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Chapter 3

As I lay there on the cot with my Girlfriends dad's softening cock inside my ass after experiencing the greatest sex in my life all I can think about is, "What the fuck I'm I going to do?"

"Rick we need to talk." I said.

"What is it son?"

I look into his brown eyes, "What we just did was incredible, but I feel like shit because I know I love your daughter very much, and I also know I enjoy having sex with her. But I can't deny how amazing the sex we just had was, and I know I'll want to experience it again. But I also don't want to hurt Hillary, I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do?" I say, with tears in my eyes.

He strokes my hair,  "Look son it will be fine, I'm not looking for any serious relationship, my heart belonged to my wife, but I enjoy fucking young guys like yourself, and I really enjoyed fucking you. Have your relationship with my daughter and every once in awhile we can enjoy each other's bodies."

Still undecided what to do? "just think about it son." he said. "We should probably head back? We both smell like sex and we should get back early so we can shower?" he said.

I nodded, "That's a good idea."

He leaned down and kissed me again, despite my misgivings I instinctively kissed him back. He smiled and we both got up and got dressed. And started heading back to Port. Looking at my phone we finished a couple of hours before Hillary was supposed to meet us at her dad's place for supper.

I helped him load up his truck, and we headed for his place, he was right we did reek of sex. We hadn't really spoken since the cabin. I was so confused with myself, I know I love Hillary but I can't deny I loved getting fucked by Rick, and I get super turned on whenever he calls me Son, and whenever he does I just get this craving to serve my Daddy.

The whole drive to his place I can feel my cock getting more and more harder to just the thought. I know I desperately want to feel his cock Inside my asshole again, rubbing up against my prostate.

As we pull into his place and we walk inside his house, as soon as the door closes I throw myself at him, kissing him passionately, "PLEASE fuck me daddy, I need your cock inside me again now." I say in between kisses.

He smiles at me, "Of course son." he says and leads me to his bedroom. We keep kissing each other, stripping our clothes off, "Get on all fours on the bed son." he says. I obey.

He slaps my ass cheek, and slightly rubs my hole with his fingers. "Very nice ass my boy has." he says.

Feeling a little pride "Thanks daddy, I'm Glade you like it." I say.

I can feel the head of his cock against me hole, "But from this day forward this asshole is mine and no one's else, understand?"

I moan a little and nod "Yes Daddy" I say, loving the idea of him owning my ass.

He grabs some lotion from his bedside table and rubs in his cock and on my hole, and then this time he isn't gentle he immediately slams his cock inside me.
"Oh fucking hell" I shout.

He takes a hold of both of my arm's and my head falls against the bed, as he starts fucking me hard and fast. Both of us grunting in pleasure. Feeling his cock split me apart and, the sound of his balls slapping against my ass.

"Who's ass does this belong to" he said?

"Yours" I said.

"I didn't understand you, who's hole does this belong to" he says.

"YOURS DADDY" I shout.

"That's right son it does, anytime I want it day or night it's mine" he says.
He keeps on fucking me hard, "I'm going to cum daddy, your going to fuck the cum out of your son" I say.

"Cum for me son, let it all go all over my bed" he says.

Finally I can feel my cock explode, "Ohhh fuckkk yess, mmmmmm daddy" I scream.
As I cum I can feel his cock erupt inside me, "Yes boy take all of my seed" he says.
We lay one his bed after our amazing sex. "I need to take a shower before Hillary gets here" I say.

"Yeah go ahead, I'm out of the race for awhile, if you get my meaning" he says? With a smile.

Eventually we took turns getting washed up, soon after Hillary joined us at her father's place. Since we didn't catch any fish, we decided to go to a local great Fish and Chips place. We took our separate cars so we could go to our homes after.
I rode with Hillary and she was eager to know how it went? I told her we had a better time the I thought we would. After we finished at the restaurant, me Rick shook hands,

 "Want to come fishing with me again sometimes" he asked? His eye arched.

"I'd like that a lot" I said.

He smiled "Cool, see you next time" he said, kissing his daughter goodbye.

And when we got home Hillary was as good as her word from that morning, now I had cummed like 5 or 6 times that day so I was a little worried about not being able to get it up, but be young has it's perks and I was ready to go when called upon. Me and Hillary had the best sex up to that point in our relationship. Somehow being with her father made me know even more that I loved her, and even though my asshole belonged to Rick now my heart was hers.

From then on me and Rick had more fishing trips together, and we actually caught some fish the times we went out there, and of course we continued having incredible sex on that boat.

And eventually a few years later me and Hillary got married. And on my wedding day me and Rick decided to end our fun, it was getting to dangerous with Hillary's feelings on the line and we both loved her, and it was amazing while it lasted but all things must come to an end, But as going away present of sorts Rick gave me an eye rolling into the back of your head amazing Blow Job that day.

After all these years with Rick passing I remember that time fondly, me and Rick definitely never feel in love or anything, it was always completely raw sex, but it was fantastic. Apart of me missed it sometimes but, I've had amazing Marriage and we've had 2 kids that I love more than anything. But I'll never forget going fishing with my Girlfriends Dad. 

The End.


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