My name is Barry Bensison, I'm a CPA for a large corporation out of Houston, Texas.

I have done quite well for myself, having gotten a degree in business finance and management, and now owning my own Accounting Firm.

I have made myself financially secure and to top that off I am only thirty six years old.

I had been married for almost ten years and I thought it was a good marriage, my wife wanted for nothing, yet something must have been wrong.

I, for some reason had thought maybe I wasn't man enough in the sexual department for the wife, I knew my cock was substatial, having a shade over eight inches in length, and five and three quarters inches in circumference, or maybe it was too much for her, never-the-less, I was finding that she wanted me less and less, and sexually outside of the fact that old 'Rosie Palm and her four sisters' were fast becomeing my total outlet for sex.

Then there was that fateful week that I went on a business trip to St.Louis, to do some tax reports and some book keeping for a large corportaion.

I was gone for about four days and when I came back and walked into my home, I noticed an envelope with a letter from the wife stating that she no longer wanted to be married to me, she had found another man, and was filing for divorce.

I fell backward on the couch and just let what I had read just sink in.

I sat for the whole night in the dark, not able to sleep in an empty house and for anyone that thinks that a man isn't suppose to cry is 'full of shit.'

The next few weeks I was like I was in a dream world, that night after I had come home to an empty house I realized that My wife had taken every thing she wanted when she left, she left me some furniture and my clothes and personal effects, I was devistated.

Well I walked around in a daze when my associate in my business came into my office. 'Hey Barry, are you O.k, are you going to get over this? you look like hell.'

'Yeah, I know I will, but after ten years of thinking things are alright, I even talked to our family doctor and he said she had been takeing birth control pills for several years not wanting any children,' another blow.

'I had thought we were trying to have a child, but behind my back she didn't want one.'

My associate then suggested that I take a vaction and get my head back on straight, just get a way for a while.

I began to think about it for a while and thought it would be good to just get away and find myself again.

I went to at travel agent and booked a two week trip to Cancun, Mexico.

I got my ticket, my reservations on a beach front, bungalo hut, and packed my bags.

I boarded a plane and set out on a vacation get-a-way.

I got there about ten the next morning, got my rental car, and went out to the Beach front area that I had booked the bungalo at.

It was a scene right out of heaven, it was one of the most gorgeous places I had ever seen.

I just got settled in and then changed into some beach shorts and a beachcomber shirt, sunglasses and the whole nine yards.

I was beginning to feel revived and revitalized as I walked along the sandy beach barefooted, it was such a wonderful feeling, I was beginning to realize that life does go on after a marriage is over.

I saw a beach side bar, already open to the swimmers and beachgoers setting under some Palm trees.

I walked over to the bar and set up on a stool, thats when I noticed Enrico.

Enrico turned around and smiled the most gorgeous smile I had seen in a long time.

'Buenos Dias Senior,'

'Good morning,' I said.

'Whats your poison?' he said.

'I'll have a Mai Tai,' I responded.

'Wow, my favorite,' Enrico said.

I realized it was an unusual thing that he did not have a Spanish or Mexican accent, he spoke perfect English.

As I sat there chatting with Enrico I began to notice what a beautiful young man he was, he had a deep resonate voice, so masculine, so sexy and alluring,, He was shirtless which exposed his beautiful muscular bronzed lightly hair coverd chest, and a gorgeous six pack stomach.

But why the hell was I noticeing this young man.

My mind was wondering to places It had never gone, I even found myself looking at his crotch for a bulge.

Enrico just smiled at me and his smile did a melting job, my heart turned to butter as in a hot sun.

I began to feel afraid of the feelings that were taking over my body.

I got up and said 'Hey man I got to leave,' and I got up and and went back to my bungalo.

I stayed close to my bungalo, afraid of what was happeing to me, yet my mind couldn't help going back to Enricos beautiful chest, thick and muscular, his bronzed veiny thick arms, masculine and muscular.

His dark dreamy eyes, dark and seemingly like drawing me deeper inside of his very inner being.

I layed awake all night thinking, dreaming, just truthfully desiring this young hot latino man.

I was going totally bonkers and for what reason, I had never had any sort of sexual attraction to a man before, but for some reason here it was, I had never felt a mans body next to mine, I had never felt a mans mouth on my cock, had anal sex with male or female, but here I was wondering what a guys cock would feel like, but not any guy, Enrico's.

It was almost depressing to be laying there still wide awake wondering, thinking, desiring, when the sun come peaking up over the horizon the next morning.

It was almost ten a.m when I decided to got to the little bar, after all they did serve a small contintal, breakfast of Doughnuts, and fresh fruits there,.

I walked up and saw that another man was there, I felt a pang of disappointment at the missing Enrico.

I got my breakfast and left, asking the other bar tender if Enrico was not working today, he was off on Tuesday, he would be back tomorrow.

I thought tha tday would never end, it was so long, I kept looking to see if it was all a dream.

I did finally get some rest that night from sheer exhaustion, woke up with the son, hoping to get to see Enrico that day.

I was like a kid in a candy shop as I approaced the bar that morning and I was happy as I had ever felt before when I noticed Enrico, my heart was pounding and I was so excited, buy why, that is what I couldn't figure out, I was not gay, or maybe I had just been lying to myself all these years.

I got up on a bar stool and almost felt like a kid meeting his girlfriend for the first time.

Enrico turned around and smiled like he was happy to see me to.

I almost acted silly, was I in love with this young man.

Enrico and I began to have a personal conversation, I found out that he had been raised in Los Angeles, schooled there but came back to Mexico to live with his mother after his schooling was finished.

Enrico began to tell me of the hard life he had had in his younger life, I felt really bad for him.

I told him of my life and the circumstances that had brought me to Cancun.

I was setting there and he was leaning against the countertop where I as setting, as I told my plight, I felt his hand began to rub my arm and hand, it felt like jolts of electricity shooting thru my body. I even noticed his touch was causing a hardening effect on my cock, I had a full blown hardon in my shorts.

Enrico, then said, 'Would you like to have supper with me, I would be so honored to have you as my guest.'

'I would be delighted,' I responded.

'Then supper it is, seven tonight dress casual.' Enrico said.

We went out to supper and enjoyed each other tremendously, I was taken with Enrico's beautiful smile, and I noticed he kept staring into my eyes as we either ate or chatted or just walked along the beach together, It had turned dark when I invided Enrico back to the bungalo to have a glass of wine, I always drink a glass of wine before going to bed It helps me relax.

We walked into my bungalo and Enrico turned around,'Please don't think harshly of me but I have been wanted to do this ever since I met you.' Enrico reached out and pulled himself and he kissed me sensously and hotly on my lips.

No lips had touched mine if a kiss for months, It was fantastic his lips were wet, moist, sensual, and I felt the leap of my cock as I began to tighten up like a peice of rock.

I did not draw back from the kiss, but I went in for another kiss, then another then I noticed that I was entwineing our tongues.

I felt my heart beating really fast, hammering in my chest. I was very turned on, and it scared me.

I wanted Enrico to do to me what ever he wanted by this time.

I had been kissing Enrico passionately ,something

I never thought I would ever do.

I felt his hand unbutton my shirt and open it up and kiss my chest, licking my nipples, sending sensations thru my body like large jolts of electricity.

I was aching, wanting something, yet not sure what it as that I wanted.

I felt Enricos hand go down and I jumped a little as I felt his hands cup my balls, and began to stroke my swollen cock thru my shorts.

I at this time was like putty in Enrico's hands.

I felt his hand as it unbuttoned my shorts and unzip them, My white briefs were already wet in the front with pre-cum, and Enrico dropped to the floor on his knees and began to suck the tip of my swollen cock and tasted my pre-cum but that was the beginning, the warmth of his mouth against the head of my cock was a phenomenal feeling.

But I felt like I would fall over backwards as Enrico took the elastic from my briefs and pulled them down, moaned in appreciation at the sight of my cock, and took my swollen cock to the balls into his mouth and throat.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, Enrico gently sucked and swirled his masterful tongue around my cock head, something My exwife had never done was to take my cock into her mouth, but I doubt it could have even come close to the sensations that Enrico was causing to flood thru my body.

I felt my thick cum laden balls as they tightened up to the sides of my harder than steel cock, and I felt Enrico's fingers sink into the flesh of my ass cheeks, and then his finger began to probe my anus, the sensations were awesome, I felt his wet finger slide into my asshole as I almost went into convulsions and My cum began to explode into Enrico's mouth, My body was jerking and spasming as my cum filled Enrico's mouth and I saw his mouth almost balloon as it filled with cum, Enrico just smiled up and me and swallowed ever drip of my cock. Enrico just kept sucking and licking the sensetive head of my still throbbing cock.

I flopped back on the bed, realizing that a man had just brought the most fantastic climax and cum of my life, I knew that I wanted more of this.

I invited Enrico to spend the night, which he gladly accepted and, I got the pleasure of sucking his beautiful nine inch thick uncut Latino cock. I had never given thougth to doing such a thing with another man.

I felt his beautiful cock and balls and enjoyed the pleasure of touching another mans body in a sexual manner.

I got to feel the pleasure and taste of cum as Enrico let out a loud grunt and I felt his cum flooded my mouth, I almost gagged but I loved the feeling I was giving to Enrico.

Enrico and I fell asleep in each other's arms that night and awoke to a beautiful morning with the gorgeous sun, I felt like it was the morning after my wedding.

Enrico and I enjoyed each other the whole time I was there, Enrico showed me so many things, but the best thing was feeling that awesome cock when he gently sunk his beaautiful cock pubic hair deep into my asshole, now that was one exciteing almos painful event but I relaxed and got into it and began to enjoy it immensly, actually I came without touching myself while getting fucked, his cock was rubbing something up inside me as he fucked me so lovingly and wonderfully, I have grown to like getting fucked.

My Vacation to Cancun had become more to me that a vacation, it had become a Loving and wonderful experience. Enrico and I are an Item, he had visited me in Houston and I for some reason heheehe, go to Cancun quite often. I will only say that no other man alive has had the effect on me that Enrico has.



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