From Part 1.....

Toward the end of the following week, Buck returned and this time he simply said, "Boss, I'm horny and need you."

"Sure," I replied. "You know the way so go get ready while I lock up."

When I arrived, he was in bed nude, his cock rock hard. I stripped and again lay in a sixty-nine next to him and began sucking his cock.

After a moment, I felt him lift my cock and slowly stroke it.


Part 2......

It was only a few moments later when I felt the difference. Buck was no longer stroking my cock. He was sucking it!

I moaned softly in pleasure and really got into our sixty-nine and noticed that the longer it continued the more Buck was getting into it. Before long, Buck reached his climax and fed me his delicious huge load. After eagerly swallowing it, I warned him that I was nearing my climax.

I expected him to stop and start jerking me off, but he didn't. He continued sucking me and I figured that since I had warned him and ne didn't stop, he must have wanted my load. A second later my cock exploded, filling Buck's mouth with my hot thick load. He gagged slightly and I thought he was going to spit it all over me and my bed, but he regained his composure and began swallowing my load and milking me dry.

When it was over, I looked at him and said, "I sure wasn't expecting that."

"Well to be honest I have been curious about what it was like sucking a guys cock. After finding out that my boss was gay I figured I'd give it a try."

"What did you think?" I asked.

"To be honest, I liked it. When I got that first taste, I wasn't sure I could go further, but I quickly realized that the taste wasn't bad and that I actually liked it and wanted to swallow it."

"You going to let the others know?"

"Why not? All the others except Luke suck cock."

Then he surprised me more by leaning toward me and giving me a hot wet deep- throat tongue kiss. I immediately responded and returned the kiss.

He left and a few minutes later Clay came into the office and said, "I saw you had a visitor. I guess he wanted a blow job."

"Yea," I replied. "Have a seat."

Clay sat across the desk from me and as he looked at me, I said, "He not only got his blow job, but he also blew me."

"What? You're fucking kidding me!"

"Nope, and he says he liked it."

"Holy shit!" Clay exclaimed.

I smiled and said, "I'm glad you stopped by because I want your opinion on something."

"What's that, boss?"

"I've been running an idea through my head. What do you think about letting all the guys go nude whenever they feel like it?"

"I think most would like it," he replied.

"Well, it would not be a 'sex anytime' thing. They would have to be through with their chores first."

"I agree but what about visitors to the ranch driving up and finding them nude?"

"That's an easy fix. I'm having an alarm installed which would signal us when someone passes through the gate. With it being as far away as it is, everyone would have time to get out of sight or dressed."

"I think they will like it," he said again.

"Let's keep it just between us for now," I said. He smiled and nodded.

On weekends, I liked to give the hands Saturday off to relax, go to town, sleep or do whatever they wanted. The alarm was installed on Thursday and had all the hands asking questions about it. All they were told was that there would be a mandatory meeting of all employees Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon arrived and everyone was curious about what was going on. By now every one of them knew that I was gay also. I looked at them and began.

"Men, the alarm was installed for a reason. When a car passes through the gate the alarm horn will sound. The reason for that is that effective immediately, anyone that wants to is free to go nude anywhere on this ranch that they want to. Just stay out of sight when near the edge of the property. If you hear the alarm, get out of sight or at least gets some pants on. Just so you know, those coolers are full of cold beer. Help yourself."

They stood and looked at me, not quite sure what to do. To put them at ease, I immediately kicked off my boots and removed my jeans and shirt, before putting my boots back on. Standing before them nude I noticed that they had also began stripping.

Soon, we were all sitting around the recreation area, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer, all nude, including our one straight hand, Luke.

Saturday, to my surprise, no one headed into town. After breakfast, everyone had brought out snacks and was enjoying the pool. Of course, everyone was nude. When they saw me on the back porch of the house they motioned for me to join them. I did and once there, Clay came up to me and said, "Boss, their wanting to know if on free time like today if they can have sex where ever they want?"

Smiling, I said, "Guys, when you are on free time and finished with all your chores, you are free to have sex anywhere you want. My only rule is that there is no sex or peeing in the pool. Enjoy yourself."

Everyone cheered and seconds later Brad came up to me and began sucking my cock. Everyone watched for a few seconds them began pairing up and going at it. I quickly climaxed and fed my load to the youngest hand I had working for me.

I noticed Luke sitting to the side, drinking a beer and his cock rock hard. I walked over and sat next to him and asked why he wasn't enjoying himself.

"Boss, you know I don't suck cock, but I find it intriguing watching all the others suck and fuck each other. Buck told me that he started sucking cock and I didn't believe him until he sucked me off night before last in my room. He said that if I tried it I'd enjoy it."

"Who knows, you just might but it is totally up to you."

As Luke and I sat watching the others, Buck came up and as he looked at Luke he said, "Luke, I want to get fucked and I want you to be the first."

"Fuck, man, right here?"

"Sure. You are nice and hard so why don't I just sit on it like Brad is sitting on Clay."

Luke and I looked over to see Brad riding Clay's cock and enjoying it.

"If that's what you want then do it," Luke told him.

Brad sucked on Luke some to get his cock wet then straddled him and began sitting on his cock. Watching him loose his virginity got me super horned and my cock was quickly rock hard. After several moments, Buck had Luke's cock buried in his ass and began to slowly raise and lower his ass on it.

I noticed Luke's eyes roll back slightly, before he looked at Buck and said, "This is a first for both of us."

I looked at him and said, "You mean that you have never fucked before?"

"Nope. The only thing I've ever done with another man is let him suck my cock. But I will say that I think his ass is better that a woman's cunt."

I smiled and as I did, he motioned for me to step closer. I did and he began stroking my cock as Buck rode his cock. Then, after just a few moments, Buck leaned toward me and kissed me then leaned down and began sucking my cock.

Luke had a close up view of Buck sucking me and after a moment Buck stopped and grasped my cock and offered it to Luke. Luke looked at it a moment and seemed uninterested, then suddenly leaned over and swallowed my cock.

By not everyone was watching the two supposed straight guys sucking cock. they began to gather around. As Luke sucked on my cock, Buck soon began sucking on our cook, George. George was in his late forties but still well built and sported a huge eight and a half inch cock.

Soon, Luke exploded up Buck's ass as Buck began swallowing the huge load George was feeding him. I quickly followed and fired my climax into the virgin mouth only to fine Luke eagerly swallowing it.

Once the show was over everyone returned to their sexual activities. I looked at Luke and asked, "How is it that you had no problem eating my load?"

He began to blush and said, "I admit that I've been serious especially after Buck sucked me. so for the last couple days I've been jerking a lot and eating my own. If I decided to suck a guys cock the last thing I wanted to do was look weak and gag on the load."

"Well, did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Very much."

Now every one of the guys working for me was a cock sucker. And before long, Luke lost his virginity to Buck and we all got to watch him take his first cock up his ass. It was awesome.

As time passed, I asked Clay to find a hot gay young man to take care of the lawn area around the house, the flower beds and the pool. I soon had a hot eighteen year old football start from the local college working for me. he loved coming here and after he finished his work sucking cock and getting fucked. And I loved sucking his long slim cock.

After about a year, I asked Clay to be my lover. He quickly said yes but we agreed that on our sex days around the pool we were both free to do whatever we wanted with whom ever we wanted.

Then, Buck and Luke became lovers and had the same agreement that Clay and I had.

The ranch grew and I gradually bough surrounding property. As it grew, we hired more hands and of course they had to be hot and gay. I now have twenty hands working for me and our Saturday free day is not one big hot orgy around the pool.

There are days that Clay and I both will get gang banged by the rest of the guys. Little do they know that we both love it. It is so hot to look over the crowd and see groups of guys together sucking and fucking.

Life is awesome!





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