This is my story, a 49-year-old hunk, of how I lusted and dreamed of seducing this young 21-year-old waiter where I ate several times  a week. I always managed to select a table that Joel covered or waited on. I had no idea of whether  Joel was straight, gay or bi but I knew he was single. As a promiscuous gay slut, I'd had many handsome good-looking model types as gay lovers over the years due to my hunk of a body as a body builder. Twinks in particular found me hot. I'd never had any trouble picking up a trick for the night due to my sexy physic. I stand 6-feet and 4-inches; weight a rock hard muscled 230 pounds; short buzzed coal black hair; black eyes; tanned olive skin complexion as a pure Italian guy; huge muscled thighs and hard laced legs; rock hard stomach and six pack abs; big hard muscled chest with large protruding breasts with big nipples for a man; large arms with melon sized biceps; big boned frame; and a heck of a thick horse-like 9-inch long cock; and big low hanging vein covered balls filled with lots of sticky semen. Most of my gay lovers had been mesmerized when taking most of my horse cock up their male pussies. I might add my favorite tool had explored and traveled up what had now become many miles of those men's asses.

I had no idea why this particular twink type waiter drove me wild with lust but each time I saw him my testosterone shot off the charts as my man meat got stiff as a diamond drill. Joel was a plain looking ordinary 21-year-old guy. He stood about 5-feet and 11-inches; weighed no more than 150 pounds; slim body and a little waist that caused his pants to sag as if they were about to fall off his hips; he had few muscles; he had a somewhat unruly mop of light brown head of clean hair and brown eyes; clean shaven except for a short light patch of beard on his chin that made him sexy and would be great for rubbing ones pubic hair when he sucked a cock if he happened to be gay; and what appeared to be a very impressive package in those loose pants. He was no movie star type of guy; yet, I was crazy withy lust to bed him.

 Every time I left the Asian restaurant I was horny as hell. I was obsessed with my lust to seduce this swett young guy. Wow, how I wanted to make him my bitch. I'd never felt this level of lust for any other guy. I did not understand these urges for this particualr twink but the desire was real in spite of the many really movie star looking type guys I'd fucked. He had a manner about him that set my groin on fire.

I'd been patronizing this restaurant for at least four months and each time Joel and I had a neat conversation and especially on those days when the restaurant was not that busy. Each conversation was somewhat encouraging but I always went away with no apparent success of our meeting after work. Near the end of those four months, I went to lunch there on a Friday and Joel gave me hope when he said: "Turk, you've been coming here for at least four months and you have become my favorite customer and your tips are so generous. Thank you and I love serving  you."

That day I blew it when I became tongue tied and only said: "Thank you Joel and you are my favorite waiter."

I never had trouble coming on to other guys. Why was this different?

At that moment Joel was called away to the kitchen, as I got up and paid another waiter for my lunch. I continued to visit that restaurant for several more weeks but there was no Joel. Had he taken another job? I could not get him out of my mind but probably my chance had passed for ever. After several weeks, I stopped going there and yea fucked a number of hot guys I picked up especially at bars but Joel was still on my mind as I fucked those hot dudes. 

Then I decided to try one more time and went to the restaurant for lunch on a Thursday. Fuck yea, Joel was there and he served me. He smiled at me and said: "Hey Turk, how have you been? For the past several weeks, the owners have had me at one of their other restaurants in the adjoining town but I'm back here now. I hope you will come back often so I can serve you."

I decided not to let this chance go by as I built up the courage and said: "Joel, it is so fantastic to see you again. I'm so pleased you are back. Here is my card and phone number. I hope you will call me an maybe I can show you my private gym where I workout each day and then I will make you a special dinner. I love cooking. Just bring with you some workout clothes."

I became very excited when Joel responded: "I'd like that very much Turk. Man, I'd love to have such a hot muscled body. Maybe you can teach me some of your methods."

"Joel I'd love to help you workout." (Little did he know what I had in mind for a workout.)

The next evening around 6 PM I got a call from Joel and we set up a date for Saturday night at 5 PM at my home and gym.

Joel arrived exactly at 5 PM dressed in a blue workout athletic pair of running pants and jacket. I took him immediately to my private gym where we began with jumping jacks, skipping rope, push-ups, the treadmill and set-ups. Then I had Joel lie down on his back on a bench, I got behind his head and spotted him as he began to left a weight bar with modest weights attached. Fuck, oh fuck yea, I noticed he had a huge bulge in those tight red shorts ( After the other exercises, we had stripped down to our gym shorts). Shit, he was rock hard and I was almost sure I noticed a small cum ring had developed on the front of those shorts. Fuck, was I dreaming or had Joel's cock begin to grow and push his shorts upward as his cock was bobbing up and down?

I decided to make my move. Dressed in a very light silk pair of red shorts myself, I lowered my crotch and stone hard cock onto his forehead and began to rub my sweaty crotch across his forehead. 

Fuck yea, in less than a minute, Joel used one of his hands to start rubbing my crotch and fuck he began to play with my stiff cock. I began to moan and said: "Fuck yea, you cute twink, play with my wood."

I slid my shorts down to my ankles, lowered my now leaking cock onto his sexy lips and soon I felt his wet tongue began to circle my cock head and piss slit. In a state of pure lust, I thrust my huge cock past his wet lips and drove my huge 9-inch stone hard cock to the back of his throat. Joel then wild with his own lust, grabbed the base of my throbbing cock with one hand as he used his second hand to pull his monstrous dick out of his shorts. Fuck yea, his cock turned out to be a shocking thick shaft 10-inch long dong. I went crazy wildly fucking his young soft mouth while he began to stroke his own big dick. From my many gay experiences, I'd discovered that often it was the smaller guys with the huge cocks. I began to crave Joel's cock in my mouth as I watched him stroke his own cock while I had begun to drill his mouth with my pulsating cock. Man, I was fucking the hell out of his big throat. After some five minutes of fucking that sweet mouth of Joel, I pulled my cock out of that sloppy mouth and said: "Man, fuck yea, Joel you are so hot and you have me horny as hell. Lets get into a 69 so we both can come down on those stone hard cocks with our lips, tongues and mouth."

"Fuck yea Turk, I've never been more turned on. I've craved sex with you ever since the first time I served you at the restaurant. Fuck, you have the most awesome muscled hard body and that fucking cock taste great in my throat and I love the taste of your pre-cum. Yea, I confess that I'm a young slut very experienced fucking gay slut and bitch. I love older dudes like you. I love taking big daddy's cocks.  I've been getting fucked by hard dicks ever since I turned 18. Man I want you to fuck me."

We stripped naked in record time. Fuck, Joel was a really skinny young dude with an almost hairless white body and yet he had the most awesome cock I'd ever seen. We got down on the floor in a 69 position and we grabbed each other's stiff cock, began sliding our tongues over each other's big tool, as we began to suck out the pre-cum from those piss slits. Fuck, Joel got my entire rod deep in his mouth while I managed to get no more than seven inches of his thick monster in my throat.

We spewed salvia all over each other's cock, made sloppy noises and swallowed all that growing amount of pre-cum. Joel had such strong salty bitter cum that turned me on. I began to finger fuck his tight hairless pink ass that caused him to reciprocate by driving what felt like at least three fingers up my pussy. We finger fucked those pussies and gave each other wild blowjobs for some seven or eight minutes filled with raging testosterone levels.

The smell of our growing hot bodies; the taste of all that pre-cum; the sounds of all those moans, grunts and whimpers; hot breathing on those cocks and pubic hair; the feel of warm flesh; two guys covered in chills and goose bumps; and spasms had us ready to shoot. I felt a familiar uncontrollable surge building in my nuts and within seconds, I erupted with a torrent amount of hot, sticky and rich semen deep in Joel's throat. I felt him use his throat muscles to swallow my cum. He used his remarkable throat to suck me dry of ever drop of my seed until I was as dry as a parched desert. I had experienced ultimate ecstasy. Due to Joel's outstanding blowjob techniques, I'd had the most powerful orgasm of my life.

This incredible orgasm that I had just experienced caused me to want to repay Joel by making him have a cataclysmic eruption in my mouth that he would never forget no matter how many dues sucked his cock in the future. Hopefully he would want me to suck his cock many more times in the future.

 I began to use all my throat muscles to massage his huge thick throbbing cock, thrust two fingers in his hot juicy ass and drenched his cock with my growing amount of spit. Man, my effort paid off with great dividends in short time as Joel had a volcanic eruption of his salty cum deep in my throat. The load was so huge that I only managed to swallow no more than a third of that river of cum, as I gagged and gobs of his seed ran out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my chest. When the cum stopped flowing, I took my mouth off that awesome cock, Joel got down and licked up that cum until his mouth was full. He came up to my face and used his hand to open my mouth and he poured all that cum in my throat. We kissed and shared that supply of protein.

We showered and I prepared a big meal for us.

After dinner, Joel said: "Hey Turk daddy, this was the best sex of my young life. The night is still young. Lets fuck. Who is going to be the bottom first? Man, I want to fuck your big man pussy and I so desire your big cock inside me.I hope this is the beginning of long fuck feast for us over the months to come. Maybe you want to introduce me to some of your fuck buddies, yea those sluts.

We both now knew that we were fucking sluts who loved man sex and we were ready for at least the rest of the night to fuck those man pussies. STAY TUNED!!!!


Naughty Eric


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