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Chapter 1

Author Note - OK I just wanna say this is my first ever story, yes I already know that my Grammar is shit. Sorry. This is an idea for story I've had for awhile. I hope if you read through it you enjoy it. But if you don't? I'm fine with constructive criticism.

So my name is Bryan, and this is story of how I had my first gay experience, and it happened to be with my Girlfriends dad. I'm 6'2 weigh about 203lbs, sandy brown hair and brown eyes, and I'm 23. Currently I'm dating a beautiful 22 yo woman named Hillary. 

The day begins when I hear the alarm on my phone going off. I open my eyes looking at phone angrily, cursing myself for having to wake up this early on a non work day. I sigh and reach over and turn the phone off. 

I can feel my 7 inch piss hard on pressed against the soft sheets. Feeling horny I look over and see my beautiful girlfriend Hillary staring to come around also. I decide since I'm awake this early I going to try and have a little morning fun before starting what would probably be a very long and boring day for me. I lean on my side I put my arms around her slender waist and press my hard dick against her boy short covered ass, and give her a kiss on the neck.

She let's out a soft sigh, as she settles herself back against me. And then she says "Bryan that feels good, but I don't think we have time for this? We have to meet my father in about an hour."  

I sigh, a little frustrated. "Come on babe, I'm horny and I deserve a reward for having to go fishing with your dad on my day off." I say. 

She giggles a little, "I know love, but this means a lot to me for my two favorite guys to get to know each other better, and besides I promise after you do this for me I will give you all the rewards you want." 

I give a defeated sigh and say "OK fine, luckily I like you. " I lean over and give her one more kiss, push off the covers and getup to use the toilet and then jump in the shower.

As I shower I think about what I'm having to do this day. My girlfriend and I are getting pretty serious, and she wants me and her father Rick to bound, and he loves to go fishing. I hear he actually owns a pretty nice boat down at the Marina. I know nothing about boats or fishing, so I really don't know how to judge the difference between a good or a bad boat? But I saw pictures of it and it was a decent size, so I guess that makes it good? Right now I was just hoping that I would get a little drunk today, and maybe that would help pass the time? 

I get out of the shower and get dressed and me and Hillary jump into my truck and are off to the Marina. Walking down the dock I can see her father putting tackle boxes and polls onto the boat, and thankfully I see a cooler there to.

Know describing her father Rick, he's a little shorter then me at 6'0 and weighs probably in the low 200's like I do, he's 52 yo and looks to be in pretty good shape for his age, dark hair and brown eyes. And sadly for him and my girlfriend her mother passed away a few years ago from breast cancer. Him and I haven't really spent anytime together which is why my girlfriend wants him and I to go fishing.

As we get onto the boat Hillary goes up to her father and gives him a big hug and kisses him on the cheek, he looks over at me and I reach out my hand I say "Hi Rick how has your morning been?"  

He shakes my hand and says "It's been fine, I got all the things we would need yesterday." 

We make some more small talk but eventually Rick says it's time we should get going , so my girlfriend kisses her dad again and then walks over to me and gives me a quick kiss on the lips, and starts heading off of the boat and she says. "See you guys later, look after each other and have a good time."

Rick starts up the boat and we head out. Haven't been on many boats but this felt like a smooth ride. Not really sure what to say? Just standing there, when I hear Rick shout over the roar of the engine that there is some beers in the cooler if I want some? Inwardly I thank God and go and grab a beer for myself and Rick. I walk up to Rick and say "Beer?" and Rick looks back and smiles with a nod and says "Thanks son"

When he called me son a weird feeling ran up my spine. I shook it off and asked him "Do you have a spot you like to go to?" 

"There's a few, we'll try the closest one first." 

After about a 15min ride we slow down. He says, "we'll try here.“ We grab the polls and we cast them out and settle into our chair's, drinking our beers.

We set for a few minutes and then Rick says. "Thanks for coming out here with me son. I know you probably didn't want to do this especially on your day off? But I'm usually out here by myself since my wife passed, and nice to have some company."

Again whenever he said "Son" that werid feeling passed through me. I took a sip of beer to stall for a second, and I say "No problem sir, I'd do anything for Hillary." 

He smiles and says "That makes me happy to hear that you care about her so much"

We make small talk for about an hour, still no bites. He says "I think this spot is dried up, let's try another. But first I need to take care of some business." He stands up to the side of the boat and pulls out his dick and starts pissing. I can actually see his cock and that werid feeling comes back, after a few seconds he gives his dick a shake and it snaps me back to reality. 

He looks back at me and must have seen my flushed face and says, "You OK son?, there's water in that cooler if you need one?" 

"No sir I'm OK." 

He just nodds and then goes back up to the wheel and starts the boat and we're off to the next spot. In my mind I'm thinking "What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I getting turned on by Rick?" I can feel the semi in my shorts, thinking "it must be because I was horny this morning and I didn't cum."

We reach the next spot and settle in. And I'm nervous about what I'm feeling, but I try and act cool and grabe another beer. We had been drinking steadily for about 2 hours now, and we were definitely buzzing, and the beer was really loosening me up, and I asked him, 

"Have you started thinking about getting back I to the dating scene?" 

He said "Not really, Maria was the love of my life and best friend and it's hard to replace her.“ And with small devilish laugh, "She gave one hell of a blow Job.“ He then gave me a mischievous look and said, "How is her daughters skills?" 

I smiled, "I have no complaints." he smiled back. 

"That's good to hear son." I felt the rush again, and I quickly got up and said I need to to pee. now I got up and took my hardening dick out and hoped that I would go down after I went.

As I was finishing up I heard Rick say, "You have nice cock son." made me jump I couldn't believe he just said that and I looked back with a surprise look on my face. He said - "Hey it's only fair that I get to see your cock since you were looking at mine earlier." 

Blushing I said - "Sorry I didn't meen..." 

"It's OK son I didn't mind, in fact I enjoyed it." 

"Really?" now my cock was very hard. 

And with a gesture of his hand "Looks like your enjoying it to?" I blush again, he stands up. - "Wanna know something son?" I just looked him not speaking, he starts walking towards me and says, "While I do love getting my dick sucked, I really really love sucking on young cock." He reaches out with his hand and slowly wraps his fingers around the shaft of my cock. I let out a small whimper, - "mmmmmm yes that's a beautiful cock, bet you fuck my daughter good with this don't you?"

 I nod and just "yes" trying not to immediately bust. 

He then says as he slowly strokes me, "Do you wanna find out who's better at sucking dick, me or my daughter? I just nod at a loss for words.

He smiles and leads me by my cock back over to the seat, and tells me to sit, I do. He gets on his knees in front of me and then kisses the tip of my cock, then slowly kisses and licks down my shaft, all the way down to my sack, slowly sucking and licking my balls. I just look on in shock seeing my girlfriend's dad suck my cock, letting out whimpers and moans.

He licked his way back up to my cock, and started sucking on the underside of my shaft, licking and sucking under the head. And then he finally opened his mouth and started sucking the tip. And slowly started engulfing my 7 inch cock. The feeling of his warm and wet mouth taking my cock was incredibly. I lean my hand back and let out a big moan. He final took the entire shaft into his throat and just let it set there for a few moments. And then finally he started bobbing his head up and down. I could feel his tongue making circles around my cock inside his mouth.

Wish I could say I lasted longer, but after just a few minutes I was telling him, "mmmmmm I'm going to cummm." Hearing this he started sucking me faster and faster until.... Ughhhhhhhhhh I cum harder then I ever have into his mouth . He just keeps on sucking and swallowing as four ropes of cum shoot down his throat . He swallows every drop, and the slowly cleans my cock with his tongue. 

He looks up at with a smile and asks, "Who's the winner son?" 

Coming down from my orgasm I look at him smile and say, "You are dad." He just laughed again. 

To Be Continued..


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