Thomas and Hayden were doing their specialty program training at the same vet's office over on 24th and Union. Thomas had graduated at the end of spring two years ago and Hayden had finished at the end of that summer term, and with the help of Thomas landed at job at the same office. They hadn't been close friends at college but now they were both at the same office they grew closer. They enjoyed some of the same activities, including going to the gym and backpacking, but where Thomas did more marathon runs or jogging, Hayden preferred to swim for his additional exercise. They were both attractive and constantly being flirted with by women who brought their pets in for treatment. They rarely went very long without a date, keeping a full calendar, but rarely dating one woman very long. Both said they had no interest in settling down, not yet anyway.

The two of them stayed busy with some long hours at work during the week with emergency cases, their full schedule of activities and their full social calendar, so a weekend with no commitments enabling them to just hang out, watch television or play video game was something they looked forward. This was especially true during the fall when they could get together to watch their college team play football. It was a time to kick back, have pizza, which both avoided on most occasions, and beer. They'd yell for their team and jump up and down when a big play was developing and if they got a win they'd celebrate by heading out to a local pub and talk sports the rest of the night with the other regulars who provided them with commentary for many of the college teams that had played that day.

It was a Tuesday when Thomas had made plans with Hayden to come over to watch the game at his place the following Saturday. After work he got to his apartment building to find a moving van parked out front. A couple of guys were bringing a dining table out as he passed by on his way in. Thomas checked his mail, went up the elevator and got off on his floor and found it was the apartment two doors down that someone was moving in. As he walked by the door he looked in but saw only the movers, in their company t-shirts, setting boxes down near the far wall. He decided he would knock later to introduce himself and see who was moving in. He went on to his place, went through his mail, took a shower and put on an old t-shirt from college and a pair of his favorite old jeans. In the kitchen he threw together one of his simple meals and sat in front of the television to catch the news.

About eight o'clock there was a knock on his door. Answering it Thomas found himself looking at a guy he didn't know.

"Hello, I'm so sorry to bother you but..." and the guy noticed Thomas' college t-shirt. "Hey a Auburn alumni! I figured there wouldn't be very many up here,, my first night as a resident I run into someone."

"So you went there too?"

"Yeah, finished a couple of years ago; majored in electrical engineering and after a short time in Atlanta landed a job here."

"I finished two years ago too, but I went through the vet school."

"Really?! I understand that to be one tough program."

" what can I do for you...." And he lingered, his voice trailing off into a question.

"I'm Aaron, and I need a bottle opener. I can't find mine and I'm desperate for a beer."

Thomas laughed as he replied "I bet, come on in. By the way, my name is Thomas." As Thomas went into his kitchen, Aaron followed him telling him about his day of moving and not being able to find anything. Thomas went to his refrigerator and pulled out a beer instead of getting his bottle opener.

"How about a cold beer instead of an opener?"


Thomas asked Aaron about his move up from Atlanta and where he was working and Aaron asked him about the city and the best places to buy groceries, where to go get his driver's license and other routine questions of someone new to the city. As they talked Aaron couldn't help but give Thomas the once over. He looked to be about his own height of five ten, well built, and very attractive with his jet black hair so sexily ruffled up, his five o'clock shadow so evident on his fair skin, and the way he filled out his clothes, the way his jeans just hung on his hips, as if he could jerk them down so easily. Aaron didn't know if he was gay or straight and wasn't ready to find out, but he knew he wanted to, and soon. He had left Atlanta frustrated, having a relationship tank and then he got word of this job opening through a friend of the family, so he left Atlanta, ready for a new beginning. After an hour Aaron said he needed to go since he had another long day ahead of him with some new furniture showing up and all the stuff he needed to put away. He mentioned he didn't start his new job until next Monday and hoped to have everything done by Friday so he could relax on Saturday. Thomas told him a friend was coming over to watch the football game and if he was interested to come over.

"That would be great; I'll plan on it."

Thomas told Hayden about Aaron moving in and how he graduated from Auburn and was coming over on Saturday to watch the game. Hayden told him that was great, but deep down inside he wasn't so sure. He liked the times they shared together, just the two of them. Hayden kept asking himself why it bothered him and the answer was always the same; one that troubled him, made him feel uneasy. He knew, in his heart, he had those feelings for Thomas, like he had in college for Brice, but that was different. In college he considered it just goofing off, experimenting, doing those things just to see what it was like, but now it would seem more serious, more personal. Brice had been responsive to his approaches and there were several times when they had messed around, but in the end it was Brice who suddenly said it had to stop, who began to avoid Hayden, and started to date more and more women. Hayden didn't pursue Brice, nor did he pursue any other guys, but began to date women again, steadily all the way to graduation. Now he was having those thoughts again, all the time, and they centered on Thomas. He knew this obsession was probably due to working daily with Thomas, of rubbing against each other when both had to help hold an animal that was anxious or frightened, and having so much in common.

Game day arrived unusually warm for a fall day, and it had an almost cloudless sky. Thomas had gotten up early and cleaned his apartment, gone out to get beer and snacks. The game had a late afternoon start and about thirty minutes prior Aaron then Hayden arrived. Thomas made introductions when Hayden arrived and went to grab Hayden a beer while Aaron and he got acquainted.

Hayden noticed how similar to build Aaron was to Thomas but had brown hair and darker skin tone. He was not as muscled up as Thomas, instead having a leaner body frame. Aaron was personable and an easy going manner. Hayden wondered about Aaron, felt there was something about him, and thought him attractive. Aaron was really taken with Hayden, more so than he was with Thomas. Hayden was so tall, over six feet, and had a lean body, and his white t-shirt highlighted his dark olive skin and dirty blonde hair. Up close he saw he had brown eyes and a light trail of freckles under his eyes and over his nose. He looked so boyish, with such a baby face. Thomas was attractive and masculine but Hayden was cute, handsome, pretty even. He wanted to have sex with both of them, but if he could only get one of them, it would be Hayden.

As the pregame show was coming on, they moved to the living area, Hayden and Aaron sitting on the sofa and Thomas taking the arm chair. Several of the snacks were on the coffee table and each had a beer. They talked about expectations, and eventually talked about games they remembered going to while in college and naturally began to talk about their days on campus. The pizza arrived just after the start of the game so Thomas grabbed another round of beer as Hayden brought the pizza over. As the game played out, sometimes bringing on yelling at the screen for a receiver to catch the ball or the fullback to run faster, and celebrating every score as their team built up a lead. When the score was such to assure a win for their team their conversation began to drift to other topics, such as what their jobs were like, restaurants and bars that Thomas and Hayden recommended in the area, until the subject finally arrived at dating and where Thomas and Hayden met women. It became obvious after a few minutes that Aaron was suddenly not as talkative and Aaron realized they were at a crossroads; should he lie about being gay or just admit it and find out how Thomas and Hayden would deal with it.

"It seems I should say something since you guys are being so helpful and everything, and trying to tell me where to meet women, but you see..." and Aaron hesitated just a moment, seeing how he had their attention, "I'm gay."

It was silent just for a moment, and Aaron noticed it was Hayden who had an odd look on his face, but it was Thomas who finally said something, breaking out in laughter.

"No shit! So I guess the bars we mentioned would be kind of boring for you" Thomas said.

"I'm glad to see you're ok with it" Aaron replied.

"Hell, to each his own; isn't that right Hayden?"

"Yeah, it's great" but his voice seemed distance, slightly distressed.

"You know in college, we use to wonder about Hayden here."

"What...what do you mean?" Hayden asked shocked at Thomas' statement.

"Well there was the time you had that friend...what was his name? it was Brice. Well some of us thought you guys were an item, but then suddenly Brice was no longer hanging around and you began to date this girl I knew, so I thought I was wrong."

"Maybe he's bisexual; you know, swings both ways" Aaron added, smiling mischievously.

"" Hayden was stammering.

"Oh hell Hayden, relax. Who cares if you did or did not have sex with some guy. Fuck, sex is sex."

"Have you had sex with a guy?" Aaron asked Thomas.

"No, but if a guy wanted to suck my dick, why not."

"Would you do anything in return?"

Laughing casually as he replied, "No I don't think I could." Hayden was scarlet red in the face at Thomas and Aaron's talk, unsure what to say.

"Hayden, what do you think? Think Thomas could suck a dick or take it up the ass?" Aaron asked Hayden, seeing he was uneasy while it was Thomas who was laughing it off.

"No...I don't think he could...would do that."

"What about you?" Aaron asked.

"Me? I don't think so."

A big play occurred grabbing their attention freeing Hayden of having to discuss sex with men any further. The game was getting in the final minutes and scores of other important games were being displayed, so the three of them went back to discussing football. When the game ended, it was Thomas who recommended they go down to the pub and celebrate, that they had to maintain tradition. Aaron agreed to go, enjoying his time with Thomas and Hayden.

The pub was packed and it was obvious whose team won or lost by the reactions of everyone. Thomas led the way to the bar, asking Aaron what he would have on the way. He ordered for the three of them and soon they were moving from group to group, getting new drinks when finished with the ones they were drinking. Around midnight the bar was so packed they could hardly move, so they worked their way to the front where it was more open. A table came free at the storefront so they took a seat. Their conservation was silly at times with them showing the effects of having several rounds. When they got silent for a moment, Thomas looked over at Aaron and gave him a wicked grin.

"What is it?" Aaron asked smiling like he knew the joke, when he really didn't know what Thomas was thinking.

"So Aaron, would you have sex with a guy just to have sex. You know, just to get off?"

Hayden shifted uncomfortably in his chair, unbelieving Thomas was bringing this up again.

"Hell yes, just like you would with a girl...or would you do it with a guy?" Aaron replied.

"Maybe. What about you?" Thomas turned and asked Hayden.

"What? No...I don't think so" Hayden replied.

"Don't think so? Come on man, it's just the three of us. You're acting guilty as hell. You actually did mess around with Brice didn't you?" Thomas asked. Aaron leaned forward to make sure he heard Hayden's response.

"Ok, yes, I messed around with Brice, Ok?! But it wasn't...."

"Wasn't what?" Aaron asked Hayden.

"I don't know."

Thomas leaned forward and spoke so only the two of them could hear him. "Let's go; we can go back to my place and have a nightcap."

Aaron smiled at Thomas, eyebrows raised, as he replied "Ok, let's go."

At Thomas' apartment, drinks in hand they initially talked again about the game as they ate the left over snacks sitting out. Thomas got Hayden to go over and turn on the music on his computer system. When Hayden was getting the computer up and music started Thomas leaned over to Aaron.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom and while I'm gone I bet you can't get Hayden to let you suck his dick."

"You're on."

"I've got to piss; be back in a minute" Thomas said loud enough so Hayden could hear. Hayden came back over to where Aaron was standing near the window in the living area. Aaron turned to him.

"Did you enjoy messing around with Brice in college?"

Hayden was obviously nervous about talking about it but eventually answered. "Yes, I did." Aaron moved closer to him, real close.

"You want to do something now?"

"What? Here? No way...come on, Thomas will be back any minute."

"So? He might like to watch" as he moved closer still. Hayden froze, appearing not to even be breathing. Aaron slowly reached out and groped Hayden, softly at first, and since Hayden didn't stop him, he kept it up. Aaron felt Hayden's cock, felt it begin to respond. "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah", barely audible, his voice sounding far away. Aaron moved in front of him, leaned forward and kissed him, gently, simple lip to lip kiss. He moved around and began to nibble the flesh along his neck, moved to his ear, taking the lobe in his mouth, tugging lightly; then running his tongue around it.

"You want me to stop?" Aaron whispered.


Aaron dropped down to his knees, worked his hand more urgently over Hayden's cock; felt it get hard, stretch out to the side. He mouthed the head through the denim, breathed his hot breath through the fabric. Hayden's hands came to rest on his head, pulled him tighter to his cock. Aaron pulled back and began to undo his jeans, unfastening them, pulling the zipper down, exposing the white briefs. Aaron took the waist band of both the jeans and briefs and pulled them down, easing the briefs out and over Hayden's hard cock. He took the hard cock that stood out in front of him, shaft lined with a vein, the skin stretched tight, the head flared out and dark skinned, darker than the rest of Hayden. Aaron grabbed his nuts and tugged them down as he took the head in his mouth, wetting it, tonguing it, feeling it flex in his mouth. Hayden gasped and held Aaron's head firmly as he moved his hips, instinctly, pushing his cock inward, toward Aaron's throat.

Neither heard Thomas come back into the room until they heard his voice break the silence.

"Alright, suck his dick, you nasty whore." Thomas' crude comment seemed to drive Aaron's lust, to make him move faster, forcibly shoving his mouth down the length of Hayden's cock. Hayden looked over and saw Thomas groping himself, squeezing his own cock through his jeans, then he looked back down as Aaron's mouth moved back and forth on his cock, making it wet, slick, and so hot. Aaron slid one hand up and under Hayden's t-shirt, feeling the smooth skin, the flat stomach, on upward to the small nipples. He pinched each, rubbed them erect and feeling it made Hayden push forward, his cock flex in Aaron's mouth. The overhead lights cut out, leaving only a lamp on a side table and the street lights outside the window as their only illumination. Thomas came up beside Hayden, naked, his fair skin appearing to glow in the dim light, the defined muscles of his chest and stomach obvious, as well as his hard cock, sticking straight out, framed by the sparse black hair over it. Aaron pulled his hand from under Hayden's shirt and ran it over Thomas' chest, down over his stomach, feeling the firm muscle and smooth skin. He ran his hand on down and grasped Thomas' cock, stroked it slowly, feeling its girth, the smoothness of the skin, and the slick head, wet with pre-cum.

"Yeah, suck his cock, let me see that mouth work it" Thomas said. He looked at Hayden who looked back at him. "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah" and Hayden reached over and pushed Aaron's hand away and took Thomas' cock, unbelieving this was really happening. Aaron grabbed Hayden ass, both hands holding each cheek firmly as he moved more determinedly up and down Hayden's cock. Thomas put his hand on Hayden's back, running it up and down, sending a shiver through Hayden. Aaron pulled off of Hayden's cock, watched it flex up and down, glistening with his spit. He turned to Thomas and took his cock, sucked it into his mouth, feeling it slide over his tongue, push to his throat. Thomas gasped as his cock disappeared in Aaron's mouth.

"Goddamn that feels good, yeah, suck me."

Hayden pulled his t-shirt off and then his pants, getting naked, watching Aaron take Thomas till his nose pushed into his pubic hair, wanting to do it himself. Thomas grabbed Hayden by the neck and pulled him over.

"Kiss me fucker" Thomas said as he leaned over, the two of them suddenly kissing, roughly, tongues dueling. Aaron between them, taking both of them in each hand and then working back and forth between them, taking one then the other in his mouth, keeping both hot, hard, wet. Thomas leaned over and took Aaron's shirt by the waist and pulled it up, getting Aaron to let him pull it off.

"Get naked" Thomas demanded Aaron. Aaron stood up and pulled his pants off, stripping them and his briefs off. His lean body, with a trail of hair starting at his navel pointing down to his hard cock, its shaft curved upward, the head round and blunt. Thomas grabbed it and stroked it, feeling the smooth soft skin stretched over the hard shaft, feeling the wet round head, smearing the wetness around, making Aaron gasp. Thomas turned to Hayden, kissed him; then told him to suck Aaron's cock. Hayden dropped to his knees, coming up close to Aaron's cock, it bobbing in his face, knowing he wanted it, knowing he was going to suck it and let Thomas watch. He took it by the base and licked the head, mouthed it, then let it slide into his mouth, over his tongue, feeling it push back through the void of his mouth getting slick with his drool. Thomas dropped down on his knees, close to Hayden, watching intently, the way Hayden's mouth moved over the shaft, the way it seemed to go impossibly deep into his mouth, then reappear, sliding out wet, shiny. Thomas reached up and tugged on Aaron's nuts, pulled them down, then he rubbed Aaron's ass, felt the curve of it, the way it tensed as Hayden sucked his cock. Thomas ran his other hand over Hayden's back, down its long straight length, down the slight curve inward above his ass, on downward over the curve of each cheek.

"Fuck, Hayden, suck it...that's hot" he whispered to Hayden as he continued to rub Aaron and Hayden. Aaron's hips began to move, slightly at first but more intensely as Hayden worked his mouth faster and faster. When it seemed Aaron might be getting close, Thomas pulled Hayden back.

"Not yet, don't get him off yet" Thomas told Hayden, then leaned over and kissed him. "Nasty fucker" he whispered to Hayden; then he turned and looked at Aaron's cock, wet and shiny, bobbing in the air. He heard Aaron voice, far away sounding, break his trance.

"Go ahead Thomas, try it."

Thomas leaned over and stuck out his tongue and touched it to the head, felt its spongy softness, the odd flavor, the almost sweetness of it, then he moved forward, Hayden watching, impassioned, as Thomas let his mouth slid over Aaron's cock, take it in his mouth, for the first time in his life, take a man's cock in his mouth. He wasn't repulsed, wasn't freaked out, nor felt less a man, but was excited, inflamed. He felt Aaron's cock slid through his mouth, over this tongue, slick, hot, as he moved back and forth. Hayden watched intently, moved closer and closer; then unable to help himself, he moved in and licked Aaron's nuts, ran his tongue over the loose skin, forcing his head into the tight space between the three of them. Thomas backed off and let Hayden take Aaron's cock, to suck it back into his mouth. Thomas stood up and kissed Aaron, ran his hand over Aaron's back down over his ass. Aaron felt himself get close again, the feel of Hayden's mouth, hot, wet, sliding over his cock, and Thomas rubbing him, running his hand over his back, over his ass, and now working into the cleft of his ass, rubbing into the crack deeply, searching, probing, finding his hole, Thomas' fingers rubbed it, moved over it stroking Aaron's longing, his desire. Thomas began to push against it; then firmly penetrated him, pushing one finger into him, probing deeply into him. It was too much, and Aaron began to thrust his hips harder, pushing his cock harder and harder back and forth through Hayden' mouth.

"I'm going to cum...take me" and Aaron came, pumping himself into Hayden's mouth, filling it, letting Hayden taste him before swallowing. Thomas had stopped working his finger in him, had watched how Hayden had taken his load, let it sit in his mouth a moment before he swallowed it. Hayden turned and took Thomas's hard cock, his need urgent, lust driven, and he quickly worked Thomas to the verge of cumming, pushed Thomas to release himself, to let him have it. Aaron rubbed Thomas' back, felt the muscular broad expanse of it, the curve of it, felt the way his back curved inward before sharply curving outward at his ass. He felt Thomas's ass begin to move, primitively, thrusting forward, pushing his cock into Hayden's mouth. He could hear the sound of Thomas' cock being sucked, the sloppy wet movement of his lips along the shaft, the hard breathing of both of them. Aaron probed Thomas' ass, pushed down along the crack of his ass, finding his opening, knowing no one had every touched him there like this, no one had ever penetrated it before, as he pushed a finger into him. Thomas grunted and shoved forward hard as Aaron's finger slid into him, stretching him open, making his cock seem harder, a tingling race up his spine hitting his brain hard.

"Fuck...fuck, I'm coming."

Hayden took his cock with wild abandon, wanting it, wanting Thomas to pump his load into his mouth. He felt the short jagged thrust, felt his cock swell up, stiffen, then fill his mouth, pumping more and more cum out, the tangy thick fluid coating his tongue before he swallowed it, letting it slid down his throat. Thomas was breathing hard, Aaron's finger still buried in his hole, Hayden licking his cock off, making his cock so sensitive.

Thomas turned to Aaron; "That is such a strange feeling, cumming with a finger in your ass."

"I know; I love it, but it is better if it is a cock."

Thomas laughed "I'll take your word for it, you nasty whore."

Hayden stood up, his cock hard, the head wet, a long drool of pre-cum hanging off. Aaron bent over and licked it off, stood up and kissed Hayden, pushing his tongue into his mouth. Thomas leaned back against the window sill watching, watching how natural it seemed for Aaron, this sex between men, and saw how Hayden seemed more relaxed, and how he too was so natural to it.

Aaron looked at Hayden telling him he wanted him to fuck him, to put his cock in his ass. Thomas moved up to them rubbing each over the back, telling them to move to his bedroom, to his bed. He told them he couldn't wait to see this, to see Hayden push his cock into Aaron.

On the bed, Aaron got on his hands and knees, told, commanded Hayden to stick him, to put his cock in his ass, to shove it in. Hayden got on the bed between his legs, kicking them further apart to make room for his long legs. Thomas got on the bed laying on his side watching Hayden rub his cock up and down Aaron's ass, rub its wet head over this skin, stroking his need, his desire.

"Fuck 'em, Hayden, fuck his ass." Thomas whispered, unbelieving how hot this was to him.

Aaron dropped his shoulders down on the bed, grabbing his ass cheeks in each hand, spreading himself open more, opening himself up, wanting to be penetrated. Hayden put his cock to his hole and pushed, watching it open to him, feeling it stretch open, the tight ring of the opening grip his cock as it slid into him, disappeared into his depths. Aaron grunted as he felt the breach of his hole, the penetration. He felt the sweat try to break out on his skin, he felt Thomas rub his back, telling him to take Hayden's cock, to take it all. Hayden rocked his cock back and forth, short small movements at first, feeling Aaron's hole stretch, loosen up, felt Aaron move his ass back to take him, then he moved faster, swing his hips further, push into Aaron deeper, soon shoving all the way in, pushing his hard, wet cock as deeply as he could.

Aaron was open mouthed, breathing hard as Hayden pounded his ass, hammered his cock into him. Aaron opened his eyes and saw Thomas looking at him, up close, a glazed look in his eyes.

"How does it feel, his cock, fucking your ass?" Thomas asked in a low voice filled with urgency.

"Amazing" was all Aaron said as he closed his eyes, focused on the feel of Hayden's cock working through his insides, hitting his insides in ways that made him curl his toes, made him see stars, made his cock hard, slapping his stomach to his rough movements as he took Hayden's fuck.

"Goddamn, take my cock" Hayden grunted out, surprising Thomas as his vocalization, but when he looked up he saw the look, the eyes closed, his tight grip on Aaron hips, holding him in alignment, holding him to take the cock he was slamming into him. Thomas saw how Hayden's skin was shiny, sweat running out of his hair, running down his sides from under his arms. He was hot, his tall lean body tensed up, muscles clearly defined, tight. The bed rocked beneath them, their bodies slapping together, the room seemed hotter, as Hayden got faster, his rhythm ragged, jerky, as he shoved his cock into Aaron roughly, crudely, until he felt it, felt his cock swell, felt it plunge into Aaron and explode, pumping his cum into Aaron, pumping his cock through it as he kept a punishing thrusting through Aaron's insides until cum was pumping back out, running down Aaron's ass. Both were breathing hard as they collapsed on the bed, Hayden sliding out of Aaron's ass, rolling on his back, his cock still half hard, wet and shiny.

Thomas was lying there, stroking his cock, it wet and hard. Aaron opened his eyes and saw Thomas, then he looked over to Hayden, saw the look in his eyes as he too was watching Thomas. He knew that look; that need.

"Thomas...Thomas, why don't you fuck Hayden. Fuck his ass" Aaron said to Thomas breaking his concentration. Thomas slowed his stroking and looked over to Hayden. Hayden sat up and moved over to Thomas, pushing him on his back as he straddled his waist, brought his ass up and over Thomas' hard cock. He rubbed his ass over it, felt its hardness under him. He picked it up, holding it up as he rubbed his ass over it, rubbed his hole over the head, feeling its wetness, his desire increasing. He pushed down, feeling his hole open up, take Thomas into him, stretch him open, penetrate him. Slowly he eased down, letting Thomas' cock in, probe up into his depths, fill him. Aaron leaned over and kissed Thomas, telling him how hot is was to see his cock disappear into Hayden, to see Hayden's hole stretch open. Hayden began to move, a steady rhythm, up and down, taking more and more of Thomas' cock each time until he was moving faster, slamming down onto Thomas, shaking the bed, the sound of skin slapping together. Hayden built up a furious pace, really working his ass up and down; a rough fierce fuck. Hayden began to sweat again, his breathing rough. Thomas held Hayden's thighs, felt the weight of him on top, slamming ass down over cock. Aaron moved behind Hayden, reached around his waist and began to stroke his cock as he worked his ass on Thomas' cock. Hayden reached back, over his head and held on to Aaron's head, felt his body brush his as he moved up and down, felt his hand gripped tightly on his cock, stroking him, brining him close. He'd never felt so hot, so alive. His rhythm became frantic, his need to come urgent. Aaron stroked his cock harder, slamming his fist down the shaft.

"I'm gonna come...fuck" Hayden stammered as his body jerked and slammed down on Thomas. He shot, blasting his load over Thomas, hitting him in the face, across the chest and on the stomach. His hole tightened, gripped Thomas' cock as it slide back and forth through is opening. Thomas cried out and arched up, shoving his cock up into Hayden, pushing him up.

"Fuck" Thomas cried out again as Hayden's ass milked him, worked out his load, let it coat his insides. Hayden leaned back on his hands, his torso wet with sweat, his stomach heaving in and out, Thomas' cock stilled buried in his ass. Aaron moved around and leaned over Thomas.

"That was fucking hot" and he leaned down and licked up Hayden's load, ran his tongue over Thomas' skin, scooping up the warm puddles on it. Then he got up and kissed Hayden, roughly, passionately. When they stopped they looked down at a smiling Thomas.

"I'm exhausted, how about a quick shower before we crash. You guys want to just sack out here?" Thomas asked.

The hot shower was soothing, as they bathed each other, washed off the sweat and cum. Soon they were piled up in Thomas' bed, the three of them. Dawn was not long in coming but they wouldn't stir much for hours. Thomas was flat on his back, one arm behind his head. Hayden was between him and Aaron, snuggling up to one then the other, his long limbs wrapping over Thomas or Aaron. Aaron would spoon up to Hayden when he was snuggled up to Thomas, the heat of their bodies keeping the bed very warm.

When Hayden woke, he realized only he and Aaron were still in bed. He heard Thomas in the kitchen; then he smelled the coffee. Soon Thomas was coming in the room, wearing an old pair of faded jeans, barely hanging on his hips, carrying a tray of three coffees.

"Ok, you sleeping whores, time to get up."



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