and his polo shirt shirt showed very pronounced Chest muscles, I couldn't believe how I was noticing a mans build, expecially my nephew, damn was something wrong with me.

Cole put his bags into the back of the Suv, and I told the boys to get in the back seat, and Cole set in front with me, and we took off for the lake.

About three and a half hours later we were about five minutes from the lake, Cole said, 'man I need to take a leak,' I said 'Yeah, I do too.'

I pulled into this little sorta quick trip station and store. Cole jumped out and went into the mens room, I was right behing him, we stood at the urinal and whipped out the ole hoses, and started pissing. I glanced over to Cole and Fuck, man, this kid, only 18 years old was hung like I wanted to be, his cock was about three quarters hard from needing a piss. I am not that small but Cole's cock was big, I mean big.

Cole looked over and said something I was not sure why he said it, but he said, 'Man, uncle Jason, I bet that looks awesome when it gets hard, Its nice, really nice.'

I could't get that thought out of my mind after that, Why would he say that.

We went into the store bought what we needed and some things we didn't need.

WE got back into the SUV, and went across to the service area and filled up with gas and took off to the lake.

We got there about ten minutes later and found our area. The area we decided to camp at, was close to the lake, rather secluded, Got our tents up, built a camp cooking area, and built a fire.

We went hiking thru the woods with the boys, and several times I noticed Cole, and I couldn't understand, for some reason why I was having feelings for him, I even looked at his ass, and alot, I felt my cock sorta getting hard a few times, after we had hiked for a long time, we decided to go back to the lake and take a dip before supper.

We got back to our camp and I noticed we didn't have a suit to swim in, Cole didn't bring his either, so we just swam in our briefs, which to me was like almost swimming nude, Cole had white briefs and I could almost see the whole package, outline of his big cock, I could tell he was cut, and his balls had even shrunken up from the cool waters, but the still looked bigger than mine. I was getting more turned on sexually for some strange reason.

we got back to the tents and we stripped off our briefs stood there in the woods naked and I noticed Coles ass, I almost swallowed my tongue, what is going on, I have never looked at a guys ass, I always thought of that sort of thing as being kinda sick, but here I was almost licking my lips looking at this young man, who had one of the most gorgeous asses that I had ever seen and when he turned around and saw me, I was just staring, lusting after him, I had lost all sense of reasonging, was it because I hadn't had sex for so long, was it because I was a latent Homosexual, and its just now coming to the surface. But here I was staring at Coles beautiful body, and my cock was sticking straight out, hard as a rock, My son just smiled really big and said, 'HE HE HE, Dads got a big boner,' I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist, and ducked into the Big tent. I grabbed a pair of sweat pants,and put them on. About an hour after having supper, and a few drinks, the little boys went to sleep in their tents and they giggled and played around, just haveing a good time, I pulled out a couple beers and handed one to Cole, we drank a couple beers together and I really was relaxing, I told Cole, 'Man, my neck and back are hurting,' Cole came over, and set down beside me and reached up and started massaging my neck and It felt awesome, he said,'lets hit the sack,' I said, 'Sounds like a plan to me.'

We crawled in and I had brought a full sized air mattress, we stripped to our underwear and just layed down, on the mattress, Cole crawled up on my back and set straddle of me while I layed on my stomack, He started massaging my back and neck, and I must say it felt out of sight.

As he rubbed my back I began to feel so relaxed and Cole rubbed and was making me float away, Cole slipped down and was rubbing my lower back, and then he slid down lower and started rubbing my legs it felt really awesome and he was rubbing my inner legs and I felt his hand slip up against my ass cheeks and he just held it there, for some reason I opened up my legs to let him have access to my inner thighs, and I must say it felt soooo damn good, I felt my cock do a lurch, and start to stiffen up, and as he rubbed my inner legs I could feel his fingers as they touched my nutsack under the leg openings of my briefs. I was really loving this feeling, and by now about five minutes into this rubdown, he had me breathing hard and my cock was feeling Like I was going to explode, my emotions were swimming around in my head, knowing I wasn't gay, but feeling like I wanted to do something, my nuts were aching wanting a release.

I was laying there on top of a very hard seven inch cock underneath me.

Cole just stopped rubbing my inner thighs and, he was smiling very much, and seemed happy with himself, and he said Uncle Jason, roll over and I will get the front, I wasn't sure about this, but I just said, 'well O.K.'

I rolled over and Cole saw a very hard cock laying over to the side sticking outward from my crotch, and said, 'Uncle Jason, man that needs some real attention.' I just said, 'Fuck if I don't know that.' He said, 'Just lay back and let me take care of things,' I really know better, but I had lost all sense of right or wrong, The head of my cock was doing the thinking now, I needed this bad, no matter what it is, I

just let Cole do what ever it is he wanted, I felt his lips start sucking my nippels, god that felt so great, he was rubbing my stomach and gently taking his fingers and stroking around the elastic line of my briefs it was so fucking awesome, I raised up when he wanted to take my briefs off.

My cock flopped out and smacked my stomach, and Cole grabbed my cock and said, 'Uncle Jason, you need some lovin.' I let out a groan as I felt his hot mouth go over the head of my cock and felt the heat and moisture of his mouth ,and Cole slid his mouth down to he pubic hair on my body, God man, I don't know if it was the fact I needed something, or if I hadn't gotten off in a long time.

But what ever it was, my mind could only think about one thing, 'God Damn man, this was feeling just awesome,' I was shoveing my hips upward to respond to the sucking motions of Cole, and he was doing one of the most awesome feeling jobs of sucking cock that I have ever had, and Never before by a dude, and I was flying to the stars, god, I didn't care if it was a sheep sucking my cock It was awesome. Cole was sucking and I realized this was my nephew, and just how much I loved him, and Cole was Always my favorite , he had always had a special place for uncle Jason. I just knew I didn't want him to stop, I could feel the sensitivity in my cock gettin stronger, that feeling, that awesome fucking feeling, and I heard myself saying 'AW Fuck man, Oh Jesus, Fuck me man, and then I just tightend up all my muscles had locked tight and I felt my cock as I let out a loud groan, start to shoot an enormous load and Cole was sucking and swallowing like a starving man at a picknik table, this kid just kept sucking and licking even after I had finished, and I made him stop as I was laughing , damn my cock head felt like it would explode if someone touched it for a while. It was then that the question formed in my mind man, Cole was an expert at this, the way he sucked me, was not his first time doing this, is he gay?

I was laying there when I heard the little boys coming up to the tent, and I grabbed a blanket and covered my self up, and Kevin and Joey stuck their heads into our tent and said, 'Dad, you o.k.?' I said, 'Yeah, Why?' He said, 'I heard you moaning and thought something was wrong,?' I just said, 'What you heard was me and Cole wrestling' Kevin said, 'Oh, well did you beat him,' I said, 'No it was a draw,' He said,'Oh well good nite then.' Cole looked over at me and smiled and started laughing and said, 'WRESTLING' thats a good one.' I looked at him and laughed and said 'yea I know: I had to do that a lot with my dad to cover my ass when I was a teenager.'

Well I noticed Cole had a really hard cock in his shorts and I looked and said, 'Man that needs some attention too.' He just smiled and said, 'Yea it does.' I reached over and took his cock into my hand, and he moaned and shoved his hips outward, I rubbed it lovingly, and he was loveing it, his eyes were closed, he was rubbing his nipples and moaning. I took him and said 'Cole, I want to make you feel like you made me feel.' I layed him down and said, 'Cole, I have never sucked a guy off before, and the only cock that I have touched is mine.'

'Cole just said, 'Uncle Jason, you know what makes your cock feel good, just do that to mine,' I said 'I can do that.' I layed him down and for the first time in this 'straight boys life,' I felt a cock in my mouth, It was different, it was huge feeling, and It tasted wonderful, I loved the feel of his cock, it smelled like deodorant soap and a little sweaty but awesome tasting, and I started sucking cock like a hungry dog going after a bone. Cole was moaning his aproval of what I was doing. Cole was raising up on his elbows and said, 'Aw Fuck uncle Jason, Thats awesome, damn, I felt really great I was doing a pretty good job but didn't know about what I would do when Cole unloaded his cum into my mouth. Well in a few minutes I felt Coles hands on the back of my head and I felt his cock start to shooting that cum into my mouth, I was really surprises at its taste, a little salty, sorta bleachy, and sweet at the same time, different but not bad, I just did like Cole had done, Swallowed and licked his cock off, I almost gagged a couple times but restrained myself. Cole seemed to have loved it, he was panting and breathing heavy and he said,'God Man, You did fantastic.' I was really proud, I said, 'Cole, My wife can never know what just happened here,' Cole, smiled and said, 'Uncle Jason, do you think I'm crazy? I'm not an idiot, Why would I ruin a good thing, I want to do this again with you sometime.'

Well before morning time I had fucked Cole's ass and I had the awesome pleasure, painful though it was, of feeling his awesome cock in my ass, I was a little raw back there for a day or so, but I loved it anyway, and I cum from it to, that was a first too. I knew I would do this again sometime with Cole when the chance came up.

I must say that I and Cole had a fucking good time on that campout.



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