From about the age of thirteen, I spent every summer with my grandfather on his ranch. Each year, I found that I enjoyed being around the ranch foreman and the hands more and more. Each year they seemed to excite me sexually more than the year before. By the time I was sixteen, I knew that I was gay but I had to keep it hidden.

Also after three or four years, I knew almost as much about ranching as the rest of them did and decided that in college I would have a double major in business and agriculture. By the time I graduated, my grandfather was in poor health although his mind was still very sharp. After graduation, he turned the running of the ranch over to me while training me to also handle the financial end of the business.

Then, after about a year, the unexpected happened and my grandfather passed away. In his will, he left his entire estate to me. It was all now my responsibility.

After the funeral, I called Clay, the ranch foremen, to the office in the main house. Clay was roughly six-six, thirty-two years old, extremely muscular with black hair. He had a neatly trimmed full beard, and a beautiful hairy chest and his bright blue eyes would melt your heart.

"You wanted to see me, Mark, uh, boss?"

"Clay, you can still call me Mark," I said. "I just wanted to let you know that I will be coming to you for advice from time to time."

"I'll do anything I can to help you out. I loved your grandfather like my own and I'll give you the same loyalty I gave him."

"Will the fact that I'm six years younger than you affect your work in any way?"

"It will be strange for a while but I'll get used to it. You were already making most of the decisions."

"I appreciate that Clay. Now, I want you to do something for me."

"Name it," Clay said.

"With my grandfather passing and the funeral and all, the guys have been supportive and caring. Let them know that they can all take this weekend off, and that includes you."

"Speaking on behalf of the guys, thanks. I know they will appreciate it."

I stood and he gave me a hug, and when he did, my entire body experienced a warm sexual feeling. I wanted to hold him more and kiss him but I was sure he would never permit it.

The weekend arrived and most of the guys headed into town, after their chores on Friday evening. Saturday morning, I headed to the barn to check of the horses and when I entered I heard unexpected groans emitting from the tack room.

Walking to the door, I listened for a moment then opened the door. Looking in, I froze at what I saw. There before me was Clay, nude, on his knees sucking one of the other hands, Brad, who was also nude. Seeing me, they also froze. As they stared at me, I stared at them. Then, stepping back, I closed the door and returned to my office in the house.

The office had a door leading into the house proper as well as a door leading to the outside porch. I sat at my desk, not believing that this massive beautiful hunk of a man was into male sex.

After a few moments, the door leading to the outside opened and Clay stepped in.

There was total silence for a few seconds before Clay spoke up and said, "Mark, I never meant for you to find out about me. I just wanted to let you know that I'll gather my things and be out of here later today."

I stood and walked around my desk to face Clay. "Did my grandfather know anything?"

"He nearly caught me on a few occasions so I'm sure he suspected, but he never said anything."

Stepping up to him, I said, "If he didn't mine, then neither do I." At that point, I leaned closer and just as my hand grasp his huge firm cock, my lips met his. He was lifeless for a moment then as I began offering my tongue he accepted, and it turned into a hot passionate kiss. Soon, he was grasping my cock.

After the kiss ended, I looked at him and said, "I've wanted to do that for several years but never dreamed that you would let me."

"Over the last several years, I've noticed the way you looked at me and the other guys and wondered if there was anything to it. Now, I know there was."

"Does it make any difference?"

"Fuck no! I think it's great," he replied. "But one of us needs to let Brad know. He's in his room packing his things."

"Come with me," I said.

We went to the bunkhouse and to Brad's room. When we walked in he looked at me and said, "I'll be gone shortly, Mr. Rivers."

Brad was a hot good looking well; built young man of twenty-two. Looking at him, I told him to unpack his things and not worry about what had happened.

He looked back and forth between Clay and I. I could tell he was still unsure. I quickly solved that problem.

I walked up to Brad, an began rubbing his crotch. As I felt his cock stiffen, I slowly unzipped his jeans. I motioned Clay over and unzipped his also. Soon, I had both pair of jeans down around their ankles and their hard cocks in my hands.

I dropped to my knees and as I looked up into Brad's eyes, I began swallowing his cock. He looked at Clay for a moment before Clay leaned down and kissed him.

As they kissed passionately, I alternated between their cocks, sucking each one hungrily. Before long, Brad moaned and I knew he was close. Seconds later his cock exploded in my mouth filling it with his huge thick load of creamy cum. After collecting it all and swallowing, I turned to Clay and quickly brought him to his climax. After swallowing his huge delicious load, I stood up and smiled.

Looking at Brad, I asked, "Are you now convinced that everything is cool between us?"

"Yes, sir, I am."

With that, Clay quickly knelt and began working on my belt and zipper. Brad dropped and began helping him and within seconds, my jeans were down around my ankles. Then, they both began licking my cock and balls and after a moment they were taking turns devouring my hard horny cock.

Before long I reached my climax and together they accepted it and kissed as they shared it and swallowed. Then, after standing, they leaned toward me and we had a hot three way kiss.

That evening, I invited Clay to have dinner with me in the main house. When he arrived, I greeted him with a hot kiss. He helped with dinner and afterward, I led him to my bedroom. For dessert, we had a hot passionate slow sixty-nine. We then cuddled for a while and I asked when he started with guys.

He told me that it was during his basic training for the Marines when his drill sergeant made passes at him. He said he had been curious and before long they were sucking and fucking each other.

"Do you like fucking another guy in the ass?" I asked.

"Oh yea, almost as much as I like getting fucked."

"I see," I said. "How would you like me up your ass?"

"I was just about to ask you to fuck me," he replied.

Seconds later as we kissed, I was slowly sliding my lubed cock up his deliciously tight hole. "Oh fuck, you feel awesome," I said.

"So do you," he replied.

I started slowly but as time passed and my climax neared, I got faster and faster. soon, my cock erupted and he exclaimed loudly, "Oh, fuck yea. Fill my hole with that hot load. Fuck me, boss."

I quickly deposited my seed deep in his hole as we kissed passionately. Once I had pulled out, I looked at him and said, "Now it's your turn to make a deposit up my ass."

"My pleasure."

We quickly changed positions and he had his thick hard eight in cock buried balls deep in my ass and I was loving it. He began to piston in and out as I moaned in shear pleasure. He eventually reached his climax and filled my hole with his huge load. After a hot kiss, he raised my legs and to shocked pleasure, he began sucking his own load out of my ass.

"Share it with me," I told him.

Soon, we were kissing, working his cum load back and forth between our mouths. Soon we each swallowed part of it.

Looking up into his face, I asked "Did you ever think that at any time you would have sex with your boss?"

"You're my third boss since the Marines and all the others would have fired me if I would have tried anything."

I began to question him about the rest of the hands to see if any were into male sex.

"Your grandfather left the hiring to me and whenever we needed a new hand, I always found on that was gay. However, there is two exceptions, Buck and Luke both claim to be straight but when ever we all get together out on rides, they are more than willing to get naked with us and get their cocks sucked or fuck our asses. I seriously think that they will eventually make the switch, though."

"Do either ever just asked someone to suck their cocks?"

"Oh yea, they both do at times. Why?"

"Well, since they both know about you, do me a favor and somehow let them know that I'm into guys and would love to suck them, and if they ever need it, just come to me and tell me."

"Consider it done, boss."

Clay spent the night with me and the next morning we started the day with a sixty-nine.

We knew the rest of the hands would be returning in the afternoon and Clay asked, "Should anything be said to the rest of the guys?"

"No, not yet."

"How do I approach them? They will know that you and I have had sex."

"I'm sure you will find away, but tell them that they have to keep it to themselves."

Shortly after lunch I called Brad into the house and the three of us had a hot three-way sucking and fucking. We then told Brad to keep everything to himself.

Mid afternoon, the rest of the hands began returning. I sat on the porch looking at them and not believing that this bunch of hot rugged studs were nearly all gay.

Later, from my office window, I saw Clay out by the barn talking to Buck.

Buck was in his early thirties and stood six- two. He was muscular and semi-hairy with numerous tattoos. I knew that I'd enjoy sucking his cock.

I watched as they talked and then I saw a shocked expression on Buck's face as he looked toward the office.

Later, I saw Clay talking to Luke, and I knew that he was again planting the seed in his mind also. Now all I had to do was sit back and wait.

Clay and I had sex again on Wednesday and he informed me that both guys had again questioned him and asked if he as sure that I wanted their cocks. He said he had reassured them that I did.

Late Thursday afternoon just at dusk, I saw Buck walking toward the office. I wondered if he was coming for sex.

He knocked on the office door and after I told him to come in, he seemed extremely nervous.

"What can I help you with, Buck?" I asked.

"Well, uh, Clay and I were talking, and uh, he said you might be able to uh, help me if I was in need, if you uh,know what I mean."

"Buck, are you horny and need some relief?"

"Uh, yea, very."

"Well, I like to keep my employees happy. Come with me."

He followed me to my bedroom and once there, I told him to make himself totally comfortable. He watched as I stripped, and he soon began stripping. I had him lay on the bed and lay next to him in a sixty-nine position in case he wanted to do anything.

As I began to fondle his thick cock, it stiffened. As the first sign of his thick clear pre-cum emerged from his piss slit, I licked it off before swallowing his cock. He moaned softly in pleasure. I was totally engrossed in sucking his cock when I suddenly felt his hand on my cock. He began stroking me and it felt awesome.

Before long, he climaxed and after I had collected it all and swallowed, he sat up and continued jerking my cock. Soon , my cock erupted sending several long thick volleys out onto my chest and stomach.

"Mother Fuck!" he exclaimed. "That's the first time I ever jerked a guy off and watched him shoot. That was unreal."

We both dressed and as he started to leave I patted his shoulder and said, "Feel free to come back anytime."

"You can count on it," he said smiling.

Undoubtedly he had talked to Luke, because a few days later Luke came to me saying that he had talked to Buck and was told that I could help him out. I took him to my room and after we stripped, i sucked him off also but he just lay there enjoying it.

Clay and Brad would visit me late at night secretly for sex and it was awesome. I loved sliding my cock up Brad's hot young ass while I sucked Clay's big cock.

Toward the end of the following week, Buck returned and this time he simply said, "Boss, I'm horny and need you."

"Sure," I replied. "You know the way so go get ready while I lock up."

When I arrived, he was in bed nude, his cock rock hard. I stripped and again lay in a sixty-nine next to him and began sucking his cock.

After a moment, I felt him lift my cock and slowly stroke it.

TO BE CONTINUED........................



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