I had just came home to my apartment after getting off work, I had worked hard all week, and I was pent up and ready for a nice weekend. I hadn't had sex in almost two weeks, and for a twenty five year old man, that means the pressure is on to unload some love juice somewhere. But where, that was something I would have to work on.

If I was a straight man, I could go to a bar and maybe pickup a nice looking gal take here back to my pad and fuck her brains out, but then comes my problem, I'm not 'Straight' Im bent in the middle, I would rather suck a cock than eat, and after not having had a juicy cum filled cock in my mouth for almost a month, I was feeling that need, god man I needed some cock to suck the sauce from.

I was even up for a cock or two in my ass if that situation arose for me.

I had gone home that night, gotten into the shower, I began feeling that awesome feeling as the hot water ran down my nicely muscled chest, over my abs and down on my hardening cock and over my nuts, even that was beginning to have an effect on my body, God my cock began to look angry, thicken up and stood up to it's full measurement of almost eight inches, thick, and hard, it was all I could do to resist reaching down and takeing hold of myself and begin to gently and lovingly pump my cock to a shattering finish.

But my hope was to save the stored up cum for a possible rendevous with some nice looking guy this evening, but where I wasn't exactly sure.

I was naked as a newborn baby, drying off my hair when the phone rang, It was Chad, a guy I work with on the constrution site.

Chad was one fucking awesome looking guy, altho straight, that I had been eyeing for almost two years, I loved his facial looks, as well as the fact he was absoulutely gorgeous looking in every part of his anatomy.

Working with and constantly looking at Chad, almost kept my mind on having sex with him all the time.

One other thing,He had this enormous bulge between his legs. He always wore levi's, with a tank top shirt to work, and his torso shouted, 'I'm Man, I can be had, just come get me.' And Oh Jesus did I ever really want too.

Well the phone call was Chad, 'Hey Ken, how about going with Allen and Me out to a club tonight, I sorta didn't know what to say, I knew it would be a straight club, whatever it was, But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go, Humm! I might even get lucky and find a guy just like me, looking, wanting, wishing.

I got myself ready dressed casually, and Chad picked me up about seven, I wasn't really sure where we were going, but just being with Chad made the evening a trea. He wore these tight pants that made his cock show even more, laying to the side of his leg, looking absolutely delicious.

We Finally got to this parking lot and we pulled in and Chad said to Allen and me, well dudes, were here.

I got out and saw the advertizement over the door, 'Live Girls every Friday night,' Whopptie friggen doo! The surprise of my life.

'Hey Chad is this what I think it is?'

'Yeah Baby, were going to watch some broads take it all off.' Its a strip club, titty bar, pussy palace, you ready for this Ken?'

'Might as well be, were here aren't we?' I smiled a big smile as I thought to myself, well I guess I can always just enjoy the dudes setting around rubbing their boners in their trousers.

We Got into the club, took a table several rows of tables back from the stage. I was setting there watching these beautiful gals strut their stuff, when I looked over and saw Chad, watching the show, sipping a beer, cheering the strippers on, and looked at his right hand as it stroked that awesome looking hardon in his levis, god I wanted to reach over and help him out.

After watching several gals performing their parts of the show, I started noticing several guys, leaning back and sorta stroking at their crotches as they got turned on by the strippers, Man I was about to shit, so many hardons and not one for me to suck.

Finally I got up and went to the bathroom, I was standing at this urinal taking a piss, when in walked this cowboy looking dude, he had this western cowboy hat on, nice looking cowboy boots, nice looking levis, and a plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves cut out of it.

Now I know a good looking dude when I see one, he looked to be about my age or just a little older, He looked over and smiled at me as he undid his trousers fly and said, 'Those fucking broads got me so fucking horny my cock is about to explode, He reached into his Levi's And sorta wiggled out a very thick, very hard cock, with a beautiful foreskin, already pulled back showing a gorgeous pinkish red head, My eyes were fixed as he tried to piss with a hardon.

'Damn man, That thing needs some attention was all I could think to say. He smiled and said, 'Oh Fuck man, I need to get off so fucking bad, I would let a calf suck on my cock right now.'

I just Stared down at his gorgeous cock and watched as he just stroked it a little, 'Would you like me to take care of it for you?'

'You kidding man, do you suck cock?'

'When I get the opportunity, I love the taste of a good load of mansauce.'

This young cowboy looked over and turned to face me and said, 'then let me make you happy dude, have at it.'

He turned over toweard me and unbuckled his trousers, let them down a little with his tidy whities, and with his pants about four inches above his knees, I knelt down and started to taked his awesome cock into my mouth and I started giveing him the best blowjob I could offer, I was swirling my hand around his shaft as I took what I could into my mouth.

The first thing I heard was a heavy gasp and groan as I took his shaft to the hilt.

Since I hadn't had any cock for a while, I was in my zone, I was working my cock with my hand as I worked this young dudes cock with my mouth and tongue, I was feeling only enjoyment, and he was feeling something, I don't know exactly what be it was something good.

I had him almost to the point of know return when the door opened, I thought we had locked it, but there was my buddy Chad, standing there just staring at the sight before him, 'Ken, I didn't know, you ah, damn, why didn't you tell me.'

Chad walked over to the side of this guy, and said,'Fuck man, I could use one of these blow jobs man, if your treating everyone that come in.'

I smiled and finally got to see Chads cock for the first time, Damn it was beautiful, at least a good eight hard inches, very thick, gorgeous flared out head, circumcision scar about two inches behing the head going all the way around his cock. It was by itself a work of art.

I began to take both their cocks as the same time as I played with both their balls with both hands and it was a chore but I got their cocks into my mouth at the same time, which was very excititng.

They were both working my mouth over with their cocks when I felt Chad pull out and said, 'You fuck his mouth man, Im gonna have that ass.'

I felt Chad go around behind me, pulled me up as I leaned over and kept working on this cowboy's cock.

I felt Chads fingers beging to working on and in my ass, it felt fantastic, and knowing it was Chad made it even better.

I was sucking like there was no tomorrow on my cowboys cock, when I felt Chad place his cockhead all wet with saliva and precum, and I felt his cock slip into my asshole, got it was awesome, a little painful and uncomfortable but I took it.

Chad began an ass pounding that would end all ass poundings. I was sucking the cowboys cock and Chad was pumping my ass. I got my desire fulfilled that night at this Hetero Strip Club, Ironic as it was Straight guys out side in the club, and gay sex going on in the john.

I was enjoying the hell out of it.

I heard my cowboy friend began to get louder and wilder as his body began to jerk and spasm, and I felt that flexing of his cock as he unloaded the most awesome tasting cum I had had in my mouth in months, god it was awesome, He finally calmed down and let me lick that last little drop off his cock.

He leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said, 'God Damn man, you can really suck a cock, Thanks, I needed that badly.'

The cowboy pulled his levis up and washed his hands and walked out a satisfied man.

I heard Chads breatheing get louder and he said,'You want it up your ass man?'

'NO, Chad, I want your load in my mouth,'

'Your wish is my command babe!' As Chad got close to the cum point.

Chad pulled out, came around in front of me and I took his cock to the hilt, and I had no sooner taken it into my mouth than it started shooting its load. I almost had a time swallowing all of Chad's load, but I got it. As I was swallowing Chad's load I began to cum all over the floor, stroking my own cock, It was so awesome.

After cleaning up and getting dressed we both walked back out to watch the rest of the show. Allen said, 'Where the fuck you guys been, In the mens john, sucking each other off or something?'

Chad just looked at Allen and said, 'Now Allen Don't go and get all Jealous, and we both started laughing.'

That was one of the most memorable moments in my life, Gay Sex at a Straight Stripclub.

Oh by the way, I guess Chad really enjoyed himself that night because he drops by about twice a week for sex now, sure glad I went that night.



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