Another rainy Saturday night, another night walking home 2am and half pissed. I take the vibrating phone from my pocket and check the message. "dont even bother comin home if your pissed, iv had enough of you today" I take ciggarette and sit in my usual spot that I like to stop at on my walk home. A bench in the park. I text back "where the fuck am i supposed to go". sitting back I wait for the reply. The phone goes again "anywhere". Throwing away the dog end I get up to walk home and face the music. As I leave the park I hear footsteps coming up from behind me "excuse me pal, got a light?" I turn round and offer my lighter "cheers pal". The lad lit his cigarrete. "ruff night eh" he said. He was a tall guy, quite athletic looking. Dark hair and smartly dressed with a black fitted short sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He had strong dark eyes and was clean shaven.

"tell me bout it" I replied "Mrs has locked me out"

letting out a slight laugh.

"really? well I tell you what come to mine for a drink" "Fuck it why not?" I replied.

As we walked to his flat we chatted. "James" was his name. Quite a nice guy.

He opened the front door and we climbed the stairs to his flat halway. Living room is there am going in here to get changed. When I got into the room I couldnt help but look around. I was lookin through his dvd collection when I heard him come in behind me. I turned round to find him down to his boxers and a clean white t-shirt. He was holding two beers and a second white t-shirt. "your fuckin soaked mate, through that on before you soak my couch. If your needing to stay your on the couch but take your jeans off atleast." It must have been the drink but i just took them off there and then. I then pulled off my shirt and left them both in a pile in the corner. Throwing on the t-shirt I sat down and James passed me my beer. James was by now sitting on one end of the couch so I sat on the other. "Nice wee place you've got" "its no bad" he said "I dunno bout you pal but i fancy a bit porn" James walked over to the tv switches it on and sits back down. He had obviously been watchin it before as it jumped straight into some pretty little white girl gettin spit-roasted by two huge black guys. Feelin quite uncomfortable all I could say was "so you like big black guys eh?" Laughing James replied sarcasticly "love it mate" He took a slug of his beer and returned to watchin the porn. It was at this point that I started to enjoy what were watching. I could feel my cock beginning to show from beneath my boxers "its an interesting film isn't it" James said and when I turned and looked he had a huge smile on his face. I could do nothing but smile nervously. "Are you horny mate?" He asked me

"I cant hide it mate"

"Why dont you have a wank?"

"I cant do that infont of you" I said with a smile.

James took another drink from his beer then let out a laugh "just a thought, but I bet you that a man could suck a cock better than that bitch"

"how do you work that one out mate?" I asked

"men know what men like" James slid along the couch closer to me. He reached across and gave my balls a slight squeeze through my boxers. His hand surprisingly felt really good. He stood up from the couch and calmly said "this way" turned and walked out the door and across the hall switched on the light in the room opposite. I was frozen with nerves by now. "what the fuck am I doing" I stood up and started walking through. I couldnt believe what I was doing. I was feeling proper nervous but I was aroused and very curious by now. When I got to the room James was on his bed lying on top of his covers and he ws completly naked and on his back. I noticed his hard cock about 7 inch long was lying on his flat stomach and he had obviously shaved his pubes. His balls were bald and his bush short and trimmed. He never said a word he just patted the space next to him on his bed. I pulled off the t-shirt and pulled down my boxers. My cock sprung out showing my full erection. I lay down beside him and was so unsure about what to do. "don't worry, me first" he smiled and started sliding down. He again cupped my balls as he positioned himself between my legs. With his other hand he took my cock quite firmly in and slowly began to stroke the length of my cock. It felt so good I closed my eyes. Next I could feel the warmth of his breath as his mouth opened lowered down onto my erection. The wetness of his mouth and the softness of his tongue wrapping round my head made me breath deep. I looked down and James started to push his head down and up slowly on my cock. I knew at this point this wasnt his first time he was just to good. After a few minutes he looked at me and said "would you like to try?" I couldnt even answer but by the fact I didnt say no he took it as a yes. He sat high on so the top of his back was against the backboard and he was propped up by the cushions. I rolled onto my side and took his cock in my right hand holding it in place. "try licking it" he told me. I leaned forward opened my mouth slightly and licked round his head then down the shaft and back up and round his head again. "thats it" James said before resting his hand on the back of my head. I kept up licking his cock until he told me "its time to suck". I opened my mouth and lowered my mouth a bit more. I wrapped my lips round his beautiful big cock and slowly suckled. His cock tasted surprisigly good. I started to slowly pump my head down and up on his shaft and squeezing his testicles with my right hand. I could hear he was starting to enjoy the feeling of my mouth. James was rubbing the back of my neck and breething deeper all the time. I started to speed up my movements and sucking harder. I was tying to fit all his cock in my mouth at once because I was actually enjoying myself and I loved having his cock thrusting in my mouth. James was really moaning with every suck now.

"I think its time you tasted cum"

At this point I wasnt sure but he left me no option. He had took a tight hold of the back of my head and was pushing my mouth down and his cock deep. "you will enjoy this he said to me" I could see his balls starting to lift as he forced me to suck faster. Suddenly he stopped and held me still, I felt a strong dribble of his cum. It was slighly salty but actually quite a pleasant taste. The with a big grunt his cock spurtted a large wad into my mouth, it actually gave me a bit of a fright and I swallowed down what I had in my mouth. He pushed my head down again only for another large wad to hit the roof of my mouth again I swallowed what I could. He let me up and I pulled my head back. Looking at his cock he had a the last of his cum oozing out. I thought it would only be polite to lick it up. "your good" he said with a smile. "thank you" I replied.

He slid back down the bed and grabbed my cock with a fist. Thrusting hard he squeezed tight round my erection. His other hand he put right between my legs, lifted up my balls and rubbed my hole with his thumb. The feeling was immense, I could feel my balls tingling. He began to lick the top of my head as he wanked me off. "am gonna cum" i nearly shouted. James expertly took my head just inside his lips and took all of my cum in his mouth. He came up towards me and for the first time kissed me at the same time with his tongue he pushed my cum in my mouth, again all of which i duly swallowed. Afterwards we had a chat then turned the lights off to turn in for the night. James spooned in behind me and the feeling of his cock pressed against my bum cheeks made me think. Will this be my only gay encounter?



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