"Ths is wrng." He slurred while I kissed down his neck and nibbled his ear.

"How can you say that man?" I said pulling his shirt off over his head. "She fucked another man." I took off the rest of his shirt, pushed him down on the couch, and climbed on top of him.

He was so unlike my previous conquest, Jake in everyway possible. The dark, black hair surrounded his body like a well trimmed lawn, and even with his eyes closed his whole demeanor radiated manliness.

"Probably in your bed." I decided to kiss downwards from his neck down to his taut, pink nipples. David gasped slightly as I licked one and played with the other with my finger. As his nipples started getting as hard as my cock I started to taste the manly fur of Dave when I licked down his chest. The contours in between his abs and pecs heaved as I felt it in its entirety. When I finally got down to his jeans I made my hand feel over the heat of his package, and tried to unzip the zipper.

Suddenly David grabbed my hand and whispered, "Dnt."

Although his grip was firm my resolve was stronger, and I firmly grabbed his dick through his jeans with the other hand. "Doesn't look like you want me to stop." True to my word I could see his massive seven inch boner poke through his jeans. David's grip loosened as did his resolve when I nimbly unzipped his jeans and slid my hand inside.

His balls felt like small melons, and as his dick hardened at my touch my fingertips traveled up his entirety. Where as Jake had been long David was thick and full of girth. His poor wife must have been split in half by the thing. After feeling around for a while I removed his pants. His baggy jeans and underwear were easy to get off once I shimmied them down his ass.

Once I had removed all of his clothing I gasped. For the first time in my cock sucking history I had come across a truly glorious bear of a man. His dick had the same black hair I had become accustomed to seeing on David's face except it was more coarse around his crotch.

While I rubbed his nipples David started to grunt steadily louder, and when I popped his dick in m mouth he went even wilder! I worked his balls by licking them and suckling them one by one, and his arm tensed up as he grabbed the arm of my sofa.

His dick tasted sweet, yet manly at the time like a mixture of sweat and musk. As I bobbed my head up and down the length of it he even started to push my head down deeper on top his dick! This straight boy was starting to enjoy this more than I thought he would!

"Sht mn!" He said as I grasped his dick with one hand and licked the underbelly of his dick with my tongue. "Tht fls so fckin gd!"

At that moment he started to face fuck me harder, his cock fully hitting the back of my throat. I gagged as his girth started to punch the back of my throat.

"Imma fckin cum mn!" He now bucked his hips wildly into the back of my throat. I smiled knowing he wasn't going to get off that easily. I backed off and just played with the hairy older man's chest and balls no longer sucking.

David panted in frustration, eager to empty his load in my throat, but unsure of how to get me to start sucking again. When I started to suck again now both hands held my face in place. I twisted and flicked his sensitive nipples just to remind him who was in charge, and I stopped sucking despite his meager attempts to fuck my skull.

At this point David was sweating profusely which was turning me on even more. The musky smell overpowered my nostrils as I went back to sucking his dick with more rigor than before intent on letting him cum this time.

"Lt me cum mn!" David slurred and begged at the same time as I moved my lips up and down his entirety.

"Im gnna cum! SHITTT!" David's cum flew down my throat sporadically. The salty cum hit the back of my throat and I continued to suck until he had cum an additional time. Exhausted, David closed his eyes once more as I lapped the cum that hadn't flown into my mouth off of his massive chest.

After I was finished I could hear David start to weep softly like a huge, naked baby. After that all I could do was hold the bear in my arms until he finally succumbed to sleep followed soon after by the man who had ruined it all.





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