A sudden noise awoke me, startling me out of my sleep as I lay on the grubby mattress in the room where I was kept imprisoned with my legs and hands tied. It was the door being unbolted causing a beam of light to burst into the room. Lighting the room and making my eyes blink until they adjusted to the light. When my eyes did adjust I could see it was Eddy. I struggled to get to my knees. I could see he was wearing an old pair of jeans nothing else. He raised his hands to his head running his fingers through his hair as he stretched his body. "YOU AWAKE BITCH" he shouted as he bent down and picked something up off the ground then approached me. I was on my knees when he leaned down and reached his hand out towards me. "Here eat it," he said. I was so hungry that I lapped it up out of his hand. It was bread and some kind of meat. 

"WOW you hungry after all the feeding the boys gave you, you thirsty?" He asked as he held a beer can in his hand. "Yeah," I said, nodding my head. He grabbed my hair and forced my head back slightly. "Drink,"  he said as he poured some of the contents into my mouth. It was water not beer. He threw the can away when I had drunk the contents. He knelt down in front of me. He stroked the side of my face and ran his other hand over my shoulders. "You’re a pretty boy," he said as he leaned forward and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and slid it between his teeth as he pulled away.  He reached behind him and pulled out a knife from the sheath, which was attached to his belt. 

I tried to move away, fear was running through my veins. He must have seen the fear in my eyes, making him laugh. "Hold still queer boy," he said as he stroked his hand over my naked body down to my thighs. Making me shudder. I looked at him then the knife. He held it up close to my eyes. "This scare you?" he said. He had a sinister grin on his face as he said, "you thinking I’m gonna cut you that why you look so scared?"  He laughed out loud as he threw his head back. Suddenly he grabbed me around the throat, he squeezed tighter as I twisted my body and struggled as much as I could to resist him. It was a futile attempt, with my legs and hands tied. His eyes were wide open as he stared into my face. "YOU READY TO DIE," he shouted as he flashed the knife in front of my eyes. "NO Nooooo!  Please don’t kill me," I pleaded with tears in my eyes. He was enjoying the control and power he had over me. 

My heart beat faster as I inhaled and exhaled uncontrollably. He slid the flat of the blade first over my chest then under my chin. He was laughing as he loosened his hold around my neck. He knelt over me with the knife in his hand. I was about to scream out when he placed his hand over my mouth to prevent me making any noise. I was still struggling when I closed my eyes waiting for the pain of the knife to thrust into me. I felt his hairy chest on my face as he reached behind me and cut the thin rope that bound my ankles and wrist. I opened my eyes, a feeling of overwhelming relieve momentarily shot through my body. He was looking at me as he stroked his hand over my thigh. "The boys are still asleep, they tired after fucking you," he said as he looked at me. "I was a wake and feeling horny knowing you were here and I could fuck you. A mixture of fear and excitement made my body shake and my heart beat faster. He stood up and replaced the knife in its sheath. "Undo my zipper boy". I unzipped his zipper as I did his Flaccid snake of a cock flopped out. "I wanna watch you suck it". His jeans fell half way down his thighs as I took his flaccid cock in my hand. . His cock was floppy and heavy as I lifted it up. Fuck even flaccid it was big, no wonder it gave me a lot of pain when it was hard. He was uncut. I pulled the foreskin back and licked around his pee slit, I could taste his piss he must have just had a piss like the guys had just had the night before. I licked over his slit with my coarse tongue making him shudder and pull away. "Fuck that feels sensitive," he said. 

I clung on to his cock and licked along the shaft down to his balls. His hairy balls were too big for me to get into my mouth at the same time. I sucked each one individually. As I sucked his balls I ran my hands down his hairy thighs. His jeans fell down to his ankles, he stepped out of them.  His legs were trembling and he was moaning as he now and then threw his head back. I sucked his pubic hairs and sucked and licked around the base of his cock. I could see the veins running down the length of the shaft of his not so flaccid cock. I quickly swallowed the whole of his cock before it got too hard. I wanted to feel it swelling in my throat and mouth. 

"Ooooohh! that feels so fucking good", he said as he looked down at me and ran his fingers through my hair. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He moaned out as he inhaled deeply. His cock was rapidly getting hard as I moved my mouth up and down its whole length, penetrating it deep down my throat. Now and then I pulled it all the way out so I could breathe and take a good look at it. Copious amounts of my saliva and his precum covered the shaft and dripped off the end of his cock. He looked down at me as I looked up at him he said "if you keep that up I’ll shoot down your throat". I wanted him to feed me. I reached behind him and placed my hands on his firm butt and pulled him hard into my face. "Yeah that’s what you want," he said as he placed his hands on the back of my head. 

He was taking control as he thrust with his hips and pulled me hard with his hands behind my head, into his crotch. He was like a man possessed as he used all the force of his legs and hips to thrust his cock deep down my throat and at the same time holding my head firm with his hands. My nose and lips were pressed hard into his crotch. He would thrust hold, then pull all the way out so I could breath, then thrust all the way back in. His thrusting got more aggressive as the mood took him to fuck my face harder. He gave out a loud "Ooooohhhh Ahhhhhhhh! Shit I’m cumming". I felt the first powerful jet shoot down my throat and over fill my mouth as his body convulsed. So powerful and plentiful that it exploded down my nostrils and leaked from the sides of my mouth. He had partly with drew when I felt a second powerful jet hit the back of my throat. Cum was spilling from my mouth and running down my chest and forming puddles at my knees. I counted at least 6 powerful squirts, followed by 2 or 3 less powerful. It was an erotic moment for me to be controlled and face fucked in that brutal way. 

We were both sweating; my eyes also had tears in them. He leaned over me and reached down and stroked his hand down my back to my ass cheeks. "That was awesome boy, just awesome". He had his legs astride of me with his cock still in my mouth. I sucked the last drops of his sperm juices out his pee slit. He raised his arms into the air and stretched his body as he looked down at me smiling. Then he bent down and kissed me on my forehead. 

"Lay down on ya back", he said. As I lay down he straddled me and lay ontop of me. He lay there for awhile then said. "I need some loving boy, I had no one to kiss and cuddle me for a longtime". I knew what I at to do, he wanted me to be nice to him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pressed my lips hard against his shoving my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues met and tussled briefly before he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I could feel his tongue licking the inside of my mouth as he kissed me more passionately. He was writhing like a snake ontop of me as I ran my hands down his back and stroked over his firm ass cheeks. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly he didn’t need any help to get hard. We cuddled and kissed like lovers. I was totally absorbed and I knew that he was. As we kissed I could feel his cock sliding along the crack of my ass searching for my hole. We continued kissing as his cock located my hole, with a gentle thrust the head slipped in. 

He raised himself up slightly on his arms and gazed into my face as he penetrated me slowly with the whole length of his cock. I was moaning in ecstasy. "Fuck that feels good your ass his wet and warm, full of juices you dirty cum bag!"  I felt his pubic hairs rub up against my ass cheeks as he slowly and gently slid it in and out of my hole. Now and then he would thrust hard making a slapping noise and making me yelp. We continued holding each other tight and kissing as he gradually fucked me more vigorously and aggressively. His breathing was more labored as his body convulsed.  Shuddering with each squirt of sperm juice deep down in my gut. I could feel the over spill trickling out my hole and down the base of my back. I ejaculated at the same time. my cum shot all over my chest and belly. We were still kissing and cuddling when we heard one of the guys shouting. "Eddy you in there with the bitch?"  

Eddy pushed me away and stood up. "Yeah I’ll bring him out". There was a sudden change come over Eddy he was no longer the loving gentle guy he turned nasty and violent. (That’s how he wanted to appear to his buddies) He grabbed my ankle and dragged me out. The guys were stretching and rubbing their eyes. When they saw me they moved towards me unzipping the zips of their jeans and reaching in and pulling out their flaccid cocks. "FUCK HIM, FUCK THE CUM BAG", shouted Eddy.  Eddy no longer needed me. They were like a pack of hounds pulling at me and forcing me down, each in turn mounting me and fucking me mercilessly. I was spit roasted and fucked in many different positions. They fucked me for as long as they could and wanted too. They left me where they had fucked me. I lay there until later Eddy came with my clothes and threw them at me and said. "We’re all leaving we not coming back here anymore". He looked at me and winked, "you sure was a good fuck boy".              

When I dressed my clothes and general appearance was of a homeless guy, until I got home and showered and changed.



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