Loosely based on a TRUE story.

The Stud4Stud Profiles:

His Profile:


51, 6'1", 250 lb, 40w, Average, Brown Hair, Hairy Body, White, Looking for 1-on-1 Sex, 3some/ Group Sex, Misc Fetishes.

White-collar professional, but kinky behind doors

Casual, Out No, Smoke No, Drink Socially, Drugs No, Zodiac Aries.

BOTTOM, 6.5" Cut, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: My Place.

My Profile:


47, 6'1", 200lb, 34w, Muscular, Blonde Hair, Hairy Body, White, Looking for Friendship.

I do like to be NAKED. I like you to be NAKED, too.


Casual, Out Yes, Smoke No, Drink Socially, Drugs No, Zodiac Virgo TOP, 8" Cut, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: Your Place.


The online Stud4Stud CONVERSATION:

BigBear192: nice profile

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: looking good

BigBear192: thanx, what's up?

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: just checking things out

BigBear192: okey dokey, have fun looking around

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: horny like most men LOL

BigBear192: well yeah... goes without saying. I have been horny all day


BigBear192: what you up for?

BigBear192: want sucked or more?

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: cock sucking sounds good see where it goes

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: yep, have my cock sucked would be good

BigBear192: I'm bottom oriented, avg 6" cock med thick

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: I am a top musc 8" cock I am girthy too

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: where are you?

BigBear192: near the Duck Country Store off I-10 now, Exit 203 getting off work in a few, you?

BigBear192: got any porn? jacking together is a great start... ha ha

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: I am downtown but cannot host I wish I had some porn though but I do not

BigBear192: well dang, that makes things a lot tougher... know anywhere to go down there?

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: no, sadly, wish I did

BigBear192: I met a guy for oral (he sucked me) two years ago in what was empty lot where Camping Kingdom is now

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: There is a guard there now, I saw him a weeks back

BigBear192: surely some out of the way place off the 199 exit

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: not that I am aware of

BigBear192: know where Gary's Self-storage is?

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: On Monroe Street north of I-10?

BigBear192: yeah, I think so, I just know it's between I-10 and Lake Jackson on 63. I have a spot there...

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: okay, its north of me I am in Tally on Monroe

BigBear192: an outdoor spot for a camper

BigBear192: could you meet there to get sucked?


BigBear192: what you drive?

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: gray Ford F-150

BigBear192: you want sucked outside or in camper? no elec but has a couch


BigBear192: ok. I have a black Dodge truck. I could be there close to 8 pm, you get in my truck, we go through gate and around back?


BigBear192: ok, you can decide inside or outside after we get around back. Maybe 8:05 but I will show

NAKED_TOP_DUDE: okay, I will meet you, see you shortly


I pull up into the parking lot; there was the black Dodge truck, as he said it would be. We are the only ones here.

I could feel his eyes on me as I stepped out of my truck, opposite him, as he looked me over, sizing me up.

I am in my workout shorts and a cut-off sleeveless tee.

He cranks the truck up and motions me around to the passenger side.

I guess he likes what he sees.

Apparently, he likes my blonde muscular 6"1' frame.

I had no doubts that he would.

I come around to the passenger side.

"Hi," he says, as I open the door.

I reply the same.

"I hope I can remember the pass-key numbers," he says with nervous jumbled words.

"I am sure, you will."

We pass through the gate and drive around to the rear of the building to his parked camper in the holding lot.

We park in an empty space next to the parked camper.

Across the way, a church is holding its weekly Wednesday night service on this cool evening.

"Some glad morning when this life is over, I'll fly away. To a home on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away," the song, echoes across the empty space, as they have opened their front door for the world to hear their service.

The music echoes through the parking lot and into the truck where I have rolled down my window.

I suspect he is a 'Christian' heterosexual married man.

He is fidgety and uneasy from the music.

"I have to take a piss," I say as we park.

I step out of the truck and pull my cock out, he grabs for me as I start to piss.

"Nice cock," he says.

He gives me a gentle stroke.


I piss behind his camper; the flow is strong and powerful.

I can see a wide puddle behind his camper as I empty my bladder.

The water from my workout consumption needs emptying.

Once I finish, he leans down and takes my stiff cock into his mouth.

Swallowing me whole.

"You wanna go inside, its cool out here," I say.

"Okay," he says.

We walk to the side of his camper, cramped tightly against the one parked adjacent to his.

He pulls down the steps.

He unlocks and opens the door.

"Watch out for the hitch in the doorway," he says.

He and I step around and over it.

It is dark, not so dark that you cannot see, though.

It is more like brown light, not deep dark blackness, as it is only about 8:15 p.m.

He unbuttons, unzips and pulls down his pants as we both get inside.

He is not the 6" he claimed in his profile, far from it.

It seems more like 4".

I am going to leave the door open.

The singing has ceased.

As I sit, I pull down my own shorts.

I have no underwear on.

I am 'going commando' as I do, daily.

I had just left the gym when I got the 'nice profile' text from him.

Out pops my hard 8" cock.

Without hesitation, he goes down on me, devouring my cock, going all the way down to my thick bushy pubes.

"I do not shave my cock," I say.

"I am glad, I like your hairy bush," he says.

On his knees, between my legs, he begins unbuttoning his dress shirt, exposing his not-so hairy chest, as his profile said he had but he was not truthful about that either.

His pants and briefs are around his ankles.

I am sitting bare-assed on the built-in sofa.

He glides ever so slow, up and down my shaft.

Taking my cock, inch by inch into his mouth.

He takes my swelled cockhead into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue, going up and down the veiny thickness of my shaft, licking it with his tongue, savoring my flowing pre-cum.

I hear him, gurgle, as I unload more pre-cum.

"That taste good," I say, as spread my legs, more, while he continues gliding down my shaft.

"Uh, huh," he says.

"You swallow?" I ask.

He raises his head.

"Yeah, I do," he says, "are you ready to shoot?"

"No, not yet," I say, "you will know."

He resumes his rhythmic sucking of my cock, while he fondles his own stiff cock.

I reach down to feel him, bending sideways, so I can see if he has grown more.

He has not.

He is not what he says he was on his profile.

I feel the pressure begin to build up in my balls.

I start with the "oh fucks" much as I do when I write them in my stories.

He centers his attention on my crowned cock-head, the more he sucks, the more it grows.

"Damn," he says, "you have thickest cock I have ever seen and your cockhead is massive."

I smirk.

"I have heard that before," I say, "numerous times."

"You are getting close," he says, "aren't you. You have blasted me with a lot more pre-cum."

"I am closer," I say.

He resumes his suctioning, downward plunges, sucking of my cock.

The ecstasy of release is nearing.

"Oh fuck, " I cry out.

He swallows me down again.

"Oh fuck," I cry out, again, spreading my legs wider, and pushing his head deeper into my crotch with both hands.

I feel the sensation grow as the cum rises up through the cum-canal of my cock.

He slides down my pole again.

...and again.

"Oh fuck," I say as I buck my hips and shove his head, down further into my pubes, burying his nose deep in my thick bush.

He keeps sucking.

I grab his head and shove his face down as I feel the pints of cum rise up in me.

"OH FUCK...OH FUCK, "I yell out in the darkened camper, bucking my hips as I explode in his mouth.




Four contractions of my balls as I empty them.

I shake uncontrollably as I am emptied.

He bends down again and licks my cock, getting the last of the juice out of me.

"I forgot to say I cum a lot."

He says nothing, as his mouth is full.

He grabs a paper towel and empties my load into it.

"You want to suck me or jack-off," he asks me as he gets up and sits on the couch next to me.

"You jack-off," I tell him.

I am still shaking, coming down off my cum-induced high.

He begins furiously stroking his pud and cums into a napkin.

I do not see it as he tucks it away, hiding it from me.

He stands and begins pulling up his trousers and buttoning his shirt.

I sit watching him before I pull up my shorts and stand.

He rearranges himself.

Straightens himself.

Spitting more of my cum into another napkin and out the open door.

"I guess I should have told you, I cum a lot," I say.

He says nothing.

I step out of the camper and head back to his parked truck, getting in on the passenger side.

"If you want to meet up again, whenever I am on Stud4Stud for I am available," I say as he gets inside.

"Okay," he says.

He looks around and begins to drive back to the parking lot.

"I am glad we met up," he says, "My wife will not suck cock."

"I know," I say.

"I don't get to have much sex," he says," I do enjoy my time I am with my wife. I want to grow old with her and my kids."

"Uh, huh," I say.

"I knew when I talked to you," he says, "I knew you would understand, we are close to the same age, you know. You know what I am going through."

"Uh, huh, yes, "I say.

I do not really but if he is convinced that I do.

So be it.

"I love my wife but men know how to suck cock much better than any woman anyway," he says.

"My ex-wife wasn't so good either," I respond.

"I do not think I am gay though," he says.

Your profile says you are a BOTTOM, I think to myself.

I say nothing.

We pass through the gate and I am back at my truck.

"See you online," I say.

He smiles and extends his hand in an introduction.

"My name is Ted," he says.

"I am Guy," I say.

I close the door.

He hurries out of the parking lot, heading north.

I head south, back to Tallahassee.

It is 8:30 p.m.



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