Moving into the new townhouse was a real joy, I finally had a new place all to my self. I was experiencing a new freedom, freedom from having to answer to someone else about my own home.

I had just had it when it comes to living in on someone else, like Daryl, even tho he was an absolute doll, built like a horse, and hung like one too.

Daryl and I didn't seperate mad at each other, just decided to go our seperate ways, I knew he was not being true to our relationship and I got accustomed to that part, but I just wanted to live free. I just felt like if I wanted to bring someone else home for the night, I wanted to be free to do it without having to answer to someone else.

It had been about two months after I finally got approved for this beautiful townhouse, and I had gotten my furniture, and all my things delivered and put into their place, I was really just setting back and enjoying my own place, I had even bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate with.

I was washing some dirty glasses in the kitchen sink and noticed that the sink drain was not draining right, it would take an hour to drain my dishwater, I knew someting was not right.

I called the maintenance office for the townhouses and the manager, said, 'I will send Dustin over this afternoon,' I said, 'Dustin?'

'Yes thats the Plumber's Son that we use, he's a plumber too and we use him for the townhouses, he is very good at what he does, He will take care of you and get your pipes unclogged.' I had no idea just how good he would be.

I was drinking a pepsi when the door bell rang. I got up, walked to the front door and there stood a gorgeous looking young man of about twenty three, or twenty four.

'Mr.Gilbert?' 'yes, Im Tim Gilbert, actually just Tim.'

'Hi I'm Dustin, the plumber, I understand you have a clogged pipe?'

'Yes I do, come on in.' I was just ogling him and I know I was slobbering and drooling all over myself like and Idiot. God this guy was awesome looking.

'When Dustin first walked in he was wearing a pair of levi's, no belt, just looked like a high school stud standing there with his white tee shirt with the sleeves missing and his tee shirt tucked into his levis. The outline of his chest muscles was awesome, and his washboard abs were fenominal, muscular arms, and well tanned. I just smiled and said, 'God you should be a model not a plumber,' 'You think so?' he asked.

'Dustin, forgive me for being so bold, but damn man, your gorgeous.' his faced blushed and said, 'Why Thank you Tim, I appreciate that.'

'By the way your pretty damn hot, I mean, nice looking too.'

My ears caught the word hot, I smiled at Dustin, and I was beginning to get a bold feeling inside my stomach, thinking that this might just end up being more that getting my townhouse's pipes cleaned out.

I just smiled pleasantly and ask Dustin if he'd like a pepsi or some tea or something else to drink.

He asked for just a glass of Ice water and I fixed it.

After we set there for about twenty minutes and sorta stared at each other and spoke to each other with our eyes, that unspoken sexual language.

'Were do we go from here?' Dustin said, 'Wha-Whad you say?' 'Wheres the pipe I need to fix?'

'Oh! I guess its in the basemenet.'

Dustin followed me down the stairway, and I could feel his eyes almost like x-rays, piercing thru me, wondering, hoping, like a machine seeing thru me.

Finally we reached the bottom and he started pulling the washer out from the wall and getting to the drain pipe system.

I was watching his work as he checked where exactly where the drain problem was.

Finally after checking out all the drains in the basement he decided it was in the drain pipes under the sink in the kitchen.

I took everything out from under the sink and he got down on his knees and then he got up, went to his pickup truck and got his tool box.

He layed down on his back and started working under the sink and I sat in the chair beside him admiring his stomach muscles as he worked and undid the drain pipes. It was then that I noticed his package between his legs. WOW! it was really full, and my eyes caught the outline of his cock head, damn it looked big, and it wasn't hard, but my mind was working on just how I could get it that way. I really wanted to feel it and maybe get a taste of it.

Dustin was laying half under the sink when He raised up his leg to get a better grip on the pipe he was trying to loosen and I noticed the complete outline of his cock, it must have been like six inches long soft. I wanted it more now than ever. And for some reason I knew it would be alright to touch it. As Dustin layed his leg back down and sorted grunted as he loosened a pipe, I knelt down on the floor next to him to hand him one of his wrenches, I happen to accidently (on purpose)let my hand fall against his cock, and I sorta give it a slight squeeze, Dustin didn't move, I squeezed a little more and he spread his legs as if in a invitation to me to go at it.

I slid my hand along its length and felt it start to swell under my hand as I stroked its length, and it was thicking up very well.

'Hey man, if you want let me get this finished and clean up a bit and we can finish this in your bedroom,' and he looked up at me and smiled, and winked.

My heart felt like it would explode, man, what a find, Dustin was like a god laying there in front of me, and he and I would be getting it on in a little while.

I ran to make sure my bedroom was nice and clean looking and make sure my bed was an invitation to make Dustin feel welcome.

By the time he got the plumbing done, I was like a schoolboy with my first love on my first date getting ready to makeout.

Dustin said,'man I need to cleanup,' I said, 'You can take a shower if you want?' He smiled and said,'O.K. only if you take one with me.'

I blushed and said, 'Wow, I'l love to.'

Damn I was like a first time boy, getting my first piece of ass.

When I got to the bathroom Dustin was down to his briefs, they were low rise, He he made those low rise briefs look really good, they were white, and his nuts filled them to the brim, and that cock outline made me wilt with desire, My cock was about to split my trousers open.

I was down to my white briefs when Dustin got right behind me and wrapped his arms around me from the back, and started to kiss the back of my neck, I was about to axphixiate, his tongue was exploring my ear lobes and the hairline behind my head, god it was fantastic, I was a blithering fool as he worked me over with expertise.

My head was leaning back on his shoulder and I was gone into a zombie like state.

He walked me into the shower and started to kiss my lips and play with my nipples, God Dustin was an expert at the art of sexual intimacy with another man.

Dustin had me leaning against the shower stall wall while he sucked on my nipples and he had two fingers inside my mouth as I sucked his fingers and he took me to heaven.

I finally came to my senses and realized that I was in the shower with the most awesome man I had ever been with.

I had just opened my eyes, I notice he was starting to kneel down, water flowing over both of us and he started rubbing and licking on my nuts, I wanted to fly, I was flying inside, I hadn't felt like this before in my life.

Dustin was stroking my extremely hard nicely cut cock. It was then I looked and watched as my seven and a half inch boner disappeared into Dustins mouth, I almost buckled as he started sucking my cock with a vengeance, I was out there somewhere, and I loved this feeling, it was not just the feeling in my cock about to explode, it was almost a spiritual feeling, way down deep inside.

Dustin stood up and I felt his eight and a half inch, beautifully cut, cock sticking in my crotch as he kissed me again.

Dustin leaned down and said very erotically in my ear, 'Can I fuck you?' '

I would love to have you in me,' He smiled and said, 'Tim I think I could fall in love with you really easy.'

We dried each other off and kissed all the way to the bed, As soon as I crawled into it, Dustin grabbed my body threw me on my back and lifted my legs up and dove into my ass cheeks, spread them apart and started eating it like it was a fine meal, God I like to flew out the window, it was fantastic, I felt his tongue go inside me and then felt it as he licked and sucked and made me go wild.

Dustin was a master and I was a willing servant.

I was groaning as he tongue fucked me with that awesome tongue of his, and then he knelt up to my body, and I saw a thin string of pre-cum oozing out of his gorgeous cock, I said,'Baby Fuck me, Make me yours completely.' He leaned against me, and in one swift shove Impaled me with his tower of love, God I was in heaven, I could feel each inch as it slid into my cavern of love and I felt like a virgin on her wedding night. I had never before liked the feel of a big cock in me, but this was different, it was so fantastic.

Dustin knew how to fuck, and fuck he did, he took me places no one had ever taken me. I didn't want to return to reality either.

Dustin had his elbows under my knees as he leaned over bent me double and was kissing me while he Fucked me crazy, he was slowly sticking that awesome cock to the hilt each and every time he sunk it into my body, I could feel that awesome head as it rubbed my prostate, god it was awesome. and I knew It wouldn't be very long and I would blast off like 'Old Faithful'

I was almost ready to cut loose and cum all over us when I saw Dustin's face, it was getting red and he was huffing and moaning and saying, 'Oh Fuck man, Oh yea, God your ass is fucking awesome.' Ugmmmmmmmm and I felt his cock fireing off his load of mancream inside my body, I felt it flexing in my anal canal, and my cock started pumping cum onto my chest. I watched as Dustin started licking up my cum with his tongue and his cock still jerking in my asshole.

I was totally fulfilled for the first time in my life.

Now my thoughts turned to the fact that this may only be a one time thing, I didn't want it to be.

Dustin smiled and layed there on top of me and he smiled as he looked into my eyes and said, 'Tim, I would like to see you on a regular basis, if you want?' I said 'I was thinking you maybe wouldn't want to do this anymore, but I want to be part of your life if you want?'

'Man, I would love that, Would you go to dinner with me Friday night and start going steady with me?'

'I would be my pleasure Dustin.' He smiled a great pearly white toothed smiled and said, 'Awesome man, Just Friggen Awesome.'

Dustin and I have been together as lovers for two years now and I wouldn't trade Dustin for ten more good looking guys like him.

I must say the best day of my life was when Dustin came to clean my pipes and man did he ever, and he has kept my 'Pipes' cleaned ever since.

Life is good.



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