It was the first day at the new job, My foreman had come to take me back to our department and I was excited to be starting a new job, finally some finances in my pocket.

He introduced himself as Bill Slayton, and I told him my name was Ken, He went thru all the formalities and then we went to the back of our Building to the Paint and Mechanical depts.

I was then given over to a fellow worker they called Fuzzy, He looked to be about 23 or so and I was just 22, but I look like I'm about 27 or 28 or so I'm told, anyhow, Fuzzy sorta took over and said Hi! I'm Fuzzy, and your Ken I've been told, Well I said yes and he started showing me the ropes about saftey proceedures and the setting up of the paint guns and tanks, and the hoists and how they work, most of which I already knew from a previous job I had worked.

Now Fuzzy was a real little doll, about four or five inches shorter than me and he wore a baseball cap turned around backwards, I notices kinda brunette hair almost black, curly sticking out from under his cap all around the head and he said it had been that way since he was a kid, hence the nickname Fuzzy, His grandpa put that one on him and It stuck. He had those farm worker kinda muscles and was built like a bull.

Well Fuzzy took me on a tour of the dept. and I was shown the mens room which was kinda small and while we were there I had to take a leak and Fuzzy said me too, and we walked up to the urinals which had no privacy dividers, which is alright with me and whipped out the old cock and started taking a leak and I looked down at a nicely impressive hunk of meat in Fuzzys hand too, and I noticed that he was kinda nonchalantly gazing down at mine, which made it start to stand up and take notice, if you know what I mean.

I looked up at Fuzzy and he said well, That drains the old lizard as they say, and he said, come with me, and he took me up front of the building and showed me a larger locker room and mens shower room and said, that the men sometimes take showers here before leaving for home since that black metal dust gets all over your car. I said I'll have to take advantage of this, this is really cool.

Fuzzy said maybe well do it together some day after work, I said cool, although that's not what I had in mind to do together with Fuzzy, but it would be a start.

Fuzzy and I were getting close, went out after work for a beer and such things, He showed me around town and then we just sat at a park overlooking the river and he shared some of his life with me. He had gotton married because he had a one night stand with a girl named Marla, he kinda liked her, and of course the little jerk didn't use protection and got her pregnant, Now she was having complications and they were told, Dr's. orders, not to have sex, It could cause her to hemmorage and loose the baby.

Well Fuzzy was sorta fucked. I said theres always Old Rosie, and he laughed and said I think I have fucked old Rosies head off in the last few months and shes really getting old hat, Just not that same feeling if you know what I mean? And I said I certainly do know what you mean, nothing feels like that feeling of someone elses mouth or hand Or even asshole. He said you got that right, but you left out pussy, I said I know I did that on purpose, he said Oh! and thats all he said.

The next day at work we got a little dirty and grimy wiping off parts before painting and Fuzzy said Hey man I need to shower before getting into my car, I said you got that right, and I started for the Locker room as soon as the 3:30 buzzer went off.

I got to my locker and started getting clean clothes out to shower and Fuzzy was right behind me, I started stripping and so did Fuzzy, I looked over and saw Fuzzys bulging briefs and started almost at once to get a boner, fuck I thought and then I noticed Fuzzy's cock was kinda jutting out too, Fuzzy looked up at me and started laughing and reached over and slapped me on my bare ass and said I feel like it's our wedding night, and I said with a giggle yea but who gets to fuck who? He just looked at me and winked and smiled a really big smile. Well Fuzzy took one stall and I took the other and I left the curtain drawn back a little to watch Fuzzy, I could see under the curtain of his stall and the floor being wet let you get a good view of what he was doing up there, I started kinda stroking off and washing the old Penis and I wasn't watching and the curtain drew back and there was Fuzzy saying hey man I'm gonna join you, That shower head is fucked up and not working right, we can shower together just like in high school, I said huh, o.k. and he got into the shower with me and the rubbing together of our naked wet bodies just really got to me, my cock started throbbing and when I turned around in the stall My cock hit Fuzzy's now rock hard cock like to baseball bats smacking against each other His eyes met with mine and he said I think they like each other and I say an almost whispering like tone yea I think they do. Fuzzy said Im gonna scrub you back and then you do mine, I said alright and he soaped up his hand and started slathering up my back, but the washing soon turned to rubbing and I was getting turned almost to the point of no return and Fuzzy said Ken, Turn around and I'll get the front, shit man if he only knew how I wanted him to get my front. I slowly turned around and he started slathering my chest and my nippels were so sensative, I was wimpering and sorta moaning lightly, he said fuck man you really like this don't you and I said if you only knew. Well It got to be my turn to soap up Fuzzy and I started on his front first and got to his fucking nuts and he said fuck man that feels wonderful, your the first person besides me that has touched my nuts and I said I plan on making them and you feel really good today if thats alright. He said help yourself, and I started with the nutsack and then I started washing his cock for him and he said Oh fucking Jesus, man I let the water rinse the soap off his cock and I milked the forsking back and I thought he would lose it, He jammed his body forward and I helf onto his cock, I said Fuzzy you really need this and I squatted down and took his whole cock to the pubic hair and He just moaned Oh Shit man what am I gonna do when I need to cum, I said I swallow man let it go and let it happen, He said alright you ask for it, and I kept on slurpping and he kept on moaning I started feeling that tightening up of his nuts which I was gently massaging as I sucked Fuzzys cock, I felt his response to each thrust of my mouth, and his cock head was getting hard as a rock and so was his dick, I didn't thing he could get any harder and then His body tightened up like a statue and he gasped and grunted and I felt the climax down in my throat and he exploded a load of cum into my mouth and throat like a hose being turned on. He bucked and jerked and held onto my head and I just kept up the tongue work and sucking and swallowing, finally he just went like a wilted lilly. and just leaned back on the shower wall and took a deep breath and said fuck Ken that was totally unbelievealbe and the best climax bar none I have ever had, I just smiled and left the stall to get dryed and he stayed a little longer to get his strength back, He was totally drained.

We went out for supper that night and since he was going to be alone for a couple nights, his wife was gone to her sisters so her sister could take care of her, Fuzzy came back to my appartment with me, We watched a little T.V. and drank a few brews and then decided it was time to turn in.

When we got to bed Fuzzy stripped down to his birthday suit and said since we have done the deed together you already know what I look like naked and since I sleep naked at home I guess It's alright ot sleep that way here, and I said I do to, but lookout stud, cause I only have one bed, He said sounds good to me.

I got naked and crawled into bed and layed there an talked and I noticed Fuzzy had a big hardon again and he was sorta caressing it. and looking at me smiling, I said does that thing need attention again and Fuzzy said It seem to always need attention at leas 3 or 4 times a day. I looked over and said but it's gonna be my way and I crawled over to Fuzzy, and leaned up over him and I kissed him on the lips and stuck a tongue in his mouth and he wrapped his arms aroung my body and you would have thought he had been kissing men all his life, he started kissing me back like a lover and after I slowed him down and I started to kiss all over his body he was into the sex thing, I leaned down and started sucking his cock while massaging his cock and he started saying Thats is baby suck that cock, fuck it is just awesome, and then I stopped looked up at him and smiled, He looked puzzeled and leaned up on one elbow and said Why'd you stop, I said I have something else planned for you, He smiled and said Oh REally? I leaned over to the dresser and pulled out some lube and started lubeing up my rectum and then his cock, He said, Wha--da--Fuc--

I said hold on cowboy were going for a ride and I climbed upon his body and sat down on his seven inch thick cock and took him to the max with one easy stroke, now I can't say it didn't burn and hurt a little at first, but that changed and I started riding my stud horse like a fucking madman and Fuzzy was in The twilight zone, He was grunting and moaning and saying Fuck me! Oh Shit man, I never and I guess he hadn't.

I started feeling Fuzzy's cock getting like a peice of iron and swelling in my intesine track.

He started grunting heavy and hunching up and I leaned over and started kissing him while I fucked him with my asshole and I was his face starting to get really red and His cheeks was bulging out like they were full of air and he started getting rigid and he just yelled Oh muther fucker Ken. and If felt very hard heavy spasming of his cock in my asshole and I kept the milking motion of my rectum muscles and He was breathingk like someone with impheseima, I thouth he would have a stroke he was huffing and panting and say fuck Me, Holy Ughmmmmm, and he layed back just as my cock started shooting a load that would have drowned a grizzley bear, WE both just layed over and layed there me on top of him my asshole dripping his cum in seemingly cups full and my cum like mayonaise between two slice of bread between us, We were totally done in, and He said Ken just stay like that and fall asleep on me, Please? I said if you want that, I woke up about 6 oclock the next morning to Fuzzy sucking my cock and just as I was shooting into his mouth, I was totally surprised cause he swallowed my load and never batted an eye, and just looked down at me and said good morning Ken. I reached up and kissed him on his cum soaked mouth and I tasted my own cum taste in his mouth.

Needless to say Fuzzy and I was quite close as friend go and much closer that most friend go. About 3 months Fuzzy became the father of twins a little doll of a girl and a cute little boy. He was happy but never did let it come between our sex lifes, he said after the babies came I became uncle Ken and His wife went kinda nutso and stopped sex with Fuzzy altogether. But he stayed with her for the kids sake, all and all I'd say Fuzzy was one hell of a guy. Fuzzy finally said Ken not I know why you left out the word Pussy. and Just laughed.



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