1. Karen and I:

We were a lucky couple having been happily married for five years. Neither of us wanted children yet. We were both 25 and it still seemed there was much to do. Karen was an attractive girl with a petite build and beautiful medium length blonde hair she turned many heads and I quite enjoyed the attention she attracted. I was considered a catch too. At 5 feet 11 inches, I had a good firm body and short red blonde hair, which tended to get a bit redder as it progressed down my body.

We were fortunate to have good jobs, me an accountant in town with a large company specialising in commercial accountancy and she as a personal assistant to the Marketing Manager of a City bank. We had a great circle of friends who were like us and enjoyed the same things, such as days out, holidays together, dinner parties and visits to the city pubs. It was fair to say though that our friends were being slowly picked off as one by one they fell foul of pregnancy. Nothing ages them faster than expecting a family. Living in Central England, marriage and family was the expected thing.

I suppose now, you want to know a bit about our personal thoughts and likes? Well I had had a normal sort of childhood with many friends to play with. I had even dabbled a bit sexually with some of my mates, especially around the 12-15 age group. I have to say I really enjoyed the sexual release of have sex with another person and when your hormones are firing off all over the place, cumming seems like the most fabulous thing in the world, and having someone do it for you is even better. We had even developed into oral sex, and on a couple of occasions I had been fucked and had even fucked one of my closest friends. Then we all started dating and that drifted away pretty quickly. I still fantasised a great deal about it and would happily have dipped into that side of my life from time to time if I hadn't worried about the confusion it might have caused me. I might even have turned gay. After three or four girl friends and some great sex, the thoughts of guys faded considerably and were relegated to the occasional solo wank when I was bored.

Then I met Karen, still a virgin at 18, and quite straight in her upbringing. I loved the fact that she was completely pure and there for me only even if I couldn't even have her at that time. I was allowed a bit of breast fondling but that was really it. My solo wank sessions went into overdrive. After 18 months and still desperately wanting sex with her, it was obvious I was going to have to marry. After 18 months Peter and Karen were one.

After a slow start, she blossomed sexually and become very loud and active in bed. She was quite experimental and was happy to perform oral sex and receive it. We moved on to some toys and she loved playing around with vibrators, even having sex in the open air in a field late one night on the way home from a party. Part of the reason was that she didn't hold drink too well. She drank, don't get me wrong but, especially after wine, became quite sleepy and, if you woke her, she would be really randy, have wonderful sex, go to sleep, and not even remember in the morning. This would sometimes annoy me as I couldn't discuss it afterwards. On the up side, I could often push her sexually when she was drunk and even talk openly about my fantasies. She would play along with the fantasy and still forget most of it in the morning. I suppose this is where is really all began.

2. The Opportunity Unfolds:

Now where did it all start. I think it was when I received a telephone call from Steve. He was one of my “experimental” friends from ten years previously. He had found my number through another school friend and was in town on business for two nights.

“Did we want to have a drink.”

I thought of a better idea and we invited him round for dinner. When he arrived I was faced with an extremely attractive man. Taller than I was, he was slim but well built and had wonderful light mousy brown hair with blonde streaks. He had an amazing sexual presence and I noticed Karen blushing slightly when he was introduced.

We had a few drinks then dinner and during the course of the evening I discovered that he had been married for just two years but she had met someone else and gone off with him. He was now Sales Manager for a software company and travelled a little around Europe and the U.K. After a third bottle of wine, Karen went her usual slightly giggly way and went off to the toilet.

“You landed on your feet with Karen” he said. “Beautiful girl.”

“Glad you approve,” said I and proceeded to tell him the story about her being a virgin when we met.

“Lucky bugger,” said he and started to ask some personal questions about our sex life. As we had shared some personal moments ourselves in the past, I felt I could tell him. “Ever had a threesome”, he asked?

“Nothing like that at all,” I answered honestly. I explained that she was quite straight laced about sex outside marriage.

We realised that Karen had been gone sometime and I went to look for her. I walked through the apartment and found her on her back on the bed having tried to get undressed for bed. Her pants were at her ankles and her skirt ridden up so her slit could clearly be seen. As I went over to make her decent, I turned to find Steve standing behind me.

“Sorry mate,” he said, “I didn't mean to look, but I couldn't help it. God she looks hot!”

I was initially annoyed then slightly turned on. I realised that he was the only other man to see her cunt other than me and I felt a slight stirring in my pants at the thought. I pointed out that I was going to get her ready for bed and he said he would give me a hand to lift her. He pointed out that as he had already seen her most private parts, it didn't really matter. We stripped her naked and laid her on the bed while I went to get her nightie.. When I came back, Steve was sitting on the edge of the bed, gently stroking her legs and she was softly moaning. I stood back from the door and watched him. His left hand was on her leg while his right hand stroked the front of his trousers. When he saw me, he apologised and said it was the drink relaxing him.

“Is she normally as sound as this in drink” he asked?

“Yes,” I confirmed, still slightly breathless, excited and not sure where I wanted this to go.”

“I haven't had sex for almost six months,” he said, “It's just been so busy at work. I am sorry for staring at your beautiful wife, I had better go.”

“How about another drink,” I said, that lump still affecting my trouser front?

I put a sheet over Karen and we went through to the lounge where we sat and talked with more wine in hand and he started to reminisce about our young days. He admitted that he hadn't done it since though he had once had a blow job from a transsexual in Bangkok. I admitted that I hadn't either though I had thought a bit about it. It was Steve who had fucked me when I was 14. He again talked about threesomes and said the idea of two men and a women turned him on, as it would allow him to explore that side of his sexuality while still enjoying a woman. I reminded him that Karen would not be the sort to ever allow that to happen and I could only just dream about it.

He then hit me with a shocking suggestion. “Does she need to know she's doing it?”

“What do you mean,” I said rather naively.

“We could both go to bed with her now and have some fun. We could also explore that other side of our thoughts and she would assume that it had been you having sex with her” he said.

By now I had a raging erection and I thought I could see one in his. I must admit, the thought of me seeing how he had developed since the days of patchy pubic hair and a 5 inch cock intrigued me. More importantly, the thought of my virginal wife being handled and fingered by this man and maybe even fucked, was a major driving force. I knew that even if she woke, she would just assume I was having my nocturnal way with her as I had done often in the past.

“Well” he said?

“O.K. let's do it” said I.

3. The Fun Begins:

On the way through, I picked up my digital camera. The chances of this happening again were slim and I wanted some wanking material for the future. “Do you mind this” I said pointing to the camera. “

You're hardly likely to be showing to anyone else anyway” he said.

I asked him to go back to where he had been and I would begin by just watching.

He quickly stripped down to his T-shirt and tight black shorts. You know these lycra type ones that grip. I could see his bulge as we had left the lights on full. I didn't want to miss a second. I started clicking immediately as I wanted some solo shots of him. He was soon by her side, the cover pulled back, exposing her naked body. He rubbed her legs and gently started to stroke his fingers in her pubic hair. I thought I was going to burst. I stripped down to my briefs and continued to photograph. By now he had inserted a single finger and was stroking inside her. I moved for a better view and could see her cunt lips open to allow him inside. He pulled off his shirt to expose an almost hairless body -–just a little patch on his chest. Next he spread her legs apart and started to lick her out. Slowly at first then with greater speed as his tongue went in deeply. He had her in an almost obscene position with her legs wide apart and her sex fully open.

All caution had gone now and my briefs were at my ankles and my cock in hand. I am blessed with a 6.5 inch uncut cock but it is thicker that normal. The foreskin peels gently back when erect and it certainly was erect now. Steve turned to look at me and saw my erection as a sign to move on. He stood up, walked across to me and immediately kneeled in front taking my whole moist hard cock in his mouth. My wives cunt juices were now mixing with mine in Steve's mouth. Steve stood up and pushed his shorts down. His cock had definitely grown. I would have guessed it was about 8 inches, also uncut with a short length of foreskin, even when erect. His small bush of pubic hair was light in colour unlike my red hair. I knelt down in front of him and slowly took the length of cock in my mouth, pushing my tongue into his foreskin as I remembered doing all those years ago. He was straining upwards at a 45 degree angle and so rigid it was like a poker.

He pulled it from my mouth and went over to my wife. Then he surprised me by asking me to fuck her in front of him while he photographed us. I knelt between her legs and inserted my cock very slowly. Pushing it gently in I heard her groan and I started my even rhythm. Steve caressed my balls and slid his finger into her with me. Then he went down between us and started to lick, firstly my hole, then he followed it round to where my cock was gently pumping in and out. I could hear him slurping her juices as they trickled out. Suddenly, his finger was on my hole working something cold into it. It looked like my wife's body lotion. I moaned with pleasure as I felt him at my most private place. His finger easily slid in and worked it's way around. I knew what was to come. Next he leaned over to his trousers on the floor and pulled a condom from his pocket. He ripped open the packet and rolled the rubber tightly over his cock head. He rubbed some cream over it started to push his cock into me while I fucked my wife and though there was pain, it was overcome by the total excitement of the situation. Soon all 8 inches were in me and he started to fuck in earnest. He was setting up the rhythm as I fucked my wife. This lasted no more than three or four minutes before I was ready to cum. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out his cock. “No – don't cum” he commanded! “I'm going to fuck her now.”

He waited till I climbed off her and positioned himself between Karen's legs. I grabbed the camera as this was one shot I didn't want to miss. His cock slid easily into her and I heard a soft whimper escape her mouth as he pushed up to hilt. Asleep or not she was still getting the biggest cock of her life in her. I was glad we had played with the large dildos in the past. He kissed her small nipples and licked them while I snapped away with the camera. Then I had to take myself in hand while I moved around the bed and watched. I suddenly had an urge to climb on the bed behind him and slowly lick my tongue around the crack of his hole. That was enough! He grunted and orgasmed immediately into her. He collapsed on top. Steve then turned round and for the first time in the evening kissed me fully on the lips then lay me on the bed beside my sleeping wife. He pulled off the condom, which was heavy with his load and, as I started to masturbate frantically. He trickled the contents over my cock and my wife's cunt. That was it! I blasted a load that came from the soles of my feet and shot straight over my head, hitting the wall behind.

I lay covered in the pool of mixed cum for a few moments before I started to get a little frightened of Karen waking. While he dressed, I mopped her up and pulled on her nightie before pulling on my briefs and going through to talk to Steve.

“That was really something,” he said. “Are you going to tell her?”

“No way,” I replied.

He left, promising to look us up the next time he was in the area. And I sat for a few minutes just soaking up the fact that I had just watched a guy fuck my wife and, more importantly, let him fuck me. The same cock had been in us both. Judging by the stiffness in my pants, these were two experiences that were not going to remain just memories – and I had the pictures to prove it.

4. Once is Not Enough:

In the morning Karen was extremely chirpy and any worries I had about her perhaps feeling sore were quickly dismissed when she was very apologetic about crashing out.

“What must Steve think of me,” she said

“He thought you were beautiful and charming,” I said while I thought, “and a great fuck!”

“We must do it again” said Karen.

“I hope so” was my very eager response.

I downloaded the pictures and they were absolutely wonderful. and so clear you could see the juices on the rubber of the condom as he fucked her. The big surprise was the final shot of the empty condom lying on me and both Karen and I covered in cum.

I had a great many weeks of wanking pleasure over these pictures and I knew that it had to be a one off. I couldn't possibly allow it to happen again as it wasn't fair on Karen. Our love making continued with enthusiasm. I was aware, however, that after a few weeks, when we were fucking, my thoughts on the lead up to orgasm were drifting to the thought of Steve's big cock going in her cunt and up my hole. I couldn't possibly do it again, could I?

Karen was having quite a difficult time at work suddenly and was feeling very stressed. I discovered that she had seen the doctor who had given her some pills to calm her down. They were working well but one night when we were having a drink, I discovered that they were making her sleepiness even sounder. She was almost out cold until morning. I don't know why, but I slipped a few from her bottle and put them to one side. I felt they might assist me in the future if I wanted to repeat the exercise I had with Steve.

Some weeks later, we were out with another couple for a meal and some drinks in town. The evening went on longer than usual and we all ended up in a club/bar in town centre when the clientele were late teens/early twenties. All of us were merry and at one stage, Karen went off to the toilet and on her return, I saw her being chatted to by a young black boy of Caribbean descent. He looked to be 16 or 17 though I suppose he had to be 18 or he would not have been in the bar. She was chatting away quite merrily and then she brought him over. It seems he was a junior office boy at her work whom she introduced as Cy. He was, in fact only 16 and had used his older brother's ID to get in to the club. His friends had deserted him for a more “grown up” bar and he was just about to go. At this stage our friends also decided to leave.

Call it “cock ruling the brain” but I was starting to get that stirring again. Karen was quite drunk but surprisingly sociable and awake (for once), Cy was lonely, had definitely been drinking but was holding it well for his age, and I was getting that longing while watching Karen chatting with him. I went and bought another round of drinks making sure they were all doubles. We consumed them and I bought another. By this time Karen was quite dizzy and I could see the sleep coming on. Cy was still quite lively so I suggested we all go back to our place, which was only 10 minutes by taxi. Karen could hardly disagree and Cy was quite keen to be able to drink with someone who was his senior.

My thoughts were racing. I couldn't really let Cy fuck her even if he wanted to as he worked with her. Why was I inviting him back? Then I realised that I fancied him. This guy was not like Karen – he was lively and awake. Then I remembered the pills. Would they work? How could I administer them? What dosage? In the taxi, I asked Cy what time he had to be home but he said it didn't matter as his Dad worked nights and he had told his Mum he was staying with friends.

Back at the house I poured more drinks and emptied the contents of four capsules into them. One for Karen, and three for Cy. They didn't dissolve too well but they were on Bacardi and Coke and the little white bits didn't look too bad in with the slight foam. They drank it all and, as I expected, Karen went to the toilet and didn't come back. I gave Cy another stiff drink and we talked about girls and sex. He pretended he was experienced but I figured if he had been with a girl, it would only have been once.

He asked to go to the toilet and I showed him but left the door open slightly to watch. As he pissed I could see his thin black cock hanging out of his Chinos and could tell he was very disorientated as I pushed the door for a better look and he wasn't even aware of me.

When he returned, I asked if he would like to rest awhile on the bed and steered him into our room. He was not even aware that I laid him down beside Karen. Once more she had partially undressed and just had her panties on but nothing else. I left him beside her and went back to the lounge for 30 minutes or so. My digital camera was loaded and ready for whatever might come up from the evening.

When I went into the room, Karen was facing Cy with her arm round him and he was still fully dressed and facing her. Picture number one! I tried to waken him but got no response. I then started to strip him. He was a lightly built lad with a nice “boy into man” physique. Shoes, socks, trousers, shirt and then all he had were white, tight boxers showing a lovely bulge. I pulled Karen's panties off and clicked away some more with the camera before stripping myself. I lay on the bed beside him and started to massage his boyhood through his pants, my own cock growing into a painfully rock hard erection. I slipped his shorts off and exposed his equipment for the first time. Medium black balls, tight to his body, a limp, slim black cock that lay about 4 inches soft and with a longer foreskin, and a tight black patch of curly pubic hair round the top of his pubic area. He had an almost hairless chest though his legs had wonderfully small curly hairs all over.

I rolled him on his back and put his soft cock in my mouth to gently suck on it. Nothing much was happening though I was enjoying it. Then – it stirred. Slowly at first and then, as only a teenager can do, it grew until it was rock hard. The cock before me was beautiful. Coal black, thin, the head just peeking out through the foreskin and about 6.5 inches long. I sat astride him and placed our two cocks together, masturbating them jointly. I longed to cum but I couldn't yet. I put the camera on its stand and set up the remote control to catch the session. I lifted his beautiful strong legs up in the air and licked his hole. I smelt lightly of boy sweat and soap. My tongue invaded his most private place. He remained absolutely rigid.

I moved to Karen and set to work on her with my tongue. She was sopping with juices. I rolled Karen to face away from Cy and pushed her knees into a foetal position. I turned Cy to nestle into her back and took his cock to push it into her cunt from the back. It slipped in quite easily. I climbed over to her front between her knees and pushed my cock gently in beside his and started to help him fuck her. He slipped out from time to time but was so hard, I found it easy to push back in. Then I went down and licked her and him at the same time.

I wanted fucked! I went for some condoms and KY from the bathroom and lubricated myself well. I rolled the condom on his cock, and pushed him on to his back. I sat astride him with his member sticking obscenely up in the air and lowered myself gently on to his teen cock. Did I say “gently?” I lie. I sat straight down on it right to his balls and rode up and down like a madman. He had been in Karen and now he was in me. Just like my boyhood years, I had a teen cock in me. I needed more though.

I wanted to fuck him. I had to be really careful not to hurt him. I gently eased KY into his hole. His cock stayed hard. I used one, then two fingers for about 10 minutes, slowly opening his up. I slipped on a condom and lubricated it before starting the long trip into a virgin hole. It took me all I could not to cum immediately. A full 5 minutes later, I had gently edged my cock up to the hilt and was slowly fucking him while holding his stiff member with my other hand. Not once did it droop. So much for adolescence!

Then I pulled out, climbed over, and stuck my cock fresh from Cy's arse straight into Karen. It seemed so much looser but still wonderfully warm. I held Cy's cock and wanked it furiously while I fucked. He gave a slight moan and a jet of thin hot spunk shot into the air and hit me straight on the face. Four jets followed, all hit me and dripped onto Karen. That was it! I came with such force, I thought my balls were coming up with the jets of sperm. I could taste the sweetness of his thin cum running into me mouth. I had always thought that a sleeping person couldn't cum but I suppose the same is not the case of a drugged one. I slipped out of Karen and took his rapidly softening cock in my mouth. I rolled the wonderful cum taste around in my mouth along with his now soft black cock until there was nothing left to taste. I licked the excess off Karen and swallowed every drop I could find.

Clearing up was quite a lengthy process as I could leave no evidence in or on him of what had happened. Thankfully he slept on. I pulled on his shorts and Chinos and lifted his slight body through to the spare room where I put him to bed and left his clothes around him on the floor. Once more in the morning, both he and Karen were full of apologies to me for not being able to stay awake. As I was thanked by Cy for a great evening, and I watched him walk down the driveway, I looked forward to downloading the pictures.

Once more over the next few weeks, Karen and I had some great sex and I had some great wanks looking at the pictures. This had to be the end though. I couldn't do this again, could I?



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