"Call me when you can squat 220! Until that time shut the hell up." David smiled a brilliant white smile as he went down for another squat.

"Very funny!" I said smirking and spotting him. It was hard no to exam David's ass as he went down for yet another squat. He wore the shortest black gym shorts which from the back showed off his enormous calf muscles, and hairy thighs.

"I've seen burlier men in Vogue."

This was extremely untrue. David was a man's man. The type of man you dreamt of fucking, but who's so straight that he'd pummel you for even thinking about it. He stood at a massive 6'3 with muscles so bulging his neck throbbed with every squat.

"Whatever man! You couldn't find a more fit man in Fitness Magazine." David shrugged the weight off and took a swig of protein shake.

It had become increasingly hard to hide my attraction for David from him. Upon first meeting him in the campus gym he requested that I spot him on the bench press. It took all of the willpower in my dick not to pop a boner right there, but I had managed then and the several other times that he requested while we lifted weights.

"How's that wife of yours Dave?" I said casually. "You haven't mentioned her in the past hour. Are you getting a divorce?"

David had married a beautiful Brazilian woman only months previously, and he never failed to mention her in his sexy Portuguese accent while we lifted.

"Ah that's cute!" He said sarcastically. "I don't know man." She's been pretty distant lately."

"She's probably fucking another dude, man." I said chuckling. His wife was easily wooed by the finer things in life. A bouquet of flowers here, some chocolates there, and it had been easy to slip into her tight pussy.

"See that's my biggest fear man." He said sitting down on a bench. "I could handle a lot, but I couldn't take that. That would break me." He sat thoughtfully looking up at me.

On Mondays the Brazilian stud came to the gym where as I spent my Monday's fucking his wife. On this particular Monday me and Dave's wife finished early. As she guiltily sauntered into the bathroom to shower off, I took the opportunity to leave a pair of briefs in their laundry room knowing that David only wore boxers. I knew that that bitch Sarah would never cop to fucking anyone else let alone her husbands best friend so I found a way to clue him in myself without revealing her secret lover.

"She'd never do that. Sarah doesn't seem like the type. She loves you, and you've known each other since you've been in diapers. Stop worrying!" I winked at him, and slapped him on the butt. "Now hit the showers."

David smiled newly reassured and followed me into the locker room.


Weeks passed and I hadn't seen or heard from David at the gym or otherwise. Laying in my bed I wondered if my plan had gone wrong. Maybe she'd told him it was me and he'd left her or he hadn't found anything and just switched gyms.

While I tumbled that over in my mind, I heard the knocking of an amazing opportunity. Standing in my door was David, well at least a version of David I wasn't really used to. David's built body resembled that of a deflated floatie although still impressive, it was much less defined. His black, facial hair had grown out considerably and he now sported an unkempt goatee and beard.

"I'm sorry to show up so late. I just- I didn't have anywhere else to go. You're the only friend I have." The dark rings around David's hazel eyes showed that he hadn't slept in a while, and his usual confident demeanor had taken a hit as well.

"Come on in man. What's wrong man? You look like shit." I said closing the door and going to kitchen and grabbing two beers.

"Thanks." David said taking a gulp of beer and sitting down on my couch. "She was cheating on me man."

"You don't know that-"

"Man I found proof! There was underwear in my laundry room that wasn't mine."

I sat silently watching him chug the Brewmeister Armageddon I had given him. The imported beer was 65% alcohol so one would help me out plenty.

"You know what the funny part is? She fucking lied about it when I confronted her. She said she didn't know how those got there." David wiped beer from his lips as he downed the last of his beer.

"Well maybe they were yours and you're just over reacting." I said. The more I tried to talk him out of something he already knew the sadder he was becoming.

"No. Cause when I pressed her she admitted to it. She told me that she was fucking some other dude, and that she was sorry."

"Well what did you say? Are you working it out with her?"

"I couldn't say anything." David reached for my beer seemingly unaware of how drunk he was becoming. "We've only been married for a little while but we've dated for ten years. How do you react to news like that?"

"So that's why I hadn't seen you at the gym? Where have you been staying?"

"I've stayed in my office for a week. When they found out I had been staying there they fired me so I went to a hotel. After I spent the money I had on me, I came here. I- I didn't know where to go, I can't go back home. I-" Just then David started sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's alright man." I said while putting my arms around him and holding him. "You can stay here as long as you need to. My roommates won't be back for another week."

While David continued to moan I started to rub his shoulders. "Everything will be okay. You're with me now."

At first David's body felt rigid, but as I rubbed away at his massive neck and back he started to loosen.

"Ya." He said slurring his words. "Tht feels good mn."

I swung my legs around him on the couch to better massage him, and I kneaded his lower back. David closed his eyes as I continued working his body.

Once his eyes shut I worked my finger tips around his neck, and bent my head closer to the nape. I kissed him gently, and he grabbed my hand.

"I'm mrried-I cn't. I'm nt evn qurrr." I grabbed his hand and placed it to the side.

"She doesn't have to know Dave. It's just me and you. Me and you." Dave grunted and I smiled as I caressed his neck with more light kisses. This wouldn't be as hard as I thought!



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