It had been a couple of months since my encounter with James. Although we've not kept in touch I keep thinking about that night.I have to admit its left me confused! Don't get me wrong I love pussy but the thought of sucking his dick again keeps coming back to me.

It was a Thursday night she was at her work and angry at me. Apparently it was my turn to do the hoovering but thankfully, I forgot. My phone vibrated on the coffee table infront of me. I picked it u and read the text

" your such a let down sometimes"

Now I am pissed off. I get up grab my coat walk out the door and start heading for the pub. At the end of the road I stop and look up the street towards the direction of James's house. I am quite horny after all, this is a good time, I could just check he is in. Decision made I make the turn and head for his flat. As I get closer to his flat the nerves and excitement grow. I stop outside his door and look up at what I think is his window. After a deep breath to brace myself I step forward and ring the bell. Nothing, I am feeling kinda desperate now. I ring the bell again...still Nothing. "fuck!"

Walking away I turn my head and look back up at the window. I see James standing, looking out the window. He obviously recognizes me and quickly opens the window. He leans out the window topless and shouts "hey first timer, good to see you" I feel my cheeks flush red and I look around to make sure nobody overheard him.

"i'll be right down" he shouts as he disappears from the window closing it as he goes.

I get to the front door in a rush still blushing from his comments. The door opens slightly so I push open the door and look up the stairs. James is there in his boxers looking down at me.

"how you doing?" I ask

"No bad, hows yourself?"

"no bad" I reply

Following James he heads straight into the bedroom. I stop in his hall and he gestures me in

"its why your here no?"

"yeah" I mutter walking forward.

I sit down on his bed and unzip my jacket dropping it on the floor. I turn to look at him, he is looking so hot in his tight black boxers and his semi hard cock showing through.

"I was wondering when I would see you next"

"how did you know would see me again?" I am quite surprised by his confidence.

"well, when you were sleeping I couldn't help but press my cock against your ass and I couldn't help but notice you pushed back"

"I pushed back?"

"yeah, in your sleep you pushed your ass back into my cock"

I don't know what to say to that, I know that my girlfriend will push back if I do that to her during the night. I pride myself on my manliness though and here I am back for more cock.

"just get stripped mate, I've got plans for you" James commands


"yeah plans"

I stand up and pull my shirt over my head. I watch James as he watches me undress. Down to my boxers I slip my thumbs underneath to start pulling them down.

"stop, just sit down" he again commands.

James walks towards me dropping his boxers and pulling on his hard cock as he goes. He lifts one foot out and hooking them on the other foot he kicks them right at me. I throw my hands up to catch them and drop them on the floor, giving me no time to react James runs and tackles me back onto the bed. He pins my arms above me head. I couldn't believe his strength. He leans his head down towards me and kisses me passionately running his tongue round my mouth. Finishing his kiss he whispered into my ear "your going to be my bitch this evening"

He pulls my hands together with them still above my head and holds them down by my wrists with one hand. With the other he reaches down and feels my balls, squeezing and pulling them.

"your going to suck my cock" he tells me.

James climbs right up putting his knees either side of my head and sitting down on my chest. With his hand behind my head he pulls my head up and slides a pillow behind me.

"you'll need that, now open your mouth"

I am slightly shocked by how much he is forcing me this time. I open my mouth and James slides his cock in. God I love the taste of his cock. I suck strongly on as he slowly pumps his head back and forth just past my lips and no more.

"your mouth feels good bitch. Now I am gonna push deep, when you feel my cock in the back of your mouth I want you to swallow ok"

I nod my head in approval-not that if I disapproved I would be able to do anything about it. A few strokes later James kept pushing his cock forward. I feel it slowly push into the back of my mouth so I do as he told me and swallow, James's cock is pulled into my throat and I can feel his balls touching my chin. With a moan he gives a couple of small thrusts and pulls his cock back

"that's it, now take it again"

He pushes his cock forward again and I to swallow and manage but its not easy. Again and again he pushes deep into my throat I know he can tell I am struggling. He pulls back and "well done bitch" he tells me. James pulls right out and slides of my chest so he is sitting on the bed.

"what now?" I ask him

"stand up" he said

I stand up facing him.

"go into that drawer, yeah that one by the bed." He tells me

" Now, pick up that lube and put some in your hands. Now come over here and put that lube all over my cock, rub it right in"

I squeeze a good wad into my hand then put the lube to the side. I hold the base of his cock with my left hand and with my right hand I massage the lube into his cock.

"god that feels good"

"you wanting more?" I ask him

"yeah put more on"

I turn to pick up the lube and again James grabs me and throws me on the bed. I land with my chest on the mattress and my knees on the floor. He holds my face down on the bed and I struggle to get up

"relax bitch or this is gonna hurt"

"James I am sorry, I dunno if I can do this"

"To late bitch, this dog has his meat and your just gonna have to accept it"

I feel his cock jam between my buttocks and I struggle more. As I struggle I can feel his cock rubbing between my cheeks covering me in his lube.

"ok bitch this is gonna happen the hard way"

I feel him pin me down even harder with his weight and he presses his cock against my hole.

"James please!" I plead with him

"your my bitch, your my toy and I am gonna fill you with cum"

This makes me struggle again and I can tell he is enjoying it. He grinds his hips forward and I feel my hole starting to be pushed open.

"Please" I ask again helpless and subject only to James's wishes.

He pushes harder and with a bit of a perseverance from him his head quickly slides into me. I gasp with the slight amount of pain but what surprises me is the pleasure I am getting from being made a bitch of.

"Don't you struggle now bitch, I am gonna enjoy fuckin your pretty ass"

I don't struggle anymore. James slowly and smoothly pumps his cock back and forth the whole time keeping his arm across the back of my neck. As he loosens my bum and gets more freedom I start to feel a real physical pleasure from his hard cock.

"ok bitch be good" he release my neck and runs his hand down my side and squeezes my bum.

"youve got a fuckable ass bitch"

"So tell me..." he continues

"Do you like being a bitch?.. bitch. I bet you love my meat fucking your ass like a pussy" He slaps my ass cheek and I let out a moan

"oh you like that pussy boy. What would your girlfriend think of you now bitch? Your getting fucked by a real man. Tell me I am your daddy"

"your my daddy"

"tell me your my bitch"

"I am your bitch"

"tell me your ass is my pussy"

"my ass is your pussy"

"Tell me you want me to fill your pussy with my cum"

"Fill my pussy with cum"

"NO! with MY cum I said!"

"Fill my pussy with your cum"

At this point I feel him pull my head back by my hair and force his dick deep into my ass. It was the most amazing feeling I've ever had. James slowly stroked the length of his cock with my ass and releases my hair. I have my eyes shut tight and I am helplessly enjoying James plough my hole. I hear something land on the bed next to where my head is resting. I open my eyes to find my phone, he must have digged it out my pocket my jacket. I cant believe that he done that.

"phone your girl"


James grabs my hips tight and thumps hard into my ass

"phone your girl pussy boy"

so I get her number up and call it. As its ringing I am told to turn it up so he can hear it and to only repeat what he tells me.

"hey, what you doin callin me at work? whats wrong" She asks sounding quite worried

"nothing everything is great. I am sorry"

"what you sorry for?" I turn and look at James when I realize what he wants me to say. Without hesitation he slaps his cock hard inside me again.

"I am sorry for being a pussy boy"

"what you talking bout?" she sounds confused

"I have met a real man, he has shown me how much of a bitch I am."

Laughing she replies "and how did this real man show you that"

"he is showing me right now"

"well what is he doing?"

I hesitate to repeat what he tells me and James throws two hard poundings deep into my ass

"He is... pounding my ass with his solid piece of man meat"


"He is pounding my ass with his solid piece of man meat"

James takes the phone from my hand and puts it to his ear

"You his girl?"

"yeah and who the fuck are you?"

"I am the man who is fucking your pussy bitch of a boyfriends ass and you know what I am gonna do? I am gonna breed this little bitch and watch my cum dribble from his ass, would you like a picture?"

James hangs up the phone and throws it on the floor.

"you hear that? I am gonna cum inside of you" he tells me aggressively.

I cant believe he just made me do that and spoke to her like that. The thrill of it was getting to much I wasn't sure, but I thought I was gonna cum soon.

"right bitch its time I am gonna breed you and if your lucky you wont get pregnant, pussy"

James reached forward pulled my hair and started pounding and fucking my ass hard and fast. I could feel his balls slapping at the back of my balls, he was so deep! His cock felt so good that deep in my hole that my dick started to leek like i was about to cum, holy shit I was cumming. Each new thrust sent the nerves in my ass wild, I could feel my cock firing as he fucked me and the wetness on the sheets and my stomach. I had came but James was still pussyfying my ass.

"Feel me cum bitch" he groaned loudly

As he did James mellowed the frantic fucking and teased every drop of cum out by sliding his dick all the way in and all the way out a few times.

Pulling his cock out he turned and sat on the bed next to me.

"don't move" he commanded

I didn't, I couldn't. He found my phone on the floor pointed the camera at my ass, pulled my cheeks apart then snapped a picture of my freshly destroyed ass.

"you shouldn't send that" I urged

"to late" he replied

"anyway look at me"

I turned my head and looked at him

"you made my cock messy, clean it"

I stretched myself over and lovingly licked and sucked the left over cum that was still on his cock. I left his cock as clean as I could.

"looks like your gonna be needing a place to stay then?" James asked with a big beaming smile on his face.



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