Troy rolled off me, panting heavily after he had just came. While I'm sure Troy had a great experience, me... not so much. You see, Troy and I had been high school sweethearts. We started dating when we were both 14 and first had sex when we were 16. Of course it was the most stimulating and amazing experience we both shared when we lost our virginities to each other.

But we were now both 24 and after having sex with Troy my whole life, I'm not proud to say it was getting a bit tiring. Troy was an extremely good looking man; he was almost the stereotypical 'stud' in a sense. He was 6'1, heavy muscular build, naturally tanned due to the strong sunrays in Sydney, green eyes, smooth brown hair styled into a sexy spiky up do. Completely gorgeous. So my gay best friend AJ didn't understand why I wasn't reaching the destination anymore.

'He's fucking hot!' exclaimed AJ. 'As if him and his anaconda aren't doing it for you!' It was true. Troy was very well hung. Thick and long, about 8 inches. The perfect man.

But it still wasn't doing it for me...

AJ had just gone through a break-up with his boyfriend of 2 years and was on the rebound, so being the good best friend I was, I decided to go gay clubbing with him to find someone he could stick it in to. I told Troy about my plans for the night and he laughed.

'Actually, I wouldn't mind coming with you,' he said with a grin, flashing his perfect white teeth.

This was the main thing that attracted me to Troy in the first place; he was so accepting of homosexuality which was important to me because AJ and I had been best friends since we were 5.

And so we were both getting ready to go out with AJ; I put on a simple low-cut halterneck red dress and black stiletto pumps and Troy wore a khaki button up shirt that despite being an extra-large, was still tight on his muscular frame, a pair of faded blue denim jeans and black Italian leather shoes. He was wildly sexy... so why couldn't he satisfy me?

AJ took us to his favourite gay club and Troy and I walked in holding hands, looking around at all the flashing lights and the flamboyance of the club. I immediately loved it. It was the type of club that I could get used to. AJ immediately went to the dancefloor to try and pick up whilst Troy and I sat the bar to order some drinks.

'I need to go to the ladies room,' I shouted over the music to Troy.

He nodded and I weaved through the crowd of people into the restroom. I quickly reapplied lipgloss and checked to make sure I didn't look like a complete trainwreck. I left the restroom and stopped to see a man sitting in my stool talking to Troy. If I wasn't mistaken, this seemingly masculine man was hitting on my boyfriend.

I took a seat next to an empty table and watched as this very handsome man with sandy blonde hair continued to chat up Troy who didn't seem uncomfortable at all. I was admiring the firmness in the man's back and the ridges of muscle in his arms. And then I would look at my handsome Troy and just stare in awe at these two ridiculously good looking men.

And then I got it.

That butterfly-feeling in your stomach when you saw something you knew you had to have. I had found something that sexually stimulated me - watching another attractive man flirting with my boyfriend was HOT! This had obviously happened in the past with girls and that enfuriated me, but something about this was so sexy.

The man reached out and sort of rubbed Troy's shoulder and I felt myself tingle. These two sexy men touching each other was sexy. Abso-fucking-lutely sexy.

Without thinking, I left my stool and approached my boyfriend who looked quite relieved to see me.

'Ted, this is my girlfriend Layla,' Troy introduced me to his friend.

Ted looked up at me and a hint of disappointment crossed his face. What he didn't know was I was happily going to give my boyfriend to him for the night.

'Wow, has anyone ever told you you look just like Farrah Fawcett?' he said.

'Wow! Thank you!' I replied.

'It was lovely meeting both of you, Ted said finally.

He stood up, shook both of our hands and started to leave, but I reached out and grabbed his shoulder to stop him. I leaned closer to his ear and whispered to him that I had a plan. Ted looked at me as if I had gone mental but I simply smiled at him and told him to sit down.

'Can I talk to you for a second Troy?' I grabbed my boyfriend and pulled him to a quiet area so I could tell him my masterplan.

'You know how you've said on multiple occasions that you're open-minded and a very accepting person?' I asked him, begging inside for a yes.

Troy nodded his head and looked at me with an amused smile on his face. I got closer to him, lightly caressed his big pecs and whispered in his ear.

'You, me and Ted. What do you think?'

Fortunately for me, Troy didn't look disgusted at all, but he did stare at me as if to think should I really do this. He glanced over at Ted who hadn't taken his eyes off us and back at me. Troy knew of my sexual issues lately and he knew he'd do anything to make me feel better.

'Sure,' he said finally.

I hugged him excitedly and kissed him, thanking him for this opportunity. I walked over to Ted and without a word, grabbed his hand and led him over to Troy who was waiting for us at the front door. I knew AJ would be fine to get home by himself so I was ready to leave and explore.

'What's going on?' Ted asked me.

'To put it simply, I'm happily giving you permission to fool around with my boyfriend,' I said to Ted.

Ted's eyes widened and he glanced at Troy who was grinning at him. We took a taxi back to our place and with Ted still being confused, we walked into our bedroom and immediately kicked off our shoes.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' Ted asked me.

I simply nodded and smiled and then he repeated the question to Troy who after brief hesitation, nodded his head. I got out of my dress and sat down on the chair in the corner of our room wearing sexy lacy lingerie. The image of these tow men stripping down to their underwear automatically got me in the mood, which was a mood I hadn't felt in a long time.

'Go for it,' I said as I pulled out a vibrator from the bedside table, 'I'll just be sitting here watching.'

Both men were in their tight briefs, Troy in white and Ted in blue. Ted made the first move and pressed his lips against Troy's and soon they had their arms wrapped around each other and were passionately embracing.

This nearly took me over the edge so I took my underwear off and started to masturbate with the vibrator over this sexy image. Troy's tanned muscular hands moving around Ted's chiselled back was probably the hottest thing I'd seen in ages.

Troy laid Ted down on his back on the bed and started to kiss around Ted's neck. Meanwhile, I was having the time of my life in my corner seat watching the hottest sex scene I had seen in my life.

'Can he suck me off?' Troy said, looking over at me as if he wanted permission.

'Do whatever you want!'

Troy winked at me and pulled his briefs down, his hard dick springing to life immediately after being set free. Ted positioned himself in front of Troy's cock and started to go down on it immediately, the slurping noises of Ted's mouth on Troy's cock nearly sending me to climax.

Troy closed his eyes, put his hands behind his head and thrusted his pelvis forward into Ted's mouth who happily accepted the gift. I was lashing like a wild horse in my seat and was nearly screaming as I was reaching the sexual climax I hadn't reached in a while.

Troy pulled out of Ted's mouth and looked down at Ted's boner.

'You gotta reciprocate man,' Ted said with a grin.

Troy hesitated for a while and after a few approving looks from me, got down his knees and pulled Ted's briefs down. Ted's cock was about an inch smaller than Troy's but was about the same in thickness. Troy seized it in his hand and jacked it off as he would do to his own and with a last moment of hesitation, took Ted's cock in his mouth. Ted moaned in pleasure and so did I, the image of my boyfriend sucking another man's cock was absolutely amazing.

Ted kicked off his briefs so he could spread his legs more for Troy to go down on his hard cock. This was too good. I soon had another idea. I switched off my vibrator and walked over to the two men who were engaging in the hottest sex I had seen.

'Stop,' I said, patting Troy on the head, 'I want to try something.'

Soon, I was laying down on the bed, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed while Troy had put on a condom and slid into my pussy, replacing the vibrator that had done wonders previously. Meanwhile, Ted was standing on the bed over me and Troy soon had his mouth full with Ted's cock while he continued to pump me.

Feeling Troy's cock penetrate me whilst looking up to see Ted facefuck my boyfriend was fucking amazing. Me being the perverted instigator on tonight's events was the first to come and soon Troy's body tensed and he soon shot into the condom. I was breathing heavily after having the greatest fuck I had ever had in my life.

Soon, Ted announced he was about to shoot and he held Troy's head on his cock as she shot his load into Troy's mouth, some of his white come sliding out of the corner's of Troy's mouth. Troy leaned down to me and quickly passed me some of Ted's come and we both shared the tasty treat.

All three of us fell onto the bed, completely exhausted.

'Better?' Troy asked me.

'You have no idea,' I breathed. 'Did you have fun?'

'It was alright,' he replied.

'I'm glad I met you two tonight,' Ted said with a grin.



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