I was at the mall, one mid week morning in Summer. It was the best time to get the shopping done as most people were at work. This is one of the perks of working for yourself. I didn’t mind going to the mall so much. There’s usually quite a high concentration of hot women at malls. All immaculately groomed, and draped in flitering, clinging  summer dresses. I am bisexual, but for some reason i was never much attracted to men, their dicks, absolutely, but not so much the rest of their bodies…most of the time. Just like most guys, I’m a fool for a beautiful women. A beautiful naked women, and I’m done for. That’s why i didn’t mind going to the mall. I could sit there and have a coffee and happily watch beautiful women floating around all day. 

On this day, that hot Summer day at the mall, there was no time for voyeurism because i arrived there needing to pee, badly. I had been holding it in for the 20 minute drive and holding it any longer was going to be a big problem. I quickly walked across the parking lot and into the mall. The first toilet i saw was in a maintenance passage on the ground floor. I would normally go and find something a little less dodgy but there was no time. I pushed through the doors and hurried down the passage. As i was turning the corner, the passage door swung open and this tall, slender, mixed race guy came walking quickly down the passage. He was looking straight at me, as if he was angry at me for something. I turned away and carried on toward the mens toilets. Didn’t have time to get into anything with this idiot.

i went into one of the cubicles and locked the door. If he had a knife or something, i was in trouble. Pee first. Figure out next move while peeing. i lifted the toilet seat with my foot, unzipped and pulled it out in a one smooth movement. Relief! Then i heard the bathroom door open.I quickly aimed at the sides of the bowl to try and quieten the stream…so he thinks i would be ready if he tried something. Then i hear the door to the cubicle next to mine open and shut. This guy was in the cubicle next to mine. Maybe he also just needed the toilet.

I was still peeing when i saw the toilet roll holder moving, shifting, loosening. Then it disappeared into the other cubicle. What the fuck? Then it hit me - glory hole! God knows i have seen plenty of glory hole videos, but i had never even seen one in real life. I forced out the last drops and zipped up, ready to make a quick exit. Glory holes are scary in real life! Besides, I’m suspicious of any guy who hits on me in public as I’m completely straight acting…so if he’s hitting on me, he’s probably a bit of a slut…and I’m weary of sluts.
I was turning the lock on my cubicle door, when the guy whispers, ¨Hey!¨. Then I saw it and froze. My stomach knotted and tightened and i felt my cock shift. He had stuck his cock through the hole. It was huge. At least 23cm. Cut. Glistening. Twitching. Straining with its ever increasing weight. It throbbed. With each throb, it twitched and flexed, and hardened. Just a sliver of pre-cum.. Suddenly all the civilized commentary of my consciousness was drowned out by a primal torrent of desire. There was no shopping list. Society vanished. The animal brain took over and flooded me with dirty pink lust and I was helpless, on my knees and at the mercy of the beast.

I usually like to start with the balls (which were also on display, hairless, each one a mouthful), then lick my way up the shaft,before sucking on the head, but i couldn’t hold back  this time. I grabbed his balls and used them to guide his cock into my mouth, using my tongue to lap up the the precum as my lips stretched around his shaft. I could feel it throbbing, pulsing.He let out a low guttural moan. It went in as far as it would go, but i wanted more and forced it into my throat. I have not yet mastered deepthroating so i just gagged and had to pull myself off. I took a deep breath and went straight back to work. I still had his balls resting on my hand, and I lifted them up and ran my tongue across them and then sucked one into my mouth and swirled it around with my tongue. As i was sucking and tugging his balls, his cock - slathered in my spit and precum - flopped against my face and slipped across my forehead. I tried to suck both his balls into my mouth at the same time, but he suddenly pulled back, and quickly thrust his cock into my mouth before i had a chance to react. This time i relaxed my mouth and let my lips clasp  loosely around his shaft as he started thrusting, causing soft wet rasping sounds as he plunged in and out of my mouth. He tried to push it down my throat again, but i kept it clenched closed, stealing  quick breaths between thrusts. I could see his hand through the hole in the wall. He was using it to aim his cock back into my mouth whenever he pulled back too far and it slipped out. My hands were free while he was fucking my mouth so i took the opportunity to free my cock that strained against my trousers.I was too hard to get it out through the zipper so i shifted and pulled my pants down to my knees, and watched my cock spring free and sway from side to side as i settled back down.

 I was kneeling with my legs slightly apart so i could let my balls dangle free, so they would skim the cubicle floor when i shifted around.Disgusting, I know. I just felt like being a little bit disgusting. Im usually about 19cm, but i was so hard now i was closer to 20. I didn’t want to touch it too much, because i was scared i would cum before he did. So i just slapped it against my thigh, loud enough for him to hear over the wet,slurping sounds. He took it as a signal to pull out of my mouth and start slapping his meat across my face. I couldn’t tell if the stuff left running down my cheeks was my spit or more of his precum. I wanted that thing back in my mouth so as he flexed it ready to slap my cheek again, i turned and opened my mouth making the bottom of his shaft land on my tongue with a wet slap. He liked that. I heard him swear under his breath and groan. I put my hands up against the cubicle wall, and steadied myself while i let him resume fucking my mouth.He was thrusting straight for the back of my throat again,trying to penetrate my clenched muscles. I had to keep my head steady. No pulling back. That was the rule.  I let him in every few thrusts, and his helmet slammed into my tonsils. I gagged each time. Less each time. He was sweet enough to pull out when he heard me gagging. Things were getting messy, my saliva was dripping from his cock and running down my chin and hung in silvery strands when he pulled out.  Then he  started pushing his cock into the side of my mouth, pushing and prodding the insides of my cheeks while my tongue lapped at his shaft. Loud lapping sounds. I saw his balls tighten and he gasped and quickly pulled back and stepped back into his cubicle.

Don’t tell me he’s not going to let me see him cum?

His cock was still in sight. He was just standing there breathing, trying not to cum. It was too soon. Not yet, please. I listened as his breathing slowed and then he stood up straight and stepped forward, and put his cock back through the hole. He pushed right up against the wall, pushing his glistening monster out to its fullest length. I held him by his balls. There would be no pulling away this time.  I had started stroking my cock now, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I blew my load. I needed to see it cum. I wanted to get him back there quickly so I focused on the head. He had just nearly cum, so i knew i could get a decent taste now. I kept my tongue still, just caressing the bottom of the shaft. As I sucked, I could feel and taste his cum trickle onto the base of my tongue. I used his balls to move his cock around and slather my taste buds with his cock juice. It tasted good.  Almost tasteless. Salty.

I couldn’t decide if i wanted him to cum in my mouth, or if i wanted him to shoot all over my face…or just watch it shoot all over the cubicle. The mouth can be good,but sometimes the taste lingers too long. Face is good, but you need to protect your eyes. There’s also the risk of getting it all over your shirt, and in your hair, which could be a problem for other happy shoppers.

It would have to be a cubicle shot.

There wasn’t much time left. I was ready to shoot. Didn’t need to jerk off anymore. I could cum hands free, soon. Just hold it back. Don’t think about it!  With my right hand holding his balls I used my left to work and twist up and down his shaft. He was mine! If anyone walked in right now, there could be trouble because the loud wet slurping and sucking sounds were unmistakable, not to mention the occasional groans we let out every few seconds. He was close now. His cock kept flexing in my mouth and I could see and feel his balls tightening in my hand. He tried to pull out but I tightened my grip on his balls and just forced his cock further into my mouth. Mouth. In my mouth. The cubicle wall shuddered slightly and his cock started contracting and spasming. He let out a long, loud, low moan. Yes! The first load was small, a prelude that coated the inside of my cheeks, and then a jet of hot sticky mess hit the roof of my mouth and ricochetted down my throat. I coughed and pulled myself off, just as he let out a third load, the biggest one, that splattered across my forehead and cheek. Fuck! I moved out of the way just in time to see his giant cock shoot the last of his huge load all over the cubicle floor. Mouth, face and cubicle. Good work.

A few droplets landed between my legs so i squatted down and cleaned up the mess with my balls. I wasn’t really thinking…just one thought: Im going to cum.

¨Cum on my cock¨ he whispers, harshly. ¨ Cum on my cock. Now!¨.

I obeyed and quickly stood up. Anything he wanted. For those few minute I would do whatever he wanted.I was his bitch. Such a state is as scary as it is exciting. It only took few strokes before i felt my balls tighten  and my whole shaft started shuddering and contracting, pumping out every drop i had. I held his dick in position and splattered my juice all over it ..¨On my balls! ¨He says while I’m still cumming. I lifted his cock up and emptied the last of my load all over his balls.Yes sir!. Then it was over. The moment my orgasm is over, my conscious and conscience resume command and the beast disappears to his cave, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

This guy obviously didn’t have such qualms. He just left his cock dangling through the hole. What the hell am i supposed to do with it? Its over. It was only half erect now, this disgusting, wet monster cock, covered in saliva and cum. His load still oozing from the slit and dripping onto the floor. Time to get the fuck out of here. When i started pulling up my trousers, he sounds angry, and says (not whispers), ¨ Again!¨.

I speak for the first time. ¨I got to go.

¨Just suck it again, man. Stop being a cock tease. I’ll come in there if I have to, ha ha¨ I could see his cock was starting to stiffen again. Cum in where?

I was suddenly a little afraid, not because of his threat to come into my cubicle, I was afraid because for a split second i wanted him to. I had to get out of there.

To buy some time, i wanted to get him hard again, so I  turned around and held my cheek to the side and used my other hand to probe my hole with his cock.  It was partly to buy time, partly just to see. Im not a bottom, and i was pretty certain his cock would never fit…but, just to see. He was obviously a top because as soon as his cock touched my asshole, it quickly engorged and hardened to full attention. I turned around again, and worked his shaft with one hand while i quietly got fully dressed. I was just going to make a run for it. Unlock the door and get out fast. To make sure he wouldn’t get suspicious, or have time to zip up and follow me, i bent over and started sucking on his cock again, while i slowly slid the lock open.

Click. He heard it.

¨Hey¨ he said, loudly, angrily.

That was my cue. I pulled open the door and half ran to escape. As i reached the bathroom door, I heard his cubicle swing open, and i looked back over my shoulder just as i gripped the doorknob.

I thought he was going to chase me or something, but he didn’t. He just stood there, pants pulled down around his ankles, cock rigid and glistening in all its glory, and he just stood there and stared at me while he stroked his monster. The look on his face said one thing, clearly and unmistakably. I want to fuck you!

It was all too much. I looked away with an expression that must have seemed like disgust, but was actually just raw gay lust. I wasn’t ready. I stepped out into the dimly lit passage passage. I walked quickly, never looking back. I went straight to the elevator. Got my parking voucher. Got in my car and drove away. The shopping list would have to wait until another day.



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