Following an after dinner whisky and bourbon drinks, I led my new horny twink to the bedroom where we slowly undressed each other exposing our naked bodies to each other. We again experienced rock hard boners standing at attention---my thick 9-inches and Joel's 10-inch sausage. We showed pre-cum seepage, bouncing dangling cocks, beads of sweat forming on our bodies, blood filled man meat, shivers and goose bumps up and down our bodies in anticipation of getting fucked, hearts thumping from our primordial lust for wild sex and the excitement of a new fuck buddy.

One of my greatest turn-ons is seeing a naked dude sprouting a stiff cock while modeling a hot pink pair of bikini Speedos. I pulled out a pair of pink bikinis, placed them on Joel as he lay on his back on the bed. As I stood back and gazed at his hot body dressed in those bikinis and with a huge bulge with his leaking cock head just above the waist of those Speedos, I lost all control. I jumped up on the bed and down on top of this hot young twink's body. I began to dry hump my new prey as I used my butt and hips to pound Joel's white hairless body.

As I pounded that sexy body and grunted like a wild boar, Joel put his arms around my lower back and he began to thrust his crotch up to meet my stone hard cock. Soon Joel begged: "Oh fuck yea, daddy hump me harder and harder. Yea, that is it. Oh daddy that feels so great. Holy fuck, all that spewing pre-cum and body sweat has our crotches and these bikinis soaking wet. Fuck this is so hot. Oh daddy I want you to fuck me."

After more than five minutes of dry humping this cute twink and the sexy feeling of flesh against flesh, the feel of our cocks battling each other for position as Joel continued begging me to fuck him, I jumped off his body and in a moment of pure lust, I turned Joel on his stomach, spread those slim white legs, grabbed hold of the back of those bikinis, ripped a hole in them that exposed his tight puckering pink asshole and I went down on that pussy and began to lick and suck hard on that ass. As I wildly rimmed that small tight ass, Joel began to thrust his ass up to meet my lips and tongue letting out loud sounds of pleasure.

The smell and hot taste from my lapping that puckering pulsating pussy sphincter for some five minutes had my juices flowing with my hormones causing me to grab my stiff cock and place it at the entrance to Joel's fresh ass meat. I quickly plowed my massive cock up into his guts and began to violently bang his pussy with the force of my entire body as I laid down on top of that skinny body. I felt a wave of incredible pleasure rip through my body as my cock rubbed against his soft ass walls. My lust grew even more intense as Joel was still wearing those torn pink bikinis with a hole just large enough to allow my cock to drill his pink wet ass.

Joel was thrashing around the bed like some over heated dude, moaning, gasping for air as I pushed his head deep into the pillow, he wildly thrust his arms out to his sides and he manged to utter: "Oh fuck daddy, fuck my ass harder, yea fuck me, oh that cock is so big, it hurts, don't stop, give me all that wet cock, shoot that big load inside me, breed me daddy. Yea I love your cock. Oh daddy, I'm so horny. I'm your bitch, daddy. You can have my ass anytime you want it, daddy."

I kissed his ears and neck overcome with pure lust from his begging me to fuck him and the feel of his silk like ass taking all my cock. Fuck, I'd never had my big cock in such a small tight and soft ass. Fuck, the tight ass had my cock trapped and ready to explode. But I managed to fuck that cute ass for another five minutes when I got that awesome familiar feeling of my ejaculate gathering in my nuts and soon that semen traveled up my stone hard cock and I shot a humongous river of thick white sticky cum deep in my pussyboys ass. The orgasm was one of the most intense and gratifying I'd ever had. I had to wait until my cock became semi-soft before I could pull my trapped cock out of that ass. Wow, that was so exciting.

I pulled my cum covered cock out of that pussy, turned Joel over on his back, sat my ass on his chest and drove my semi-hard leaking cock deep in his mouth and ordered him to suck me clean. I'd learned that Joel loved man cum and he showed his appetite for cum as he used his tongue to give my cock a real good cleaning. Then he surprised me as he used his fingers to collect my cum out of his tight pussy, put his cum covered fingers in his mouth, sucked on those fingers as he gave me a shitty grin and let out sounds of pleasure.

His eating  of all that cum and the feel of more warm cum up his ass had Joel beyond control as he was desperate to get his nuts off by fucking my big ass. I too was horny to receive his big policeman's nightstick inside me. I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me.

Joel took charge and said: "OK daddy, it is your turn to get the hell fucked out of that huge hairy asshole. I'm the man to do it. Get ready to take my huge cock deep in your pussy. I bet you've not had many cocks as big as my huge sausage. I'm going to flood that pussy with a huge load of my salty semen. I'll show you no mercy as you did not show me mercy. Stand up and face the side of the bed, lean your head and upper body down on the bed, spread those big muscled legs, push that huge butt back towards my hard cock and get ready for the fuck of your life. Take all my 10-inches up that ass channel you slut, you whore, you nasty man."

Overcome with desire after that dirty talk, I did as I was ordered. Yea, the thought of that giant sausage up my ass had me shivering with anticipation of getting fucked by a twink with a horse like cock. I did not have to wait long.

I felt Joel put his hands on my shoulders, he placed his small legs against my huge legs, drove a couple of fingers up my ass to excite me and then I felt his huge cock head part my outer ass rings. He thrust his entire huge dick inside me with one major push. Man, it hurt badly due ot how big it was and the fact that he did not enter slowly. He lost no time splitting my ass as his throbbing cock moved side to side and straight past my hard prostate. My ass had never been so stuffed with man meat that felt like a log-sized object had taken over my ass. Joel might only be 21-years-old but shit he was experienced in how to use that monstrous fresh cock to explore a man's ass.

I also discovered that Joel had amazing staying power. He began a long hard fucking driving his cock deep inside my ass over and over as he pulled almost all the way out and then  drive that big tool back deep inside. After some time, he began to pull that leaking cock all the way out of my ass and then drive it back in over and over. Fuck, he really knew how to use that big dick to fuck an ass. The bed screeched as he drove my body into the side of the bed. I grabbed hold of the bed cover, put it in my mouth to mute my yelling.

As his missile hammered my ass, I began to feel waves of euphoria and sensuous electric type tingling take control of my body. I was having an almost out of body experience---the best fuck of my life. I begged: "Joel baby, yea fuck me harder, fuck me harder, baby make me your slut. Oh baby, give me all that giant cock; yea, I want you to breed me with that mother load of your nasty sticky cum. Shoot that load in my pussy. Oh fuck, oh fuck yea, I'm hard again myself and I might come again."

The dirty talk and the fact that Joel saw me in a state of pure lust, caused him to slam his big dick hard inside me a couple of more times. I felt his breathing become rapid and holy fuck, he erupted with a massive load of jizz inside my pussy. I counted at least six major blasts and a few followup squirts before he pulled that giant dick out of my ass. Shit, he then got down on his knees as I stood up and he began to use his tongue and lips to suck his cum out of my ass. His mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner as he gathered up all that cum pouring out of my ass. When his mouth was full and overflowing with his cum, he had me get down on my back on the bed and he came up to my mouth and poured that huge load of cum in my throat. Then he French kissed me as we shared his thick semen.

Joel then noticed my renewed stiff cock bobbing up and down. He moved down to my aching cock, grabbed the base of my stone hard tool, and used his cum covered lips and tongue to circle my throbbing cock head, licked it and sucked hard. Soon he had my entire hard dick deep in his throat. The feel of all that cum on his tongue lubing my cock caused me to loose my load as I shot my cum deep in his throat. Man, shit, I'd come twice since we started making love and fucking on my bed after dinner. I was then drained of ever drop of my cum in my balls. Sexy Joel swallowed that load and then went back down on my cock to clean it.

We than laid down on the bed in an embrace while smelling all that cum and body sweat. We became very relaxed and soon fell asleep. We woke up the next morning around 10 AM. Joel took off the cum stained bikini. He asked me if he coud have them as a trophy. I obvioulsy said yes. We took a shower and went out for a brunch. We agreed that Joel would move in with me. Life was good. 



Naughty Eric


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