I was regretting what i had done earlier that day. I mean, who sucks off some random stranger in a public toilet. Im not that guy.  Im too paranoid about catching something so i don’t cruise. I had only ever been with 3 guys before. I guess im quite picky, and i’ve always been lucky enough to have girlfriends that were hot enough to keep my mind off cock.  So i lay on my couch  and  feigned self inquiry and toyed with faulty presumptions as to why it happened, but I already knew why it happened. His cock was spectacular, and that’s it, as simple and as basic as that. I just had to have it.  Although I was feeling regretful, I consoled myself with the fact that if I had passed up the opportunity , if the superego had won over the id, and I walked away, then I think my regret would have been much greater.  It had been so long since my last encounter with  cock.  As I sat there trying to unravel all these dysfunctional thoughts, disturbing images keep flashing in my mind. Dirty images. Images and scents¡ memories.. They flashed and i pushed them away. Flexing. Dripping cum. II went online,  search entry: ¨Monster cock glory hole¨ I figured i had felt enough guilt now. I assured myself it wouldn’t happen again, so i might as well just enjoy it for what it was, because it was, all things aside, fucking incredible. None of the porn videos i found could hold my attention very long. My mind kept switching me back onto him. Conjuring every last detail of our session, I played it over and over and over again. His balls. His taste. His scent.Pausing. Zooming in.   As i came, something happened to me, my orgasm felt different. Instead of feeling guilty about orgasming over him again, now I just felt a soft warmth radiate from the pit of my stomach. I rolled onto my side and found myself rubbing my thigh, imaging he was watching. This was after I had cum. That never happens. Ever!

I want that cock again.

I went back to the mall the next day.l I wanted to do  give him my number,

 I had taken extra care getting ready that morning. I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide what to wear, and about another 10 minutes brushing my hair. I decided not to wear boxers because I liked the feel of the zipper against me and it showed off my cock nicely. I wanted him to see it.  I wanted him to want me.

I was all set for an all day stakeout at the mall, but I only got to play the sleuth detective for about 5 minutes because I spotted him almost straight away. I saw him through the shop window. He was standing in a shoe shop. He was a sales assistant. It felt peculiar seeing him. My senses kind of brimmed over. He had been a filthy thought for the past several hours, and the real thing, the tall, slender man with glowing light brown skin, with thick full lips and veined muscular arms made me quiver. (This is not me being dramatic - I actually quivered).  I wonder how its nestling in his trousers right now.

 I literally shook my head to break my fixation and then I breathed in slowly and  walked quickly towards the shoe shop and stepped inside.Who dares, wins.

When he saw me come in he carried on with the conversation he was having with a customer, and looked at me. I saw a flash of a grin before I looked away, and started studying the rack of shoes in front of me. I heard him finishing up the conversation and then I strained to try and hear him walking up behind me. I didn’t want to get caught by surprise.  

¨Good morning, sir. ¨ I jumped. Get a grip of yourself. Jesus! His voice was smooth and warm and soft.¨Oh, hi, good morning, thanks¨.  I wasn’t sounding very alpha male, and here i was buying shoes. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I didn’t want him to see me blush.  I was suddenly embarrassed about what had happened yesterday.¨

Do you have these in a size 11? I asked and handed him the first shoe I could reach.
¨I will have a look for you sir.¨

I don’t remember all the details of our conversation that followed,and to make them up would be fiction. There was a large fat woman behind the counter who I think was the reason our  conversation followed convention. He helped me try on 3 pairs of shoes. He picked out the 3rd pair. Only while trying on the 3rd pair, would someone have suspected something, because he went down on one knee and placed my foot on his thigh. My toe brushed the head of his cock that was straining against his slacks. I moved my foot quickly down his thigh, away from his cock, and shook my head. Not now.

He gripped my ankle lightly and stopped me pulling away altogether. Then he used both his hands to massage my foot into the shoe. The leather heel fit snugly around my heel. A perfect fit. They actually did look good. He obviously had good taste.

I said i would take them, and he lead me over to the till.. I paid with my card and when he handed me the receipt to sign, I made sure to take my time writing my phone number down, carefully. I put a smiley face next to it. Pathetic. When i handed it over, he smiled at me. Still, i couldn’t hold his gaze. I kept looking away. Looking down.

I could feel myself blushing as I left the shop and joined the flow of shoppers. I couldn’t believe that i had just pulled that off. I was too excited to think straight, so I decided to go home and try calm myself down. 

I didnt have to wait long before he contacted me.

He sent me a text that evening,and over the next few days, i tried to get to know him a little better, but every conversation just ended up in a sext fest. And picture after picture of his beautiful cock. He kept telling me what he was going to do to me with it. And kept trying to set up another meeting. I was stalling though. I had to prepare.

 Preparing, for me, first and foremost, was testing to see if i would be able to fit his cock inside me, since I had already promised he could fuck me. It had been a long time since i had last used a dildo on myself, and years since I rode a  cock.And that was one cock. M____, my first male lover. My fantasies and experiences these days were mostly about me fucking guys, not getting fucked by guys. It was exciting, ’ breaking bottom’…again.I used the set of dildo’s M_____  gave me on my 19th birthday. 7 different sizes. Over the space of 3 days I worked my way up to the largest one. Just like riding a bike.  I also went to the beauty parlour for the full treatment. The full treatment. He told me to leave some hair on my chest  and just a little at the base of my shaft, but the rest had to go. I was stunned at how much preparation i was putting in. I even went on a 24 hour cleansing fast. I had facials and pedicures. It’s safe to say, that for that week, I was 100% gay, When I was ready, I sent a simple text:' Im ready for your cock now.'A few minuted later I got a text from him. It was also short. 

¨10am. Same toilet.¨

. I wanted to reply with something sweet, or witty, or sexy, but i just texted back ¨OK¨, like some nervous high school girl.

I took a sleeping pill that night, because I knew I wouldn’t sleep otherwise. I also wanted to drug myself to keep from masturbating. I had to save it for him. When I woke up the nex t morning, I suddenly remembered how it used to feel waking up on christmas day. I was too nervous to eat much, and only managed to forced an apple down just so I wouldn’t have to take my muscle relaxers on an empty stomach. Yes, muscle relaxants.

I drove carefully to the mall. I wasn’t concentrating, and my hands were shaking, so I took it slow. I couldn’t think of anything more tragic than crashing my car right now.

I finally pulled into the parking lot at the mall, just as the muscle relaxers were kicking in, My hands had stopped shaking. 9:53am. My legs wobbled a bit as I made my way towards the entrance. At 9: 57am I was standing outside the mens toilet, knowing he was in there, waiting. I was trying to catch my breath. Trying to calm down. I pushed open the door and stepped in. There was a bolt at the top of the door. He had also been preparing that week. I quickly scanned the bathroom to see if it there was anyone else in there with me (besides him). Empty. One of the cubicle doors was standing slightly ajar and i could see t someone moving around inside. I slid the bolt over the door and walked towards the cubicle. While i was walking i could feel my cock shifting in my trousers, unfurling, stiffening. I pushed open the cubicle door,and there he was. He was completely naked. All his clothes were neatly stacked on the top of the toilets tank, and and he was sitting there, on the edge of the seat. He had his hands on his knees and he was sticking his cock out , letting his balls dangle against the outside of the toilet bowl, while his meat flexed and bobbed straight out in front of him.

That same rush of desire i experienced when i first saw his cock, came flooding over me again. This time there was no cubicle wall between us. There was no guessing what was going to happen. We knew what was going to happen. I had made promises, promises that i was dying to keep.

I stepped inside the cubicle and shut the door behind me. I was still too shy too look him in the eyes, so i just concentrated on unzipping.  I had to let it out. I used my hand to force it through my zipper. I normally like to play with my cock, let the other guy watch and admire it. This time I wasnt showing off. I knew from our texts that he was more interested in my asshole.

¨Take your pants off¨  he commanded. No ‘hello’. No fake, forced, polite conversation. The first words he spoke to me was an instruction. I wanted to get on me knees and suck on him before we fucked, but i had made promises. I stood in front of him and took of my shoes. Then my socks. He kept his eyes on my body the hole time, looking me up and down. Then i let my trousers drop down around my ankles and stepped out. While i was unbuttoning my shirt he reached down and  came up with a plastic jar of vaseline. Oh, please, I want to suck on you first.

¨Can I suck it first?¨ 

He just ignored my request. He was busy rubbing vaseline onto his shaft. Let me suck your balls while you do that. He stuck the tip of his cock into the jar and kind of twisted it around with his hand.  When he lifted it off there was a big globule of vaseline clinging to the rim of his engorged, glistening cock. When he saw he had enough vaseline he placed the jar back on the floor and the grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards him. He pulled me so roughly that my dick glanced off his chest and my balls squashed up against his stomach. I used my free hand to steady myself. Then he was pullling me down onto his cock, which he held in position with his other hand.

¨Wait¨..I tried to interrupt him. This wasn’t going to last very long if we just start fucking straight away. No. Stop.

I had planned out how we were going to fuck. All the positions we were going to try. But as soon as i felt his dick touch my asshole, i knew it was going to be over fast. I had prepared well. My asshole relaxed and let him slide in with barely any resistance. I could feel it going in. Every inch, i could feel it stretching me out.

 As soon as I had slid all the way down,and felt his balls pressing against my cheeks, my cock started twitching, I hadn’t even touched it, and it started started flexing uncontrollably. Oh fuck, oh no!  I looked up at him, as if he could help me pull back. Then he looked up, making me look  away as my orgasm took over my body. My front was pressed up against him, so he get my full load. it just  kept  kept coming, splattering his chest and neck with white streaks. Sorry.¨Sorry.¨ I gurgled. I said it out loud.I didn’t really know why I was apologizing.  He wasn’t listening. As i came my asshole clenched involuntarily around his shaft, hurting me a little each time. That seemed to push him over the edge too. Thank god!  He lurched on the seat, pushing his hips up so that my perineum pressed against his pelvis,and he gritted his teeth and started shuddering. Fuck! Aaahh! He started gurgling and groaning, with each ejaculation and I tried to control my contractions, so my asshole would tighten in sync with his pulsating cock, helping force out his load. 

Then we both collapsed into each other, stomach to stomach,my arms draped over his shoulders.

 I had finished orgasming. As before, and as usual, stark reality came rushing in and i suddenly  felt vulnerable and a little ashamed. I also felt disappointed that it hadn’t lasted longer. I was feeling all this guilt for just a few seconds of pleasure. Didnt seem worth it. i kept my head down and focused on trying to get him out of me now. He had finished pumping out his load and his cock had started to soften.  I gripped it at the base and slowly tried to stand up.  Even though he wasn’t fully erect, my muscles had tensed up, tightening my grip on his shaft. Out of the corner of my eye i saw his head loll forward, as he snapped out of his post orgasm daze. I was only halfway up his shaft when i suddenly felt him growing inside me again.

¨Ahh, fuck, please no. Im finished!¨ I told him.

He just laughed, ¨ha ha, I cant help it¨. He put his hands up.  Im not doing anything.
I was stuck halfway. I was afraid if i pulled myself off too quickly i would end up damaging myself. My thighs were burning. The cubicle walls were too flimsy to support my weight, so i had to put my hands on his shoulders for support .   He just sat there with a twisted grin across his face. I couldn’t stifle a smile. Just a flash of a grin. This is  crazy. I continued the slow extraction. It wasn’t hurting now, but it felt so big. Then he leans over and reaches for the vaseline again, and without saying a word, without even looking up, he starts using his index finger to spread the vaseline over his exposed shaft, and softly rubs some of it around my asshole. 

¨ That helps, thanks, I’ll….¨ I stopped talking. I was sounding feminine. Tender. I didn’t like the way I sounded. That wasn’t me. What has this guy fucking done to me? I kept going.  Every time more of his cock became exposed he dabbed at it, with 2 fingers now, slathering it in vaseline. Thats not actually helping. The vaseline needs to be inside me. Need it inside me. i  started lowering myself back down his shaft again. He didn’t give me a chance to rethink and, still holding the vaseline, he quickly put his arms on my legs, grabbed my hips and pushed me down onto him. I could feel every curve of his cock sliding into me.There was no resistance. He had used so much vaseline that it slipped in easily now with a soft wet slurp.

My first instinct was to resist, to counteract, and i pushed up off the floor and quickly slid back up his shaft, but then he tightened he grip on my hips and slammed me back down,all the way until  his balls squashed up against my cheeks again.   I put my hands on his face and  roughly pushed at him and pushed his face to the side, and he just kind of groaned and growled at me.Fuck you!

I was still holding his face away from me and now I pushed up harder off the ground, sliding quickly back up his cock. He moaned and dug his fingers into into my cheeks, sending a tingling charge through my pelvis. Suddenly all my panic and resistance dissolved into a warm sticky lust. Uuuuhhhh!. I stopped pushing at his face and clenched my asshole around his shaft and the slid slowly back down He looked up at me and looked into my eyes. For the first time i was able to old his gaze. In that exchange, a simple flashed expression, he knew that he now had complete control over me .he could do whatever he wanted to me. Anything

He gripped my cheeks and pulled me up roughly.  It came out a lot easier then i thought it would,trailing a warm tingling sensation that radiated to the pit of my stomach.23cm per second. His cock sprung out and slapped wetly against his stomach. Some of his cum from his first load trickled down my thigh. I wanted him back inside me so I tried to lower myself back down, but he pushed against my stomach, forcing me to step back away from him. Why does he want to stop? I winced involuntarily as he slid his hand down and grabbed my balls.

He started tugging me in different directions, forcing me to shuffle my feet to regain balance. I used his arm to help steady myself, placing one hand on his forearm and the other on his bicep. My dick ached as it swayed back and forth and brushed against his exposed wrist. He was still holding the jar of vaseline in his other hand.It dug into my hip as he turned me around and made me face the cubicle door. I wanted to watch so I twisted around and arched my back for him. He immediately hummed his approval and started to run his hand lightly over my smooth mounds.  I watched his eyes glaze over and he leaned back against the toilet, and placed the jar of vaseline between his thighs.
¨Hold your arse open!¨, he says flatly, almost a whisper.

I put a hand on each cheek and held myself open. No hesitation. Anything. Then I stared wide eyed, i couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was using both his hands to slather his cock in vasaline again, making it shimmer and glisten as it twitched and throbbed in the soft white light. I wanted nothing more than to just spin around and suck on that thing for a while, but if he wanted me to do that, he would have told me to. He eyes were fixed on my ass. I just loved the way he looked at me -  with that raw animalistic hunger. I suddenly understood how a girl must feel when she puts her pussy on display . It was empowering. Intoxicating, to be wanted like that.

He moved me still further away from him and stood up slowly, making sure his cock grazed my thigh on the way up. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and started pushing me down to the floor.

 ¨Get on your knees!¨. he commanded.

I was too embarrassed to say anything. Embarrassed because i was so willing to obey him. I went down on my knees. He slid one hand off my shoulder and gripped the back of my neck. I started leaning over before he pushed and then i was on all fours. I put my elbows under my chest, laying my palms face down on the bathroom floor. I could see under the cubicle door. I had a clear line of sight to the locked bathroom door. Imagine someone walked in now. Slap! He smacked my ass, snapping my attention back on him.  I quickly twisted around and craned my neck, just enough, just in time to see him shuffle forward,  and pause, almost hovering above me, giving me a better view of his dangling balls and glistening meat. I reached back and pulled my cheek to the side.  My stomach knotted with anticipation, and i pushed up, onto him. As it slid in, I started rolling my hips, clenching and clasping at his shaft with my asshole. He wasn’t going to last long.   I saw his eyes roll back than he quickly pulled out and placed his hands on the curve of my back to steady himself.  ¨Don’t stop! ¨i begged, and  reached back to try and guide him back in,. He lightly pushed my hand back onto my ass. I complied, holding my cheek to the side again, waiting. Then he gripped the base of his shaft and started feeding it back into me,he kept one hand  on my hips to stop me from pushing up onto him. He wanted total control. Thats when i gave in completely and utterly. I just wanted to be fucked. Fuck me!
¨Fuck me!¨ I moaned. And he started thrusting into me, slowly at first, then long deep thrusts, at the end of each thrust, he pulled at my hips, ramming into me, so that his balls slapped loudly against my perineum. Slap…Slap…Slap. For a second i wished we hadn’t locked the bathroom door, I wanted someone to walk in and hear that sound. There is nothing better than that sound. He started thrusting faster, Slap. Slap. Slap.Slap. Oh, god, put your balls in my mouth. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. I tried to look through my legs to watch him going in, but my balls were in the way, i reached down  moved them to the side, half ignoring my rock hard cock. It was all about him. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. I could see them, big, bouncing sweaty balls, swinging back and forth and slamming into me with every thrust,. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. My eyes started to water with pleasure.Oh fuck, what are you doing to me?  He just kept going, that same slamming rhythm. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. How are you doing this? Keep fucking me. Fuck me. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Fuck I’m going to cum again! I tried to concentrate on the bathroom tiles, tried to sniff at it, anything to distract myself from what was happening, to last a little longer. Too late. The dirty acrid smell of bathroom detergent just pushed me over the edge. My pelvis tensed, and and watched my load come shooting out onto the tiles in long clear white streaks.  he hoisted himself out of me  just as my orgasm peaked.Letting me collapse onto the floor,sweating, panting, with my arms splayed out in front of me. I left my ass in position knowing he hadn’t finished. I was only out of it for  a few seconds. The clawing stench of the public bathroom brought me quickly back round. This time there was no post coital guilt.A s soon as I had got my breath back, I looked back over my shoulder and signaled for him to carry on. Had to keep up  the momentum.  Cum inside me. He wasn’t waiting for my permission. He had just stopped to watch me cum. He had already shifted his feet a little and was preparing to slide back into me. He re entered me just just as hard and deep as before,with no consideration of the fact that i just shot my second load. I love you. I could feel his balls  squash up against my cheeks, before he pulled back out unsteadily, It took a few clumsy thrusts before he found his rhythm again.  Slap…Slap…Slap. Slap. Slap. It was too much, I couldn’t stop myself moaning. Every few thrusts, i just wanted to moan. Each time i moaned the back of my neck tingled and my stomach turned with ecstasy. 

¨You  like that?¨. he asks. 

Without thinking about my answer  I just blurted out, ¨Yes!…Yes..keep fucking me. Fuck me as hard as you can. ¨ It didn’t sound like me.  Don’t hold anything back. Rape me...He gritted his teeth and started thrusting as hard as he could. I could see a beed of sweat roll down his temple, and his whole body glistened. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Oh god those balls. Those big beautiful balls. My neck muscles were starting to cramp, so i faced forward to rest.He immediately grabbed me by the hair and made me keep looking. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I could tell he was close. His rolled his head back and opened his mouth.

¨Cum on my face¨ I didn’t think about that either.  I just suddenly wanted it to happen. He let go of my hair and i put my face to the ground, and waited. 

He held my cheeks apart for his last few thrusts, then he pulled out, and shuffled, half stumbled forward , pumping his cock with his fist. He stood over me for a few seconds and then lowered his balls into my gapping mouth. My nose pressed up against the base of his shaft and the smell of vaseline mixed with his scent (and my scent) filled my nostrils. His knuckles grazed against my brow as he kept pumping his cock. I inhaled deeply and sucked and licked his big sweaty balls..oh god…I love sucking your balls.  He let out a loud groan that anyone in the passage would have heard. I didn’t care.  I closed my eyes and let his load splatter all over my cheek and  against my temple and it streaked across my forehead, and into my hair and splashed onto the side of my nose, He kept pumping, as i lapped his balls and licked his shaft.  The bottom of his fist bumped against my face,  then he lifted himself up a little and aimed the last of his massive load onto my lips and tongue. I tilted my head back and sucked at the bottom of his shaft, moving up and down it as far as i could reach. I wanted every last drop. His left leg buckled and he put his knee onto the floor to steady himself. His cock flopped onto my face as he adjusted his hands on either side of my head and then he stopped moving and kind of hung his head there like that, panting. I had finally drained him, finally satisfied him completely.  I was feeling this strange sense of coy pride and i caught myself smiling, glowing, For a few moments, we stayed like that, breathing, sweating, smelling of salt and cum and vaseline. He moved his knees in a little, so that his balls dangled above my mouth and his cock lay across my cheek. His cum was starting to run down my neck. i turned my head to try and wipe some of it off on my shoulder.but he didn’t want me to wipe it off yet. He reached down and turned my head away from my shoulder  and then started trying to clean the cum off my face with his cock and balls, dipping his cock into mouth every now and then.It was a mop up job.  All he was really doing though was smearing my face with cum and vaseline. I turned onto my back and let him carry on. Anything. 

He got up first and I watched him get dressed. He didnt say much, but just before he stepped out of the cubicle, he leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. As his tongue swirled around mine, my cock started to twitch again. Whats wrong with me? He looked at it and smiled at me before standing up and slipping out of the bathroom.

It took me about 25 minutes to clean myself up. I used half a roll of toilet paper to wipe all the vaseline and cum off my face. 25 minutes of wiping down, drying, washing, pulling up, buttoning up, zipping up, buckling up. I finally looked presentable.His scent still lingered in my nostrils and there was the warm dull ache in my asshole. It felt good. I felt good. I gave myself a congratulatory smile in the mirror and exited the bathroom.
This time i didn’t rush out to the parking a lot and go racing away. I took my time. The other shoppers seemed to float past me like faceless ghosts. Everyone just seemed so insignificant, blurred out by my swirling hormones. I took a detour, avoiding walking past the shoe shop again. My thoughts were just rolling into each other. I couldn’t focus on anything that was happening around me. I was his now. And I was already feeling impatient for our next encounter.



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