Steve and Gary worked together for almost twelve years at the same sales company. Working in adjoining offices, they shared clients and territories and made a great team. The company knew how well they worked together and gave them free reign in their work and their schedules. They were both paid very well for their good job performances.

Steve was 36 years old. Married but with no children, he made enough money to allow his wife to travel quite a bit visiting friends and family. Steve kept in shape. At just over 6 foot tall, he had kept his college days physique by working out at least three times a week when he wasn't on the road making a sales call, usually with Gary in the adjoining hotel room.

Gary was gay. At 29 years of age, he never wanted a family and was quite happy putting his energy into his career. Just under 6 foot tall, his fair smooth build was evidence of his college days on the swim team and his regular swim sessions at his gym.

Although they had very different lifestyles, they felt amazingly comfortable being with each other, whether on a road trip or grabbing a late dinner after a long day at the office.

Recently sent on a sales trip, they showed up at the hotel registration desk after a delayed flight, through rough weather, and it was already past 10 pm. When the clerk returned to the front desk looking up the two reservations, she had bad news.

"I remember this booking and knew you gentlemen had two rooms reserved, but one of the earlier clerks seemed to fill one of the rooms. I am so sorry. The hotel goofed!" she explained.

"That is not acceptable," said Gary, his voice sounding tired and agitated.

"What are yo going to do about this?" Steve chimed in. "Our company gives this hotel a lot of business and we sure wouldn't look forward to start using a different hotel."

The clerk looked at her computer screen. "I am truly sorry. Let me see here. Hmmmm. If you don't mind the inconvenience for one night, I can put you in the presidential suite and we won't charge you anything for tonight. It has a king size bed and also a sitting room which has a pull out couch. Will that work gentlemen?

"I don't know," said Gary hesitantly.

"That may work, with two beds and all," said Steve. Gary gave Steve a concerned look.

They took the room key and then went to the elevator. The two men carried their bags into the room and looked around. It was very large as they explored it. With only one large bathroom, there was in fact a large sitting area. Steve opened the pull out couch to find a very old thin mattress laying on the couch frame. "Oh shit!" exclaimed Steve.

Gary immediately walked over, looking over the situation. "No way you'll sleep on that Steve. I'll take it," offered Gary.

Steve didn't respond at first but the two men unpacked and put theirs clothes away. Their were several closets in the suite and the bathroom counter was large enough to hold both Steve's and Gary's toiletries. At this point, Steve was walking around in his blue plaid boxers and white undershirt.

Gary was still fully dressed in slacks and dress shirt and tie. He seemed lost as he walked around.

Steve, sitting on the end of the bed, looked over at Gary. "What's wrong bud?" asked Steve.

"Um uh, nothing." remarked Gary.

"Bullshit," responded Steve. "I know you too well. You're acting like a cage animal."

Gary finally turned to face Steve. "We never shared a room together, and well, you know, I'm gay,"

Steve looked at Gary with a knowing grin. "Is is catching?" Steve asked, still grinning. "Oh wait, maybe I've never seen another guy in his undies, or at the gym, oh gosh, naked or something?" Steve joked.

Gary didn't know what to say. Steve continued: "And by the way, you're not sleeping on that shitty ratty-assed couch. And neither am I. This king bed is huge. I'll take the left side, you get the right. Now get your bony ass in the bathroom and wash and change cause I'm tired and cranky and wanna turn in!" Got it sport?" Steve commanded.

A slow grin started to emerge on Gary's face. "Now I know why your're my only straight firend!" Gary teased. "And also my best friend!" Gary added.

Gary picked up his toiletry bag and went into the bathroom. Steve peeled off his undershirt and laid down on the bed, over the covers, sitting up against his pillows and pulled out a news magazine to read. When Steve heard the bathroom door open, without looking up, he said: "all clean Cinderella?"

"I hope so. You like me gay undies?" Gary asked. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of blue plaid boxers, similar to those worn my Steve.

Steve looked up, realizing the joke. "Those are so gay!" he joked. That made Gary smile.

Gary climbed in to bed, also staying above the covers, but laid down on the pillow, turning on his side to face Steve. "Thanks for being so cool bud!" Gary said.

Steve put down the magazine and turned to face Gary. "Cool is one thing I know I'm not. My wife tells me how uncool I am all the time!"

"She's wrong. You are one cool dude. You're lucky your married or you'd be in trouble!" Gary joked.

"What do you mean by that?" Steve asked, looking a bot concerned.

"Um oh, nothing nothing, you just are cool." Gary quickly replied.

"Just be glad you're single," Steve answered.

Gary thought about that for a second. "Single ain't so hot either," he finally responded. "Beds usually stay kinda cold," he continued.

After a few minutes of silence, Steve got out of bed to shut the light and then climbed back into the bed, getting under the cover and turned on his side, facing away from Gary. Gary likewise got under the cover and got on his side, also facing away. After a long day, the two friends quickly fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Gary woke up. It took him a minute to remember where he was and then realized that he felt a warm body huddle up behind him. It was Steve! The contact felt good. Gary snuggled back into a sleeping position, making sure he was up against the warm body behind him. As he did so, he felt Steve push back against him as well. Gary wondered whether was Steve was asleep or aware of what he was doing.

Morning came quickly, finding both Gary and Steve waking up at the same time. Steve went to the bathroom first. Gary heard steve use the toilet and then the sink to wash up. He came out, with a towel in his hand. "You wanna shave and shower first bud?" Steve asked.

"Sure, thanks," replied Gary, who was suddenly aware of his boxers tenting from his morning wood. Although a bid embarrassed, he walked towards Steve and the bathroom. He noticed Steve look down at his boxers but didn't seem to respond.

As Gary was passing Steve, he felt Steve grab his hand at the elbow. "And for the record, don't ever pull that "I'm gay" crap on me again. You're my best friend too! You better be yourself around me, dressed or in undies or showing off your morning wood!" Steve grinned at his own boldness of the comment. You better be cool around me too or I'll be offended. Got it Gary?"

"Absolutely!" Gary answered with a grin, slapping Steve on the ass as he passed. He entered the bathroom and intentionally left the bathroom door opened as he lifted the toilet seat and began to pee. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Steve wasn't watching but near the bed collecting his clothes.

Gary heard the television news go on as he moved to the sink to shave. Through the mirror he saw Steve look once or twice at him shaving. Maybe he's just checking my progress, Gary thought.

Pushing the envelope a bit further, Gary finished shaving, turned on the shower and dropped his boxers, stepping into the shower Damn, frosted glass around the shower, he thought.

Suddenly he heard Steve's voice. "Mind if I start to shave bud?" Steve asked.

"Go for it," Gary answered.

Gary finished his shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, stepping out of the shower with his chest still shiny wet and his hair slicked back. His eyes met Steve's through the mirror, noticing that Steve was almost finished shaving. Gary grinned and moved toward the other sink, picking up his toothbrush, watching through the mirror as Steve turned to the shower and turned on the water. he dropped his boxers, revealing to Gary his round smooth ass, and stepped into the shower, closing the frosted glass door behind him. Gary was so turned on by the scene. He was surprised that he had such feelings for his long time straight friend.

Gary walked into the bedroom to get his clothes, still wrapped in only a towel on his side of the bed. Very soon after, Steve emerged from the shower, wearing only in a towel also, but only the clothes he had collected before but taken into the bathroom beforehand. Very puzzling, thought Gary.

Now on opposite sides of the bed, both men laid out their clothes for the day.

"Marriage isn't always so wonderful Gary," Steve suddenly said.

Gary looked at Steve with a concerned look. "I'm sorry if you're having some problems Steve," Gary offered.

"And for the record, single is lonely sometimes," said Gary.

"I thought you gay guys had all the fun!" said Steve.

"Why, being alone or rejected or not accepted? You call that fun?"

"I don't believe you Gary," Steve said. You're young and good looking. And kind and decent." Steve added. "And gay must be different and easier."

"Thanks, but I don't go for that fuck and suck scene. I want a relationship." explained Gary.

"I still say guys are easier then females," Steve offered.

"That may be true, but we still want tenderness. And I want tenderness," Gary stated, as he began to slowly walk around the bed toward Steve.

"So why is it easier and different for a gay guy then a straight guy to have a relationship?" asked Gary.

"I'm not sure if I'm offended Steve."

"You know I didn't mean anything bad Gary," Steve explained, "but it has to be different, no?"

Gary raised his right hand on slowly put it on Steve's shoulder. Gary felt Steve flinch from his touch, but didn't back away. He began to rub Steve's shoulder slowly. Their eyes locked.

"Does this feel any different or any less warm?" Gary asked.

"No, not really."

"Or this?" Gary asked, as he slowly rubbed his hand across Steve's shoulder to his neck, gently massaging Steve's jaw line.

"No, feels nice actually," Steve answered.

Gary ran his hand across to Steve's chin, and then slowly across Steve's closed mouth to his cheek, then across to his other cheek. Gary stepped over to be directly in front of Steve, continuing his slow hand movements across Steve's brows and then across his forehead. He looked down and saw the front of Steve's towel now starting to tent. Both men were breathing heavily at this point.

Gary stepped back and sat down on the bed in front of a standing Steve.

"So the gay stuff is still different?" Gary asked, looking up at Steve.

Steve shook his head 'no.'

Gary had nothing to lose at this point. He reached down to his towel and opened it, exposing his quickly hardening cock, smoothing out the open towel. He looked up at Steve, waiting for a reaction. Steve stood still, staring, looking over his best friend's naked body. Gary could see Steve take a deep breath, entranced by what he saw. Gary slowly reached up, rubbing the side of Steve's leg, running his hand over the towel, towards Steve's hip. Steve knew what was coming but refused to move away.

Finding the corner of the towel, Gary tugged until the towel came loose, falling to the floor, leaving Steve standing naked with a growing hard on.

"I bet getting hard is something that happens when you're with a female huh buddy?" Gary asked with a grin, looking up at Steve. Steve could only grin back. Gary brought his hand up to cup Steve's balls, hearing a gasp from Steve when he made contact. Leaning forward, he licked the tip of Steve's now fully erect cock. Another gasp escaped Steve's mouth. Gary began a slow and tender lick and suck of the hot cock facing him, caressing and exploring each crease with his tongue. Steve brought his hands to Gary's head, caressing and rubbing it as he closed his eyes.

Gary finally had his prize he had lusted for and longed for over the past few years. He hungrily savored the rod in his mouth, giving as much pleasure as he could offer to his best friend, who was now becoming his best lover.

Steve stood tall, his hips slowly rocking back and forth, as the intensity in his loins grew and grew. He knew he was close as he began to arch his back, feeling better then he could ever remember. All he knew was that he was feeling what he had wanted to try for many years with his best friend, his best buddy. He moaned louder, feeling the urge building and building.

Gary held on to Steve's hips tight, knowing what was soon coming. Steve suddenly froze, thrusting his hips forward as his orgasm arrived, causing an outpouring of his jiz into the mouth of a waiting and eager Gary. The moans lessened as both bodies relaxed, Gary lovingly licking and cleaning Steve's softening cock. He happily swallowed the load as he slowly stood up, feeling Steve assist him to his feet. The men stood face to face, their eyes locked, their breathing returning to normal.

"You okay," asked a concerned Gary.

Steve raised his eyebrows. "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" Steve asked.

"Well," began Gary, a guy just sucked you off, a gay guy actually!" Gary added with a sly grin.

"This may sound odd, but it kind of felt kind of natural." Steve explained. "It wasn't so much that you're a guy, or a gay guy, but that you're someone I feel close to." Steve paused.

"Does that make sense?" Steve added.

Gary could only smile widely. "Hell yeah! That's exactly how I thought about it, despite you're being straight and all!" he joked with a return smile.

"We need to dress, we have a meeting to make man!" Steve said.

"I know." Gary turned to reach for his clothes.

"Um Gary?" Steve started.


"Um maybe, when we get back, we can um uh....." stammered a nervous Steve with half grin.

"Absolutely!" exclaimed Gary. "Whatever you want to do or try! Okay?"

Steve couldn't answer, only shake his head up and down like an eager school boy!



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